Nothing Beats Knowledge By Experience


This Long Editorial Leads To A Definite Socio/Political Conclusion At The End.

In Case You Don’t Want To Read The Whole Thing Because It’s Really Long  – Here’s the Crux of the Editorial. If You Want To Be Safe? . . . Don’t Bet Or Depend On Pansies.


I Understand Why 5-Black Cops & Their EMT Accomplices . . . Viciously Beat & Didn’t Provide Immediate First Aid to an Innocent Black Man (Tyre Nichols), Who Died as a Result of his Beat-Down.

This Editorial Is In No Way An Excuse For The Violent Murder They Caused.

As I Wrote In A Previous Editorial, the People (Cops) who were Responsible for the Murder of Tyre Nichols Need to be Held to Account in the Most Significant Way Possible . . . In As Few Words As Necessary . . . They Are Murderers.

But Understand This . . . The Black Race Baiters, the Black & White Politicians & Media who are Politicizing this Horror for their Own Ugly Purposes, are in their Own Way just as Vile & Contemptable . . . As The 5-Murderers Of Tyre Nichols.


Years Ago, Going Back To The 1960’s & 1970’s In Montreal Quebec, there was a Police Officer by the Name of Albert Lisacek, who was Huge, Bald (Shaven Head) & Fearsome. The Television Series Kojak Was Actually Patterned After Lisacek.

Lisacek was a Member of an Elite Quebec Provincial Police Force, which was Created to Go After the Worst of the Worst Criminals & Gangs in the Province, but Specifically in & Around Greater Montreal.

Lisacek was so Fearsome, and so Independent, that even His Own Police Comrades & Higher-Ups Knew Better than to Get in His Way or to Cross Him.

To The Best Of My Knowledge, Lisacek was so Hated, that he was Probably the Only Cop I’m Aware of in all of Canada, who had a Bounty on his Head from the Criminal World & Dirty Cops, to the Point, that the Only Person Lisacek Trusted in the World to Cover His Back, was His Wife, who Generally Walked Several Paces Behind Him Carrying a Gun for Lisacek’s Protection.

Try To Imagine This Picture . . .

6-Foot Plus Albert Lisacek . . . Would Walk into a Crowded Bar Generally Frequented by Really Bad Actors, with Lisacek Wearing his Classic Oversized Trench Coat, which Typically Hid his “Chicago Typewriter” (Thompson Machine Gun), and from the Entrance of the Bar, Lisacek Would Bellow-Out His Own Name.

With that, the Bar would Go Silent, with the Patrons Praying that Lisacek Wasn’t there Looking for them. And when Lisacek Found the Culprit He was After, one Small Gesture with Lisacek’s Finger Pointing at His Target, was More than Enough for a Peaceful Arrest, Because Whomever Knew Of The Legendary Lisacek, Knew that Resisting Lisacek, would End Very Badly for the Criminal, Generally Ending-Up In A Hospital Bed.


Let Me Put-It This Way . . . Lisacek was Part of One of the Ugliest & Most Violent Elite Police Groups in the Province, Known for their Extreme Disregard for the Rights of Criminals.

And When Real Dirty-Work Had To Be Done, That Dirty Work Was Left To Lisacek.

Even When the Quebec Separatist (FLQ) Terrorists Kidnapped a British Diplomat in Montreal & Murdered a Quebec Cabinet Minister . . . Guess Who Was Sent-In To Deliver Justice To The Quebec Terrorists?

Several Years After Lisacek Retired . . . I was Finishing-Up the Day in the Newspaper where I Worked, and Low & Behold, In Walked The Legend Himself. He Looked-At-Me & Asked . . . “Are You Galganov”? – which was Even Before I was Newsworthy.

It Turned-Out that Lisacek Knew Some People who Knew Me, and was a Fan of Mine, Even Before I had Fans. Lisacek Dropped by the Newsroom Looking to Give-Me His Autographed “Wanted Posters” of the Thugs He had Arrested Over the Years, Including the Quebec Terrorists & the Infamous Santa Clause Killer, who Lisacek Reportedly Laid to Rest.

I Remember Being So Excited To Meet The Legend, That I Rushed Home To Tell Anne.

Because Lisacek Was Such A Brutal & Violent Man, When it Came to Dealing with Heartless Thugs, the Thugs were so Terrified of Lisacek, With Reason, that Good People were Safe Wherever Lisacek & His Special Squad of Police Brutes Had a Presence.


Anne & I Married On A Tuesday, May 1, 1973 . . . And at Our Wedding was a Friend (Marilyn) of Anne’s, who Anne Had Not Seen in Many Years since High School, who Had Moved to New York City. And With Marilyn, was a Man in his Mid-Twenties who had a Scroungy Beard who Stood about 5-Foot-7.

