The RINOS Are More Dangerous Than The Democrats


It Doesn’t Matter Who Says What During A Campaign. Assume They’re All Liars & Will Say Whatever – To Get Your Vote.


Anne & I Watched Dinesh DeSousa’s Movie The Other Night . . . 2000-Mules – And Came Away Unchanged.

When I Write . . . “We Came Away Unchanged” – I Mean that we were Already Convinced that the 2020 Election Results Were Rigged, and that the Presidential Election was Stolen from Donald Trump.

Anne & I Didn’t Need New Evidence to Assure us that the Only Way Biden was Hand Delivered the Presidency, was Because of Outlandish & Shameless Breaches of Electoral Law, to the Point that the LEFT Didn’t Even Try to Conceal their Corruption.

The Defense Of The LEFT Was Multiple-Fold . . . They Sold the Lie that the 2020 Election was the Most Honest & Fairest Election in American History. Why Would they Even Say Something like that . . . Unless They Knew The Opposite To Be True?

The LEFT Changed the Rules of the Election in Vulnerable Democrat Controlled States in the Middle of the Campaign. And In Spite of Brazen State Election Law Violations, the Courts Upheld the Changes Without Allowing Legal Contestation.

And Then There Were The RINOS . . . Those “Republicans” Who Were (Are) The Enemies Of Conservativism From Within.

The Issue Today Is Succinct . . . Dinesh DeSousa’s Movie – 2000-Mules will Have a Substantial Effect on the 2022 Election, which will Have a Seriously Positive Effect on the Outcome of the 2024 Election, in As-Much-As the Internet will Convey the Information of the Big Cheat, where the Mainstream Media & Pre-Musk Twitter will Not.

A Lot of People (LEFTISTS) will Choose Not to Watch 2000-Mules, And Amongst the LEFT who Will Watch, Many if Not Most will Convince themselves that What they’ve Watched was Contrived Conservative Propaganda . . . HOWEVER – More than Enough Independents & Blue Dog Democrats Will at Worst Start to Wonder & Ask Questions About the Veracity of the 2020 ElectionWhile Many Will Accept The Truth For What It Is (Was) . . . That The 2020 Election Was A Fraud.

There’s Nothing The Biden Administration Has Done In It’s First Year & A Half To Mitigate The Severity Of The Big Cheat.

The LEFT will Attempt to Use Every Lie & Dirty Trick they can Conjure from Now Until the November 2022 Midterm Elections, as we are Witnessing with the Attacks on Conservative US Supreme Court Judges . . . But – Knowing What We Know Today, which Goes Beyond Personal Opinion & Speculation, because of DeSousa’s Movie & Other Incontrovertible Aspects of Evidence of a Real Insurrection Against A Conservative Sitting President (Donald Trump), and Unbounded Bureaucratic Incompetence & Corruption . . . The LEFT Will Need A Shooting Revolution To Change The Inevitable Future Of The Political Demise That Awaits Them in November 2022.

Remarkably . . . The LEFT’S Most Potent Weapon With-Which to Deal with the Conservative Republicans who are Going to Swamp the 2022 Midterm Elections will be the Sell-Out (RINOS) Republicans, who Once in Power will Work as Always to Stymie the Progress of Conservative Values.

When JD Vance Calls-Out Karl Rove For His Duplicity As An Enemy Of Conservatives – Vance Knows From What He Speaks.

The Republican Party is Replete with “Uni-Party” Members who Lean as Much to the LEFT as they Can Get Away with In Spite of What they Say When they Campaign. Think About the Disastrous Past RINO Speakers of the House . . . John Boehner & Paul Ryan – Who Did all they Could to Abort the Conservative Agenda.

Think About John McCain, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney & Too Many Others To Mention.

The Only Way To Right The Sinking American Ship . . . Is to Vote the Known RINOS-Out, Don’t Vote the Would-Be RINOS-In . . . And Make as Certain as Possible to Keep any and all RINOS from Positions of Real Congressional Power, such as McConnell as the Senate Leader & McCarthy as the House Speaker.


