The Stupid LEFT Is Committing Suicide


But First . . . Shock Of Shocks – Jussie Smollett Found Guilty.

But Perhaps Even Far More Important – The Media, The LEFT, all the Politicians and the WOKE Jackasses are Just as Guilty for their Part in the Race-Baiting Lie as Smollett Himself. And Even though the LEFT will Never Admit that they are No Different than the Proverbial Cat Standing Outside the Empty Canary Cage with Yellow Feathers on the Cat’s Lips . . . They’re All Just As Culpable.

There’s No Shaming The LEFT, But Every Kick In Their Gonads Is A Victory For Us In The Public Square.


The LEFT Are So Stupid, that they Can’t See, that What they’re Creating . . . are Two Distinct Global Societies, but Specifically in the United States of America, Where the Great Divide Won’t be Racial, Religious, Cultural or by Gender . . . It Will Be Between Those Who Can & Those Who Can’t. Those Who Will & Those Who Won’t.

You Don’t Have To Have A PHD In Sociology To Know That A Severe Change Of Life-Style Dictates Long Term Behavior.

It Isn’t by Happenstance that Crime in America is Going Through the Roof. It isn’t Just Because People who are Capable of Working Won’t, and it isn’t Because our Students aren’t Necessarily Capable of Proficiency.

It’s Because Our Educators, Media & Politicians Have Inculcated Our Children (People) with Lies & Nonsense.

There Have Always been and will Always Continue to be Those who will Work Hard, Take Risks & Lead Others, just as there has Always been those who will Coast through Life Doing the Minimum while Expecting More than they Deserve.

The Great Divide Between The Maker Versus The Taker . . . Is A Divide Of National Consequence.

Because of the LEFT in Congress (No Less In Canadian Parliament) and the Piece of Demented Crap in the White House . . . the Vast & Expanding Number of People who Want Something for Nothing Are About to Realize . . . They Are Going To Get NOTHING, and they’re Also Going to Realize Much Sooner Rather than Later – That TAKING Will Not Be An Option.

How Much Longer Are Retailers Going To Put-Up With Smash & Grab Especially In Blue Cities & States?

The Longer People Are Spoon-Fed, the Longer those People Can’t Function Without the Spoon. And the More People who are in all Reality Inadequate, but Somehow Feel they’re Superior, will be the People who will Get the Shock of their Lives When they Discover they’re Not Superior or Even Equal.

Want To Know Why The Jews Have Been So Successful Worldwide For So Long? It’s No Secret & Not Magic.

Anti-Semitism Made the Jews Work Twice as Hard as Everyone-Else from Birth to Death – just for the Jews to be Equal to Everyone-Else . . . Which Forced The Jews To Be As Good As They Can Be.

Do you Think Little Israel would be the Powerhouse it is Without the Constant Need to be Better than Israel’s Enemies, Knowing What would Befall Israel if Israel was Not Better than the Masses Wanting to Destroy the Jewish State?

Do You Know Why Such A Disproportionate Number Of Black Americans Are Such Abject Failures? . . . It’s Because after the 1964 Civil Rights Act, White America Lavished UNEARNED Gifts Upon the Black Community through things like Affirmative Action, which gave the Black Community the Sense of Entitlement . . . Something-For-Nothing.

And Because White America Capitalized in the Likes of the Music Industry, Television & Hollywood on Disgusting Black Themed Music (Rap) and Movies which Showed the Gutter – Gangster Side of Black America.


Yesterday Has Come & Gone . . . Today Is A New Day – But History Hasn’t Changed.


Want to Know Why the Chinese, Japanese, South Koreans, Taiwanese, Indians, Eastern Europeans – Etc are Leaving our North American Children in their Dust?

Easy . . . Because In These CountriesFailure Is Not Rewarded & There Are No Participation Trophies.

The LEFT Are Dividing America into Two Societies. The Society that has to Grovel at the Feet of Government just to Survive, which will be Ill-Prepared for any and all of the Challenges Ahead.

And the Society where Real Education, Real Learning of Skills, Real Social Values & Real Competition with Winners & Losers, Will be the Society that will Inevitably be Able to Stand-Up to the Tyranny that is Fast Approaching.


While the American LEFT & Many of its Allies are Effeminizing their Militaries with their WOKE Sickness . . . The Russians, Chinese & Iranians Are Producing Warriors.

Freedom’s Enemies . . . are Not Training Men & Women in Fancy Uniforms to Project Equity (Another Ugly Word) & Critical Race Theory (Non-Existent White Supremacy) while Investing in Military Gender-Dysphoria (Boys Who Want To Be Genetic Girls & Girls Who Want To Be Genetic Boys) . . . Freedom’s Enemies (Communist & Islamists) Are Training Bloodthirsty Warriors To Destroy Us.

In A World Of Eat Or Be Eaten . . . There Are No Safe Spaces. Thank God For Patriots.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I am so with you. I don’t understand how these leftist fools, at the top and bottom of society, all opt for limiting their own freedoms and rights, like speech, movement, business, voting, etc. The average voter I get is dumber than a sack of bricks so he doesn’t know better. But I find it the most inexplicable thing in the world, that these idiots on top are sacrificing their own grandchildren and the world they will live in, for their nonsensical, leftist ideals.

  2. I just saw our VP try to explain Inflation, what an idiot! She has no clue or understanding of what it takes to win. She has had so many things given to her. She was never deprived as a child. The Left is driving a wedge between families and friends via the vaccine mandates. They are depriving our children of a foundation in education and filling their heads with how to hate. Smollett is criminal, liar and racist but don’t hold your breath on him serving time. Put him in jail, Riots again.

  3. America has DEFINITELY been divided into Two Societies—the GIVERS & the TAKERS.We all KNOW that there are MANY MORE TAKERS than GIVERS! The LEFT has DISMISSED the Hispanics & the Blacks and have only USED them to PROMOTE their WOKE agenda.This is/was a GREAT OMISSION on their part.The WOKE sickness has NO cure because they also suffer from TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME (TDS) which is the WORST of the two!There is HOPE for AMERICA because TRUMP & his SUPPORTERS will PREVAIL in 2022! GO TRUMP! AMEN

  4. You and I see it, but the common person who watches a few minutes of CNN a day….if that…doesn’t see it. They are blind and ignorant. Unfortunately, they also vote on preconceived beliefs that are lies.

  5. Excellent and right to the point so true what is happening today

  6. The Left are totally unconnected from reality outside their own limited world, by choice, because they’re arrogant. Smollett’s not-guilty verdict surprises me too. We’ll see what kind of sentence he gets, if any. Our education system has been dumbing down our children for generations & on purpose. Communist Manifesto playbook to destroy us from within & take us over without a shot being fired. But for the blinders coming off as result of Biden admin, we just may have gone down without a shot

  7. Again–I have faith that GOD has not abandoned his people YET! I do believe HE may be getting ready to chastise them for abandoning his commandments as he did in the bible many times. Come quickly LORD–and in the meantime we’ll do our best to resist!

  8. One of your best ” hit the nail on the head ” in every category, Howard…absolutely so true …every word ! Thank you !

  9. Howard , don’t tell the fools, help them down the road to destruction, they deserve it.

  10. I don’t know what WOKE means, would someone elaborate. Does it mean stupid uniformed, ignorant, awake, or what. It is a very stupid word, not even real English, that doesn’t have any meaning for me.

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