Trudeau Is Too Stupid To Know He’s Losing


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The Canadian Truckers Are Patriots Of The Highest Order . . . So Are All The People Who Are Helping Them.

Canada’s Civil Liberties Unions Which Are Far From Conservative Have Declared War On Trudeau’s Act Of Fascism.

Because of Conservative Internet Media & Conservative Cable News, World Leaders from all Nations are Condemning Trudeau – For Acting Like The Thug He Is.

Even In Trudeau’s Own Liberal Party – Cracks Amongst His Own Members Are Becoming Fissures.


Because of Trudeau’s Egregious Deployment of Canada’s NEVER-BEFORE-USED Emergencies Act Against Peaceful Hard Working Family Demonstrators, Members of the US Congress are Proposing Laws to Guarantee that Nothing Like What Trudeau is Doing in Canada Could Ever be Used in the United States of America.


Regardless Of What Will Happen In Ottawa Coming Forward, Trudeau has Set the Stage for his Own Ignominious Defeat and the Defeat of Trudeau’s Liberal Party.

And in Addition to Trudeau’s Total Humiliation, Politicians who Stood with Trudeau, Namely Premier Doug Ford of Ontario, Will No-Less Be Forced To Swallow The Poison Pill Of Idiots & Despots.

We’ve all Read & Heard the Horrendous Stories of How Bad the Truckers are, that they’re Racists, Nazis, Anti-Semites, White Supremacists, Misogynists & Hateful to the Police.

Those Descriptions Fit Black Lives Matter & Antifa To A T . . . But Not The Truckers.

The Other Day, When the Truckers Decided to End their Cross-Border Barricade to the USA from Coutts Alberta . . . We were all Led to Believe by the Mainstream Media – that Between the Truckers and the RCMP, There was Vitriol & Tension Coming to the Boiling Point.


So . . . How Does The Mainstream Media, The LEFT in General & Trudeau Specifically Explain the Handshakes & Hugs Between the Truckers & the Cops (RCMP), as they all Stood Together Singing O Canada, Canada’s National Anthem, as the Truckers were Breaking Camp to End the Blockade.

If You Don’t Believe Me . . . Look At This From Canada’s National Newspaper.

As Long As We Fight Together On The Same Side – We Are Invincible.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. God bless the truckers and the people who are supporting them. FFT=F*CK FIDEL TRUDEAU!! POS!!

  2. It is my understanding that HIS DECLARATION is actually not law yet until Parliament approval, the it goes to the Senate fora vote …and that is not a guarantee to pass. Am I wrong in understanding this….? I saw a video clip of Schwartz declaring that younger up and coming people in power like Prime Minister Trudeau and I be.I eve the President in one of theSouth American countries are the answer to this new world order.

  3. I’m old enough to remember the young Justin sitting on Fidel Castro’s lap during his father’s many visits with his close friend in Havana. I also remember Pierre Trudeau speaking wistfully of his hero Mao Tse Tung. The apple hasn’t fallen far from this tree.

  4. Sending in a contribution to your website. We so appreciate all you do. Looks like some of the leadership here in the U.S. are in the Trudeau tradition. Can’t wait to vote them out in November!!!

  5. My niece who lives in Ontario had a friend go to support the Truckers. She said she walked 10 blocks, with nothing but smiles and greetings from all who attended. Many hot dog and hamburger stands set up to give for free food. The brave smart Truckers are HEROS of the world. Not one negative the entire time she was there. I read that 34 countries are now doing much the same thing. GO CANADIAN TRUCKERS. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  6. Loved the article & video of respect and thanks between the truckers & the RCMP, especially the line singing the national anthem. Was kinda surprised police weren’t singing or standing at attention during it. But honestly, I’m glad that group broke up. Those at the capital I guess are still there for now. Hope enough financial aid comes to you for ‘redo’ of your platform so it doesn’t cause a burden. And I hope legislation passes in US to stop action like Trudeau pulled as well.

