Rock-Bottom Before Recovery


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First Of All . . . Make No Mistake About-It, The Worst Threat To America’s Republic Is In Washington DC.


But Before I Get Into This . . . Back To Yesterday’s Editorial. A Great Many People Got the Gist of the Editorial, But A Great Many Didn’t. Yesterday’s Editorial Wasn’t About the Commitment & Sacrifice the Athletes Have to Make to Become the World’s Best, or Even just to be Good Enough to be at the Olympics . . .

The Only Country I Can Think Of Whose Athletes Disparage Their Own Country Is America.

Yesterday’s Editorial . . . was a Condemnation of the Elitism & Politicization of the Olympics, Following the Decrepitude of our Society as Too Many Athletes use the International Stage to Defame & Embarrass their Own Country, which Has Given these Athletes the Golden Opportunity and the Wherewithal to be at the Olympics.

The Olympics Have Become A Breeding Ground For American Race-Baiters To Promote Systemic Racism Where There Isn’t Any.

Yesterday’s Editorial . . . was about Athletes who were Only there to Compete if they Could Win. It was Also about How our Society – To Borrow A Sentiment . . . Have Evolved Into Snowflakes, who Lost the Understanding or Never Knew what it Meant to Play through the Pain.

I Thought I Made The Above Clear . . . But Obviously I Didn’t, Even With The Champions I Highlighted From The Past.


In Retrospect . . . Joe Manchin, whom I Lauded Not that Long Ago for Seeming to Have some Patriotic Reasonableness . . . has Forfeited Anything I Felt About His Alacrity to Defend the American Dream, No Less than all the Democrats & RINOS who are Willing to Watch America Fail & Fall – Rather than to Surender his (Manchin) Political Position, Perks & Entitlements.

Manchin Is No Better Than The Rest Of Them On The LEFT . . . But This Isn’t About Joe Manchin. This Is About American Traitors.

This is About Men & Women who are so Selfish, Conceited & Wrapped-Up in their Own Delusionary Brilliance, who are Also Politically Entitled into Believing how Much Smarter they are than the People who Elected them and Pay for their Bloated Salaries & Perks that they’ve Lost all Touch with Reality.

This is About People who are Incompetent, who Support Race-Baiters, who Want to Defund the Police, Teach Racism in the Schools (CRT), Teach Contrived History, Run-Up Many Tens of Thousands of Dollars for University Courses (Degrees) of No Value, Pass Laws & Legislations without Reading What they’ve Endorsed.

This Is About Contrived White Supremacy, White Privilege & White Self-Hate.

This is About Politicians who Spend Public Money with Reckless Abandon. It is About Elected Officials who are Bound & Determined to Take Money Away from People who Earned-It for the Government to Give it to People who Haven’t.

It’s About a Government which has Decided to Help Create a Drug Induced Society of Drugged-Out People who will be Less Politically Confrontational & More Socially Compliant. It’s About Taking away Individualism to be Replaced with Collectivism.

It’s About Open Borders, One World Government & the Acceptance of Global Communism in the Propagandized Guise of Saving Democracy. It’s About Keeping The Population Ignorant & Unaware.

And It’s About A Controlled Media Where The Truth Is What The Government Wants The People To Believe.


Whenever I Hear A LEFTIST Blame The Contrived Root Cause . . . I Suggest He Or She Look Into A Mirror.

And Since When Does A Government Sacrifice the Well Being of its Own Citizens to the Benefit of the Citizens of a Foreign Government?

What Is Bothering Me More Than Just Somewhat . . . Is The Imprisonment Of Hundreds Of So-Called Insurrectionists.


To Be Held Incommunicado Behind Bars Is What Happens In Tyrannies . . . Is America Now A Tyranny?

Regardless of What the LEFT Wants to Call it – Riot or Insurrection, those People who were Arrested because they were Where they Shouldn’t have Been, DESERVE the Same Rights as Anyone UNDER THE US CONSTITUTION, who are Arrested in the United States of America who have to be Charged Within a Limited Time Period, have Unrestricted Use & Access to Legal Counsel and to be Able to be Visited by Family & Interested Parties. And Where is the Constitutional Guarantee for Reasonable Bail & Humane Incarceration?

