Obama’s Insult To Biden & America


I Watched The White House “Celebration” Of The Appointment Of America’s First Black Women To The Supreme Court.

I Don’t Know What the White House was Celebrating, since my Takeaway from this Event was . . . America Just Performed its Ultimate Act – Of Racist/Gender Affirmative Action.

Only Because She Is Black & Is A Woman . . . Is a Reason Good Enough in a LEFTIST “Idealized” World, which Otherwise Doesn’t Want Everyone Else but Themselves to Distinguish Between Genders & Race for the Purpose of Hiring & Appointing a Person to any Position Above all Others.

Whether Ketanji Brown Jackson was Voted to Become one of the Most Powerful & Influential People in the United States of America, as a Member of the United States Supreme Court because of her Wisdom, Intellect & Understanding of the Constitution of the United States of America – IS ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVANT, Since Ketanji Brown Jackson will Forever be Known as the Person who was GIVEN the Seat on the Supreme Court of America, Primarily BECAUSE Ketanji Brown Jackson Filled Two Criteria . . . Ketanji Brown Jackson Is Black & Female.

Now We Know . . . A Vagina & Black Skin Is All That’s Needed To Move To The Front Of The Line Anywhere In America.


I Won’t Go Into The Depth Of How Wrong That Is . . . Because I’m Sure You Know As Well As I Do.

The American LEFT, Including the Giant Corporate-Owned Global Media, is in the Process of Destroying Everything Decent that Took Hundreds of Years to Create in the United States of America, from even Before The Revolution Of 1776 To Date – as the LEFT has Created a Self-Contemptuous Society where the Wealthy Become Wealthier . . . While The Working Class Become The Vassals Of Old.

How Barack Obama Dismissed The Bumbling President Biden As If He Were A Nobody In His Own White House Said It All.


I Couldn’t Imagine A Greater Slap In The Face Domestically . . . Nor a More Poignant Negative Message to the World, as the Whole Planet Watched a Bumbling President Biden Wander Around his Own White House Looking Bewildered, as he was being Ignored by all the Attendees (Guests), as if Biden was Just a Nuisance, but Especially by Biden’s Ex-President Obama, who Wouldn’t (Didn’t) even Acknowledge Biden’s Pleading Presence, Even With Biden’s Hand On Obama’s Shoulder.

To The Media . . . The Scene of Biden Stumbling Around the White House is a Political Image of a Disorientated Old Man who is Steering America off a Socio/Political/Financial Cliff.

But To The Rest Of The World . . . The Image of the President of The United States of America Being Dismissed as a Nobody, Is Like A Wounded Fish In A Sea Of International Sharks Which Smell Blood.


What Biden’s White House Has Done . . . Is To Destroy All Chances Of The Socialist One World Government.

We Can see this Throughout Europe, where Nationalist Leaders in Government Like Hungary’s Viktor Orban & Opposition Leaders like Marie Le Pen & Eric Zemmour in France are Rocking their Nations, where Socialism & Open Borders Have Become Spectacular Failures . . . Where the Legacy of Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be Recorded in History. . . As The Leader Most Responsible For The Demise Of Europe Since WWII.

We Are Seeing It Today Throughout America . . . Wherever Trump Goes to Speak, the Crowds are Immense. And Whomever Trump Endorses as a Candidate will Most Probably Win.

Even In Canada, as the Canadian (Pretend) Conservative Party is Scrounging to Rehash Spent Leaders like Jean (John) Charest, to Keep a Real Conservative Nationalistic Politician like Pierre Poilievre from Becoming the Leader, Face & Voice of the Conservative Party, the Crowds Attending Poilievre Events are Sell-Outs, While the Number of People Turning Out to Hear & See Charest Could Fit into A Phone Booth.


If I Was On The Left, Especially the FAR LEFT, and if I Was an Elitist, I Would be Terrified – Why do you Think the Democrats are Scrambling to Destroy Donald Trump? . . . They Know History. And they Know what Happened to the Thugs & Social Abusers Throughout History, Once the People Have Really Woken-Up, Unlike the “WOKE” Generation of Today, Which Is Soon Enough Going To Get An Extremely Rude Awakening.


The Lesson Here & The Common Denominator Is Simple.