  7. Your commentary is hopeful. But you must realize that Trudope’s declaration was made after he tested the waters. Ispos polled, and determined that the majority of Canadians are against the Truckers Protest, and want it shut down. So this is a political decision supported by his progressive leftists. Sad that this is the state of the nation in Canada right now. He acts like a Dictator, and is supported by the Majority. Canada is truly screwed!

  8. The “polls” are manipulated by the LEFT! I don’t buy that Canadians are dumb about the Truckers! We drove the “ALCAN” Hwy – to Alaska – & found THE highest priority for many Canadians is being ‘NICE.” -Where would “nice” rate in the USA? -Yes, Americans are also “nice”, but it’s NOT on our charts! -Yes, it is not “nice” to block roads. So the “polls” are manipulated! Even the “dumbest among us” are catching on to the Global Communism threat! Canadian Truckers have s

  9. I hope all our citizens of Canada condemn this act of intimidation by this liberal government

  10. Thank you, Howard, for this forum. Much appreciated. I am praying this tin horn dictator will be removed. The Canadian truckers are standing in the gay to protect our freedoms. I’ve said this before: Trudeau is a student and disciple of Kalus Schwab —- World Economic Forum. Please look it up.

  11. What the Truckers began here, has reached all the way to the Middle East, namely Israel. They have started a 20,000 vehicle long protest. This has gone worldwide. Trudeau has crossed the line and there is no coming back. He has shown us and the world his true colors.

  12. The mandates against unvaxxed truckers are still in place. We need to continue to support the peaceful demonstrations and we also need to make people aware that, under the International Court (ICC) to which Canada is signatory, that forcing the mandates to get more people Vaxxed, is a violation under section 4.1.1 which states that those forcing the mandates are in violation of crimes against humanity AND THIS APPLIES TO THOSE WHO DO NOTHING TO STOP THE MANDATES!

  13. I just had my comp.changed. It works a lot better and hope you can have yours renewed as well. I don’t know how the Canadians voted for Pierre’s son after what the father did to the country. Justin looks like a little boy in his first suit on TV. He hardly knows what is going on because he chooses to hide from the good guys and their trucks. Thanks for no violent demonstrations. God Bless You All.

  14. I hope folks don’t forget by your next election what your Gov’t has done to them. So many scream and shout but somehow forget their right to vote because of inconvenience. I listen to many folks on a regular basis and it is amazing those who forget or just do not vote. Our only nonviolent means of expression is our vote, even when we know there is cheating going on, you must exercise your voice at the ballot box. Not sure what Canada’s laws on weapons are, but it is time to stock up on weapon

  15. Sorry this kid never had a Brain, check into his checker path! Start by why he was let go from his teaching at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver 2001 Trudeau is just a Puppet for Soros

  16. While Trudeau was ‘in hiding’ he was in conference with Schwab and Soros. That is how Trudeau came up with his illegal implementation of the Emergency Act. I would bet my bottom dollar. There was NO approval by Parliament. I will do what I can for your support. Trust and Accurate Facts are too hard to come by now a days. You tell us the Truth. Thank You

  17. The demonstrators are not a fringe group like blm or others. They are there to stand against government authoritarianism and fear mongering , which is the true threat to democracy. The Ottawa demonstrators have not been listened too one iota , by the liberals and our so called leader. All he can do is ratchet up the denegration and throw tantrums . Some leadership. Our country has never been so divided because of his identity politics. Alot of Canadians need to wake up.

  18. Hey Howard. Trudeau accused MP Melissa Lantsman, whose grandparents were Holocaust survivors, of standing with swastikas. His “BLACK VALENTINE’S” Emergency Act is being implemented as announced today by Freeland, Blair and Mendocino against the funding. Lametti said yesterday that “Any Trump supporter who contributed will have their bank account seized.” linking the convoy with Jan 6 and labelling them terrorists. Zey haf ze technology and it’s a black time for Canada. Stay safe.

  19. After the lies Trudeau has professed on TV, I truly hope the truckers R able to take a little ‘time off’ to recover from their stand. If the shelves become bare due to NO deliveries, then maybe the people will understand it’s the fault of Trudeau’s mandates, not the trukers peaceful Convoy. Go Truckers!! I’m already well stocked.

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