It’s All About Deceit

Like Crows . . . We’re Attracted To The Next Shiny Object:

Shooting For The Moon Takes Time. Building a Super-Computer Takes Time. Paddling Across the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean in a Canoe Takes Time. But Let me Tell You What Doesn’t Take Time, at Least Not Years in the Making of Time . . . Is The Honest Delivery Of Justice.

We Know – Incontrovertibly, that Hillary Clinton Lied About What Happened in Benghazi. We Know Without Doubt that Hillary Clinton Destroyed Subpoenaed Evidence in her Computer and on her Cellphone.

We Also Know that Hillary Clinton was Neck-Deep in the Russia Collusion Conspiracy to Frame a Candidate (Donald Trump) and to Unseat (Coup D’état) a Sitting President (Donald Trump).

And We Know That Hillary Clinton Abused, Cheated & Lied About Her Use Of The “Charitable” Clinton Foundation Money.

I’m Rehashing these Truths to Make the Point that there will be No Justice for the Greatest Political Crimes that Have Ever Been Perpetrated Upon the Election & Governing Process of the United States of America.


Nothing Should Take As Long As The Durham Investigation & No One Of Consequence Will Be Punished.

But We’re All Going To Get A Great Show, Because we all Want to Believe that Real Justice will be Served to those who Have Been & Still are Guilty of Criminal Activities in Government . . . So The Curtain Rises & The Show Begins.


In This Case, the Justice Denied is the Justice which is Denied to the People Who Deserve to See the Villains Within our Society Punished for their Despicable Crimes to the Very Fabric of our Freedoms.

The Clintons and the People who are Just as Guilty as the Clintons will Never Really be Brought to Justice. Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and the Entire Biden Crime Family will Never Really be Brought to Justice, Neither will the Traitorous Leaders & Members of the FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, Justice Department – Etc . . . will be Brought to Justice for their Political/Bureaucratic Malfeasance.

It’s All A Show . . . It’s Smoke & Mirrors To Lead Us To Believe There Is Justice, Where There Really Isn’t.

If There Was Justice Indeed . . . there Would be Thousands of Political & Bureaucratic Malfeasants Behind Bars, Many of Whom Deserve to be Behind Bars for Life for their Horrific Crimes Against the People in Violation of their Oaths of Office.

Why is it that Several Hundred Americans Could be Rounded-Up Literally Overnight & Jailed Without Being Specifically Charged, Many of Whom Have Been Denied Proper Legal Representation with Many Others Being Held in Solitary Confinement for More than a Year . . . Virtually All Of Whom Have Done Nothing More Threatening Than Either Trespassing Or Being In The Wrong Place At The Wong Time At The US Capital Building On January 6, 2021?

But Not Just Americans . . . How About Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau, who SUSPENDED Canada’s Civil Rights & Liberties Because of a Legitimate Truckers’ Demonstration for Freedom for the Canadian People, which Highlighted Trudeau’s Heinous Misuse of Government Power, because Trudeau Didn’t Like the Message of the Truckers?

Where Will The Justice Be For The Truckers & The Penalty For The Government Transgressors (Trudeau)?


More Than 400-Years Ago . . . William Shakespeare Wrote “As You Like It”, Which Describes Us Today More Than 400 Years Later.

We Liked To Be Entertained Throughout Recorded History, from the Time of the Greeks and the Romans Thousands of Years Before . . . to the Time of William Shakespeare to Today . . . As We Yearn To Believe.


We Might Think the World has Changed and that we are More Sophisticated Today than the People were in the Past, But We’re Not. If we were More Erudite Now than the People were Before, we Wouldn’t be Stooges for our Politicians, Bureaucrats & Trend Setters . . . And we Wouldn’t Become Fixated on the Next Shiny Trinket like the Obscene Trial Between the Deplorable Johnny Depp & Depp’s Equally Deplorable Ex-Wife Amber Heard.

We Wouldn’t Be Fixated On The Fat Ass Of Kim Kardashian As If There Was Value In What She Thinks, Says Or Does.