People Worldwide Want their Countries & their Freedoms Back, and Have Had More than Enough with Open Borders, Mandated Lockdowns, Forced Vaccinations, Forced Wearing of Masks, Lawlessness, Double Standards, Contrived Racism, Gender Insanity, Academic/Mental Child Abuse, the Lack of Affordable Energy, Elitist Control of Being Told How to Live & How to Raise our Families by Others.

We’re Sick Of The Takers Mandating To The Makers.


A Government Of The People, By The People & For The People. The LEFTIST Experiment Is Coming To Its End.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Your last sentence says it all and I HOPE IT’S SOON!!!!!!!…. You’re always smack on target!!! Thank you..

  2. Amen Howard. But it’s the brainwashed youth and young adults that I personally have no clue as to how we will ever ‘right that ship’. I’m 70 years old and constantly wonder how despite what mature, educated thinkers can do today to return sanity to our nations, eventually the Progs in Waiting will come of age to find their hands once again on the steering wheel. We need to crash the education system and rebuild it in our image. Can this be done? Otherwise this is simply a bandaid on the canc

  3. Last night I was watching a US Game show….the question was “What does the MS in MSNBC stand for.”….Perhaps you already knew this but I didn’t and it EXPLAINED SO MUCH…it stands for Microsoft…..

  4. Your last paragraph says it all…we are tired! We want our country back and these crazy leftist need to go…This has been the great experiment to see how fast we would all comply and how much they could control us. It happened all too fast with most people. Those that stood up and said no are in the minority group..We need to change that now.

  5. Obama has finally come out of HIDING which PROVES how the LEFT is so very DESPERATE & HOPELESS! They are FAILING more & more each day! Biden’s STUMBLING SCENE & Obama’s SNUBBING of Biden certainly weren’t helpful to the LEFT. They definitely are FALLING OFF their Socio/Political/Financial Cliff, i. e., the LEFT is FEARING the OUTCOME of their Progressive Agenda! Trump has revitalized his RALLIES which has attracted THOUSANDS of people. There is still HOPE via the NOVEMBER elections! AMEN

  6. You said the left Destroying Everything Decent that Took Hundreds of Years to Create. Well, I hope it doesn’t take hundreds of years for all the sheeples to finally all wake-up and to start fixing all the bad that the left has done so far around the world.

  7. With any luck…from your lips to God’s ears. Obama said Joe could ‘mess up’ everything and he certainly has, but Obama showed just what he IS and what he wants. As if we did NOT know. He is a major part of One World Order following Saul Alinsky’s doctrine to a ‘T’!! And the stinking Rhinos put the IDIOT on the Supreme Court…thank you Obama. Our borders are wide open while Biden has us so far in debt our Children will NEVER know the America we did. Time to take back the USA.

  8. Howard, how sure can you be that the new Justice Jackson is a woman? After all, she said that she couldn’t define the term as she isn’t a biologist. Other than being Black, how do we know that she is a woman if she can’t define what she is?

  9. Our countries are heading down a Rabbit Hole as Civil War is on the horizon. There is so much drug use, homelessness and Crime in the streets, honest good Folks are becoming afraid. As the Biden Horde moves us towards the deepest Recession we have ever seen, I hear more people talking of Civil Unrest. Why do you think WH is wanting harder GUN Control and confiscation, unarmed folks would find it difficult to fight for food, fuel and freedom. The Zombies are coming in a bad way from our borders.

  10. Howard, you cannot embarrass or insult Biden——-HE IS TO DAM STUPID TO UNDERSTAND

  11. I’m in total agreement with you, Azevedo!!!!… Americans would be fair game for these extreme leftists without their 2nd Amendment intact…… Canada has been neutered, as TRUDOPE’S boldness sadly shows…….

  12. Wasn’t affirmative action Obama’s “job” before he got involved in politics? He was definitely elected because of his color (tho he is 1/2 white; he never admits it). Voting out the Dems won’t completely fix the problem as the SWAMP is imbedded w/enemies in higher positions of influence to whoever is in top jobs. Watched video yesterday ref DSA & communists in those positions too, plus now state AJs. All lies at feet of Soros & Klaus Schwab (WEF) & those who preceded them as far back as 1950

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