How To Beat Them At Their Own Game


They Stabbed Their Own Party & The American People Squarely In The Back.

In Alphabetical Order . . . Here are the Republican Senators Who Voted to Further Support the Destruction of the American Dream on the Altar of Greed, Power & Socialism . . .

Roy Blunt, John Boozman, Shelley Moore Capito, Susan Collins, John Cornyn, Tom Cotton, Lindsey Graham, Jim Inhofe, Mitch McConnell, Jerry Moran, Lisa Murkowski, Robert Portman, Mitt Romney, Mike Rounds, Richard Shelby, John Thune, Roger Wicker & Todd Young.

Also In Alphabetical Order . . . Here’s a List of the Republican House Members Who Equally Voted to Further Bury America in Pork & Unsustainable Debt . . .

Fred Upton, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinsinger, Chris Jacobs, Brian Fitzpatrick, Jaimie Herrera Butler & Steve Womack.

Not All The Aforementioned Will Be Running Again In 2024 . . . But for the Politicians Who Will Run Again – They Must be Primaried to the Hilt, Because if any Conservative Elector would Vote for any of these Conservative Pretenders, His or Her Vote would be for a Purveyor of the Dissolution of the American Dream.

If you Vote for One of these Harbingers of Treachery . . . You Might As Well Vote For An Elitist/Communist/One World Order Democrat.

The Time To Start The Primary Process Isn’t 6-12 Months Before An Election – The Time Is Now!

McConnell and his “Republican” Senate Acolytes, Who Along with House Republicans to Render the New Congressional House Irrelevant for the Next Full Year, Starting In The First Week Of January 2023 . . . Are Traitors Of The Worst Kind.

Whatever Excuse they Give for Voting to Tie the Hands of the New House Behind their Backs . . . By Passing This Horrific $1.7-Trillion Dollar Spending Extravaganza – Is Nothing But a Copout for the Desecration they Put Forward Onto the People who Elected Them.

I Realize That Conservatives Don’t Have A Hold On The Mainstream Media . . . Nor Do Conservatives Have a Hold on the Social-Media, But we are Not Without Resources. Nor are we Without the Ability to Communicate & Fight Back to Make the Difference that Has to be Made in the United States of America or Canada.


We Don’t Have A Tenth Amendment In Canada – But Our Premiers Aren’t Without Power.

Let Me Start With This . . . Top Notch Conservative Governors Need To Stay Where They Are, because, if a Governor like Ron DeSantis was to Run for the White House there is No Guarantee that DeSantis or Someone Like DeSantis would even Win, and there is No Guarantee that Whomever Runs to Replace the Governor of Florida Would be as Conservative as Ron DeSantis or would Even be a Republican.

Get Your Head Straight – If A Freak Like John Fetterman Can Win – So Can Any Other Democrat

Start The Campaign Today – Primary-Out all the Republicans who Voted for the $1.7-Trillion Dollar Boondoggle, which was Designed to Weaken America & Move the Constitutional Republic of America . . . Further Towards The One World Government.

Start The Campaign Today To Expose The Republican Traitors – And Even if you Can’t Get them Primaried-Out, Vote for an Independent Candidate in 2024, even if it Means Letting a Democrat/Liberal Win. I Would Rather Face The Enemy I Know . . . Than The Enemy (Poisonous Snake) From Within.

Take A Page Out Of the Playbook Of The Piece Of Human Excrement Maxine Waters.


They Lied & Cheated . . . And They Hurt Your Country & Screwed Your Progeny.

Wherever Any Of These Treacherous Bastards Show-Up . . . You Should Organize to Show-Up-As Well . . . And Boo the Crap out of all these Pieces of Crud, and you Don’t Have to be all that Polite or Pleasant while Doing It. Flood their Offices (Emails, Texts & Postal Letters) with Non-Stop Consternation.

And Picket Them At Their District & Home Senate Offices.


Write Letters to the Editor, Write On-Line Opinion Pieces, Call all the Radio Talk Shows, Especially Conservative Talk Shows & Rally the “Troops”. Pick a Conservative Candidate & Start the Support Now . . . To Establish A Primary Alternative.

The Damage These Scum Did Was Neither Small Nor Insignificant.


They Are Doing Everything Under the Sun, from the Justice Department, Homeland Security, the State Department, the FBI, IRS and even the CIA in Violation of their Legal Commitment NOT to Participate in Domestic Affairs . . . To Destroy The Man They Fear The Most.


If You’re Not Smart Enough To Understand Why The Deep State Hates Trump The Way They Do . . . You’re on the Wrong Side of the Real Debate & Fight for Freedom.

Screw Trump’s Tweets . . . Forget Trump’s Big Ego – Just Remember Who’s Standing Like The Rock of Gibraltar . . . Guarding the Passage of Freedom from the Interlopers Into the United States of America & Throughout the World.


Just Remember Who’s Taken All The Dirty Blows Thrown At Him From The American & Global LEFT? . . . Who Else Has Stood Like a Sentinel Against Traitors Like Mitch McConnell and the Never Trumpers, Who’ve Made a Career for Generations of Lying to the People. . . For Them – The Insiders – To Be In Power . . . To Lord-Over You, As If You’re Their Peons?

Patriots Some 250-Years Ago Quenched American Soil With Their Blood . . . to Guarantee that America would NEVER Become the Country that America is Heading Towards. And if You Can’t See That . . . What Makes You Any Better Than The Fools Of Old Who Also Stood In Opposition To The Patriots?

