While They Played Hardball We Threw Lobs


Today Is April 1, 2022 – April Fool’s Day . . . Make No Mistake About It – We Are All Being Played For Fools.


I Am Almost Thoroughly Convinced . . . that the China Virus, Whether it was Created & Spread Accidentally or Purposefully, was Not Nearly the Menace the Globalists, Media, Rogue Scientists & Political Class Said it Was, Just like Climate Change, Global Warming or Whatever they Want to Call it . . . Are any Threats Other than a Threatening Tool the Globalists are Using to Gain Absolute Control Over the Masses.

Carbon Taxes Have Nothing To Do With The Environment & Everything To Do With Control & The Theft Of Our Money.

In My Last Editorial, I Spelled-Out all the Freedoms we Simply Surrendered In-Spite of the Constitutional Guarantees we Thought we Had to Protect those Freedoms.

Literally – They Told us to Jump Through Hoops and like Dutiful Serfs we Asked How High? There is No Longer a Supposition on the Behalf of the Government of our Compliance. If they Order us to Wear Pink on Tuesdays . . . I Can Guarantee You – The Masses Will Wear Pink On Tuesdays.

Trudeau Literally Suspended Civil Rights & Liberties to All People in Canada, Including the Seizure of Personal Property, Wealth, and the People’s Freedom to Assemble, Associate & Expression . . . And Habeas Corpus – on a Contrived (Non-Existent) Threat to Trudeau’s Make-Believe Democracy.

How Many Americans Are Still Locked-Up & Deprived of their Basic Civil Rights & Liberties in US Jails . . . Just Because of Trespassing or Being Near the Capital Building-Riot in Washington DC on January 6, 2021?

The Communists (Fascists) In Canada & The United States Of America Proved Two Opposing Truths . . .

The First – The Government Can Do Whatever the Government Wants to Do & Get Away With-It and the Police Will Comply.

The Second – The Majority of the People Will Not Defend & Resist Fascism if the Fascist-Act is Done in the Name of Democracy.

I Perceive . . . Because Of The First Election Of Donald Trump – The LEFT Felt Sufficiently Obliged to Shift their Agenda Into High Gear, First by Cheating, Spying, Conniving & Creating a Dishonest Narrative to Overthrow the Duly Elected President of the United States of America, Before The 2016 Election & During The 2017/2021 Presidency, and Now to Do Whatever the LEFT (Fascists) Can to Keep the Power of the United States in the Hands of the One World-Order (Government).

The American LEFT is Using the Imbecile Biden for all the LEFT Can, to Permanently Destroy as Much of the United States of America as they Possibly Can Before They Lose Grip on what Used to be the Most Honorable & Freest Country on the Planet.

Justin Trudeau (Canada), Boris Johnson (England), Emmanuel Macron (France), Olaf Scholz (Germany) and the Rest of this Cadre of Evil World Leaders, which also Includes the Likes of Klaus Schwab (WEF – World Economic Forum), George Soros, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Google, Twitter – Etc . . . Are Setting in Motion What they Believe will be an Intractable & Irreversible One World Order (Government) that will Manage all Society from the Cradle to the Grave.


The Freedoms of America Weren’t Fought For & Won by the Majority of the Colonialists. To the Contrary, while George Washington was Crossing the Delaware, the Majority of the Colonialists Either Sided with the British, Didn’t Care or Didn’t Know. But The Right People (Patriots – Men & Women) Did.

When the Whole Wide World “Pretended” to Support the Surviving Holocaust Jews’ Quest to Return to the Jews’ Thousands-Year Old Land of Israel, In-Spite of the Subterfuge of the Still Anti-Semitic World, Against Enormous Odds – Israel Once Again Became The Land Of The Jews.

The Best Laid Plans Of Mice & Tyrants . . .


1 – There Will Be No Second Term For Biden.

It’s Probably 50/50 at Best Whether Biden will Finish this Term, Let Alone Campaign for a Second. So . . . For all those Pundits, Including Pundits who try to Pass Themselves-Off as Conservatives – Perhaps It Would Be A Good Thing If They Would Actually Stop With The BS & Get Real.

Biden Is Not The Real President, Was Never The Real President & Will Not Be The Pretend President Again.

2 – The Democrats will Do All they Can this November to Cheat the Election. And When they Lose, they will Call Foul & Claim the Election was Rigged.

