Good News . . . Bad News


THE GOOD NEWS . . . Is That the Website (BLOG) has Become so Popular amongst Freedom Loving People Worldwide, that we are being Targeted BIG-TIME by Hackers (PROBABLY LEFTISTS), which is also the Bad News.

You Will Notice That The Comment Section . . . On has Temporarily been Closed Down for Security Reasons. It Appears, that the Comment Section had Become a Portal for the Hackers to do Damage to

My First Concern Was/Are for the Names in the Directory, which Appears NOT TO HAVE BEEN COMPROMISED. But I’m Taking No Chances. And until I Receive a Green-Light from our Tech Experts, I will keep the Comment Section Off-Line.

As A Result Of This . . . We are Upgrading to a Much Higher Security & Distribution Level, from an Already High Security & Distribution Platform.

With our New Email Distribution Service, which we have been Employing Over the last Few Months, the Result has Been the Rise & Speed of New People Joining the Directory . . . which has proven to be very Impressive.


As Grows . . . So Do The Costs & Risks – For Which I Have No Complaints, other than the Amount of Work & Care that Must be Taken To Keep The Truth Going.

I Keep Hearing & Reading Pundits Who Say . . . “We Are At The Beginning Of The Beginning”.

THEY ARE WRONG . . . REALLY WRONG! . . . We are Not at the Beginning of the Beginning. We Are At The Beginning Of The End, which is Why Successful Conservative Websites like are Under Attack.

The Enemies To Truth & Justice Understand – That Their End Is Near if President Trump gets 4-More Years After 2020. They Know Better than Anyone, how they and theirs have been Fleecing the Population, while Enriching Themselves, Family & Friends on a Mountain of Lies. And they Know that their Comeuppance could very well be just around the Corner.

I Am Positive . . . that the LEFT & RINOS will Do & Say Anything & Everything to Keep Trump from Winning 4-More Years In November 2020. And if I was President Trump, I would be Very Worried about RINOS like Romney, Susan Collins – Etc, who Give the Appearance of being Decent Thought-Provoking Republicans, when in Fact, if they’re Aren’t Corrupt, they are Incompetent or Sociologically to the LEFT in Republican Clothing, which makes them no less Dangerous.

I Suspect . . . President Trump Is Well Aware Of Who Are His Friends & Who Are Not.


And Here’s Canada’s Choices . . . The Ultra FARLEFT Green Party, The Hard Core Socialist/Communist NDP (New Democratic Party), The Big Spending Big Government Socialist Liberal Party, the Softer Socialist Leaning Conservative Party . . . and the Real Conservative People’s Party Of Canada, which doesn’t have a Prayer of Winning Anything.

I & Millions of Others like Me will Vote for the Socialist “Light” Conservative Party, led by the Very NonCharismatic Life-Long Politician Andrew Scheer . . . Only Because Electing the Pretend Conservatives will Slow Down the HARD LEFT SOCIALISTS Somewhat.

I Would Prefer to Vote for Maxime Bernier of the People’s Party Of Canada . . . But Bernier and his Party have only been Around for Less than a Year – and has not had the Chance to Establish Himself & Themselves with any Serious Credibility – Meaning they will not Garner Enough Votes to Win Any or Many Seats In Parliament.

If I were to Vote for the People’s Party Of Canada, and the People’s Party Of Canada has no Chance of Winning, much less Forming a Government, all I would be Doing by Voting for the People’s Party of Canada, would be Dividing “Conservative” Votes, giving Trudeau a Pass To Win the Forthcoming Election, most Likely with a Minority Government.

I Can’t Even Begin To Imagine What A Full-On LEFTIST Minority Government Could Do To Canada. Therefore, I will Hold my Nose & Vote for the Conservative Candidate in my Riding, HOPING that others like Me, by enough Numbers will do the Same.


We All Need To Have Skin In The Game . . . And If Scheer Wins Anne & I Win Too.

In Spite of all the Work I do on this BLOG, Anne & I have still Found Time to go to our Conservative Candidate, Pierre Lemieux’s Election Launch, and in Spite of all the Personal Money Anne & I have to Spend on Everything, Including, we still Financially Supported Pierre Lemieux’s Run For Office.

