Take Away The Guns & The Rest Of The Freedoms Will Follow

Why Does The LEFT Want To Take Away The Constitutional “Right” To Bear Arms?

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It seems as though the Costs of Living and the Cost of Maintaining Galganov.com are Becoming More Difficult & More Expensive Every Month, because the Costs Really are Becoming More & More Expensive in Spite of what our Governments (Especially Canada) Want us to Believe.


In Every Tyranny . . .  Amongst the First of the Freedoms to be Removed by the Tyrants, Besides Freedom of Expression, are Citizen Rights to Defend Themselves from the Tyrants. In other words – Confiscate The Guns, and Make Gun Ownership Illegal, or so Controlled by the “Masters” of the State, that Owning a Gun becomes an Almost Impossible Privilege.

I WRITE ABOUT THIS ALL THE TIME . . . The American Second Amendment has Nothing to do with the Rights of American Citizens to Hunt or to Protect Themselves from their Neighbors.

For People Who Are Ignorant Of The American Constitution . . . The Second Amendment States In Simple Easy To-Understand Terms:

“A Well-Regulated Militia, Being Necessary To The Security Of A Free State, The Right Of The People To Keep And Bear Arms, Shall Not Be Infringed”.

Where in the Preceding does it Say Anything about Hunting or Protection from a Neighbor? And where in the Above Does it Say Under Specific Circumstances?

The Purpose Of The Second Amendment Is Clear – It is for the American People to Defend Themselves from a Tyrannical Government, which would Include a Government that Ignores the MEANING & LAWS of the American Constitution.

Why Does The LEFT Want To Take Away The Constitutional “Right” To Bear Arms?

To The Best Of My Knowledge . . . The United States of America is the Only Country on the Planet, where it is Inscribed as Law, that the Citizenry has the Inalienable Right to Own & Bear Arms (Guns) for the Purpose of Keeping a Runaway Government in Check.

What Is Fact, is that the Safest American Cities & States from “Real” Gun Violence are Cities & States where Gun Ownership is the Least Controlled by the Government.

The LEFT Plays Fast & Loose with Statistics when it comes to what the LEFT Describe as Gun Violence, where the LEFT wraps Suicide, Gangbangers, Druggies, and Domestic Violence in a Single Package as Part of the Gun Culture.


Gangbangers, People who Commit Suicide, Druggies & Domestic Violence Would Still Happen with the Strictest Gun-Control the LEFT could Muster, if the LEFT is Given Half a Chance.

The Bottom Line . . . is that Legal Responsible Gun Owners are Neither a Threat Nor a Problem to the Safety of the American People. But Let Me Tell You What Is a Problem.

If the LEFT ever does Win Power in the Congress & the White House, and Does all the ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL things they are Promising to do, by Moving the United States Far To The LEFT, as they are Pushing For, to the Point of Usurping the American Constitution . . . How Are Freedom Loving Patriots Supposed To Stop A Runaway Government Without Having Access To Bear Arms?


We Keep Hearing & Reading About WHITE PRIVILEGE, where it seems that Every White Person is some kind of Racist (White Supremacist), who was Born with a Silver Spoon, and has a Leg-Up on everyone of Color because He (Predominantly He) is a White Male.

And That Black Men Are Targeted By The Police Because They’re Black Men.

But What We Don’t Hear About . . . is that Gun Murders, Amongst other Types of Murders throughout the United States of America are Caused Primarily by BLACK MALES-ON-BLACK MALES – in places like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, St Louis and within Most of America’s Inner Cities.

Maybe there is a Greater Percentage of Black Men in Prison, than any other Race, Because Black Men Commit more Crimes.

So – Taking A Page From The LEFT . . . Perhaps Instead of Banning Guns for Law Abiding Men & Women, the LEFT should Push for a BAN On Black Americans From Owning Guns, since According to all Statistics, in Spite of what the LEFT tries to Conceal . . . Black American Men Are By Far The Greatest Perpetrators Of Gun Violence & Gun Murders, if Not in Total Numbers, then Certainly on a Per Capita Basis.


In All Major Dystopic American Instances, which Include High School Dropouts, Illiteracy, Gangbang Violence, Community Crime – & Single Child Parenting where the Father “Doesn’t Exist” . . . The Overwhelming Offenders by Overall Numbers in many Circumstances, and on a Per Capita Basis are Black Men . . . So When & How Are The LEFT Going To Deal With This Reality?

