They Are Right – We Need A Great Reset


In Barack Obama’s Campaign To Win The US Presidency, Obama’s Focus-Theme was that Under his Presidency, America would Undergo a Fundamental Change, Never Explaining What the Nature of the Fundamental Change Would-Be.

During Justin Trudeau’s Last Campaign To Remain As Canada’s Prime Minister . . . Trudeau Hearkened on the Need to Create a Great Reset, Also – Like Obama, Trudeau Never Explained What the Great Reset Would-Be.

To Our Great Chagrin . . . We Now Know What Both these Horrible Men Meant in their Promises for Fundamental Change & A Great Reset. Unfortunately Though, there are Still a Great Number of People in Both Countries who Have Not Yet Realized Two Critical Realities . . .

1 – Fundamental Change & The Great Reset Were (Are) One And The Same.

2 – What’s Happening In Our Countries Are Being Controlled By Forces Outside Our Countries.

Welcome To The Precursor Of The One World Elitist/Communist Government.

We’ve Been Sleeping For A Great Long Time . . . Focusing our Interests on the Shiny Inconsequential Baubles Put Before us by Hollywood, Television, and the Mass Media. And Even Today, We Still Haven’t Learned Our Lesson.


Just Over 50-Years Ago . . . While I was Studying Political Science 101 at Sir George Williams University in Montreal, the Professor at the Time was a German Jew who Escaped the Nazis while it was Still Possible . . . Winding-Up During WWII Working For The Precursor Of The CIA (OSS).

He Eventually Retired from the CIA, Moved to Montreal & Became a Political Science Professor at Sir George Williams University, who Said Many Interesting things. But One of his Opinions Really Got My Attention. . .

If You Waste Your Time In-Life Adulating Professional Sports, Professional Sports Teams & The Professional Athletes Who Play For These Teams . . . You Are A Simple-Minded Shallow Human Being Who Does Not Belong In This Class.

Even Though I Said Nothing Or Showed No Revulsion To That Remark . . . I was Plenty-Much Offended because I Loved Sports . . . I Loved Playing Many Different Types of Sports, Watching as Many Sports as I Could, Reading all about Athletes, Teams, Players, Statistics, Standings . . . And Covering Sport Events As The Sports Editor Of The Night Student’s University Newspaper . . . “The Paper”.

Nonetheless . . . I Gritted My Teeth & Held My Tongue.

Many Years Later . . . I Finally Got-ItThe Professor Wasn’t Against Sports. He was Against Professional Sports, where we (The Fans) Had No Skin in the Game, but Nevertheless Invested an Enormous Amount of our Time, Energy, Money & Thought-Process to be Entertained by Something as Inconsequential as Grown Men (And Women) Playing a Child’s Game . . . For Our Amusement And The Players Approbation.

The Professor Likened Our Obsession With Professional Sports To The Roman Gladiators.

The More We Concentrate On The Games – The Less We Concentrate on the Politics of the House, the Senate and the White House in America . . . And the House of Commons and the Prime Minister’s Office in Canada.


Most People Don’t Know Much About . . . Their Elected Representatives & Barely Anything at all About Unelected Bureaucrats.

And Anything The People Think They Know About Law, Civics & History . . . is Only What they’ve Learned from Watching Lawyer, Police & Period Fictions on Television Episodes or on Streaming Services.


Ask About The NFL, NLB, NBA, NHL Rankings, Schedules, Players, StatisticsEtc.

Or Ask About America’s Got Talent, The Voice, Who this Actress or Actor is Sleeping-With and the Latest Influencer . . . And Expect A Deluge Of Opinions & Useless Information.


On Yom Kippur Of All Times – Judaism’s Holiest Holiday  . . . Trudeau’s Speaker of the House (Liberal – Anthony Rota) Invited & Feted a Ukrainian Nazi from an SS Division that Inflicted Monstrous Crimes Against Jews and Others During WWII . . . Who Was Showered With Standing Ovations By Trudeau, Zelenskyy, & Parliamentarians Who Were Told This Beast Was An Outstanding Ukrainian/Canadian Freedom Fighter.

