It’s Not About Palestine Or Palestinians


I Am Receiving A Large Number Of Requests From Readers For Me To Write About Falcon.

OK – You Asked For It . . . Here It Is . . . We Traveled 1,000-Miles (Two Nights, Three Days) With 8-Week-Old Falcon On Anne’s Lap In The Ford-250.

Falcon Traveled Like A Veteran, Never Sick to His Stomach, Never Dealing with a Bathroom Issue & Never Whimpering Even Once. And Every-Time we Stopped for Gas, Falcon Went Out of the Pick-Up with Anne to Do His Business, Have a Drink of Bottled Water (Nothing’s Too Good For Our Boy), and to Say Hello to Everyone who Wanted to Give Falcon A Pat.

The Joy, Smiles & Happiness Of Being With & Near Falcon Were Contagious.

Yesterday . . . Anne, Falcon & I Went Shopping at Sam’s Club to Pick-Up a Few Things (Food Items) to Have in the RV. The Shopping Experience should Have Been a Matter of Under 30-Minutes. But, After a Couple of Hours of Strangers Loving-On Falcon, we were Finally Able to Leave.

With No Exaggeration . . . Falcon Spread Love & Pleasure to Everyone who Wanted to Love-On-Him & Wanted to Speak with Anne & Myself About our Wonderful Puppy, which Also Gave Anne & Myself No Shortage of Pleasure & Happiness.

If God Was Looking Down On-Us After Our Heartbreak Tragedy With Our Beloved Tavor . . . God Smiled Upon-Us & Gave us a German Shepherd Puppy . . . Who Radiates Delight Wherever He Goes . . . And With Whomever He Meets.

At Just Under 9-Weeks Of Age . . . Falcon is a Touch Over 17-Pounds, Which Means that He Will Probably Finish-Up at About 100-Pounds. Falcon will be a Big Boy . . .

And If Nothing Changes In His Life, Falcon Will Be A Huge Bundle Of Love & Joy.


Any Of The Jerks Chanting Their Pro-Palestinian Pro-Terrorist Crapola . . . Couldn’t Give a Rat’s Ass About the Palestinians.

These Are The Same Jerks Who Rioted Across America & Campaigned To Defund The Police.

I Would Be Willing To Bet Whatever Anyone Wants, that the Vast Majority of the Demonstrators who are Pounding their Pro-Terrorist Drums, Waving their Pro-Terrorist Palestinian Flags & Banners & Chanting their Pro-Terrorist  Mantra . . . Know Nothing About the History of the So-Called Nation of Palestine (Which In History Never Existed), the So-Called Palestinian People who are a Collection of Arabs from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon & Syria . . . Or The Legitimate History Of Judaism Throughout The Middle East, Israel & The Three To Four Thousands Of Years Of Israeli History.

On My International Radio Broadcast From Jerusalem During The Intifada (Year 2000) . . . I Asked my Canadian Host (Back In Canada) to Open the Mic to Canadian Callers from Across Canada to Participate in a Talk-Show-Type Format.

No One Wanted To Come-Off As An Outright Anti-Semite, So they Couched their Anti-Semitism in Buzz-Words & Innuendos, which they Thought Made them Sound Informed, Honest & Balanced . . . Which Is Always Light-Years Away From The Truth . . . Nothing Has Changed.

The First Caller Opened-Up With This Statement . . . Israel Has No Right To Be In Palestine, And The Jews Had No Right To Have Driven The Palestinians Out.

The Jews Never Drove The Palestinians-Out . . . Leaving  Was Mostly Their Decision.

So I Asked . . . How Long Has The Nation Of Palestine Existed?  Who Ruled Palestine From the Beginning of the Nation of Palestine? Who Was the First Leader (King, Prime Minister, President) of Palestine?

The Answer . . . Was Dumb Silence.

Then I Asked . . . Who Was The First Ruler Of Israel? The Answer Was “The Guy From Europe They Named The Airport After” (Ben Gurion) . . . So This Time I Asked – Do You Know Your Scriptures?

Do You Know The Biblical Story (History) Of David & Goliath? Do You Know that After Slaying Goliath, The Shepherd-Boy Named David Became King David, the First King (Ruler) of Israel . . . About 3,000 Years Ago, Who Was The Father Of King Solomon The Wise?

Did You Know That There Was Never A Country Named Palestine. Palestine was (Is) the Region the British were Mandated to Govern After WWI, which Included What was Now Israel & Trans-Jordan.

And Do You Know That Before WWI, all of the Middle East from Turkey to the Mediterranean was Controlled by the Ottoman Empire . . . There Never Was A Country Named Palestine.

Philistine, Which Later Morphed Into Palestine Was A Slur Placed Upon The Jews (Israel) By The Romans, Named After the Sea Dwelling Pirate Philistines, the Arch-Enemies of Israel.

Also . . . To The Uninformed – The First Acknowledged Leader of the Fictitious Country Called Palestine and the Equally Fictitious People Called Palestinians, was the Modern Father of Terrorism – Egyptian Born Yasser Arafat, the Nephew of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who Conspired with Hitler During WWII to Wipe the Jews Out of the Region Called Palestine.

The First Prime Minister Of Modern Israel Was Ben Gurion, When After a Two Thousand Year Exile of the Jewish People, which was Imposed by the Romans & Finally Mandated by the Ottoman Empire . . . the Anti-Semites Should Understand that Jews Have Been in the Middle East . . . And Jerusalem Specifically, Unabated From The Time Of Abraham.

And as Hard as the So-Called Palestinians Try to Deny the Existence of Jews in the Middle East (Israel – Jerusalem), there is No Denying History, Literature & Architecture. The Second Temple Where Jesus Upset The Table Of The Money-Lenders, Was Destroyed By The Romans Some 2,000-Years Ago.