This Is Not To Suggest That There Are Not Many Great Black Americans . . . Since there are a Huge Number of Skilled, Educated, Well Trained Black American Patriots who Make Massive Contributions Every Day to the Well-Being of their Families, Communities & America in General.

The Pity . . . Is that these Decent Black Americans & Their Contributions are Eclipsed by the Gangbangers, as are Law Abiding Americans of every Race by the LEFT, which Prefers to Ignore the Truth – To Sell A Radically Dishonest Narrative.

As For Tlaib & Omar Who Were Refused Entry To Israel To Spew Their Hatred . . . Israel & The Jewish People (Who Are Not Amongst The LEFT) Are Not Punching Bags For The Pleasure Of Anti-Semites & Candy-Assed Politicians Of Either Party.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The answer is to BAN MURDER outright. Sounds stupid? NO! The methodology is there in the virtue of the family. The family is being destroyed by the left here and in the USA. It’s not guns or the cross bows of the middle ages, it’s the missing morality that can only be taught to the kids by their mother AND resident father. I think.

  2. You’d think that by now people would have realized that gun control isn’t about gun… It’s about control, and the government having the monopoly on the usage of force. Same thing could be said about all the so-call government programs and ever increasing tax burden. They want you to be dependent on them.

  3. Israel exercised its right as a sovereign nation. No excuses needed. Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  4. How stupid must a percentage of average americans and canadians sheeples be to believe that criminals obey laws. The number one job of a criminal is to brake the law, period. Simple, easy to understand one would think, sheesh !!!! And these people vote. That’s the thing, instead of banning guns from law-abiding citizens, let’s ban stupid people that believe the above from voting. Now those people are truly the ones that cause arm in our society.

  5. My mother said in the 1960’s, its not the gun that kills…it’s the person. She was ahead of her time in many ways as well as my dad.. What will they do next….outlaw knives? Or ropes? or base ball bats? Or spoons? What will they do about the slaughter of the unborn? They REALLY care about LIFE??? I agree with you, Howard. Guns are for a militia to protect us from a rogue gov. You can be SURE that the criminals will STILL have guns. Thank you for your impt Blogs.

  6. Our country has fallen to the old adage of all criminals can be saved, WRONG. We should be putting down the ones that have multiple crimes, be it violent or other. We have bred an environment of I can do some time and be out and do fine. Violent crime is just that, 3 strikes and you are gone, not living a life sentence of getting more than most of our young vets in basic. Drug crimes are crimes that have victims as is drug addiction. Give them a chance to rehab but only one.

  7. The second amendment notwithstanding, where is it written that all citizens should have unrestricted access to multi-round, repeating firearms? But there is a larger question: What has brought us to the pervasive North American social breakdown that has led to galloping violence and lawlessness? How have we become so swamped with unproductive bureaucrats and so few results-driven leaders? I fear for my grandchildren… We do NOT live in an improving world!

  8. Ban Blacks from owning guns? You think the Left is crazy now, well you know the rest on another note you keep spelling California wrong. Californialifornia has a nice ring to it, but, MEXIFORNIA is the new way to spell it. (meant as humor)

  9. Howard, your assessment regarding gun violence in the U.S. is right on! I live in a suburb of Chicago. While recently at the local mall, a 20 year old black male who is a convicted felon entered the mall with a hand gun. This black male shot another black male who was still in high school. The black male who was shot later died of his wounds. I was having a Starbucks coffee not far from the shooting, needless to say, IT WAS SICKENING!

  10. Yes, GUN MURDERS are mainly caused by BLACK MALES-ON-BLACK MALES in places like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, St Louis and within Most of America’s Inner Cities.The LEFT doesn’t want to FOCUS on these cities, because it SERVES their AGENDA!Ask the SQUAD!To RESOLVE problems, one MUST FOCUS on its CAUSES & EFFECTS, so since these CITY problems are NOT being RECTIFIED, the BLACKS are ALLOWED to gain more POWER!We must remember that there is also WHITE TRASH who are just as GUILTY as the BLACKS!AMEN!

  11. What we are experiencing is direct result of Communist handbook. Find & read Naked Communist &/or Naked Socialist & all will see IT ALL FITS THE PLAN. If Communists were required to carry cards today, we would be shocked & how many & where they work (higher ed, Congress, multiple gov’t positions of responsibility). All the useful idiots are past brainwashed graduates. 1st Amend. is trashed; 2nd under attack w/small changes toward repeal. WE MUST STAND UP NOW.

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