The LEFT . . . Freedoms Greatest Threat


I’ve Got To Get This Off My Chest – ‘Cause It Really Pisses-Me-Off.

Senator John Fetterman Is In Hospital For Some Serious Mental Problems, which in themselves are a Threat to the Efficacy of the Senate of the United States of America . . . But No More A Threat Than Having An Imbecile Elected To The US Senate . . . Who wasn’t Even Capable of Speaking During the 2022 Campaign Without a Computer Teleprompter.

In Essence . . . As Far As I’m Concerned – Fetterman is Both a Fraud and a Threat to the Workings of the US Congress – But Far More Than That – The People Who Voted For This Imbecile Are Even More Culpable – Than The Imposter They Elected.

How Do You Get Good Government By Electing The Worst People?


The American Style Pravda/Al Jazeera Media . . . Made Sure Fetterman Would be Elected. WORSE81-Year Mitch McConnell – Leader Of The Republican Senate, who Too is in the Hospital with a Brain Injury (From A Recent Fall), Actually & Knowingly Worked Against Trump Supported Candidates in the 2022 Midterm Elections, Including Against Dr Oz, to Make Certain that the Pennsylvania Senate Seat would Go to the Failure Known as John Fetterman, Opposed to the Highly Skilled & Accomplished Dr Mehmet Oz.

And What’s Even More Incredible . . . Is How all the Media, Including Fox News Promoted the Big Lie – That Fetterman Won The 2022 Election . . . because all of Trump’s Picks were Disasters. They Even (Media & RINOS) Almost Pulled-Off the Same Crap with JD Vance.

But Here’s The Real Picture . . . 83% Of Donald Trump’s Endorsed Candidates Won In 2022.


This Is About The Elected Legislators In Government, the Bureaucrats in the Background and the Partisan Judiciary Including the DOJ, the FBI – Etc. And this is About the Media, which Isn’t Objective and has an Incredible Influence on the Political Culture throughout America (Canada-Too).

First – Let Me Get Back To What Really Pisses Me Off About The Media . . .


Fetterman Has as Much Right to be Sitting in the US Senate as Does our Beloved German Shepherd Dog Tavor . . . Tavor & Fetterman Are Probably Equally Cognizant.

You Know-It, I Know-It & The Media Knows-It . . . So, in Every Report about John Fetterman Being Hospitalized because he has a Mal Adjusted Brain, they (The Media) Call it Stress . . . they Finish their Reporting with – “We Hope John Fetterman Makes A Speedy Recovery & Gets Back To Work Soon”.

OH YEAH . . . They Want This Imbecile Back To Work Soon, Making Decisions & Voting on the Future of America.

Would You Get Onto An Airplane With An Imbecile As The Pilot?

With Almost Every Report About Biden On Fox News . . . We Hear About the Lack of Biden’s Cognitive Abilities. The Fact that he Can’t Speak without a Teleprompter, that the Teleprompter is Generally the Size of a Massive Television Flatscreen, and Even at that, he Can’t Read the Copy Lucidly.

We See Him Shaking Hands With No One There, Stumbling Around a Stage After Reading a Speech, Looking Lost at Where he is and How to Leave. We’ve all Seen his Stumbles Walking up the Stairs to Air Force One. And No One In The Media Is Really Going After Biden For His TOTAL LACK Of Unscripted News Media Interviews.

In Spite Of The Fact, That America Is In Its Worst Shape . . . PROBABLY EVER – Because of this Biden Presidential Horror Show, and the Entire World is Sitting on a Tinderbox, Ready to Explode, Also because of this Presidential Numbskull . . .  Boggles my Mind, When the Media (Including Fox News) Wishes Biden Speedy Recoveries for Whatever Ails the Buffon for Whatever Reason, And Wishes Him A Quick Return To The White House.

Is That What The People Really Need . . . More Of The Ruinous Demented Liar-In-Chief?


I’m Not Really that Interested in what Jesse Waters has to Say, since Waters Said in Conversation of George Soros, who is a Jewish Born Uber Anti-Semite & Israel Hater, that Jews are Off-Limits for Criticism because they’re Jews. How Untrue & Antisemitic Is That?

