How Much Sympathy Should I Feel?


Before Shedding Tears For The Paul Pelosi Beat-Down – Let’s Look At Some Facts.

1 – Innocent People Throughout America, but Most Specifically in the Blue States & Cities . . . Are Getting Robbed, Beaten & Murdered Every Day, at the Hands of Thugs who are Drunks, Druggies, and or Criminally Insane, who After Arrests are Released Back into the Community . . . Whose Fault Is That?

Living On The Sidewalks, No Fee Bail, No Jail & Instant Release Is The Policy Of Pelosi’s Democrats.

2 – Pelosi Campaigned on the Mantra of Defunding the Police.

3 – California is a Sanctuary State. And San Francisco, which is the Home of the Pelosis is an Unsafe Shit-Hole City, which Welcomes Illegal Aliens, which is who the Pelosi Attacker – Purportedly . . . An Illegal Alien Of All Things Was From Canada.

4 – Nancy & Paul Pelosi Are Mega Rich, If Not Entirely Gained Mostly by Cheating the American People Through Insider Stock Trading, which to Everyone Who is Not a Member of Congress is a Jailable Offense . . . Just Ask Martha Stewart.

So How’s That Acceptable?

5 – Paul Pelosi was Caught Dead to Rights Driving Under the Influence (Drunk Or More), When Pelosi Hit Another Car Injuring the Other Driver, Lying to the Police & Using his Position as Nancy Pelosi’s Husband, Trying To Get-Off Scot-Free.

It’s Not Pelosi’s Concern That Regular Folk Live In Horror. It Only Matters When The Pelosis & Their Friends Are The Victims.


. . . When Congresswoman Maxine Waters & Others Encouraged All LEFTIST (Democrat) Acolytes to Get Into the Face of Conservatives Wherever they Were?

Do You Remember When High Profile Members Of The LEFT, Specifically People like Kamala Harris, Cheered-On the Thugs, Thieves, Rioters, Looters, Arsonists & Murderers, Who Also Destroyed Icons (Statues) of American History, as they Wounded (Injured) Thousands of Police Officers . . . During the LEFTIST Nationwide Riots of 2020?

It’s Interesting How The LEFT Didn’t Bitch When People Like Harris Bailed-Out The Rioting Thugs?

I Also Don’t Remember Tears Flowing For Congressional Republican Whip Steve Scalise, Who was Shot & Maimed by a Bernie Sander’s Supporter at a Congressional Republican Baseball Practice.

And Where Was The Outrage For The Attack On Rand Paul . . . Who was Blindsided in His Front Yard by a Democrat Neighbor, who Put Rand Paul in the Hospital with Critical Wounds?

I Remember the LEFTIST Media and the Daughter of Pelosi Laughing & Making Jokes About-It, Saying Things Like – GOOD, He Got What He Deserved.

And Where Was The Great Concern For Lee Zeldin, who was Personally Attacked by a Man Yielding a Deadly Close Contact Assault Weapon, While Zeldin Was Giving An Open-Air Campaign Speech? Or the Consternation from the Media, or from the Democrats, When there was a Gang-Bang Shoot-Out on the Actual Perimeter (Balcony) of Zeldin’s House, where the Zeldin Twins were Doing their Homework?

You Reap What You Sow . . . So How Much Sympathy For Paul Pelosi?


Kanye West – Or Ye As He Wants To Be Called . . . Is A Mentally Deranged-Man.

LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR . . . From Time to Time, I Watch Tucker Carlson, Because Carlson and his Staff Do Some Incredible Research & Interviews . . . And Aren’t Afraid to Say What Most of the Media Will Never Say – But That Doesn’t Mean Tucker Carlson Is Always Right, Or That I Always Agree With Carlson Or His Guests.

There Have Been Plenty of Times When Tucker Carlson has Been Inaccurate, Especially When Talking About Canada. But Not to the Point of Meriting Consternation from his Viewers. None Of Us Are Always Right.

I Saw The Two-Part Tucker Carlson/Ye Interview . . . And After Just a Few Moments of the Second Interview, I Changed Channels, since my Impression of Kanye West was that In-Spite of him (Ye) Being Interesting, I Also Saw Him As Being A Populist Wealthy Nut-Job.

I Don’t Recall At Any Point, when Ye (Kanye West) Made a Disparaging Comment About Jews on the Tucker Carlson Interview. Ye Just Rambled About Everything.

So I Saw The Interview With Ye . . . Does That Make Me, A Jewish Zionist, An Anti-Semite?

