Does The Whistle-Blower Even Exist . . . How Would We Know?


At Sundown Today – October 8, 2019 . . . Millions of Jews Worldwide, will Go to a Synagogue, Pray & Commence a 24/Hour Fast, as Part of a Day (From Sundown to Sunset) of Penance, when we Jews Stand before the Torah, in Atonement for our Past Year’s Sins & Transgressions Against Others.

Adam Schiff who is Jewish, is the Chairman of the Congressional Intelligence Committee of the Democrat Party, who is a Self-Proven Liar & Propagator of a False Narrative, has More to Atone for than Just One Day of Fasting could Heal.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . . . Accused President Trump of being an Anti-Semite, because President Trump Refers to Adam Schiff as SHIFTY-SCHIFF, amongst Other Monikers President Trump has for this Despicable Person, who PROMISED that he had the Goods (Actual Evidence) on President Trump for the Russian Hoax, when Shifty-Schiff actually had Nothing.


Cortez . . . Who is an Idiot, who Called-Out President Trump as an Anti-Semite, because in her Twisted Mind, JEWS ARE SHIFTY, therefore, President Trump Must be an Anti-Semite for Calling Schiff . . . Shifty.

What A Sick, Sad, Stupid & Anti-Semitic Piece Of Work Cortez Is To Even Make That Absurd Stretch.


I Used To Think Carter Was The Worst US President . . . Then I Thought Obama Was – BUT NOW THERE IS NO QUESTION – AMERICA IS ON THE BRINK OF DISASTER BECAUSE OF OBAMA.

I DON’T LIKE THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP . . . Might be Leaving the Kurds High & Dry. But, as I see it, If the American Troops Stay in Syria – It Will Be Forever, because the Thousand-Plus-Year History of the Middle East is a Thousand-Plus-Year History of Warfare & Internecine Religious-Based Terror.

If The American Troops Leave . . . Things will Go back to the way they Always Were, and still are In-Spite of the American Troop Presence with Moslems Killing Moslems, Moslems Killing Christians, Moslem Warlords Killing the People of Other Moslem Warlords . . . WITH THE ONLY ISSUE MUTUALLY AGREED UPON – IS HOW THEY ALL HATE ISRAEL & JEWS.

PRESIDENT TRUMP IS RIGHT . . . Without an All-Out Commitment from NATO, why should the American People be Spending Treasure & Blood on People who are Destined by Choice to be Murdering Each Other in Perpetuity?

I Feel Sorry For The Kurds . . . But Like the Israelis, the Kurds will have to Make it on Their Own, Hopefully with Help from Friends. And I Don’t Necessarily Buy-Into the Premise that President Trump Simply Abandoned the Kurds, because we Don’t Know what’s Behind the Scene Deals have been Concocted between the Americans, Russians, Syrians, Turks & Kurds in a land of the Souks.

ANYWAY . . . That Entire Middle Eastern Region is a Vipers’ Den, Full of Tribalism & Hate-Filled Religion, where Treachery in Deal Making is Part of the Deal.

And if the American People want to have a Strong Foothold in the Middle East without Endangering their Sons & Daughters. And without Spending Trillions Of Dollars, all America has to do, Is Keep Working With Israel . . . The Cheapest & Most Efficient Military Protection Imaginable.


Obama Promised During His First Campaign (2008) . . . That He Will Fundamentally Transform America.


Because of Obama’s Alinsky-Type Campaign to Fundamentally Transform America – America has become . . . amongst many Americans – A Self-Loathing Nation, that has Turned Upon Itself, which has Rewritten or “Cancelled” much of American History, and has Created in Many American Circles, by use of Academia & the Media a Fake Narrative of Hate Based Upon Race, Gender, Education & Geography.


Past President Carter . . . was fully Responsible for Damaging the American Spirit in Terms of Investment, Military & World Stature. But, Carter was not Responsible for PITTING AMERICANS AGAINST AMERICANS, which is (was) the Hallmark of Obama’s Presidency, which Might not be Survivable for America as a United Nation with a United People.


Obama has so Damaged the American Psyche . . . and has Divided The House – “A House Divided Cannot Stand” . . . to the Point that I Think the Redemption of the American Dream is Irretrievable, Which Will Be The Obama Legacy.


Even If You’re Not Jewish . . . Every Day Is A Good Day To Atone For Wrongdoing.

This is a Message for all the People who Sit in Judgement of the People who’ve Elected or Appointed them, that they should Keep In Mind . . . Because, as it Seems to Me, there are Many Politicians, Civil Servants & Bureaucrats who have Much to Atone For, and to Pray for Forgiveness, If Not From GOD . . . Then At The Very Least From Themselves.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • There’s a reason why no American courts allow hearsay evidence (like the pack of lies whistle blower complaint). It’s because it can too easily be fabricated to fit the narrative/crime. And Adam Schiff is proving it everyday the way he keeps morphing the story to fit the narrative that Trump committed an impeachable offense. Schiff is nothing but a bald faced liar. As for AoC, she’s so stupid she thinks Taco Bell is the Mexican phone company.