To Deny a Jewish Presence in Jerusalem that Spans Far More than 2,000 Years . . . Is To Deny The Very Existence Of Jesus Christ – To Christianity – The Jewish Son Of God.

Make No Mistake About-It . . . This Pro-Hamas Terrorist Madness Has Nothing to Do with So-Called “Palestine” or the So-Called “Palestinians” . . . It Has To Do With Nazi-Style Jew-Hatred.


In The Final Analysis . . . It’s All About Killing Jews – People Like Anne & Me Included.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, you always get it right! As for dear Falcon, Well what can I say, The right dog for both Anne and you! Things always happen for a reason when you are on the right wave of life. Enjoy he is a blessing!

  2. Again ypu are right on the mark. And Falcon is very much for you both. Israel is paying a very high price to glet rid of the Islam Hamas monstrous pile. After the pestilence is erased I am sure that well trained Jewish soldiers will contact yo Bama’s peers. Our boys do not talk much…

  3. The true history of the Jews and Arabs living in Israel, and Arabs living in the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank needs to be taught. Unfortunately, America’s educational institutions prefer to avoid these truths or just deny the truth. I intend to share this excellent explanation everywhere! I agree that Israel MUST fight until ALL terrorists are gone from this earth. That is the best step to take to protect all of us Jews! The only way Am Yisroel!

  4. Puppy is perfect. I want to thank you for continuing to educate me on the history of all this insanity. Hatred for the sake of hate. Evil. I think you’re definitely right about all the protesting. I am a Catholic Christian. Jesus is Jewish. We are so connected to each other. Jews are Gods chosen people. Jews have to be victorious. We are definitely next.

  5. Falcon is adorable! No wonder it took 2 hours to leave the store. I’d have wanted to love on him too and I’m a cat person.

  6. I hope Falcon will be just right for you and Anne. He sure is pretty. I’m sorry about Tavor.

  7. FYI – I believe my longtime friend, Julian Fox, subscribes to your publications and also supports you. If so, you need to know he just died so you won’t be hearing from him anymore. He was an excellent conservative Jewish man, my best friend since 1975, 89 years old, cancer surviver, but apparantly got very sick and caught Covid, thus his lungs gave out and he died suddenly. Thank you for all you send and teach us about everything. Keep sharing Falcon, too!

  8. Howard, a question I would like to ask anyone who wants to wants to answer it. Because I don’t understand it. 1. Hamas is a designated Terrorist Organization in both Canada and the US, correct? 2. So why aren’t those in Canada and the US, who are openly supporting Hamas in numerous ways, being charged with Hate Crimes? 3. If I protested in my town, openly stating “death to Muslims “, for example, would I not be arrested and charged?

  9. Pups are precious, particularly when they are yours. Falcon certainly seems to be filling the bill for you! Handsome fellow, even at this young age. Agree that the majority of the current crop of chanters/marchers/rabble rousers have little clue why they march; most merely regurgitate what they’ve been fed, and this is simply their current cause du jour. I agree with the Yonkers that this history should be taught, but sadly we can’t even teach an accurate version of our own history.

  10. Precious Puppy!!! Thank you for this excellent history lesson.

  11. Falcon is a cutie & no doubt will be a large fella when grown. I’m happy for you & Anne to have that pup to love on & receive his adoration. As for David, tho anointed by God, he was not perfect. The events of Solomon’s conception & birth show David’s weaknesses. Those stories in the Old Testament give us pause in our perception of God’s relationships with mankind. His love & mercy abound. And Jesus was a descendent of David as well. As for Hamas, I support Israel’s right of retribution.

  12. Good post. Very nice looking dog. The very first king of Israel was Saul, of the tribe of Benjamin. You are correct. These hamas supporters are the same ones who rioted and were destroying cities with no repercussions. Blm and antifa come to mind

  13. The story about your new pup is great. When we lose one another pup is acquired as we love dogs. The new one is not the old one but rather another entity. Yet it grows on you just as the last one did. As Will Rogers said, “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” But I bet there are dogs in heaven!

  14. Gorgeous fellow that rose above K9 to a K10 ! Educational Editorial !

  15. The news, the politicians, the enemies and the protestors have distorted this and lied so much – no wonder people are confused about the truth. All I can do is pray, pray, pray ….. and keep praying. And if ever you need a sitter for Falcon, I volunteer. He’s a beautiful pup and will definitely bring you and Anne years of happiness, entertainment and love.

  16. Excellent history lesson Howard. Too bad there are so many uninformed individuals living on Planet Earth today.

  17. Thank you for sharing your sweet Falcon with us. It is refreshing to hear good news. News about Palestinians is deliberately misleading. Thank you for setting the record straight- as usual! Glad you three are safely back in the USA.

  18. Falcon has certainly brightened my day! He is quite a congenial little fella & brings happiness to every one he meets and especially to you and Anne & to your readers!! Thank You for sharing. God Bless

  19. Best wishes for you guys and Falcon. Thanks for the good history lesson. This Jew hatred stems from Mohamed —— and, Mecca where he founded Islam. Study Mohamed and his life, including the Ottoman Empire. Then “fast-forward” to 2023, including what is happening world-wide. This becomes perfectly clear. Re: here in the US, O-Biden is doing his very best to destroy America and our Constitution —- “I will fundamentally change America” —– and he is doing a damned fine job.

  20. The handsome and adorable Falcon as a balm, at the moment, for the ugly and evil in the US, Canada and other places. Thank you for sharing a picture and recounting his trip with you and Anne. God Bless.

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