His Name Was Ralph Freidman.

Marilyn & Ralph who were Seeing Each Other, Made the Trip From New York City to Montreal just to be at Anne’s Wedding. To Marilyn . . . I was Inconsequential, since she Didn’t Even Know my Name.

And Besides Me Thanking Marilyn & Ralph for Coming to Our Wedding, Neither of Whom I Knew & would Probably Never Meet Again . . . Was The Most I Spoke To Them At Our Wedding.

One thing Though About Ralph that Caught my Attention, was his Handshake, Not that Ralph Squeezed Hard, but it Felt like I was Shaking Hands with a Steel Vise.

Anne & I Didn’t Have Any Money After Our Wedding, since we Paid for the Entire Shebang (150-People, 5-Course Meal, Open Bar, Live Band, Disco & Sweet Table) by Ourselves, Nonetheless, We Decided at the Last Minute to Go to New York City for a Week, for an Inexpensive Honeymoon, Since Anne Had Never Been There, and Marilyn & Ralph were the Inspiration.

And Lo & Behold, While Stopped at a Gas & Food Location on the New York Thruway, Guess Who We Met? . . . You Got It . . . Marilyn & Ralph Recognized us Before we Noticed them. So we Sat Together & Chatted, Asking Normal Type of Questions of Each Other, Such As Where Exactly To Do Live In New York & What Do You Do For A Living?

I Fully Expected Ralph, Who was a Jewish Guy from the Brooklyn or the Bronx, who was Relatively Shy & Soft Spoken, who had the Unkempt Beard and the Small Stature, to Tell Me that he was a Bookkeeper or Something like that. But That’s Not What He Said.

Ralph Started To Spin This Incredible Yarn . . . About Being an Elite Police Officer in the New York City Anti-Crime Squad, who was Routinely Involved with Vicious Street Fights & Shootouts, Very Often Being Caught in the Crossfire Between Cops & Thugs.

I Didn’t Believe Him . . . And I Asked How He Was Able To Take Time To Come To Our Wedding?

Because Of His Job, He Told Me . . . He was Given Several Weeks of Paid Leave to Recover from Two Relatively Recent Events, which Freed Him & Marilyn to Come to Our Wedding.

He then Went-On to Tell Us How His Partner was Just Gunned-Down (Murdered) as they Crashed through a Doorway. And Just Before that, How Ralph was Forced to Kill (Shot In The Head) A 12-Year Old Kid . . . who was Pounding Ralph in the Head with a Tire-Iron, as Blood was Gushing into Ralph’s Eyes, while Ralph was Fighting for his Life to Arrest the Kid’s Father.

Perhaps Inadvertently, Ralph Portrayed Himself As A Hollywood Image Of Serpico.

My Thought was that Ralph was a Great Story-Teller . . . Who Was Also A Bullshit Artist, Especially After Ralph Made a Point of Telling Me how he Felt Naked by Not Carrying His Several Guns.

But Nonetheless . . . Anne & I Had Agreed to Meet Ralph at his Apartment, where we would Follow Ralph & Marilyn to a Favorite Greasy Spoon, which was Owned & Operated by Retired Cops, and Frequented Mostly by Retired, Off-Duty & Active Cops, which Also Included Another of Ralph’s Stories, at How One of the Huge Plate Glass Windows was Just Shot-Out, as a Couple of Stupid Criminals Tried to Rob the Restaurant at Gun-Point.

According To Ralph . . . All the Police Patrons (Diners) just Sat there Watching the Robbery Happen, Until the Two Robbers Jogged out of the Restaurant, which was When Dozens of Cops Drew their Weapons & Unleashed a Barrage of Bullets at the Robbers through the Plate Glass Window.

If There Was An Un-Insulting Way For Me To Beg-Off Supper With Ralph & Marilyn, I would Have Taken-It, but Anne was Happy to Reconnect with Her Friend Marilyn, so I Held my Tongue & Followed Ralph & Marilyn to Ralph’s Apartment.

Once At Ralph’s Apartment, Even Before Going-Inside, Ralph Apologized, that he was Going to Take a Shower, and would we Mind just Making Ourselves Comfortable in His Apartment for a Few Minutes During the Interim?


Beside The Bathroom, there was a Bedroom which we Didn’t See, but as for a Living Room, there was a Sofa, a Television Set and a Full Weight Room, a Speed-Bag and a Heavy Bag, which was the Last thing you would Ever Expect to See in Anyone’s Apartment.

On The Mostly Spartan Walls In The Apartment, there was a Rather Large Number of Framed Newspaper Articles, Citations & Awards, for all the Things Ralph had Said that He and his Squad had Done, Including the Obituary of His Recently Deceased Partner, And The Shooting Death Of The 12-Year-Old With The Tire Iron.

