The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword


Sticks & Stones Can Break My Bones . . . But Words Can Never Hurt Me – NOT TRUE!

Trudeau’s Liberal Canadian Government Very Recently Passed A Draconian Freedom Of Expression Law . . . BILL C-36, Under the Euphemism as an Anti-Hate Law, which Makes all Opinion Vulnerable to Legal Punishment Under the Guise of Protecting Freedom of Expression . . . Which Is Far From The Truth – Just The Opposite.

What The Anti-Hate Law (Bill C-36) Does . . . is Nothing Short of Creating the Prelude to Sending a Chilling Message to Whomever has an Opinion that Offends Someone, Anyone . . . Including the Government for Whatever Reason the Government or the LEFT Leaning Canadian Judiciary Decides is Offensive Speech, which Conjures Hate . . . IS ILLEGAL.

So Who’s Going To Decode What Is Appropriate Speech & What Is Not Appropriate Speech?

SO . . . if I Was to Write or Speak Disparagingly Against Trudeau and his Liberals, Under the New Law – Bill C-36 . . . Can I Be Charged with Uttering a Hate Crime?

Apparently So, because this New Draconian Liberal Supposed Freedom of Expression Law is Purposefully Ambiguous, just Like Canada’s Freedom of Expression Law, which is Outlined in the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms Under Section 2b of the Constitution, which Guarantees Freedom of Expression, Until Any Judge In Canada Says (Dictates) Otherwise.

THE ANTI-HATE BILL – C-36 . . . Reminds me of the South African Truth & Reconciliation Commission, which on the Surface, Certainly by the Name (Truth & Reconciliation Commission), was a Great Concept to Right the Evils of Apartheid. But, in all Reality, Depending on Who’s Doing the Talking & Writing . . . The Great & Inspiring Title to this Program (Truth & Reconciliation Commission), went so Far as to Strip Property & Commercial Rights from White People, to Enrich Insider Black People (Politicians, Bureaucrats & The Like) And Some White People With Influence.

Today . . . In Spite Of LEFTIST Government Of South Africa Propaganda, Much of South Africa, which is One of the Most Unbelievably Beautiful Regions on Earth, Blessed with all Manner of Minerals, Agriculture & Natural Beauty, which Virtually Over-Night – ONCE WOKE – has Become a Poverty Nation, Unsafe for the Black Population (Murders & Rapes) from Itself, with no Shortage of NO-GO ZONES for White People & Tourists.

But Doesn’t The Truth & Reconciliation Commission Just Sound Grand?

Did I Forget To Mention . . . that South Africa is a Black Country that Used to be Prosperous before the Truth & Reconciliation Commission . . .

And Even Though There’s No Truth & Reconciliation Commission In America – YET, Most of the Crime, Murders, Rapes, Beatings, Thefts, Arsons & Riots in America are in Proportion, the Result of the Fascist Antifa Movement & Black People (BLM).


We’re Seeing It All Around The World & Especially In The United States Of America . . . with this Nonsensical Racist Philosophy of CRT (Critical Race Theory), which has been Created as a False Narrative of American History to Spur-On Racism in America . . . Specifically Amongst America’s Youth.

We Also See It In The All-Out American LEFTIST Crusade . . . To Stop Free, Fair & Honest Elections In The Guise Of Protecting Election Integrity, which is Everything the LEFT Does Not Stand For . . . Nor Really Defend.

If The LEFT Really Wanted Fair Elections, Why Would they Not Campaign for Fair Elections with Forced Voter ID, Honest-To-Goodness Verifiable Voter Registration & In-Person Voting?

I Know We’re Winning As I Keep Writing, Because the LEFT is Becoming More Unhinged by the Passing of Every Day, with all Manner of Legislation to Censor Freedom of Expression in the Phony Guise of Promoting & Protecting Freedom of Expression, While the Mainstream Population, Many of whom Lean Towards the Old-Style Democrat Party of JFK . . . Are Seriously Moving Away From The Sickness Of The Democrat LEFT.

It Was President Lincoln Who Purportedly Said . . . You Can Fool All The People Some Of The Time . . . And Some Of The People All The Time . . . But You Can Not Fool All The People All The Time.

The People Have Been Fooled Enough, And we Can See-It Every Day, Not Just on Some of the Fox News’ Entertainment Nightly Conservative Shows, Breitbart, Newsmax, NTD, Epoch Times, OAN and other Conservative Disseminators of News & Opinion, But Rather, How the LEFTIST Mainstream & Social Media, and the LEFTISTS in Charge of our Governments are Going Out of their Way to Suppress the Voices & Opinions of Everyone with Whom the LEFT Doesn’t Agree . . . It’s Over The Top.