    David Norris, Wichita, Kansas, United States
  • Schiff is a disgrace to any Jew, or any conservative. Obama was the greatest scourge since US became a Republic. Trump is hanging on, but how long can he put up with all this BS? Now let’s turn to Canada. Leaders debate was last night. If this is the best we have in Canada for leaders, God help us. Why is Quebec given a seat at the table when they are not a National Party? And screeching hyena May!! Scheer made the most sense, so there is some hope. Needs a Majority or we are doomed!

    Don Bos., Thorhild, Alberta, Canada
  • Thank you!!

    Dennis A. Schultz, Alpena, Michigan, United States
  • Howard. It’s Beshaert. On Yom Kippur let’s pray that the pendulum swings back to the Right. Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles, Californialifornia, United States
  • First of all wishing you and Anne Yom Kippur as of midnight tonight. I am not Jewish but have friends who are and hope that in writing to you we have become email friends.. So, I will ask my Lord to forgive me for all the wrongs I have done this years so far and the ones I may do before it is over. Since I am not Jewish I get to eat I won’t eat a lot how about that? May the dear Lord bless you and Anne as well as your loving animals. Have a nice evening ahead. :))

    Jacquline Turley, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States
  • Happy and Healthy New Year to all and a special wish for President Trump. I too agree with your assessment of Obama however I am having a difficult time in verbalizing what he did to pull us apart as a nation. I know he has but I would appreciate any specific examples you can provide so I can pass them along to my brain dead liberal “friends”

    Lewis Kesten, East Hills, New York, United States
  • July and Durham was questioning Biden, Pelosi and kids. What to do? No evidence on Trump. So Pelosi changed the whistle blower regs to allow hearsay. Voila hearsay complaint created. But how do you create the anonymous source, how does Pelosi claim to have seen the publicly released phone call 4 days before Trump released it? How does Pelosi claim what Shiff called a made up parody is actually the real phone call? When a Dems kid is involved all is possible – create a Fake Whistleblower.

    David MacKAY, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
  • The Syrian Kurds align themselves with Marxist Kurds and the Iraqi Kurds have nothing to do with the Syrian Kurds. It is only 50 US Soldiers that are being pulled back

    Charles Zittin, Fleming Island, Florida,
  • Happy Yom Kippur Howard & Anne. On my side, I consider myself agnostic which means we just don’t know but I respect others belief except for those that lie about their religion and these will remain nameless because I don’t want to be called a racist and wonder why since the religion I’m talking about is not a race. The demon rats have nothing and it’s coming to bite them in the face as we speak. They have been wrong ever since Donald Trump said he was running to be president.

    Robert Daigneault, Laval, Quebec, Canada
  • Amen, Mr. Galganov, amen.

    Karen Snyder, Howe, Indiana, United States
  • I have met the enemy and it’s us……………

    Roger Valligny, Spring Hill, Florida,
  • LIARS create LIES in which they can BELIEVE! Hussein Obama said that “he would fundamentally transform America”–and he did! It was the BEGINNING of the RADICAL transformation of America via which its FOLLOWERS TRY to BRAINWASH Americans into believing their SOCIALISTIC VIEWS! If HILLARIOUS had been elected, there would be NO HOPE for America, but TRUMP is succeeding at REVAMPING our Country and MAKING IT GREAT AGAIN! He MUST WIN in 2020! PRAY for him and HIS followers! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

    PAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI -,
  • Howard, another “EXCELLENT” history lesson!

    William Lange, Tinley Park, Illinois, United States
  • I’m experiencing a huge challenge choosing between Scheer and Bernier. I believe Sheer is like a RINO in the US, so I’m far more comfortable with Bernier, but splitting the Conservative vote could hand the win to Trudeau on a platter.

    John Smith, Toronto, ON,
  • Howard once again your editorial. Has pretty well covered my sentiments of the DEMONcRATs. I would like to add to or express. The overwhelming need for intercessory Prayer. For President Donald Trump. Through this vicious unwarranted and unconstitutional barrage. Of attacks from these DEMONcRATs.

    Danny Clyde Buckles, Elizabethton Tennessee, ,
  • Heard it friend who heard it from a friend, you been messin’ around. That’s what came to mind when I heard the announcement of the whistle blower. Then we learn that Shifty met with the alleged whistleblower to help them complete their forms to file the complaint. This is another attempt to keep investigating until they find anything they think they can stick it to Trump. Oh, and while we’re at it, Shifty needs to produce all those tangible evidence he said he had before the Mueller report.

    Jeff Beeson, Prattville, AL,

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