I Think Kanye West Is An Anti-Semite, Who uses his Mass Social Media Appeal to Disparage Many Things, Jews Included. But that Doesn’t Make People like President Trump, Tucker Carlson or even Candice Owens . . . Anti-Semites By Association.

I Have No Idea If Tucker Carlson Is An Anti-Semite Or Not . . . And I Have No Reason To Believe He Is, which Doesn’t Stop the Lunatics on the LEFT from Painting a Leading Conservative Voice (Tucker Carlson) with the Same Brush . . . As They Are Legitimately Painting Kanye (Ye) West.


We’re Done . . . RV’s Maintained, Packed, Hitched & Ready To Go. All We Need Do Now Is Go.

We’re Staying Overnights All The Way South At KOA RV Parks, which are Always Nice, Well Maintained & Generally Safe, Starting Monday Night at the KOA in Rochester New York, Where We’ve Stayed Before.

And Why Are We Waiting Until Monday To Get Going?

Remarkably . . . Most of the KOA Parks from Here to Florida are Sold-Out for the Months of Late October to Mid-November, As North Easterners Like Anne, Tavor & I Start The Long Journey South. And We’re in No Rush to Get to Florida, as We will Drive . . . On Average 250-Miles A Day, Bringing us to Reddick Florida, At The Beautiful Ocala North RV Resort On November 5, 2022.

I Will Try To Write While We Take Our Daily Breaks . . . But No Guarantees. And when we Finally Reach our Winter Destination, We will be Greeted by Friends & Family.

And For Anyone Interested . . . I’ve Agreed to Speak at a Conservative Gathering in Boynton Beach Near Boca Raton & Delray Beach . . . On March 2, 2023. I’ll Send More Contact Information as we Get Closer to the Event.


Trump Is Organizing A 5-Day Save America Tour Right-Up To The Day Of The Election (November 8, 2022). The New Firebrand Kari Lake is Endorsing Conservative Candidates by Video Across America . . . And Elon Musk Has Just Fully Taken-Over Twitter, which I Believe will be a Global Game-Changer . . . because I Believe Elon Musk, When Musk States (Paraphrased) . . . There Can Be No Freedom Without Freedom Of Expression.

On November 1, 2022 . . . I Hope To Be Celebrating A Netanyahu (Likud) Victory In Israel. And On November 8, 2022 . . . We’ll Celebrate The Comeback Of America.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. YAHOO!!!! I am 30 minutes from Boynton Beach!! Safe travels!!

  2. Spot on Howard. May Heavenly Father keep you safe during your travels. Don’t forget this week and a few days to come mark the 60th year since the “Cuban Crisis”, when we were almost at brink of nuclear war.

  3. I believe you meant Nov. 8th (election day) and not Mar. 8th. Just sayin’. Ron

    Already Corrected – Thank You – HG

  4. Safe travels. We are heading to Arizona for 5 months. Wishing for Republicans to win everything there on Nov 8.

  5. I believe you must have meant Nov 8, 2022 (when you said Mar 8, 2022) in your comments about Trump staying after it ….

    Already Corrected – Thank You – HG

  6. Safe travels and a speedy passage to the promised land.

  7. Howard maybe this was a test to go after Trudeau ” An Illegal Alien – Of All Things Was From Canada.” Rest and have a safe trip to you Anne and Travor.

  8. Howard,Anne,Trevor… welcome to the promised land greetings to all, you will see the RED landslide thank God !!!! I’m on the west coast and unable to see all that you have planned, sooooooooooooo WELCOME and ENJOY !!!

  9. Wishing you Anne and the furry kids safe travels. Shalom from the Holy Land where I’ll be till November 6th – hoping for a Bibi win (no waves or landslides here) on 11/1 and home to Florida on 11/6 in time to hopefully revel in a Red Wave demolishing Democrats and effectively ending the Biden administration. Travel safely and carefully.

  10. I am not without a conscience nor sympathy, I don’t wish/desire for anyone to suffer that. BUT I’m reminded of a Song by the Rolling Stones “Sympathy For The Devil” When it comes knocking on there own Door, Oh Boy, it’s a whole new story!

  11. Praying for your safe travels. Here in blue-state Oregon, I’m envious of your time to be spent in Florida!

  12. Howard, Anne if you are dryving through Myrtle Beach to Fl. would love to meet you both to buy you your meal if it br monring noon or evenin. of course will love to meet Tavor. If not on your way to Fl, feel free to stop by then , if not in your plans at all have a fun vacation be safe. Gods Speed.

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