This Is Election Season & The Putrid Reigns Heavy


But As Much As I Didn’t Want To Write Today, The Political Stakes Are So High, That I Can’t Imagine Not Writing.

Let Me Tell You How Important Real Information Is Here & Now . . . A Week Ago, Tavor was Having a Wonderful Run with Two other Boisterous German Shepherd Dogs, when the Two other Shepherd Dogs Ran Full-Bore Into my Inside Knee like a Battering-Ram.

The Pain Was So Intense . . . That I Buckled Under the Agony & Actually Felt Nauseous. Finally, after a Week of Icing the Knee, Wrapping it with an Elastic Type Knee-Brace and a Week of Sleepless Nights because of the Pain, I Relented to Anne, and Saw a Doctor Yesterday.

I Took X-Rays & Will Know The Results In A Few Days . . . I Don’t Think Anything Is Torn Or Broken.

I’m Not Telling You This Story To Gain Sympathy . . . I’m Telling You This Story, Because I am so Concerned over the Forthcoming Leadership Contest in Canada (Canadian Conservative Party), the American Primaries & the Ontario Provincial Election to be Held in Approximately Two-Weeks . . . June 2, 2022That Not Writing Isn’t An Option.

I Should Be Sitting With My Leg Stretched-Out & Elevated . . . But I Can’t Type & Really Manipulate the Computer that Efficiently from that Position. So in this Case, Because so Much and so Many of our Freedoms are On-The-LineNot Writing Over The Past Week Since This Incident With The German Shepherds Is (Was) A Non-Starter.

It’s Worth-It-To-Me . . . to Suffer Through the Pain to Reach as Large an Audience as I Can, Because Not Getting the Word Out to the Maximum Amount of People-Possible, Would be a Violation of the Trust, which Many Thousands of Readers Have Placed-In-Me Over the Years.


1 – On May 17, 2022 . . . Republican Pennsylvanians will Go to the Polls to Pick the Candidate they Want to Lead them into the November 2022 Senate Campaign.

I Won’t Knock Mehemet Oz Or David McCormick . . . But I Will Promote Kathy Barnette, who Stands for all the Principles I Support, and because I DETEST Politicians, their Handlers and their Media Supporters who Use Dirty Tricks, Lies, Half-Truths & Innuendoes to Demean, Defame and Demolish Good People who stand in their Way to Power.

The Idea That Oz, McCormick, Their Handlers & The Media . . . “Just Found-Out” About The “Dark Side” Of Kathy Barnette Is Bull-Shit. I Can Assure you that they Knew all about Kathy Barnette Long Before they Launched their Narrative Smear-Job.

If I Wouldn’t Have Supported Kathy Barnette Before . . . I Would Now!

2 – On June 2, 2022 . . . The Province of Ontario is Going to the Polls to Vote on a New Provincial Government. The Current Fake Conservative Party, which Presently Won the Last Ontario Provincial Election has Proven itself to be a Party of Lies.

Premier Doug Ford Won the Last Ontario Election Based on the Fact that he Campaigned as a True Conservative, Which Was (Is) 100% Untrue . . . Ford Is Nothing Close To Being a Conservative . . . as Ford Joined Forces with the Socialist One World Government Promoter Justin Trudeau, who Promoted Trudeau’s Lock Downs, Mandates, Emergencies Act (Suspension Of Civil Rights & Liberties) & Attacks on the Trucker Freedom Convoys.

I Will Be Supporting & Voting For The New Blue Party.

The New Blue Party is Already Being Represented at the Provincial Ontario Parliament by Belinda Karahalios, who in Every Provincial Parliamentary Session is Fighting Tooth & Nail for all the Important Freedoms & Values I Support.

The New Blue Party Might Not Win . . . But I’ll Be Damned If I Won’t Give Them The Chance –They’re Running In All 124 Ridings.

3 – And Then There’s The National Canadian Conservative Party Leadership Nomination.

Even Though the Conservative Party’s National Leadership Vote Won’t be Held Until September 10, 2022, which has Been Stretched-Out as Far into the Future as the Conservative Insiders Could, to Give a Chance for their Favorite Non-Conservative Insider Jean (John) Charest to Gain Some Momentum . . . Unless the World Drastically Changes in Canada – the Odds-On Favorite to Win the Party Leadership by as Much as Half of Canada’s Conservative Voters is . . . Pierre Poilievre.

We Can’t Take Anything For Granted . . . The Long Knives are Out & the Insiders will Do Whatever they Can to Lie, Demean, Rig & Steal Whatever Election they Can.

And That’s Why I’m Willing To Write In Discomfort & Why Your Informed Support & Votes Are Critical.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Sic semper tyrannis This is how I feel about our candidates. Unfortunately, the liberal media always forces the conservative candidates to step down or demonizes them for any foreseeable thing. However, liberals are held in spotlights despite bad governance and debutantes are espoused.

  2. Prompt recovery Howard !!!! I also know of pain, at 60 I already need a new hipbone on my right leg with mine having “0” zero cartilage left and it’s bone on bone and very painful. I also have Meralgia paresthetica (also known as lateral femoral cutaneous nerve entrapment) is a trapped nerve again affecting my right leg with constant pain in my thigh muscle and so far no prescribed medication including morphine has worked on my pain. Both conditions will require surgery with crazy covid delay

  3. Sean Hannity did a hit-job on Barnette that was as low a blow as you could posibly imagine. After many years as a faithful follower, I cut the Hannity cord. I’m sticking with Tucker, Laura, Steve, Mark, Dan, Brian and Jessee.

  4. Kathy Barnette knows about the WEF and ISN’T owned by it! Your info is priceless – many, many thanks for your research!! Who died and left the WEF in charge? Why does anyone listen to them? It looks to me (a wild guess) like they are the ones actually, and from a great distance, holding the demoncrats’ leashes using the idiots as weapons.

  5. I saw Pierre Poilievre speak in Brockville recently. I was impressed. He sounds like a real live conservative.

  6. Two patients go to see their doctors on the same day for the same ailment a bad hip. The first gets an exam and the doc takes him into another room and does an x-ray. Proclaiming the results that he needs a hip replacement. The surgery is in two weeks. The other is given a requisition for an x-ray that is done three days later. A week from then the doctor tells him that he needs a hip operation and sends him to a specialist Surgery happens a year later. The first patient is a dog.

  7. Political smear jobs are abound. We have a race in Idaho for Gov. and one candidate is being hammered as a racist, White Sup. supporter, and supporter of killing cops. She is backed by Trump. Go figure. The big lies are everywhere, she does not have the big money folks behind her. Little who caved to most of Biden’s Covid BS is putting her down. With all the smoke screens how is the average person able to find the truth. Media in general is smear job central.

  8. Hope your knee is well soon. It sounds a lot like a sprain rather than tear of any kind. Sprains can almost be worse when it comes to pain and healing. Either way, please know you have well wishes from your readers. Maybe your ‘runs’ with Tavor should be between the two of you and no doggie pals, just a suggestion. They can get raucous at times when playing together and that may carry over during runs.

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