Paid-For . . . By Whom?


Do You Remember That Great Country & Western Hit By Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson?

I Have All But Given-Up On Canada As A Free Country, Since Academia has Brilliantly Inculcated our Canadian Society, to the Point where we Have for Generations since the End of WWII Stood for Nothing but the Allure of Free-Crap Available through the Largesse of Government.

What’s Equally Brilliant, Is How The Government Has Convinced The People That It’s The Government’s Money.

When my Dad Came Back from Fighting for 5-Years Throughout Europe as a Canadian Volunteer Soldier, Born in Canada to Russian Immigrant Parents, Canada was by Population a Very Small Country With A Huge Heart.

The Whole World Knew . . . When It Hit The Fan – The World Could Count On Canada.

Unfortunately, Not Long After the War, Canada Adopted a Socialist Mindset, which was Foisted Slowly & Methodically Upon an Ignorant Population, which Came to Believe that Independent Success was Something Not to be Especially Proud-Of, to the Extent that Canadians Have Become Morally, Financially & Politically Dependent Upon Government.


Mammas – Don’t Let Your Babies Grow-Up To Be Canadians.

While It Is True . . . Many if Not Most Canadians are Nice People, it is Equally True that Nice People Generally Finish Last. And in this Global Struggle Between Communism & Capitalism – Freedom & Tyranny, Canada is on the Wrong Track to Be a Free Society Built Upon a Meritocracy.

And Sooner Rather Than Later . . . Our Canadian Day Of Reckoning Is On The Way.


Many, if Not Most of you Might Argue, That ONLY 13-Members Of The Republican Party Voted For The $1.2-TRILLION Debacle, which has Far More to Do with Socialism than Infrastructure, with the Misnomer of . . . The Infrastructure Bill.

That’s True . . . But What Is Equally True, Without The 13-Republicans, The Bill Would Have Never Passed.

What Is Also True . . . Is that Without the 19-Republican Senators who Previously Passed this Monstrosity in the Senate – this Financial/Social/Political Horror Story would have Never Seen the Light of Day.


This Is Akin To A Person Arrested For A Rape . . . Saying I Didn’t Do-It. I Only Held Her Down.

The Three Most Notable Republican Names in the Senate who Voted for this Insult to the People of America are Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins & Lindsey Graham, all of Whom will Not See the Wrath of Republicans (Conservatives) Until they are Up for Re-Election in 2026.

Lisa Murkowski and the 6-Other Republican Senators Are A Different Story, who will be Primaried for the 2022 Election, which Include Roy Blunt, Richard Burr, Mike Crapo, Chuck Grassley, John Hoeven & Rob Portman.

Who Do These Senators Represent? The People Of America? Or The Lobbyists Which Make Them Rich?


For The 13-House Republicans Who Voted Against American Values . . . They Will All Be Primaried Too.


Almost From Day-One Of The China Virus . . . I Saw Fauci As That Little Arrogant Prick.

Now I See Anthony Fauci in an Entirely Different Light, as the Epitome of the Nazis of Old, whose Desire is to be GOD-LIKE AT ANY COST, which Supersedes Decency, Honesty & Personal Integrity.

I See Fauci & All His Co-Conspirators As Mass Murderers, Whose Avarice Is Directly Responsible For The Deaths Of Millions.

I also See Fauci as the Destroyer of People, Families, Generations, Businesses – Especially Small Businesses . . . As The Destroyer Of Governments, Freedoms & Nations.

I See Anthony Fauci As A Rat Who Is Probably The Greatest Criminal To Have Ever Walked The Earth.

And Worse . . . I See Governments who are Shielding this Little Prick for the Purpose of . . . Never Letting A Good Crisis Go To Waste, as Socialists Worldwide Use Fauci’s China Pandemic . . . To Force Communism Down The Throats Of Free People.

It’s All Coming To The Fore. And I Assure You, This Will Not End Well For All The Enemies Of Freedom.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • So well put Howard the rinos screwed us, no doubt about it. I’m 87 and am sure that I won’t be around to see America being turned to disaster. Keep up your good work!!!

    Roger Valligny, Spring Hill, Florida, US
  • Make no mistake, USA would already be Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela, etc etc if it were not for the Second Amendment with loyal strong American citizens arming ourselves to the teeth. Thank you, Oidiot. We were armed well before him, but we went all in watching 8 years of blatant socialism/communism as our disgraceful president showed no honor for America and now he puppets the worst president in our history. Payback will be painful for them.

    Susan Sheldon, Coral Springs, Florida,
  • Damning comments and critical analysis. All accurate to the core! Looking forward to the massive come uppance the purveyors of, “misery for the masses and grandeur for us”, are about to receive!

    Ben Eby, Calgary, AB,
  • Howard, Keep hammering home the TRUTH about the destruction we are witnessing in America and Canada.

    William, Tinley Park, Illinois, United States
  • Still lots of sheeple but only one person has said anything about my not wearing a mask. I always thought people watched the news and saw the bread lines in communist countries in Eastern Europe. Or they didn’t watch the news on TV like my parents did. The only bright spot in the news is watching huge numbers of people cheering for Brandon. The governor of Colorado just signed a mandate for medical providers to turn non-vaxxed people away. Robin Greenwood, Albuquerque, NM, USA (USA! USA! USA!)

    Robin Greenwood, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
  • Howard, you know who is going to pay for this travesty. Everyone. You don’t even have to pay taxes to pay for it. The inflation that’s going to be caused by the unwarranted speding is going to cost all of us to live a little poorer, particularly those on a fixed income. I can’t wait for the midterm elections, more now than before.

    Jeff Chasalow, Galveston, Texas,
  • Tell me again, What’s the 2nd Amendment good for? Obviously not very much.

    Arnold Silverman, Ile Bizard, Quebec,
  • As I see it, at 18 I joined the Army and was issued a M16 to go kill Viet Cong. As it turned out I was needed more here at home battling the drug trade. That was 1972. LBJ and family was getting RICH. Today, I have a gov’t. saying you don’t need an AR15 or any weapon, and Biden and family are getting Richer, as is the RINOS and Libs on the vaccine and Masks. Drugs are killing thousands, Fauci designed FLU is killing millions as he gets rich. Time to deliver injections in a different manor.

    Azevedo, Star, ID, United States

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