Nor Do I Care About Tucker Carlson, since Carlson has Become so Self-Absorbed, that much of What Carlson Broadcasts seems to be What Feeds his Ego the Most.

Besides – I Have Yet to Read, See or Hear Carlson’s Apology or Explanation for Promoting the Uber Black Anti-Semite Kanye West, who Carlson Exalted as One of the Most Accomplished & Interesting People he Ever Interviewed.

I’m Not Interested In Sean Hannity, since on Hannity’s Show, that’s Exactly What it Is . . . An Entertainment Show with Non-Stop “Breaking-News” that isn’t so Breaking.

As For Laura Ingraham . . . I Generally go to Bed by then. And for the Gutfeld Show, I’m Already Asleep. But from Time-To-Time, When I Had Caught his Show, It’s Not So Funny.

And If I’m Going To Be Watching News Media Opinions . . . It Is Generally On Newsmax . . . Which is Very Much Like Fox News was . . . When Fox News was a Credible Conservative Cable Channel Not Playing Both Sides Against the Middle.

But That Said . . . What Really Irks Me About the Media, is that it’s Almost all Pretend. Do you Really Think the On Air Personalities Care More About Broadcasting the Unvarnished Truth . . . Than The “Truth” Their Station Owners Tell Them To Broadcast?

Do You Think Any Of The Above Listed Fox Announcers, Including Fox’s Daytime Line-Up, are Really Prepared to Take a Principled Stand at the Cost of their Coveted TV Exposure?

Want To Criticize The Size Of Trump’s Ego? – Criticize The TV Pundits No Less.

And When Comparing Trump’s Ego To The Egos Of The Talking Heads . . . REMEMBER THIS – Trump Started with a Million Dollar Inheritance & Built a Billion Dollar Empire. Trump Employs Many Thousands of People Directly & Many Thousands More Indirectly.

Trump Gave-Up His Platinum Lifestyle to Become the President of the People. And Trump was the ONLY President I am Aware of, Who Not Only Lived-Up to all the Promises He Made – But Even More-So.

And While Trump Was In The White House – There Was Virtually World Peace . . . America Never Had It So Good. And it was Only Going to Get Better . . . With 4-More Years of Trump.

Which Ego-Driven Talking-Head Can Say The Same About Himself Or Herself?


For Well More Than a Year . . . I’ve Been Ragging On Fox News, as Fox News has Turned Quietly, but Sharply to the Political LEFT, Especially in their Passive Aggressive Coverage of Donald Trump, whose Name Must Not be Spoken on the Fox News Network, Unless it is Neutral or Negative.

And How Do We Know This? . . . We Know This Because it was Made Public in Emails, Tweets & Texts at the Dominion Voting Machine vs Fox News Lawsuit, Where Testimony Outed the Murdoch’s Along with of all People – Tucker Carlson, Who is on Record as Writing . . .

“We Are Very, Very Close To Being Able To Ignore Trump Most Nights” . . . “I Truly Can’t Wait”.

“I Hate Him Passionately” . . . “He’s A Demonic Force” . . . “A Destroyer”.


If Tucker Carlson Really Believed What He Wrote . . . As is Recorded as Sworn Court Testimony . . . Why Didn’t The Man (Carlson) Have The Balls To Say-So On His Show, the Same as He’s Belittled so Many other Victims of his Rants & Hyperbole?

Could It Be That Carlson Is Really A Hypocrite Who Snipes At Those Who Can’t Do Him Harm?

Had Carlson Said on his Show About Trump, what Carlson Wrote in Private . . . He Could Have Kissed A Huge Portion Or Most Of His Audience Who Stand By Trump. . . Goodbye.


As For The Murdoch’s Who Own Fox News . . . They Are No Less Culpable.

I Spend Hours Every-Day . . . Reading As Much National & International Media As I Can Absorb, Because, in the Final Analysis, when it Comes to the Media, Especially the North American Media, with Perhaps with the Only Exception Being Newsmax . . . I Don’t Trust Them.