3 – Back To Item-2 . . . The Republicans are Going Sweep the House & Win-Back the Senate in November 2022.

4 – The Vast Majority of Trump Endorsed Republicans will Win their Nominations with a Major Number of RINOS Biting the Primary Dust.

It’s Time To Take Back All Our Freedoms By All Means Possible . . .  Before It Becomes Too Late.


It Took The Communists – Multi-Generations to Creep Into our Society to Undo all that We’ve Done. The Time is Long Gone & Overdue, for Just Polite Debate & Trust in the System, A System That Has Been Corrupted, which has Been Self-Proven to be Dishonest to the Core.

Even In Canada, A Spark Has Been Lit In The Name Of Pierre Poilievre . . . Of The People, By The People & For The People.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The Capitol building belongs to the taxpaying sheeples, not to the politicians. What true patriots did on January 6th was legal and it should be the fiberal demon rat judges & politicians that keep some of those patriots in jail to go to jail themselves and January 6th legal demonstrators should be released yesterday.

  2. Yes Howard we do live in A POLICE STATE controlled by the Liberal government. there is no so called globow warming or Climate Change, what the Commies want is a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

  3. This only going to get worse folks…police state is here….WE need what the USA have…Gun ownership in the United States is rooted in the Second Amendment of the Constitution: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed’. We need the same thing here in Canada to protect us from these lying , crooked corrupt scum in ALL governments = police = judges…all on the take $$$

  4. as I said a couple of months ago “Bring on Pierre” we need strength for leadership not political co-operation to serve the individual agenda’s

  5. The Globalists are exposed. The World economic Forum is exposed, the United Nations is exposed, The World Health Organization is exposed. Bill gates, George Soros , Anthony Fauci, The Clinton’s. Our Dipstick in Ottawa is exposed. Now that we know who the actors are IT IS TIME FOR THEM TO BE BRUTALLY PUSHED OFF THEIR HIGH PERCH AND DEALT WITH IN THE LEAST HUMANE WAY.

  6. There’s ‘scuttlebutt’ out now that some “emergency” will be declared before the Nov election. No doubt Biden will EO something more controlling than the covid emergency act (that few are paying attention to now). I figured months ago the leftist (Dems) would create another situation to push mail-in ballots. Are they really dumb enough to try the same thing? Thing is only the leftist Dems will comply. There will be more ‘watchers’ this time & no ballots accepted or counting after set tim

  7. I seen a ‘clip’ yesterday from Fauci…..We may need…LOCKDOWNS as the ‘virus’ is increasing prevalence. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!! With the midterm elections coming, Biden releasing OUR GAS RESERVES, No masks. Those who received FREE unemployment due to the LOCKDOWNS are rallying for a lockdown. Not everyone is on the SAME page. We all better get on the same page or we are NOT gonna like what will take place. Complacency is NOT needed now! I hope WE WAKE UP!! Amen.

  8. You have it all correct. No way Biden will do another term. He is a vegetable and babbling idiot, he has always been incompetent. The Democrats will cheat again, they are nothing more than Communist. As far as lockdowns in the future I shall do what I did last two years which is go and come any dam place I want to. I am really PO at the republicans also, all they do is run there mouths. Manchin seems to be the only one with a backbone, see how long that last.

  9. Was taking with 2 retired officers yesterday from S. CA. They moved to ID to get away from what they saw in CA they choose not to fight anymore. Shame, people are moving instead of fighting the Lib BS. Crime is UP everywhere, OD is common with Fentnal from China via Mexico available everywhere and Our gov’t wanting to legalize WEED nation wide to dumb people down even more. Our hope is Nov getting the Libs out of power and the RINOS along with them or we are going to have a real shooting war

  10. Howard, I just read where mark Zuckerburg(spelling) just spent 400 million dollars in battleground states to get Biden elected, and in some of those areas, there were thousands of votes more cast than there are people. I believe America will recover from Biden, but not w/ out a revolution, and I think the American people have just about reached that point, I would not want to be a secret service agent guarding that damned fool, Biden. Americans can tolerate a lot, but, enough is enough.

  11. Howard, if things get bad enough thatTexas finally takes the step of secession then the real fight will being. Right now we are clinging to the hope that the next election will be grand enough to stop Biden’s destruction of this country and then the 2024 election produces a conservative fighter who wants to make big changes throughout the swamp and get this country back to the people.

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