I Don’t Know Of One Revolution Or Great Movement In History That Was Started With Weapons.

But What I Do Know . . . Is that Every Great Movement in the World was Started with the Written and the Verbal Word, which then Led to the Actions on the Street, Whether through the Ballot Box . . . Or Eventually – To The Ammunition Box.

During The American Revolution, It Was The Pamphleteers (Thomas Paine) Who Stirred The Passion Which Lit The Fuse.

Ask Yourself . . . Why did the Nazis Seize Printing Presses? Why did the Nazis Seize Radios? Why did the Nazis Censor Certain Books and even Music?

In More Modern Times . . . Why is Information and the Dissemination of Information Controlled in Communist & Totalitarian Countries like China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela – Etc . . . Verboten?

The More Panicked, Controlling & Restrictive The LEFT Becomes . . . The More We Know That We Are Winning.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If the sheeple were not so apathetic and easily manipulated I would share your optimism. On the other hand, pessimism never won any wars. We have to keep on keeping on, with the belief that ultimately truth will prevail. In the end I want to see the traitors severely punished for their lies, corruption and deceit.

  2. Win We Must! We can NOT continue down this path!

  3. Canada is the most diverse beautiful country on this planet. The sheeples have become too soft in the modern world of today with all of the wonders scientifically accomplished in the last 120 years. If WW 1 started today, you would be out of luck trying to find sheeples to volunteer to go fight. Even 15-year-olds in 1914 wanted to go fight. Today, society is too soft. I will keep saying it, 80% of sheeples should be verboten to vote since they have no clue at what is going on in this world.

  4. Ah! But Bill C 36 did not make it through the Senate. Don’t think that the Libs will not try again to create this draconian law, but hopefully some sheeple will wake up and oppose and resist. Just saying.

  5. I sure hope we are winning, sometimes I doubt it when I take your words and do not change them, just shorten them. Send them to the editor of the local newspaper and he answers me telling me I am lying, and exaggerating and he refuses to put fake news in his paper. What a shame, 4 years ago when I lived here most of what I put in that you had written was accepted. Same editor…different mind set? Or maybe different owner of paper. Keep on though I get so much education just reading you.

  6. Interesting Patricia, we have an Editor of our local rag, Seaway News, a total liberal who only prints about Covid what the so called professionals are saying. I have written opposing opinion and he will not print it unless I agree to him editing out what he doesn’t agree with. How about that for a paper that has a slogan of being fair and balanced? Canadian MSM won’t report anything negative about Covid, or mRNA. Truth can only be found on Fox, Newsmax or similar media.

  7. I believe totally in what you said. This morning I listened to the idiots from CNN talking about how Washington is going to destroy President Trump, his businesses, his family and those supporting him. Why, because they are afraid of him and his words. President Trump has stood up against the Swamp Creatures on both sides of the isle only to be lied about and cheated out of his win. Wife’s family in CA have finally awakened to the fact that Joe Biden and Co. is killing the working class.

  8. When it comes to government overreach , I trust my gut instincts. I’m getting up there in age now, and have no intention of obeying trudeaus laws. I have my own ideas on right and wrong , and do t needles is from a half wit . If enough people ignore trudeau , he will become incandescent with rage and stamp his feet with rage , and that will amuse me no end ! Laughter is the best medicine !

  9. The first battlefield is the rewriting of history. Karl Marx History is no linger being taught and statutes are being removed (history is being rewritten). ’nuff said..

  10. It’s been said that “Things have to get worse before they get better!” Well, O’BIDEN’S “becoming Pres.” is the WORST which has happened! It has finally EXPOSED all the FAKE AMERICANS & has AWAKENED the SLEEPING GIANT, i. e., the TRUE AMERICANS! The FAKE ONES have 1-1/2 years more to try to INSTILL their FAKE AGENDA. TRUMP has RETURNED & the TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME (TDS) has STRUCK the DEMS again. Sadly, there is NO CURE for this disease! GO TRUMP! Keep the FAITH because there IS HOPE! AMEN!

  11. Correction: C-36 has only been introduced in the House of Commons (equivalent to the American House of Representatives) It has to go through 3 readings in the Commons and Committee, then ditto in the Senate before it becomes law, God forbid. Equally dangerous Bill C-10 is in the Senate which is now on summer recess. If an election is called before these communist monstrosities become law, they will die.

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