Everyone’s Got An Agenda . . . And In Those Agendas – We The People Come Last.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Absolutely correctt. Media is our greatest enemies. Right behind them are McConnell and the rest of the rino traitors who value money and postition over patriotism and representing the people who elected them. I truly wish that anytime a politician told a lie he/she would burst into flames. Liar, liar pants on fire as the old saying goes.

  2. Howard, I will put money on what I believe: Your dog Tavor, absolutely has a higher IQ than Fetterman, Biden, Kerry, Trudeau, Singh, McConnell, and all the other Leftist Marxist individuals.

  3. The passing off of Joe Biden as a viable option for president is the greatest sham perpetrated on the American people by the media. The second being the delegitimization of Trump. But people don’t know. They follow. They eat whatever garbage is given to them and are told they like it. They have no clue what politics are or how it works. And they can’t handle the realities. So, they make excuses, and go for what’s easiest & safest and keep their heads in the ground.

  4. I would vote for Tavor over Fetterman or any Democrat or RINO. Tavor is brilliant compared to any of them.

  5. I agree 100% with your analysis of Fox News. I found a home with Newsmax. Your amazing!

  6. Excellent editorial Howard. Basically, we can’t change things. Can’t fix stupidity. I’m going too enjoy the rest of my time on this earth, God help the next generation.

  7. Trump was of course right. The media is the country’s biggest enemy. If you want an idea how to deal with them and any other government agency as well I suggest you read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross. It came out in the 90’s but is pertinent today bigtime. The last few chapters lay out the scenario for dealing with the media and government. We can never win in a head-on battle, they have all the power. But asymmetrically it can be done and this books shows how.

  8. Howard, very sadly True. I was a huge fan of Watters till he got his own show and I saw him in person at a private event. To make himself sound more important he gossiped and slander Trump = really? Yeah = done. Then This stuff with Tucker = very VERY disappointing. Really does make me watch old reruns of Mayberry RFD or Get Smart. Something easy and safe to watch with no trans agendas or other BS.

  9. My sentiments exactly. I get frustrated just reading what you write! American and Canadian media is like a soap opera, full of drama. I gave up Fox since 2020 Election. I check out CBC N.S. headlines every now and then for a laugh. Just read that migrants crossing into Quebec welcomed here and are in hotels while in another the homeless decrying the Province because of no housing. Go figure!!

  10. How did we end up with Biden/Harris in the WH? You guessed it, they CHEATED! It has been proven more than once, but the Media has shot that idea down. Congress does not want Trump in the WH, he caused them to be looked at by US. Now they will do anything to destroy our last chance to save this country. We need a BOLD, LOUD, Strong President, who can and will stand up to other world leaders. My hope is Trump wins in 24 and helps set TERM Limits and ends Lobbing and the money flow.

  11. Your comment that 83% of Trumps endorsed candidates won is trite, unless you mean the dog catcher of Palm Beach County. Trump cost us the Senate in Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania. He cost us Governorships in states like Pennsylvania and Arizona. He cost us the House in 2020 and worst of all he LOSTTHE PRESIDENCI in 2020. He was a great President but a LOSER at the polls. He lost and we got Biden. Time for a winner Ron DeSantis

    WOW – You’ve Got It All Figured Out. Perhaps I’ll Stop Writing Now, So I Won’t Spread Anymore Bullshit. And Fetterman Was The Best Candidate Out There. And McConnell Who Campaigned Against Trump’s Pics Was The Best Thing That Happened To Conservatives – HG:

  12. We need to know that Mitch McConnell was partially responsible for this idiot’s election. We have got to get Mitch, andother Rinos, out of office.

  13. Holy Dirt was this a good one Howard? I will pay more attention on what Fox News says. I wish I could talk to you the way I truly would like to without being thrown out. ha But I agree Tavor would & is more smart than what is running the White house & it’s giggle box along with him. Who do you honestly say who is the better News station to watch and believe if that is all possible. Best to you Anne & Tavor Any new photo’s of big boy lately? Take care don’t ruin your eyes reading.

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