If You Think Ron DeSantis Is The Silver Bullet – Think Again. They’ll Tear Him Up & Spit Him Out.

And If You Think-Not . . . You Better Remember that it will be the Same Deep State, the Same Traitors in the Republican Party, the Same Media – Legacy & Social with the Possibility that Twitter will Become & Remain More Honest, Balanced & Conservatively Neutral. But Essentially – The Rest Will Be The Same Enemies From Within.

And By The Time 2024 Rolls Around . . . the Deep State will be that Much More Ensconced and that Much Closer to their Final Goal of Moving America and the Whole World Towards their One World Elitist Communist Objective.

If You Want To Beat Them – Stick with the Guy Who Has Already Made America Great In-Spite of the Headwinds Put Before him by the RINOS and the DEEP STATE.

Stick with the Guy who Never Left the People.

Stick with the Guy who Doesn’t Pretend to be Who & What He is Not.

And Stick with the Guy Who Says What He Means & Does What He Says.

You Want Your Country & Freedoms Back . . . Get into the Fight – Or Be Prepared or Take a Knee & Call it a Day – I Believe those are our Only Two Alternatives.

You Know Where I Stand . . . And I Won’t Take A Knee.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Tell me it AINT SO Howard – my highly thought of Tom Cotton just fell off the wagon and destroyed his brand.

  2. Yes, “Stick with the Guy who Doesn’t Pretend to be Who & What He is Not”, and that is TRUMP! It’s really Not a Secret that we live in & have become a Freak Society! What we thought were Halloween costumes at one time have become the Norm for some people. Plus, some people are changing their Genders as if it were an “outfit”! The Only Hope we have is to pray that the House will change “What They Can” to Make America Great Again! Wake Up, Republicans and Do Your Job! GO TRUMP GO! Amen!

  3. I sent an e-mail to Mike Rounds and there was no dear Sen and no Respectfully just the plain truth.As far as I know shameful,abomination,disgusting,reprehensible,vile are not swear words,but I probably have a red X next to my name now.

  4. I’m just a kid from the Bronx (Well Older Kid)I was 11 years old when I noticed after a summer vacation Bibles Were Removed,I sensed and noticed a shift. That said, the “moral” decay just got worse and Worse! Cutting to the quick I’m waiting for the acceptance of Bestiality! Don’t be so quick to write that off!Who would have ever thought we would see He/She’s & She/He’s? The Acceptance of Homosexuality as normal Remember the song “LoLa”?Any civilization that went that way, it did not Bo

  5. The list of names is, indeed, the people that must be removed from office. I will begin now to campaign against John Cornyn even though he is not up for election until 2028. With luck, the heat in the kitchen will be so hot that he will just bow out! Thanks for your continuing efforts for all of us.

  6. I thought Tom Cotton was part of the wave of the future. I guess that is not the case at all. He sold out to stay in good favor of the McConnellites or is one it seems. Very sad indeed. Tom Cotton hits the naughty list and needs to be replaced.

  7. I too was shocked to see Tom Cotton on the list. What was his reason for voting for that huge bill? My House rep didn’t vote for it; but VA’s 2 Dem senators did. Was disappointed that Murkowski got reelected. She, Collins, Romney & McConnell definitely need to GO. I agree on your assessment of DeSantis if he ran for WH &/or made it. He is so GOOD for FL as is Abbott for TX. They are state-strong, but not powerful enough for WH. Trump proved the need for steel in one’s veins for that position

  8. I am curious to know if you think it really matters WHO we vote for or even IF we vote. It is so totally corrupt and we know it, but nothing is changing and NO one is trying very hard to change it. Florida is the only state that I KNOW OF that had fair voting. I agree with everything you said though.

  9. If 80% of the population were not such idiots and dumb, there would be a 100% boycott of elections. Sheeples on purpose remain uninformed and blindly go voting for the one that makes the most noise. All present politicians elected in both Canada and the U.S.A. should be in jail for life. Only 20% of sheeples truly see the light but what can 20% do ???? If sheeples were not so dumb, it would have been a long time of everything you mention in every editorial would become true.

  10. I had already contacted the TX gop about Cornyn when he was part of that stupid gun legislation. He was so shocked when he was booed at the convention in Houston. I have contacted the RNC and told them as long as there are no leadership changes( including voting Rona McDaniel out) , I will not donate. I contacted congressman Chip Roy’s office and said I hope he will primary Cornyn. Fed up with this group of idiots. So disappointed with Tom Cotton. Diana Haas. Tomball , TX

  11. Letters are just a start to Washington. They are read by secretaries and destroyed. Power of the wallet is what will stop the liars. But folks like Soros, SBF, Bloomberg, throw millions at the Left that we cannot compete with. Get off our lazy butts and get on voting registration and counting teams. Fight the fraud in elections from the inside. Sending 5 or 20 to DJT campaign will help more if you can afford it. Be a voice not a listener in the crowd. Be ready for a fight it is our only hope.

  12. Like everyone else, I was stunned about Tom Cotton. Whenever he spoke on TV, he seemed to know what was best for the country. Susan Collins has never been a Repub. Lindsay Graham speaks so confidently on TV, but he is a real bad snake. What happens if you can’t even count on your so-called Conservatives? I’m disgusted with all of them. So many barbs still being thrown at Trump even by GOP’s he thought were behind him.

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