With Every Passing Day . . . America Is Slipping Into Totalitarianism. Doing & Saying Nothing Is Not An Option.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. There are no more rules and no will or courage by the system to enforce any rules that should be enforced. Basically, anything goes and lunatics are running the asylum. People need to get involved with youth and educate them. Expose them to truths, values, skills and good things. Let them know they can have a good world if they fight for it and don’t give in to leftist idiocy. My kids know liberals are empty, hateful, corrupt, vindictive fools. So does anyone else I speak to.

  2. Rock Bottom is coming up FAST! The “Point of No Return” is NOT true for America – there are too many of us who believe in the America we grew up in and are willing to stand up to the idiots and snowflakes. More and more are getting fed up and becoming spokemen for OUR America. So many people are walking around in their own little world with blinders on – I talk with them every chance I get – I send copies of your Blog to many. It’s “waking up” more people than I realized. Slow but sure.

  3. POLITICS should NOT involve SPORTS and CHILDREN! If one really thinks about it, EVERYTHING which is RUINING America HAS been DESIGNED by the Democrats, e.g., O’Biden’s hiding out; COVID; the FRAUD election; the REVERSAL of Trump’s decrees; the OPENING of the BORDER; the JANUARY 6th event, etc… One MUST admit that they are GREAT organizers and are DEFINITELY UNIFIED! The Democrats ARE Snowflakes and are trying to CREATE this type of society. Sad to say, but they APPEAR to be SUCCEEDING. AMEN!

  4. We now have a criminal government whose sole purpose is to empower themselves with the help of the Chinese and the globalist. They are forcing us into lockdowns, mask mandates because of increased in COVID infection caused by illegals that they are letting in everyday by thousands into our Country. Vote out the RINO’s and the DEMONcrats they are destroying our Country

  5. I appreciate your comments on the rehash of thoughts about the Olympic and agree they are overpriced and for some form a basis for political comments. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Look for the good and not for the bad in all situations. You find what you want to find when looking at others. Sports provides an opportunity for civic and national pride. Look for ways to build up versus tearing down. We don’t get better by being negative. Support the positive (out of space again)

    In Response To Your Suggestion That We Look For The Good Instead Of The Bad . . . Mussolini Made The Trains Run On Time & Hitler Unified Germany – HG:

  6. To me, yesterday’s post was more important than anything: we always should do our best to succeed at whatever we do. In 2012, I was a 30-year triathlete and I got West Nile Virus, and lost my balance; I can’t walk without a cane and cannot run. After my 1st triathlon, I decided to train the rest of my life. So now I do indoor triathlons where I swim, ride a stationary bike, and walk on a treadmill. I used to win my age group; now I always come in last – and I don’t care if I do!

  7. Howard you are so correct, “IT will Get a Lot Worse before IT will Get Better”. History ignored, and forgotten Will Repeat itself with a lot of Pain and Suffering for us all. God willing we will Overcome and Rise Again.

  8. The evidence is overwhelming that Trump won the election in a landslide and if true than the Jan 6 protesters were fully justified in doing what they did but the Democrats who orchestrated the coup would like everyone to believe that breaking a window and hurting no one was an attempt to overthrow the fraudulently elected corrupt, pathological lying senile clown Biden and unconstitutionally imprisoning the protesters illustrates the evil power Dems have.

  9. The real coup took place in November, not in January, when a planned operation of voter fraud took place, yes a conspiracy to over throw a sitting president by dishonest means and activity. Ufortunately it worked , but the FAT LADY HAS NOT SUNG YET.

  10. When all this started, who knows, been awhile. Give everyone a trophy, no losers, at least you tried. My children were raised during this, we competed in Archery. You won or did not, no participation awards. Now our country is being given WEED, to dumb us down, pain pills that can kill if taken wrong. Gov’t wants us weak, willing to give up. We will prevail only after something big happening, THE TREE OF FREEDOM MUST BE FED WITH BLOOD OF PATRIOTS FROM TIME TO TIME. It will happen at some level.

  11. Howard, 1984 and BIG BROTHER is becoming a reality in America…………….., SAD!

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