Want To End The Lockdowns?


In My Lifetime . . . I Never Imagined That I [We] Would Be Living In A Burgeoning North American Banana Republic.

The Reason Why so Many Countries Fall to Communism, Fascism & Other Forms of Despotism, is Because when Defensive Unity is Most Demanded by a Majority of the People, where Everyone Should be Willing to Stand Together, the General Population Simply Watches from the Sidelines Waiting for Someone Else to Pick-Up the Gauntlet, Until there are Not Enough People to Make the Difference.

We Have Seen This Scenario Play-Out Throughout History, Including Right Now Before Our Very Eyes.

We Have a Better than Equal Chance to Stop the Communists & Purveyors of Tyranny Dead in their Tracks . . . Before it Becomes Too Late, if we Don’t Sit Passively-By.

I Have No Idea How Many Tyrannies Could Have Been Stopped Before They Became Juggernauts . . . But I Bet the Nazis with Literally a Tiny Percentage of the German Population Behind them at their Beginning could have Been Stopped. So Could Have the Murderers of Tiananmen Square, the Despoilers of Freedom in Cuba & South/Central America, and Also the Government in Hong Kong would Not have Fallen had the World Not Sat-By Passively, as the Chinese Communists did their Billy Bad-Ass Routine on the Free People of Hong Kong.


The LEFT Is Coming After All The Conservative People Standing In Their Way . . . Bloggers, Editorialists, Independent Journalists, Talk-Show Hosts, Podcasters, Letter to the Editor Writers, Demonstrators, Political Activists, Candidates . . . And Even Moms & Dads Who Have The Audacity To Confront Academia.

If We Stick Together – There Are Too Many Of Us For Them To Stop!


Tired of Wearing Masks that Don’t Work, Other than to Force you to Obey the Mob? End The Governments.

Tired of this Social Distancing Nonsense That’s Destroying the Social Compact of Society? End The Governments.

Have you Had Enough of Vax-Mandates, which Steal your Right to Self-Determination? End The Governments.

Want to be Free from Lockdowns, Shutdowns & Personal Restrictions? End The Governments.

Do You Want to End Street Thuggery, Crime, Theft & Personal Violence? End The Governments.

Do You Want to End this New Form of Taxation Without Real Representation? End The Governments.

Are You Getting The Theme Here? If We Want To Be Our Own Boss Rather Than A Serf Of Government . . . End The Governments.


The More the Democrats Push their Issue of Spend & Tax for the Exclusive Reason of Creating a Dependent & Subservient Society . . . the More the Democrats Become so Bizarre, as to the Point of Lunacy, Especially with their Insane Quest To Destroy Democracy To Save Democracy . . . They will Alienate the People they will Need to Carry them to their Nefarious Victory.

You Can’t Destroy One To Save The Other . . . Especially When The Other [Communism] Is A Fairytale Nightmare.

In Spite of all the Independent & Government Data that Incrementally Shows that More People, Especially of Color, Have Voted in Subsequent Elections During the Past Number of Election Cycles than Have Ever Done in the Past . . .The Left Would Have Us Believe The Opposite.


For The Democrats . . . To Try to “Sell” the Racist Narrative that Black Americans are Too Stupid to Register to Vote in Comparison to White Americans, is so Far Over the Top, Especially Since Black Americans Have Been Voting in Ever-Increasing Numbers in Recent Elections, Goes to Show just How Little the Democrats Think of Black Americans.

All Honest National Polling Shows That Much More Than Three Quarters Of American Voters Want Real Voter ID.


I Watched The Entire Angry Biden Speech Yesterday [January 11, 2022], and came Away with the Sullied Feeling, That Just By Watching, I Participated in Something so Obscene [Dirty] that it Won’t Easily Wash-Off.

What Can Be Said Of A Man, in this Case the President of the United States of America, who is so Devoid of Character, that he Can’t be Confused with a Sentient Being of Value? But Most Important . . . What Does It Say About The Millions Of People Who Actually Voted for Him?


