Where’s The Shame Amongst The Media?


Anne & I Were (Are) Overwhelmed . . . with the Number of Heartfelt Best Wishes we Received from Friends & Readers from all Over America & Canada, To Help Us Celebrate Our Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary.

I am Often Asked by Readers to Include Photos of Tavor, Especially as he Was Maturing to Become a Dog from a Pup . . . Tavor Is Slightly Over Two Years Old & Weighs 93.4 Pounds As Of A Few Days Ago.


At The End Of This Editorial, I Have Included a Wedding Picture of What Anne & I Looked Like . . . Exactly 50-Years & One Day Ago.


Let’s Cut Right To The Chase – The Media Is Not Our Friend – Actually, The Media Is Our Enemy.


When LEFTIST Bill Maher Wrestles With The Ignorance Of The LEFT – Questions Must Be Asked.

The Official Trudeau Line . . . was that the Legacy Canadian Media Needed a Huge Leg-Up to be Able to Compete in Order to Survive Against the Thrust of the Nascent Social News Media on the Internet.

The True Story . . .  Is That The Trudeau Liberals Bought & Paid For The Legacy Media, which Includes Radio & Television. And Aided by Threat of the CRTC, which is the Canadian Federal Government’s Electronic Licensing Bureau, Equivalent to the American FCC, which Decides Upon who Gets New Electronic Broadcast Licenses & Renewed Licenses . . . And Who Does Not . . . Trudeau Weighs Significant Power.

Part Of The $600-Million Dollars . . . Also Went to News Papers & Magazines, which are Not Regulated, But What is the Most Interesting Part of this Hand-Out, Is How All The Recipients Are Chosen . . . And By Whom.


Even The Best Laid Plans Of Mice & Men Do Not Always Have The Consequences One Expects.

As It Turns Out – In Reviews Which I Just Became Privy To, the Latest Ratings for Trudeau’s Bought & Paid-For Media, are Taking a Bath in Competition by the New Social News Media, Much of it Being Conservative at Best . . . And Libertarian at Worst.

And If My Information & Estimate Is Correct . . . Canada’s Premiere On-Line Media . . . REBEL NEWS, which is an Internet Startup & Persona-Non-Grata with the Canadian Liberal Establishment . . . Is Also Making Huge Canadian News Media Inroads . . . By Way Of Rumble.


Even Though Canadian Taxpayers are Getting Screwed Royally by Trudeau’s Media Pay-Off . . . It Ain’t Working As Was Originally Planned By Trudeau, since the Legacy Media are Becoming More & More Irrelevant with Every Passing-Day.

We All Know The Story . . . If a Tree Falls in the Forest & No-One is there to Hear-It . . . Did The Fallen Tree Actually Make A Sound?


As The LEFTIST Electronic Media (Radio & Television) Flaps Its Jaws, Fewer & Fewer People Seem to Hear the Noise. The Same can be Said about the LEFTIST Print Media, which Too is Taking a Beating Vis-à-Vis Readership, which Subsequently Ends-Up as a Loss of Advertising Revenue.

And Even If The Media Is Completely Subsidized By A Corrupt Government, So What? Since Having a Media in Your Pocket that No One Listens-To, Watches or Reads – Amounts To A Hill Of Beans.

That’s Where North American Media Is Headed . . . Except For Honest Conservative Media.

Even Hollywood . . . And Used-To-Be Icons like Disney are Taking It On The Chin, because People Have Had their Fill of LEFTIST Bullshit. That’s Why Pundits (Comedians) like Bill Maher, who Have Been Notorious LEFTISTS – Have Slowly but Consistently Seen the Light.

Listening To People Like Bill Maher Speak Today, You’d Think He (They) Was A Conservative.

It Used-To-Be . . . If you Wanted a Future in the Entertainment Industry, you Had to be a Kiss-Ass Liberal . . . Well That’s Changing, as we Can Easily See with LEFTIST Movies Hemorrhaging Money in Comparison to Conservative Movies, which are Raking-It-In.

We Can Also See-It With The Dwindling Audiences Of The Awards Shows – No One’s Watching.

And When Was the Last Time you Saw Athletes Taking a Knee to the National Anthem and the Flying of the Stars & Stripes . . . Colin Kaepernick Who?

Ask Disney & Budweiser How Well This WOKE Crap Is Working-Out For Them?

As We’re Now Beating-Up the WOKE Schmucks on the Playing Field, In Corporations & on School Boards . . . Let’s Really Give-It to the Media, Which Should Be The Guardians At The Gate . . . Instead Of The Barbarians They Are Trusted To Fend-Off.

At The Outset Of This Editorial . . .

I Promised a Wedding Picture of Anne & Myself Taken 50-Years Ago & A Day.