Our Politicians Haven’t Discovered Anything New, which Hasn’t Been Known to People like them Throughout the Ages, that Most People are Gullible & Crave to be Entertained & Determined to Believe.

And with the Relatively New Media of Radio & Television (Only A Century Of Dissemination) and the Brand New Media of the Internet, Satisfying the Lust of the People for Entertainment has Led to the News Media Morphing into the Realm of Theater to Become the Propaganda Arm of Government.

Legacy Media, Social-Media, Television, Radio, The Stage & Hollywood Are The Tools (Medium) Of Government.

Only Decades Ago (1964) . . . Professor Marshall McLuhan Wrote – “The Medium Is The Message”, which Argued that the Message Carried by the Medium was Not Nearly as Important as the Vehicle(s) which Carried the Message(s) Controlled by Whom, which Makes the Acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk all that Much More Important.

As Shakespeare Wrote . . . “All The World’s A Stage & All The Men & Women Merely Players”. The Real Questions Are . . . Who Gets to Write the Script & Who Gets to Be the Director?

We Already Know Who The Disseminators Are Of Our Modern Play.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This could NOT have been better said… Alas, to what better end? Kabuki theater you say? Nah! More like a bad propaganda flick on Netflix… Quo vadis? nowhere much good. AEN

  2. Great article, been telling people the same story for years. They play out the games, just long enough that the peasantry gets bored and need to move on to the next false flag. Thanks Howard.

  3. These are the words of Kohelet, son of David, king in Jerusalem: Futility of futilities..says Kohelet…futility of futilities…ALL is Futile! …. Whatever has been is what will be, and whatever has been done is what will be done, there is nothing new beneath the sun.

  4. There is a brilliant statement I once read somewhere – “If they’ve got you asking the wrong questions. They don’t care about the answers.” So long as people are led in the wrong directions with misinformation and lies, then no one on top really cares if those are the topics of importance to the people. Let them debate useless garbage like about the environment or whatever else, while our world is being turned into a single totalitarian state.

  5. Ricky Gervais Oscars speech 2020 says it all. So much truth in what he said about the Hollywood elite and social media. Kabuki theater for sure. Well done Howard.

  6. Great article HG, but I hate to read over and over again about the elite who are getting off free from all of their crimes. I feel for those folks who have been held in jail since Jan. 6. They should sue the pants off the justice dept. I hate to think what will happen after Nov. elections when we get more red positions. Dems are already dreaming up ways to stop it all happening. God be with us.

  7. JUSTICE? How can you expect Justice when a recently Appointed Judge could not define a female…………..and If I’m not mistaken..She is one.

  8. Excellent and poignant editorial. Until We The People STAND UP to them and fight for justice and freedom, the despicable situation in DC and beyond will continue, and grow worse. Those of whom you speak are part of The Club and they protect each other. hen GOP takes over I pray a large number of new reps will be Constitutional conservatives and DEMAND justice to those who have cheated and lied for self benefit. No more voting machines; In Person & Photo ID required.

  9. Reference the BIBLE—There truly is nothing new under the sun–Put your faith in GOD-not man! He runs the show and all we do is watch it happen!

  10. Hey Howard. Welcome back from the left coast. Locally, Ottawa is preparing to welcome the Rolling Thunder bike rally with expected 500 to 1000 participants this coming weekend to honour our veterans. Despite months of preparation, the Ottawa Police Service has announced that the downtown is off limits to all vehicles. No parade to the War Memorial. It’s so nice to see Canada’s Capitol City in full cringe and cower mode yet again.

  11. Many years ago, I saw a scientist do a demonstration. He exposed several living things to radiation, only the Cock Roaches survived. Our current gov’ts all have shelters to run an hide in when they start a War, the earth will only partially survive. Those politicians will crawl out of their shelters along with the cock roaches and claim victory. Any folks that survive such a war will be doomed a slow painful death. If we do not stop them now, we are all in for a rude awakening, of Hell.

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