When Ralph Came-Out Of The Shower, He Gunned-Up. One Gun on His Waist, One Gun on a Back Holster, and the Third Gun on His Ankle Holster. Ralphed Explained to Me, that on His Squad, as Long as He was in New York City, He was Required to be Gunned-Up 24/7, because Technically – He Was On Active Duty 24/7.

When we Arrived at the Cop Owned Greasy Spoon, we Actually Sat Beside the Obviously Brand-New Massive Plate Glass Window that was Recently Shot-Out.

Ralph Explained To Us, that his Special Squad was Formed to Catch & Stop Crime in Process, by Delivering as Harsh a Response to the Criminals Imaginable, because, at that Time, Much like it’s Progressing Today, New York City was Perhaps the Most Violent Big City in the World.

And if Extremely Hard Men Weren’t Prepared to Get their Hands Really Dirty in the Process of Policing, there was No Other Alternative . . . For Law & Order To Exist For The Safety Of The Public.

They Were The Guardians At The Gate.


A Number Of Years Ago, I Became Very Close to a High Ranking Member of the Montreal Police Force who Recently Passed Away, who was Extremely High on the Police Pecking-Order, Who Was Also Something Of A Police Legend In His Own Right.

His Name Was Michel LeCompte, who Grew-Up on the Toughest Streets of Montreal, where, as a Young Man, Michel was Destined to be Dead (Murdered) Before He Married, Join a Gang or Spend Most of His Life Inside & Outside of Prison . . . Or Become a Priest, A Cop or Move Away.

Michel Became A Cop.

He Was Easily 6’2” . . . Was a Multi-Dan Black Belt in Karate . . . and Assumed the Most Dangerous & Violent Assignments in Police-Work, Including Taking-On the Hell’s Angels, who in that Time were the Most Vicious Criminal Element In & Around Montreal.

Before Becoming An Extremely Active Senior Officer In The Montreal Police Force, which Included Several Important Tasks, such as Cop Discipline Review, Special Security Around Montreal’s International Airport & Strategic Planning, Michel Was One of those Cops like Ralph Friedman & Albert Lisacek . . . Who You Didn’t Want To Get On His Wrong-Side, And Stayed As Far Away As Possible From Where Michel Was Policing.


Wherever You Want Trouble, Fear & Violence . . . Defund & Defang the Police. And I Can Guarantee that Trouble, Fear & Violence will Follow.

Conversely . . . If You Want To Feel Safe & Be Safe – Surround your Community with the Toughest & Most Brutal Cops Imaginable to the Bad Guys, And I Can all but Guarantee that the Bad Guys will Stay Away.

That Was The Purpose Of The Memphis City Scorpion Police Squad, of Which Five Members Murdered Tyre Nichols.

Three Things . . .

Memphis, Like so Many LEFTIST Cities which Defunded & Defanged their Police, Created a Situation, where good Guys Don’t Want to Stay on the Force, just as Good Guys Don’t Want to Join the Force, Which Leaves Mostly The Dregs Of Society From Which To Choose.

The Second Rationale . . . was that the Criminal Justice System Has Morphed throughout LEFTIST Cities, to be More In-Tune with the “Rights” of Criminals than with the Protection of the Victims, as is the Case with Memphis Tennessee, with Democrat Mayor Jim Strickland.

The Third Rationale . . . was that by Piecing Together a Unit that would Deliver Harsh Justice to the Bad Guys, it would Send a Message for the Bad Guys to Stay Away. The Problem with that, was that in this Circumstance, the Cops were in themselves Thugs who Blemished the Entire Police Community, because the LEFT Defunded & De-Fanged the Police . . . Leaving Thugs To Choose From.

In Our World . . . It Really Is Black & White Between Good & Evil. There are Good Guys and there are Bad Guys. There Have Always Been Bad Guys and there Always Will be Bad Guys . . . And there will Always be the Need for Hard Men to Do the Ugly Things Necessary to Protect us, that we Don’t Want to See. But Like It Or Not – That’s The Way It Is.

We Need Them Like We Need Rain.

I’ve Known Lots Of Cops In My Life . . . And all the One’s I’ve Known Have Been Real Tough Guys, who Were Always Able to Distinguish who Needed a Hard Hand and who Needed a Helping Hand, Including The Three Cops I Described In This Editorial.


Our Countries Are In Very Serious Trouble . . . Because the Bad Guys Creating Mayhem are Politicians, Bureaucrats, Academics, Elitist Global Captains of Industry & the Media, Which are the People in Whom we Place our Trust to Protect Us & Our Rights.


We Don’t Need Pansies, Nice Guys & Politically Acceptable Leaders – We Need Ruthless Street Fighters who Understand One Thing . . . Beat The Crap Out Of Them & Drive Them Back Under Their Rocks . . . From Where They’ve Come, Before they Fully Destroy Everything we Cherish.

