Who Says We Can’t Be Them?


They’re Not Illegal Immigrants . . . They’re Invaders.

Make No Mistake About This . . . If You Voted For Joe Biden – The Hordes of Invaders from all Parts of the World, Not just from Mexico, Central & South America who are Assaulting the Borders of the United States of America, in Addition to all the Other Horrors that are Befalling America in Terms of Everything . . . IS ON YOU!

If You Didn’t Know . . . That this Feeble-Minded Old Man, who was a Failure for the People as a Senator, who was a Joke as the Vice President, who was a Known Serial Liar, Plagiarist & Embellisher with Foot-In-Mouth Disease, who Had No Real Campaign Platform, who “Electioneered” from a Teleprompter from his Basement, who Held No Press Conferences, and When Biden Did Hold a Press Conference, the Questions & Answers were Pre-Scripted . . . But Voted For Biden Anyways, Whatever Biden Does To Make Bad Go To Worse . . . And I Really Mean Worse . . . IS ON YOU!

A Friend Of Mine, Who Is A Retired University Professor Was Fond Of This Saying . . . “If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix-It”.


America Was The Greatest Society On Earth Until The Politicians Decided To Fix It . . . Fix What?

What was so Broken About America that Needed to be Fixed, to the Point that America is in Collapse, where the Middle Class is in the Crosshairs of America’s Communists, Targeted by Politicians who Never REALLY Created Jobs, Opposed to Spending Other People’s Money Pretending to Create Jobs . . . Decided That America Is So Broken – That They Had To Fix It?


Make No Mistake About This . . . As Arrogant as the Europeans are in their Belief of Equivalence to the United States of America, Nothing Could be Further from the Truth, since the European Continent has Depended Upon the United States of America for More than a Century, to Save it from Two World Wars while Afterwards, America Rebuilt the Complete Societies of Allies & Defeated Enemies.

And It Was American Exceptionalism That Guided The World & Set The Standards As The Global Yardstick To Freedom.

And In Spite Of What The LEFT Want Us To Believe . . . What Happens in the United States of America has a Global Impact Throughout the World, which Means that What is Tearing Global Freedoms Apart . . . is Caused by Bad American Political Choices (Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, RINOS – Etc), The World No Longer has the United States of America to Lean Upon to Pick-Up the Pieces . . . Which Also Means – the Bad that’s Happening in the World Today . . . Is On All The American People Who Made Ignorant Political Choices – Who Voted For RINOS, Obama & Biden.


I’m NOT Voting for Anyone who is Far Removed from my Values. Nor will I Vote for Someone who Flip Flops on Policy because of the Polls. A Man or a Woman who Stands for Everything . . . Stands For Nothing!

Frankly, I Couldn’t Give a Rat’s Ass about “Splitting” the Vote, Since that is the National Canard that has Gotten Canada Into the Political Mess we Find Ourselves Today.

Let’s Vote For Someone Bad Because He Or She Isn’t As Bad As The Other One.

It Makes Me Sick . . . When People Write to me that Voting for the Conservative Party of Canada is The Right Thing To Do, Even though they Believe the Canadian Conservatives are Liberals in Conservative Clothing, and that the Pretend “Conservative” Leader (O’Toole) is a Charlatan . . . That Not Splitting The Vote By Voting For A Fake Conservative Is The Way To Go.


It’s Laughably Sad . . . When One Writer – Wrote to me that the People’s Party Of Canada is His Choice, but Until the People’s Party of Canada Becomes More Popular, he will Vote Conservative so as Not to Split the Vote.

Really? And How Is That Supposed To Make The Only Conservative Party In Canada More Popular?


Do You See All Those People . . . Invading America Wearing Rags, Carrying their World Belongings in a Bag, sleeping Unsheltered on the Grass, or if “Lucky” in a Makeshift Tent or Lean-to? Do You Really Think That Can’t Be Us?

Do You Really Believe That Our Useless Politicians Who Are Creating & Exacerbating This Mess Can Keep That From Happening?

The People We Vote For . . . Are the People who Live so Far Apart from You & Me, who are Sheltered from the Vagaries of Real Life with their Outrageous Public Salaries, Perks & Guaranteed Jobs & Incomes, that In Spite of all their Proclamations to the Contrary, Don’t Have a Clue what the People who Pay for 100% of their Life-Style are Dealing With.

Socialism Is The Slow Track To Communism . . . Which Is The Fast Track To Despotism – To Dystopia.

If You Really Believe We Can’t Find Ourselves Living On The Streets, Ask the Canadians & Americans who are Neither Druggies Nor Alcoholics, who Have had their own Companies or Good Jobs, who have Families, who Through No Fault of their Own are Homeless.

If You Think That Can’t Happen To You & Me Because Of The Politicians We Choose . . . Think Again.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. And Puppet Biden is moaning to the States for the Fed budget and/or ceiling to be raised…so state handouts won’t be cut. Really? When will we STOP sending OUR MONEY from GOING to FEDS so They Can SEND IT BACK w/caveats. How dumb we’ve become. Feds need to cut budget, not increase it. Do away all the bloat in budget. Only Fed spending increase should be Paying Off Debt. That’s what We the People have to do; not it’s their turn. But Don’t Hold Your Breath!!!

  2. HG, thank God that “time goes by very fast” and that NOVEMBER 2022 will be reached sooner than we anticipate. O’Biden, et al, CAN’T HIDE their INTENT to DESTROY the USA! It’s very obvious, however, that TRUMP & his SUPPORTERS are having a GREAT IMPACT on the selection of future Conservative candidates. PEOPLE are also SPEAKING more OPENLY about their DISCONTENT with the FAKE FEDERAL GOVT. LEADERS! Good Luck with the CANADIEN ELECTION! Could you publish a recent Travor photo? GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  3. Amen Howard I haven’t read the whole article yet but after I read the Vote splitting paragraph I am all with you that’s exactly how I felt we got to get a point across no matter if Trudeau gets back in I think if we really show a strong voice I think it will rock the establishment a bit at least I hope.

  4. Who knows Mad Max and the P.P.C. might be third party and hold the balance of power.

  5. I will be watching the results (as long as I can stay awake) of your election today from across the River (Detroit suburbs) hoping against hope that Canadian voters have more sense than those here who voted (for real or not) to bring us Old Joe. I wish you luck. It looks like both of our countries will be in need of more than luck if we continue down the socialist/communist path our so called leaders are taking us.

  6. We saw the biggest most powerful country in the world have a stolen election. Do you really think It won’t happen in Canada It will

  7. In Canada, like the US the fix is in. Trudeau the liar and theft will win via rigged elections. He will again work to disarm you all before taking away what ever rights you may believe you have. Here in the US, the fix is in, the bozo from CA did not get recalled, he will finish off CA. Like that our govt. wants to know every time you move $600 in your account? Time to stand up, tell the govt to go to hell, gather your family and friends, be ready to fight those who are invading us from thesouth

  8. 58.44% bothered to vote, $612 Million dollars down the toilet to get about the same results as before the election. At least the PPC increased people voting for them from 1.64% to 5.4%. Like I keep saying, 80% of Canadians should “NOT” be allowed to vote because they are “0” zero informed and couldn’t care less to stay informed with what affects their lives daily. Also, a lot are misinformed by the lame stream leftist lying press. So justine had 2 more years with a minority, now it’s 4 again !!!

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