They Never Wrote A Paycheck



As Anne, Tavor & I Travel The Length Of Canada (3000-Miles) . . . It Gives Me A Great Deal Of Time To Think & Reflect.

When we Come to a Preselected RV Park, all of Which we Have Reserved from Where we Live in the Summer, on the Horse Farm Between Ottawa & Montreal on the Ontario Side, all the Way to Fort Langley BC, just a 40-Minute Drive From Vancouver . . .  Even Though I’m Plenty Tired from an Average Daily 300-Mile Drive, and Even though the Parks are Generally without Much WIFI, it still Gives me a Great Deal of Time to Read the Global News on my Cellular Hotspot.

I APOLOGIZE . . . I Would Like To Write More Often When We Pull-Over For The Night, But I’m Generally Not Up To It.

But Here We Are In Saskatoon Saskatchewan . . . We Arrived Early Enough to Compose my Thoughts while we were Travelling. The First Thought that Came to my Mind was How we the People have Become the Dumbest Generation in the Modern Era.

While Driving, I Listen to a Plethora of News & Live Talk Shows on Sirius/XM, and I’m Stunned, Flabbergasted, Disappointed & Very Worried How our News Media, with a Few Exceptions, Specifically Conservative Talk Radio being a Positive Exception, is all About Entertainment, Pretending that What they Say is Relevant to what is Happening as it’s Happening.

For Example . . . Do You Know What A Trillion Dollars Is? . . . Don’t Fret-It, Because Neither Do I.

I Know that a Trillion Dollars is $1,000 Billion Dollars, which is $1,000 Million Dollars, which is Such an Enormous Number that I Can’t Even Conceive of its Size, Yet, Our Politicians, Most of Whom Never Created a Business, Never Ran a Business, Never Signed a Paycheck, Never Had to Worry About Receivables or even Bad Service, Are Throwing Around Trillion Dollar Budgets & Spending Bills As If It Is Confetti At A Wedding.

I Get That . . . The Politicians are SCHMUCKS who should Never be in Charge of Anything. So What Can I Say About The Media . . . which is Debating the Virtues Of Such an Obscenely Gargantuan Amount of Money by Saying things Like . . .

5-Trillion Might Be Too Much . . . But $1.5-Trillion Might Be Acceptable – Etc-Etc-Etc – Are The Media Insane?

What Part Of The History Of Abject Communist Failures Does The Media Not Understand? I Hear this Inanity while I’m Driving, and I Get so Angry & Frustrated at the Media’s Political Correctness, that I Make Sure to Put the F-250 in Auto-Drive, Because I Couldn’t Trust Myself Not to Put the Pedal to the Metal out of Sheer Frustrated Adrenalin.

Then I Remember . . . All the Media, with the Exception of a Few, were Educated by the Same Academia, which Educated the Masses who are Destroying our Freedoms on the Altar of Communism, which has Always Been a Massively Failed Socio/Political Philosophy, which has Led to the Deaths of Hundreds of Millions of People and as Many as a Billion People who Suffered through Tyranny, Starvation, Deprivation, Targeted Murders, Wars & Mayhem.

It Makes My Blood Boil . . . When Pundits Talk About What’s Happening To Us As If It’s An Academic Experiment . . . It Is Not!

Between the Media, the Democrats, LEFTISTS, the RINOS & all the Members of Congress who are Debating How Many America Communists Can Dance On The Head Of A Pin, as America is Being Invaded, NOT BY MIGRANTS . . . But Rather by Illegal Invaders who will Change the Very Fabric, Character & Constitution of the Once Greatest & Freest Country (America) in the World – To Garbage.

All The Above Mentioned Aren’t Worth Spit.

If the Democrats Can’t Figure-Out how to Cheat or Stop the 2022 Election by Whatever Means they Can, Including Painting all Conservatives & Trump Supporters as Domestic Terrorists, Giving them (The Government) the Imperative to Declare Martial Law, as a Means to Stop the 2022 Congressional & State Elections, the Democrats will be Wiped-Out.

If 2022 Is An Honest Election, As Honest As Americans Can Hope For . . . 2022 Won’t be like Obama’s 2010 Shellacking, as Obama Described-It. 2022 Will Be More Akin To The St Valentine’s-Day Massacre.


