What Whistle Blower?


I Don’t Give A Rat’s Ass . . . What The Canadian Media Says About Canadian Election Polling . . . the Conservative Party of Canada is Going to Win a Majority Government, because Anything Less would Indicate an Absolute Lack of “Life” Information Amongst the Majority People of Canada, who would Prove that the Canadian People might be Too Uninformed & Too Stupid to Understand what they’re  Voting For.

We Already Know . . . That Between our Educators, Media & Voting Population, the People have been so Dumbed-Down, so as to Not Know the Extent of our History, the History of Socialism/Communism, and the Importance of a Free-Market Economy Based upon a Meritocracy – Opposed to Socialism/Communism . . . That Anything At The Polls Is Possible.


I Refuse To Believe . . . after Reviewing so many of the Facts, Listening to the Speeches, Reading Party & Leader Policies, that Enough Canadians have Crossed-Over to the Dark-Side, to Vote Themselves out of Freedom On An Empty Promise Of Free-Stuff.


If the People do Not Vote for a MAJORITY Conservative Government . . . The People will be Voting for a MINORITY LEFTIST Government Made-Up of Globalist Tax & Spend Liberals, Globalist Socialist/Communist New Democrats (NDP) & The Globalist Communist/Socialist Green Party.

Imagine What Canada Will Be Like . . . If these Three Parties Combine & Compete to See how Far they can Tax the Makers, Regulate the Doers & Spend Borrowed Money Like Drunks Drinking On A Binge, which the Taxpayers will have to Pay-Back?


If The People Vote For A Minority Liberal Canadian Government . . . They Will Be Voting For Dystopia.


Only A Tyranny Wants SECRET Courts, SECRET  Judges, SECRET Trials, SECRET Witnesses, SECRET Testimony, SECRET Hearings, SECRET Judgements . . . AND NO CROSS EXAMINATION OF THE WITNESSES, Which Flies in the Face of the Foundation to the American Constitution and the Secular Rule of Law.

The Cornerstone Foundation Of Freedom – Lies In Open Litigation, Facing, Knowing & Cross Examining Your Accuser In The Public Square, To Be Judged By A Jury Of One’s Peers . . . Judiciously And/Or Politically.

As I Wrote At The Beginning Of This Whistle-Blower-Ruse . . . I Didn’t Believe There Was A Whistle Blower Then – & I Don’t Believe There Is A Whistle Blower Now.

I’ll go even Further than that . . . I also have Serious Doubts there will be a Formal Congressional Impeachment Vote to be Held in the House – for Various Reasons.

1 – There is Nothing the LEFT has on President Trump that would Legally Warrant an Impeachment.

2 – I Think Enough Democrats Understand, that Not Only will their Democrat House Not Prevail To Impeach President Trump, Especially in the Senate. But More Importantly to Them, if the Democrats have to Take a Name-Vote (Roll-Call Vote) to Remove a Duly Elected President, they will each Pay the Ultimate Political Price at the 2020-Election, Especially from Swing States.

3 – And Based On The Preceding . . . I Really Don’t Like Nancy Pelosi, but I Believe Pelosi is Politically Smart & Cunning Enough to Understand, that the Circling Howling Democrat Jackals are Underestimating their Prey, and any Vote to Impeach President Trump will End-Up with the Loss of the Democrat House in 2020.

I’m Convinced, that because of the Many Attempted Coup D’état Efforts the LEFT has Already Tried with Zero Results . . . That Train Has Already Left The Station & The Democrats Have Already Lost The House.


On June 28, 1914 . . . The Archduke Ferdinand of Austria & His Wife Sofie were Assassinated in Sarajevo, which Led to WWI. It wasn’t Really the Assassination that Caused WWI, as much as it was the Spark, which the Austro-Hungarian Empire was Waiting For to Punish Serbia.

I Think Turkey Has Pushed Forward To One Atrocity Too Far . . .

And now that Turkey has Crossed the Rubicon, there’s No Going Back for Turkey. If the Turks Don’t Follow all the Way Through with their Assault on the Kurds, in the Sovereign State of Syria, the Kurds from Iran, Iraq, Syria & Turkey Will Exact an Enormous Price on Turkey for what the Turks have Already Done.

And In Invading Syria, the Turks have Sucked-In the Syrian (Including Hezbollah) & Russian Militaries, in what will become a Military Nightmare for the Turks & Justification for President Trump’s Decision to Stay Out of what is yet Another Religious, Multi-Centuries-Old Power Based War in the Middle East.

Even A Bigger Nightmare For Turkey . . . Is the Number of European & Western Based Countries Rallying Behind the Kurds . . . Including Israel, where Top Israeli Leaders are Openly Calling for the Creation of a Sovereign Kurdish State – None of which is Good News for the Iranians.

I Fear . . . that what Turkey has Done in its Haste to Punish Kurds in a Sovereign Country (Syria), was to Set in Motion a Catalyst, such as what it was that Set In-Motion, in 1914 in Sarajevo, The Spark That Started WWI.

The World Is At The Point Where It Needs Serious Realignment . . . There are Far Too Many Bad Actors on the Global Stage for Reason to Rule. And if an Excuse is Needed to Put the Lunatic Leaders back in their Respective Boxes, Through a Show of Real Global Strength . . . Don’t Be Surprised If We’re Bearing Witness To The Beginning Of What Will Become A Vicious Result.