I Read, Watch & Listen . . . NOT . . . to What the Candidates Say During the Election Cycle, but Rather . . . to What they’ve Done & Said Throughout their History . . . BEFORE . . . the Campaign Cycle.


If They’ve Been In Office Before The Campaign Cycle, I Want to Know How they’ve Debated, Where they’ve Stood on Issues, How they’ve Voted – And Who’s Stuffing them With Cash. How Beholden Are They To Lobbyists, PACS & Dark Money?

And Believe It Or Not . . . I Want To Know How Much Money They Had Before Becoming Political & How Much Afterwards.


OK – We all Know Who is Dr Oz; And Many of us Know who is David McCormick – Mostly Because of their High-Profile Media Personas and the Big Names Who’ve Endorsed them. But What About Kathy Barnette, Who at the Last Time I Looked – Was Just A Point And A Half Behind The Poll-Leading Dr Oz.

Kathy Barnette Seems Amongst The Media & Other Prominent Candidates – Is A Name Not To Be Mentioned.

After Reading, Reviewing & Researching the Personal History of Kathy Barnette, who Comes from the Most Incredibly Difficult Background Imaginable, who has Fought Against Incredible Odds to Succeed & who Has a Stalwart Conservative Record . . . If You Live In Pennsylvania – Think Hard If You’re Going To Vote In The Republican Primary.

When The LEFT & RINOS Go Low . . . They Can & Will Go Even Lower – Never Underestimate Them.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. We here in the USA need a list of the traitors and Rhinos who worked against Trump, other than the one’s you mentioned above. A list with with anyone and everyone who didn’t support Trump and at worst tried to take him down. I know I put a lot of faith in Trump and the MAGA Movement, but really, who else do we have. Thank God Trump got into this game and now maybe Musk. Just look at the LUNATICS out on the streets screaming about Roe v Wade. Those people are not normal in any way. WOW!!!!!

  2. After Nov’s mid-term GOP winners take office in Jan, hopefully there will be a Congressional investigation into the ‘proof’ of the 2000 Mules’ uncovered data. Hopefully Biden & all the administration will be ousted and the rightful winner will replace him. Wonder how his term would be figured & could he run in 2024? That is a conundrum, if what could happen, happens.

  3. Thank you, Howard, for acknowledging how dangerous the RINO’s are. I am so tired of receiving fund-raising mail from RINO’s….I ask myself (since I can’t talk to them personally):”What have you done to further the conservative agenda, stand up to Biden and Leftists/liberals? Why are you not doing something about the southern border? Why are you not calling out Biden on his constant lying? What are you actually DOING to further conservative values in this country? I could go on and on……

  4. Politician should be defined in the dictionary as a person who lies to gain Power. As most are Lawyers, they are trained liars or truth twisters. Term limits would help weed the bad ones out but there will always be a list of Power Hungary folks trying to gain office to control others. I believe the Left is working towards a Civil War with this Roe Vs Wade BS so Biden can declare Martial Law an stop the election in Nov. I believe abortion has been made too easy, but believe they are necessary.

  5. Abortion is the premeditated murder of an innocent human life for the sake of social convenience. Period. To maintain that this cruelest of all criminal acts is justified until the moment the child is born is an anti-life abomination. The opposite of pro-life is pro-death, not pro-choice. Like “gay” and “liberal” we must not surrender the language to the enemies of Western civilization. And yes, Kathy Barnette is worth a second look.

  6. Per Dr. Ben Carson –“If it’s not a human being, then why are you harvesting organs from it?” It’s often advised to FOLLOW THE MONEY! We all know that the PROGRESSIVES’ goals are to ENRICH themselves & to GAIN more POWER! There’s a lot of money to be made from SELLING those “baby organs”! Also, there are no longer any REPERCUSSIONS for committing CRIMES, so MURDERING babies is NO BIG DEAL for some people. God help us all when HE decides to “strike back”…and it WILL happen! GO TRUMP G

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