I Really Like Ron DeSantis As The Governor Of Florida. And One Day, Ron DeSantis will Probably Make a Great President. But Today – That Isn’t Necessarily Where Ron DeSantis Needs to be . . . But It Is Where Donald Trump Needs To Be.

Trump Has Proven Beyond Any Shadow Of Doubt, even to the Current Republican Trump-Haters, who are Quick to Say I Loved What Trump Did while He was President, But Today, they Call Him Vile Names, as if they are Reading from the Democrat Talking-Point Playbook.

That Said . . .  Donald Trump Does Not Take a Knee, Does Not Ask for Mercy, Does Not Try to Explain Himself, Does Not Change his Tune . . . And Comes Straight At The People Who Are In The Way.

If We Are Going To Get Into A Fight – I Want the Toughest & Meanest Son of A Bitch Leading the Way Against our Enemies, Who Will Certainly Take No Prisoners, Ask For No Quarter, And Will Steam Roll Over The Bad Guys To Protect All Others.

I Want General Patton Who Reportedly Said To His Troops . . . “I Don’t Want You To Die For Your Country. I Want You To Make Sure The Other Son-Of-A-Bitch Dies For His”.


Many Real Conservatives Are Saying The Same Thing – The Next Election Might Be America’s Last.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard. Thank You for this very enriching editorial, that hopefully gets people’s heads out of their asses. Of course, you are right about Trump. He shows no quarter and takes no survivors, and the world knew he meant business. I am a retired Southern Calif cop. Retired in 1979. My crew were known as Morehead’s Marauders. We took care of business. Our motto was the same. Show no Quarter, Take no Survivors. And we did just that. It must get back to that again or we will not survive.

  2. Mr. Galganov, thank you for another very interesting, amazing column getting right to the heart of things.You hit the bullseye. I admire your courage in spotlighting these truths. I’m with you that nothing beats experience. Pres Trump has all the requisites and he’s the guy we want to lead us out of this morass brought to us by the current regime…he’s tough, unafraid and fits all your other colorful descriptives. We want that in the Leader of the Free World. I eagerly await your next colu

  3. For those who have soured on Trump, Senator Lindsey Graham(my favorite RINO who also has no children and therefore no real skin in the game)correctly stated that all the Republicans will be running on the same platform of Energy Independence, border protection, etc. But only one will deliver on those promises and that is Trump. He is what Putin, Xi, and Rocketman fear. Re DeSantis, if he continues on the same trajectory he will be the candidate for 2028. FLA still needs further” Dewokification

  4. There is a huge difference between good & evil. A cop who is evil & cruel is very different from the cop who wants to obey the laws of his city & expects others to also obey the laws. But a good cop also obeys the laws of decency & humanity.The 2 cops you described demanded respect & didn’t condone any other reaction. It really does not matter why the arrest or stop was made. Do not argue, be polite, treat the cop with respect & most cops react in kind.Teach people that & outcomes may change

  5. My late brother Ron from Winnipeg went to Yeshiva for 5 years in Montreal, back in the early fifties. My cousin Graham lived in Montreal. They both would tell me about the mean streets and the Duplessis government.

  6. Well. Mr. G… Certainly considerable food for deep thought! There will be NO room for RINOs. And the “Job” definitely will require one “tough Son of a Bitch” of a team! Maybe Trump & Pompeo? But Trumps uncalled-for shots at Desantis last Saturday were very worrying, no? Nikki HAS been disloyal, but Desantis has not! And it may be too soon for Desantis to abandon Florida… Yes, there are SO many concerns in a rapidly disintegrating America from this nasty Obama legacy. Can it even

  7. I have known many COPS, a few officers and a real nut job, all cops. They all have done their jobs and retired with a minimum of health issues or injuries. The Real Nut Job taught me how to shoot a hand gun, his son and I ran together. In the town where DON worked, the drag racers stayed out on 2 roads in the country, the bars had very few serious fights. DON was harsh, grab you if you were close to the problem and cuffed you, WHY, Control, demand respect, scare the fools away, he had many award

  8. Bullseye!! Exactly right. We need men who will do what needs to be done but with integrity.

  9. Only issue I’ve ever had is Trump’s arrogance; his self-praise gets old. The only time I’ve not heard him do that was in his hour-long speech at the New Hampshire Rep State Convention. I was shocked, pleasantly surprised. I was hoping perhaps he’d decided to tone it down, but it didn’t last. Other than that, he is exactly what this country needs. DeSantis-2028. As for the Tenn incident, I watched videos & it was appalling, 5 on 1 & brutalized the young man. Sickening & all for a traffic sto

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