Trudeau Pissed-Away Another $650-Million Canadian Tax Dollars Into The Ukrainian Black-Hole . . . Bringing Canada’s Largess to Ukraine to Nearly $10-Billion Dollars of Money we Don’t Have.

Our Canadian Infrastructure Is Crumbling. Public Healthcare in Canada has Become a Sick Joke. Canadian Children are Being Taught in School that they Don’t Have to be the Gender they were Born With . . . And How To Give Each Other Blow-Jobs Or Anal Sex The Right Way.

And Even Though We Don’t Talk About It Nearly As Much As We Should . . . Canada-Too is Being Invaded Like it is in the United States of America, but Instead of Being Invaded by Biden’s Aliens . . . Canada’s Alien Invaders are Welcomed by Trudeau’s Invitation . . . To Fundamentally Change The History, The Nature & The Character Of Canada.


McCarthy’s The Problem . . . He Is Not The Solution. All Kevin McCarthy Wants is to Maintain the Spending Status Quo & Even Add to it.

Times Are Tough For Just About Everyone, but Especially those of us who are in the Middle Class (What’s Left Of It) and Less.


There Are A Lot Of Things Anne & I Would Like To Do, See & Buy. But We Don’t Have The Money.

We’re Lucky (BLESSED) To Have What We Have. The Other Day we Went Grocery Shopping at Costco. I Love their Prepackaged LOX. But the Price Went-Up from About $25 To $32 a Packet Of Ten. And as Much as I Like the LOX, it will No Longer be in My Grocery Cart. Anne & I Love Costco Pre-Cooked Bacon, which We Buy all the Time. But That Also Went From $18 For A Package To $26 A Package.

We Won’t Be Eating That Bacon Anymore.

Anne & I Loved The RV Park We Were In Last Winter Between Ocala & Gainesville. But the Price there Went from  $800 (US) Per Month to Now Over $1200 (US) Per Month Plus the Cost of Electricity.

To Canadians Like Us, That Converts To About $2,000 Cdn/Month Plus The Cost Of Gas To Get There.

So Instead, we will be Staying at a Nice RV Resort in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, where the Monthly Cost is Half, And The Distance Is About 500-Miles Closer To Our Home Base In Canada.

Also, The RV Parks We Stay-At While Traveling, which are Safe, Well Managed & Just off the Highways  (Generally KOA Parks), Cost About 25% More Today Than They Did Yesterday . . . So We will Drive an Extra 250-Miles/Day and Cut our Stop Times at Travel Parks by Half.

The Savings in Gas, RV Parks & Electricity will Compensate for the Weak Canadian Dollar, while we Benefit from Lower American Food-Costs  . . . And Whatever Affordable Entertainment Anne & I Might Want To Enjoy.

Believe Me When I Say I Really Feel The Practical Pain Of The Average North American, Especially People who Live on Fixed Incomes Like the Elderly.


If We Bleed Because Of Horrific Political Decisions . . . The Politicians Should Really Bleed Too.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Absolutely agree to your column. But it is three countries. Add Israel. They let the scum of the Diaspora in the sotero camp enter into Israel, to stay/work to defeat Bibi. They failed the first time but succeeded the second time. Their zombie acolytes are throughout the governmental parties of Israel. Including the Haredim. America/Israel/Canada are hanging on by a finger. Should another liberal get elected as head of state for America, Israel, and Canada, we are doomed. G-d help us!

  2. It is interesting what you are seeing. Cost in the US have gone nuts, gas is slowly coming down after Labor Day. Biden will claim he is doing great even though gas is more than $2 more now then in 2020 when he took office. Suddenly, Hillary the Witch appears to ask to take control of monies going to Ukrain. I wonder what kind of Finders Fee, Handling Fee or some other BS she and Bill will want. Much like Haiti they will line their pockets first and then pay JOE his commission thru Hunter.

