The Media’s Not Our Friend


The Media Has Hit The Crossroads, In As Much As . . . Are They Journalists, Entertainers Or Propagandists?


I Generally Never Like Using The Pronoun “I” To Describe What “I” Do, But When No One Else Will Do It – “I” Seems Appropriate.

Twenty-Five Years Ago . . . “I” Successfully Took the Canadian Media to Task on Several Occasions & “I” Very Publicly Sued them Over False News, Misleading Advertising Concerning Government of Quebec Claims, and a Lack of Journalistic Integrity.

“I” Also Used my Radio Talk-Show to Embarrass the Canadian Media Live-On Air, Including Local (Montreal) Media, the CRTC (Canadian Equivalent To The FCC) and the Broadcast Standards Council, which is a Broadcast Industry-Created Potemkin Institution “Pseudo Judiciary”, Set-Up to Supposedly Police the Integrity of Broadcasting (Radio & Television) in Canada to Police Themselves. What A Joke – Placing the Broadcast Standards Council to “Police” Proper Broadcast Speech, is Akin to Putting the Fox in the Hen House to Supervise the Chickens.

“I” Won. They All Lost. And The Results Were Just As Quickly Forgotten.

“If A Tree Falls In The Forest & No One Is There To Hear It” . . . Did It Make A Sound? And that’s How the Media Rolls; by Ignoring Real News & Suppressing Information, which in its Own Way is as Dishonest as Creating or Embellishing the News.


Last Night (October 7, 2021), I was Invited to Lecture at a ZOOM Meeting Attended by what Appeared to be a significant Number of Conservative Floridians. It is the Second ZOOM Meeting I was Invited to Speak at as the Keynote Speaker.

The First Time I did this was a Complete Mystery to me, because I am not a Particularly Savvy Computer Guy. However, even though I was Unprepared for How it all Worked, I Was More Impressed Than Just Somewhat at how Easy it all was, and How Efficient the Medium was in Terms of Getting the Word-Out.

And Last Night . . . Was Confirmation, at Least to me and to a Vast Number of People who are a Lot Computer Smarter than me, That This (ZOOM) Is Not Only The Future, But Is Also The Present.

Before my Presentation Last Night, I Spoke with Technical Service at ZOOM in California to Learn how I can Do this in Such a Way as to Accommodate a Large Audience . . . And Then I Spoke With Mario – the IT Guru to have ZOOM Invitations Imbedded in my Editorials, which will Allow me to Invite Whomever wants to Attend a Live ZOOM Presentation (Speech) at No Charge.

Just So You Should Know . . . The Gist Of My Presentation Last Night Was The Need For MORE Freedom Of Expression.

And as Much as Conventional & Social-Media Try to Convince all of us that there is No Voice for People Like You & Me, That’s Not Even Close To Remotely Being True, Especially when you Consider that in America, there are Perhaps as Many as 330 To 350-Million People, of which the News Media Reaches A Very Small Minority, WHERE IN FACT,  Bloggers Like Me Are Winning The Information War With Truth & Accuracy.

And With Every Passing Creation of New Means & Methods to Disseminate Our Conservative Values, Ideas, Facts & Irrefutable Truths, while Dispelling the Lies & Exaggerations of the LEFT, Not Only Will we be in the Driver’s Seat . . . We’ll Own The Vehicle.


I Don’t Much Like Mitch McConnell . . . But America Owes Him For Blocking The Supreme Court Nomination Of Merrick Garland.

At The Same Time Though . . . Conservatives in the Republican Party & Americans in General would Do much Better Without Mitch McConnell, who Just Gave Chuck Schumer Breathing-Space to Conjure-Up Schumer’s & Pelosi’s Spending & Socialist Horror Story.

But Back To Merrick Garland Who Deserves The Derision Of All People Who Long To Be Free From State Totalitarianism.

Here’s A Guy – Merrick Garland . . . Who is Instituting a Legal Judgment as Biden’s (The LEFT’S) Attorney General, who is the Number-One Law Enforcer in the Land, who Thinks it’s a Good Idea to Brand Parents who Care About the Teaching of their Children as DOMESTIC TERRORISTS, for Defending the Rights of What their Children Learn in School.