We Have No Idea What’s Happening In This Real Life Version Of Game Of Thrones . . . But A Lot Is Happening.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I’m scared. The Conservatives have the only fiscal sense and if they don’t win the free nation we have always known is done. 25 years ago Venezuela had the richest country in South America and then the Socialists took over and they spent their way into poverty. The NDP and Greens are talking about aligning with the Liberals and shooting for the same goal. What happened to common sense?

  2. Howard, your comment at the beginning of your article is, unfortunately, a fact. Many Canadians are too dumbed down and stupid/ignorant to understand what they are voting for. I hope the Conservatives get a majority, but without Quebec voting Conservative, it won’t happen. And people, even friends, continue to surprise me with their absolute ignorance. A very close friend of mine is voting Liberal, because he doesn’t like Scheer, because he is religious! Nothing to do with policy. Sad!

  3. Excellent Editorial. The USA had 2,000 troops in Syria…..So that means our 2,000 held Turkey at bay. The Kurds aided the US in the capture of ISIS. That was a PLUS. We did what Trump said he would do. We can NOT continue THEIR battle for land. And I note: There isn’t ONE other country willing to step up and step in to STOP the carnage. Everyone has a MOUTH, but say & do NOTHING. The US can’t do it all by itself. My only fear…ISIS will rise again. UN members should pay their dues.

  4. Trump cannot and will not be impeached. He will go on to win the 2020 election and likely will win back the House for the GOP. As for Canada, with all due respect I cannot agree that the CPC will win a majority. The critical 18-34 demographic is all-in for Trudeau because they have swallowed the liberal media’s unrelenting left-wing BS. Like all libtards everywhere they are useful idiots. God help us.

  5. Howard, I spent my summer being de-radicalized, finally this overall feeling of joyous freedom is beyond description. I will try and explain, I now feel comfortable wearing my Halloween costumes all year long, I don’t mind knocking on doors all year long asking if the resident would like a trick or treat, I always get the treat they get the trick. Furthermore I have no feelings of guilt by leering, looking or even groping a female because they think differently than me. Also during………..

  6. You’re right. I do believe the whole world smells of gunpowder. President Trump refurbished the US military just in time. With regard to the traitorous congress, i believe that people are in power for too long and have time to build their own power structure. The Americans should limit terms for both congressmen and senators. After all they did it to the presidency for the same reason.

  7. Profound editorial!!! I understand where you are coming from. I too have been having bad feelings/vibes with what is going on. What would really bring things to a complete head, is if the USA was in the major Civil War & completely unable to fight the world fight. At 76 I know that I would not live long enough to see the changes come to pass, this is why I am so worried about my daughters & their kids & grandkids. I don’t like what I am seeing & the USA could easily go down the wrong path, too.

  8. I got around FB discrimination by copying your letter and going to my FB page & post it where they ask what is on your mind. I will do this from now on & post it to the public so I hope it reaches the public.

  9. I must say there are times you write that scare the living day lights out of me. I hate to see your country and mine the U.S. ever become communist do none of the liberals think what is going to happen to life style if we go that way? Are these people TOTALLY INSANE Howard?? Do they not see it does not work in other countries and never has in the past? Is there any island anywhere someone could drop me off and have Scottie beam me up into outer space? Best to you Anne:))

  10. Excellent observations and commentary on all counts, Howard. Bravo!

  11. Your article is a must read for anyone with common sense but especially for all those who have no sense at all. A Conservative vote is the only way to go to keep our country free and prosperous.

  12. Greetings: Having been born and raised in Montreal, and having permanently left in 1977 to greener pastures in Florida, it is simply mind boggling that the remaining FEW English speaking Quebecers CONTINUE to blindly vote and PROTECT the Liberal Party and no less, it’s leader, Justin Trudeau! The PARALLELS between Canada and America are so OBVIOUS! ANYONE as leader of the Conservative Party is BETTER than the alternative in the Liberal Party…ESPECIALLY the foolhardy JUSTIN TRUDEAU!

  13. My son & his family live in Canada! I have told him time & time again that they need to vote conservative if they want to survive. I go into shock every time I visit the high price food & gas & the real estate. The Dems have gone mad now they are meeting behind close doors. The radicals have taken over because they want no marriages, no religion, no freedom of speech, no Constitution. Media & liberal colleges have tried to brain washed us. I know God has a plan for all of us & he will Win!

  14. Hello, unbelievable treason that liberals, ndp, Greens AND Bernier all agreed to COLLUDE against a duly elected PM. If, Andrew Scheer has a minority mandate THEY will spend Canada into the ground/dust! WE must get out the vote, support, finance and use social media platforms for a majority government with Andrew Scheer. We voted yesterday ??????????

  15. I saw on the news last night that there are some very loud protests in Nashville about the US pulling out troops from Syria – they are Kurds, here in the US by our grace; we have some 50,000 Kurds living in the US and they have the audacity to criticize? They should don Kurdish uniforms and go there and fight. Are we circling the drain?

  16. Two men, & a woman canvassing in Alexandria a week ago asked if I had a minute. What are you offering, I asked. Communism was the answer. Did you say Communism? Yes was the response. Then go away, this is Canada. UNBELIEVABLE. I fear for what the result will be on 21st Oct thinking maybe a minority requiring two others to govern. Canada doesn’t believe in coalition, so it will be a complete unworkable parliament

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