  3. Remeber the early days Obama toured Islamic countries apologising for America & kissing the feet of the leaders: he wants America to be an Islamic State. Trudeau wants to be the absolute tyrannical leader in a communist state; he tried it in the early days of the faux pandemic but was defeated in parliament. All is not lost if Trump becomes president again & JT Liberals are defeated & cease to exist. I feel very sorry for the people living and tolerating illegals on the southern border.

  4. I don’t know anymore what will be truly needed to wake up the sheeples today. I thought that when it started hurting in the wallet, that would be enough to finally wake them up but it seems that I was wrong, so again what else will be needed, that’s a question I can’t answer because it seems that nothing will ever wake them up until everyone is out in the streets homeless.

  5. Just read that Zelensky tapped a Satanist to be his ambassador to rebuild schools in the Ukraine. Well I guess that is somewhat the same as what’s going on in public schools here, just under a different ‘name’. The phrase “the world is going to hell in a hand basket” is more apt/true today than it has been in a very long time. It’s not just the US having issues. It’s nearly every country/nation going through similar idiocy = evil is presently winning over good.

  6. 2 Timothy 3 pretty much describes our society from the government to the education establishment,the media,sports and entertainment.The Bible also tells us how this all ends,thats why Im not a pessimist.

  7. Howard, this is the best and most insightful piece you have ever explained to the public-at-large, but it is only the knowledgeable people who observe, read, think and understand the dire situation being wrought before us. Older people have knowledge of things and can judge the disaster; younger people simply accept the dishonest and incompetent governments that a defective system puts in place. How does your wisdom and message become widely known and believed? Action is needed desperately.

  8. Barack Obama who refused to leave Washington after his swcond term, bought a house in DC to beclose to the action of tearing America apart. He has remains, not the solid family man he sold himself as, but a mystery, Bill Ayers, {Weather Underground, a revolutionary group} protege”

  9. Back in the days of my bar-hopping youth, my closest friends and I had absolutely no interest in who could chuck a puck or ball the fastest. We did however follow when the important games were being played and on those nights when the jocks were busy barfing and screaming while watching their favorite players made fools of themselves, we would be hitting the bars when the odds were in our favour.

  10. God has the final say in what happens in this world–and the next! To humans it looks confusing/terrible/frightening/uncertain. Because we are sheep-who must follow the LORD in order to achieve salvation, we don’t see HIS plans.

  11. Your final remark is the way I feel: The Politicians Should Really Bleed Too. WE pay their salaries which they give themselves (raises too). They put out Flash Flags to divert us from TRUTH & actual Transactions taking place. We have the population of 3 states, of migrants who crossed the border, who receive FREE EVERYTHING, including NOW Federal ID Cards & Driver’s Licenses. (We need police, housing for vets, infrastructure, etc) & prices are through the roof. Now we ACT. PERIOD!

  12. You spell things out pretty clearly, day after day, and I, for one, am grateful. My hope is that your voice, and others like it, will help bring about widespread, serious action for changes that are meaningful and long-lasting. We can’t keep doing what we’ve always done! On the other hand, we were provided a guide book and well more than half of us here in the U.S. consistently refuse to follow the directions provided in it.

  13. Amen to this article. USA never really shuts down, and those in government that are shut down always receive back pay. Those in both house and there staff, president and all those part of administration should never receive pay, etc, etc. The generals and DoD also, but our basic military should be kept. All commerce with unfriendly nations cut off, etc. Cut off and for good.

  14. We in Canada are so fortunate to have such an informed, charismatic, and strong leader. He’s taking on the grocery stores to lower food costs or he will tax them. And pass it onto the consumers. He’s blameless for everything and will throw anyone under the bus. What a chump. SARCASM INTENDED

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