How I Know When I’m Swinging For The Fences


This Editorial Is Going To Be Short & Sweet – Maybe Not So Sweet, But Certainly Short.

Every Now & Then, I Write an Editorial or Give a Speech that Simply Drives my Adversaries Nuts, as I did the Other Day with my Last Editorial Cajoling People To Get Angry.

Amongst The LEFT, it was as if I Made a Declaration of All-Out War Against Their WOKE Ideology, which Pissed-Off More of my Liberal Readers than I Could Have Imagined . . . GOOD! They Got The Message!

There’s No Reason Why You & I Should Take & Accept Their Social Changing Bullshit Laying-Down.

1 – People Born with a Penis are Men – Period!

2 – People Born With a Uterus & Other Female Accoutrements are Women – Period!

3 – People who Want to be Gender-Prolific are a Cast of their Own & Should Keep it that Way. It’s Their Business & Their Problem – Not Mine Or Yours. And if You’re Insulted or Deeply Offended because I Call a Person Born with a Dick Mr, and a Person Born with a Uterus Ms or Ma’am . . . . Tough Titties.

And I Don’t Want MEN who Mas​quer​ade as Women Playing Against Real Women in Women’s Sports, Nor Do I Want MEN Pretending to be Women No Matter How Feminine they Might Feel they are . . .  Sharing a Bathroom, Shower or any Sexually Intimate Facility with Women.

I’m Neither Privileged Nor A Monster, Because I’m White, Male, Educated & Like to Know that Testosterone Flows Through my Body. I Also Like to Hold Doors Open for Women, and Pick-Up the Bill at a Restaurant when I’m Dining with a Person of the Opposite Sex . . . Being A Real Woman.

I’m Not Interested in Butchy Women . . . who feel Compelled to be as Much or More of a Man than Me. And When Anne and I get Dressed-Up to Go Out – I LOVE To Tell Anne How Pretty She Looks. And I Know that Anne LOVES to Hear-It.


I Have ZERO Problems with Women Being in High Management Positions, from Basic Management to the Top of the Heap. If the Right Woman would by My Prime Minister or the President of the United States of America, I would be Just as Pleased as if it were the Right Man for the Job.

When I Read, Hear or See that Women are Chosen for Positions Just Because they are Women, and Or Because they are Women of Color . . . Not Only Does That Make Me Want To Hurl, it is an Extraordinary Insult to the Woman Chosen for that Position, and to All Women, since this Says that Women are Otherwise Unworthy of Responsible Positions at all Levels Without Special Accommodations.

My Next Editorial Will Be Open Season On The Media Cabal & Collusion Against You & Me.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Your statement is right on. “When I Read, Hear or See that Women are Chosen for Positions Just Because they are Women, and Or Because they are Women of Color . . . Not Only Does That Make Me Want To Hurl”. Same thing with Affirmative Action. We have people who were voted for political office for the color of their skin or their gender resulting in incompetence rather than based on meritocracy. This was true for many other professions as well.

  2. Transgenderism is an insane mirage. A person who “becomes” a woman is not a trans woman but a feminized man. A person who “becomes” a man is not a trans man but a masculinized woman. PERIOD. “Female Accoutrements”. I like that! 🙂

  3. Howard : You hit the nail right on the head. So so true I agree with you 100%.

  4. Shorter, but succinct and boldly to the point. Says it all. Love it.

  5. I told my wife of 36 years when we were wed that her money was hers, to do with what she wanted–and I REQUESTED that she consider our mutual financial goals as part of our mutual obligations to our family. That same philosophy has rewarded me and my family with many subsequent benefits through cooperation—It seems a forgotten concept–FAMILY–The basis of civilization and sexual meaning!

  6. The intentionally planned destruction of Christianity and Judaism being replaced with the repeat of the history of ancient Israel when Judaism declined and was replaced by the evils of paganism with pagan goddesses including Artemis/ Astarte/Ishtar who, believe it or not, believed in the confusion of the sexes even doing transition surgery. Look it up. Check out Rabbi Jonathon Cahn on YouTube

  7. Howard, as I have commented before, the human body has chromosomes to differentiate male & female. Yes, there are variances, but females have 2, X chromosomes & males have 1, X and 1, Y. When a body is lying on a slab in the morgue in such a state of deterioration, if the coroner needs to check for the sex, that is what they look for. At least that is my understanding!

  8. Yes, we ARE at war with wokism and I think the Liberal Wokes are waking up to THAT fact. More and More people are standing up for themselves, others and American values – the wokeness pendulum has swung so much past and into the stupidity and ridiculousness of idiocy that it’s FINALLY awakened the masses to fight back. And, like you point out – men are men and women are women. Jobs should ALWAYS be based on MERIT! NOT Gender or Color of the Skin -otherwise, it’s very insulting to both sexes.

  9. As more idiot Judges make the call for Transgender folks to compete against actual Women it will be more difficult to stop the problem. I for one think these folks are confused or are perverts looking to get into Women’s locker rooms and showers. They should be jailed for this, period. If , like in prisons, a Trans Male has sex with a female and impregnates her, he should be neutered or be neutered before he is placed in a Women’s Facility. I like Strong, Intelligent Women.

  10. The whole purpose of wokeism is to reduce the population. It all started with Margaret Sanger and her theories on eugenics. She then taught them to Hitler and his Nazi cohort. Instead of killing babies and people, they are now seeking to neuter a generation by terming it as gender-affirming care. This is one way to both destroy western Judeo-Christian culture and reduce future population. Things haven’t changed in 80 years.

  11. Wow!!! I LOVE THIS EDITORIAL!!!! Spot on. Women are women and men are men PERIOD!!!!! And people should be hired for their abilities and not their sex!! That’s why the country is in such a mess. Thanks, Howard, for always saying the truth!!!

  12. Howard, loved the editorial, spot on, and totally agree, women are women and men are men, period! Thank you for always saying it as it is!

  13. Right on Howard. I have a very small audience to whom I preach the same story as you0 Preach on brother.

  14. I adore and respect strong, feminine, CONSERVATIVE women. Their “accoutrements,” as you describe them, are the cherry on the sundae. Leftist morons like the insufferable twit Whoopi Goldberg are an embarrassment and an insult to humanity regardless of gender.

  15. Excellent. I can’t add anything to your remarks.

  16. I hope the A-wokers finally A-wake and just understand the difference and great feeling of pride of being either male or female and know the satisfaction in this feeling

  17. Those of us who follow you already knew this, but thanks for making it plain and simple for the obtuse and the thick-headed. Excellent points pounded home in this post!

  18. All they’re doing is pretending to be women. If you have to pretend you’re something, you aren’t! If you’re an adult (in age, anyway), you have no business pretending to be anyone but yourself! If you want to dress yourself up as something or someone else, please do that in the privacy of your own home. No one else wants to see that kind of a spectacle.

  19. Howard you are so right again. Thank God you can read our thoughts! We are stronger in numbers.

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