There Are Three All-Out Socio/Political Wars Underway – Winner Takes All.

The Strategies Are The Same . . . Demagoguery, Lies, Innuendo & Whatever other Negatives (Untruths Or Embellished Half-Truths) that can be Thrown against Conservative Opposition by the LEFTRegardless Of The Consequences To People & Country.

The Real Conservatives In Israel Are In the Fight for their Existence, against the Israeli LEFT, mostly Supported by the Mainstream Media and the Globalized LEFT.

Boris Johnson of the So-So Conservative Party of England, is Locked in a Duel to the Death with the LEFT, and the Not So-Much Conservatives in his Own Party, to Listen to the Referendum-Will Of The People, and Leave the One-World Socialist European Union.


I Believe the LEFT Will Stoop To Whatever Low They Can – To Do Whatever They Can To Destroy Trump.

The LEFT has Taken Chapter & Verse out of the Playbooks of Nazi Propagandists & Anarchists Like Saul Alinsky, to Destroy Donald Trump and his Supporters . . . No Matter how much Damage it will Do to the United States of America.

I Guess Being Hacked by These Losers Puts Me In Good Company.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The check is in the mail. Unfortunately, we will be in Fla for the Winter. Scheer and the conservatives are our only option here in Canada. Trump and his great staff will only get stronger! What a fighter! Keep America great! Chimo

  2. Just as much of a surprise Trump’s election was, we will see a surprise with the new People’s Party of Canada (PCP). My projection is that they can win as many as ten (10) seats which will give them a roll with a BALANCE OF POWER hopefully with the Progressive Conservative party. Radio Canada (French Quebec TV) failed to invite the PCP leader Maxine Bernier FROM QUEBEC to a televised debate. They and most of the media are going out of their way to downplay the PCP.

  3. Howard, Completely agree that Canada MUST not allow a vote split. In Alberta, they had two Conservative Parties which DID split the vote. The NDP went up the middle for the majority win. Alberta was decimated and will take decades to recover. Canada has already been decimated by Trudeau/Liberals and will not survive another Trudeau Term. NDP, Bernier and Greens have already announced they will work/collude with Liberals if Conservatives win a minority Mandate. Blue tsunami

  4. I vote PPC, cannot vote for PC Duncan; Scheer is too weak, opposite of Trudeau who promises the moon but will never deliver. Climatic fanatic Elizabeth May had singular beginnings but a lot more radical support today. Bernier has a chance, from little acorns grow large oaks while Scheer could hold the fort for 4 years. Recent immigration is a big negative factor in the coming election, Trudeau chooses who gets into Canada and buys their votes. Trump has a fight like never before, very dirty.

  5. Unable to share to FakeBook. Thank you for doing what you do Howard!

  6. Canada appears to have its own VERY SERIOUS political problems regarding which I can not fully comment on, due to my not living there and my not being familiar enough with its issues. However, when reading your Editorials, they DO convey very similar problems to the U.S. Your intended vote does appear to make a lot of sense! In comparison to Canada, the U.S. DOES have a CHANCE to regain its “sanity”, due to PRES. TRUMP! Canada needs a “Pres. Trump”! Good Luck to all the Canadians! AMEN!

  7. Comments are open afterall. Agree totally we are in the end times. It will certainly get worse but seems to be doing so at faster pace. We all really need to give serious thought to Biblical prophecy of the end times. Major fulfillment of one of last is Israel back in their homeland as a nation again – the most telling of prophecy fulfillments in our time. More are agreeing we are “as in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the time of the end.” No morals, anti-God, greedy, hate filled-hell bent.

  8. Wishing you and Anne the best this month Oct. 21st for your election there., I hope the good person and right person who will do good for your country will be the winner. Blessings to you and Anne also kittie too :))

  9. I’m voting for Bernier’s party for three reasons: 1) Like Trump, he and his party have the courage to call climate alarmism the fraud that it is; Sheer is on the alarmists’ side; 2) He wants to dismantle supply management for the dairy/poultry industry which is the crowning achievement of Canadian crony capitalism; Sheer supports it; 3) He is a francophone Quebecer who has denounced the race law/hate law Bill 101. Voting for the Conservative Party is splitting the conservative vote.

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