Build Back Better Is To Destroy What Already Exists . . . The Media Sees It, But Has No Courage To Get In Its Way.

Between Critical Race Theory, which is Nothing More than an Exercise to Promote & Foment Racism in America, to the Destruction of American History, to Safe Spaces for Demented Academics, to Everyone Wins a Trophy, to a Paycheck Not to Work . . . And A Vote For Everyone – Citizen Or Not, is the Consequence of a News Media Focused on Entertainment for the Sole Purpose of Winning the Rating’s War, Revenue & Prestige.

REMEMBER THIS . . . The People Who Want this One World Government, are Big Business, Big Tech, Big Banks, Big Academia & Purveyors of Big Government who Have Full Intentions of Being Our Feudal Masters . . . History Never Changes.


But America Is Not . . . Therefore, It’s Incumbent On All Americans Who Want To Live Free To Vote Conservatives – RINOS-OUT!

As A Conservative Canadian, Much Like Most Other Conservative Canadians, all of my Hopes for our Freedoms are to be Found in the American Conservative-Basket, Praying for Enough Conservative Americans to PRIMARY-OUT RINOS, While Primarying-In Real Conservatives In 2022, with the Courage & Resolve to Do What Has to Be Done to Stop Biden & his Lunatic Handlers Dead in their Tracks . . . And To Set The Stage For 2024.

Whatever The LEFT Does Today . . . AND I DO MEAN WHATEVER – Can Be Undone Tomorrow.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The demon rats will cheat again in the next election and have like usual the courts on their side filled with demon rats leftist judges, lawyers. The only way to stop the cheating is no more mail-in ballots, photo I.D. to vote, and all votes done like in Canada with paper ballots not counted by computer-assisted machines that are connected to the internet, WHY ???? Because someone can hack in and change the votes. I have a calculator and it’s not connected to the internet for it to do the job !!

  2. Trillion is incomprehensible. I used to teach my business students if you waited 1000 seconds it would be 17 minutes, 1,000,000 2 years, 1,000,000,000 31 years, and a trillion….32,000 years. Imagine 3.5 trillion….,sheer madness

  3. Always accurate Howard. A friend posted recently: There is no difference between a group of lawyers, judges and politicians on one side and terrorists on the other . . . . EXCEPT, terrorists are honest about their intentions up front. I truly believe we are up against terrorists we have allowed into our great country.

  4. Howard there is hope. Look at the pilots at Southwest Airlines refusing to take the vaccine. Others will follow. We will find ways to help each other. I wish all grandparents would get together and offer to home school children when parents have to work. As Americans we will find a way to fight in anyway we can and go down fighting if necessary.

  5. Because they don’t write the checks, the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington or Ottawa don’t think about the consequences of their agendas. In California Gruesome just signed a bill outlawing gasoline-powered tools. Where does he think the electricity is going to come from considering that CAlifornia has a decrepit grid that is constantly failing? They don’t think, they don’t care.

  6. The crime rate in most large cities has risen to levels never seen before. Bad people do things without any concern of being held accountable as they are released within hours of arrest. Law Enforcement struggles with the total number of 911 calls. Biden or whom ever is pulling his strings, will not back down from the Vacs mandate as thousands are being forced to leave their jobs. The illegals coming in to our country are looking for a FREE RIDE, bringing more crime and health issues, be ready.

  7. Robert, Dominion Voting Systems, an elections technology company founded in Toronto ??????????????

  8. Howard, you are not alone, just stand near any gas pump, and listen to the talk between the customers, some that are perfect strangers, and you can hear the literal hate and frustration coming from them. The boiling point has just about been reached. It is a good thing were heading in to winter rather then summer, because the lid is going to come off of the pot sooner then later. People that are normally quiet and passive are starting to make noise and it isn’t good.

  9. The federal budget was $689K in 1789. It grew to 588M in 1901. In 1917 it was 1.1B. And away we go.

  10. Nothing new under the sun. Howard a few times you mentioned entertainment and free paycheque etc.Just like in Roman days. The Romans kept the masses entertained with their gladiators and unwanted such as Christians and criminals, gave them beer and bread and entertained them. With the process they kept people occupied stupid with all kinds of things of non-importance while losing their freedoms. Eventually it all collapsed. Welcome to the 21st century.

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