They Can’t Intimidate An Entire Population & Expect To Win A Fair Election!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. There you go Howard, Bingo “Fair Election” The Dems will not allow it they will try to rig and or rob the people of their votes like they did in 2020. As always keep up the good work on your Site.

  2. You always give me hope Mr. G, whenever I’ve almost run out! Thank you for all your hard work in keeping us all up-to-date on what’s really going on so we know to look past the headlines, see the hypocrisy (how can you miss it) of the left, and still have hope for the future. God bless you, God bless President Trump (he’ll always be my President), and God bless America!

  3. I too saw part of that speech that Biden made in Georgia yesterday. What struck me was the people in the background clapping and encouraging him in what he said… agreeing…… now some of them weren’t very enthusiastic but if the rank and file Democrats don’t figure out what is going on and turn away from what is happening in large numbers, then, as much as I would like to believe that things in the US will change in the midterm elections…I am starting to wonder.

  4. The best is yet to come for us — I sure hope you’re right!!!!! We could definitely use a change to something better than what we’ve had this year as well as the mess the Dems kept going during Trump’s presidency. WE THE PEOPLE must make it happen, I agree.

  5. Trying to be optimistic. I go to Cornwall Square to walk in the winter & never seen a single brave person not wearing a mask; I don’t. I’ve been cautioned by Security Guards several times & take the opportunity to lecture them on masks and Myocarditis et al. Despite news that omicrom is not much worse than a cold & runny nose, people are terrified and lining up again for jabs. The propaganda is fierce, the pros are losing their power. This won’t end until mRNA, the driving force, is banned

  6. I had a German friend, a drummer in my band, who said, no more than 25% of the German population were actually Nazi’s. He was forced as a Hitler youth to “Reluctantly” serve.” He lost a leg in Italy, but had no hard feelings as he knew Hitler was wrong.

  7. The communists are looking to sate their visions of grandeur. In their wildest fantasies that means to possess wealth untold, many mega room mansions, layers of staff, and most importantly control of the masses and the way WE live every minute of every day. Yes, I read “1984” and the Gulag Archipelago. The first story leads into the other reality. We are entering the “1984” scenario now. We can only stop the dismal plan for us by going to the streets en masse, all of us, young and old!

  8. I really hope that you are right. I also hope for a more subdued Donald Trump returns. Ray Moscato Calgary, Alberta.

  9. In order for fair elections occur the following must be in place: 1) All potential for vote harvesting must be eliminated 2) No mail in voting except for offshore military personnel 3) Strict voter ID requirements (as is the norm in most democracies) 4) Eliminate NGO and ZuckerBuck- type funding 5) Strict bipartisan observation at each polling station until after the winner is announced at 11 pm Only then will the American population not challenge the results of the next election.

  10. You are right in that we need to stick together to defeat the Liberal, Communist, Socialist movement. But you have idiots that are college educated that have far too much stuff given to them Free. We must stop the likes of Zuckerberg, Soros, etc. from donating the mass amounts of money to campaigns of the Liberal Lawyers, DAs, Judges that are making idiot decisions that cause Criminals to walk free after committing crimes. Folks are going to start protecting themselves, shot and shut up, period

  11. The fact is there is a solution. It is a simple respirator masks worn by people most concerned about catching anything. These respirators will protect from elements far harsher than flu viruses. Basically scaled down versions of what paint booth and factory workers wear. Others around you can be fully sick and maskless and you will be fully protected. Its time that those concerned for their health take responsibility for themselves and quit oppressing everyone else.

  12. Howard, we’d be hard-pressed to find a person who says it better than you. My favorite show is ‘War Room Pandemic’. Everybody should read ‘In Trump Time’ by Peter Navarro. There are other good books, too. RFk, Jr. has one on Fauci. Dr. Hatfill has one called ‘Three Seconds Until Midnight’. God bless and keep you and yours HEALTHY!

  13. Another book to read is the online book, “How the Specter of Communism Is ruling our World.” A must read eye opener. It may be the most important book you will ever read after the Bible.

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