If Dissent In America Becomes A Terrorist Act? . . . The Whole World is Doomed, since Dissent is the Foundation of What Created the United States of America, which Led to the Freest Country in the World, where it has Always Been Of The People, By The People & For The People Until the LEFT & RINOS in Conjunction with Conventional & Social Media & Globalized Big Business Brought us to George Orwell’s Prophesy of 1984 . . . America and the World can Kiss Both Group & Individual Freedoms Goodbye Forever if this is Left to Stand.

Who Else Is Going To Be Branded A Domestic Terrorist For Standing Up To Any Government Institution?

And Now We’re Hearing from Democrat House Member Jamie Raskin, that if Republican Members of Congress Refuse to Show-Up to Participate in the LEFT’S Kangaroo Court about the January 6, 2021 Congressional Building Riot, to Answer Questions about – Who You Knew? What You Knew? And When Did You Know-It? . . .  in Reference to the Capitol Hill Riot – They Will Be Arrested.


And If The Republican Members Of Congress Refuse . . . Warrants For Their Arrest & Detention Will Be Issued.


We’re At The Tipping Point . . . And You & I Are On The Right Side (Winning-Side) Of This Debate.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Dear HG, Participating/listening to future zoom meetings is very exciting, thank you for making that happen.

  2. I am looking forward to hear more about your Zoom meeting. Please do so.

  3. With ZOOM meetings we can meet more often and I will save on gas to go to Lancaster to see you once a year. The last time, there was a spread of 2 years because of COVID but in total there was only 2 meet and greet in Lancaster. Way not enough and at least with ZOOM meetings we will be able to ask questions about the latest editorials to make us feel better. When you have mental health problems they send you to a psychiatrist at $500 an hour. Well, ZOOMs will make us feel better mentally FREE !!

  4. Everything you said about yourself at the beginning is TRUE. I was there listening through out your broad casts. I remember the theme song about the “good times”. Please repeat it a few more times. Would like the juniors hear it. I’m sure it’ll do some “good”. I think.

  5. Raskin has no authority to have anyone arrested. He’s just blowing smoke.

  6. I’m not a fan of McConnell either but glad Merrick Garland didn’t make it to SCOTUS. He’s usurping the Constitutional rights of individuals & states. As for Congressional Democrats, they’ve been ignoring the Constitution, Bill of Rights and any law that does not give them the control/power they want. It’s high time, even past time, they are voted out, and make sure voting is not also undermined with mail-in balloting.

  7. Thank you for standing up and speaking out over these many years……..Are we looking into the future a collapse of Canada and USA wit the formation of huge central North America nation extending fro Alaska to Texas???? Just Askin’

  8. Wow have times changed. I was at a SBM in the early 80s, I had just found out my son was not reading at close to grade level after a tenured teacher had passed him saying” He is doing great at all subjects”. I protested in her presents and had several other parents sharing the same experience. The teacher was moved from 4 grade to 1st, and did well at that level. I guess I was a Domestic Terrorist then in the making and still am. Schools have too much say in our children’s lives and morals

  9. Our Government is all SCREWED UP, which is thanks to the present RADICAL Administration. WHERE are our FIRST AMENDMENT & PATIENT RIGHTS. “THEY” are leading the PEOPLE astray from EVERYTHING America once STOOD for! Again, NOVEMBER 2022 can’t come fast enough! Re: children’s education–the Government has NO business INTERFERING in PARENTAL RIGHTS! We only know l/10 of what goes on in our Government, so WHO truly KNOWS what McConnell’s motives were? By the way, the FLU has (?) RETURNED! Amen!

  10. Still not receiving your editorial notifications, like I used to. I re-registered. Let’s see if that works. Thanks for every post, I miss ’em when I don’t get notified. Chuck

    Chuck you’re definitely in my directory. It is Possible that my Editorial alerts wind-up in your Junk or Spam Box. Or you might have Flagged my Email Address as Spam. If that doesn’t work please check with your Provider – HG:.

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