We’ll Never Be Young Again . . . But We’ll Never Have To Grow Old In Mind & Spirit.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thanks for the picture —– cute couple. Many of us hope & pray your forecast comes true,

  2. Mazel Tov! Not a religious person but all I can think of.

  3. The look of Love was in your eyes then, as it still is today. Just beautiful! I don’t watch, listen or read the news, never will again. Why waste my time & money when there are much better sources who uphold the values of true journalism!

  4. Awww, Howard, what a beautiful picture! Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us. God Bless you both forever. Today’s post was spot on!!!!!!

  5. Congrats – great pic – great editorials – keep up the good work.

  6. What’s even more scary in Canada is the recent passage of federal bill c-11 which will ultimately be used to now control internet along with Print and TV. All the bases just got covered to keep the propaganda flying. It’s amazing how many Canadians I’ve spoken too that know nothing about hunters’ laptop and think Joe’s still an angel. Furthermore, Justin and the media say so. What a joke. Happy belated wishes on the 50th ! Nice pic ! Bet you were a beatles fan !! Lol.

  7. Were you a Beatles fan? 🙂 Your editorial is on the bullseye. Liberal media (including Fox now) have zero conscience and no soul. They certainly do not have patriotic bone in their entire body.

  8. As we see in the US and now Canada, media so easily falls in the pocket of political parties. The moment that happens they are no longer trustworthy on any level. Its a shame, really, given they deal in “information” and their product now ceases to be of any value. What I have trouble with is the public eating all this bad value, rotten hamburger meat thinking it is still fresh, marvelous steak. Howard, beautiful picture, by the way.

  9. Great looking couple, I’m sure you would have never thought back then what you would be doing today. A belated 50th anniversary. Pray for many more years. Debbie and I will be celebrating ours three years from now. Blessings.

  10. Thank you for sharing that beautiful picture of you and Anne with us! What a handsome couple and still are! HAPPY, HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY, and many more!!! We were married for 53 and half years, and the love of my life! How I wish our country was in better shape and pray for Trump every day for his life and the Lord gives him the strength to keep fighting back for us. Our only salvation for the future of our country. Keep up the good work!

  11. Healthy Happy 50th Thank you both for what you both are doing for us Canadians. Letting us know just what is really going on in our rotten Canadian Government. My father, told me when I was young, “We the people, are the government”! sadly, not anymore! And for Anne Behind every great man there is a Woman {Anne} Cheers

  12. You are usually very accurate in your spelling of names; so why did you mess up with Bill Maher? MInor, but not like you. Has AI taken over? (HaHa) Anyways, Happy Fiftieth.

  13. The MEDIA, what a joke. All of them are paid to share their view of things, I trust none. There is 2 Genders, LBQT… are part of the Missing Link, or proves that relatives should not have children together. Am I harsh, yes. Need to cure the Fentyal issue, make the captured criminal take 3 of his pills, it will quickly reduce the number of willing carriers. It is time to clean out the prisons of criminals that are more than 3 time offenders, execute at the first of each month, give them Fenteyal

  14. Awesome Editorial, Howard! I wasn’t paying attention enough to notice that gee! there seems to be plenty of Conservative content online. Not as much snowflake nowadays. Rebel News does indeed do a good job. Nice photo of you and Anne! Thanks for sharing with us!

  15. Thanks Howard for the picture of you and Anne.. Fifty Years, That truly speaks of the Character, & Commitment, of you & Anne. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY….Mazel Tov

  16. Our 55th anniversary was March 12th. I loved my sailor in 1968 and love him even more now. We had no help so we did it our way! Good times are great but really rough times define what a person really is. We have had both. I would do it all over again. It is a good life. Best to you and Anne.

  17. Nice wedding pic. What about one of you both taken today–selfie perhaps. Tavor is definitely not a lap-sitter at that weight. If there is a positive to Trudeau’s & Biden’s ‘rule’ it is that lots of folks are having their eyes opened to the big differences between beliefs/plans of leftists & conservatives. The gap continues to grow with each passing week. Let’s hope that wake-up will result in more drive for change & more attentive structuring for elections to keep them honest.

  18. Howard and Anne: you guys have aged very well for yes there are some changes but not really that much over 50 years plus a day. All the best to our friends from down the road.

  19. A loving couple with a priceless shared objective. The two of you give MEANING to life. I am eternally grateful to be your friend.

  20. Congrats on the great 50 years…what an accomplishment…but I think you owe us a Tavor photo?:)

  21. AWWWW. Nice Picture of a Super Couple ..Please keep Up the Work!!

  22. Happy Anniversary. God bless You and Anne. Thank you for all that you do for Freedom. Vivian Bross, Frederick, Maryland

  23. HAPPY 50th + 1. Thanks for the wedding photo. You’re A gorgeous couple!

  24. Great pic. Happy for you. Thanks for sharing your joy! Right on about the media.

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