Just One Question To Ask . . . Where’s Justice?


I Don’t Know Where Waldo Is . . . No One Knows Where Waldo Is, we all Kind of Know Where Hunter is (Just Follow The Coke, Prostitutes & The Money) . . . & Seemingly . . . No One Appears To Know Where Judge Durham Is.

Given The Joke That Has Become Justice In America – There’s No Surprise We Don’t Know Where Durham Is.

But As A Canadian . . . I Have No Right To Be Smug, Since the Politicians in Canada have Taken Justice out of the once Independent Courts, and Have Placed Justice in the Hands of Bureaucrats & Healthcare Appointees, where People are Fined for Expressing their Freedoms, Businesses are Shutdown for Making a Living, Religious Leaders are Jailed for Holding Prayer Sessions & WORST . . . Arresting An Opposition Politician (Maxime Bernier) For Politicking.

Ask Yourself This One Question . . . Do You Have Full Faith & Trust In The Honesty & Integrity Of The Justice System?

Is Lady Justice Really Blind? I’m Guessing the Answer is No, which Begs the Next Question. If we Don’t Have Faith & Integrity in the Justice Systems of Canada and the USA . . . How Could We Possibly Believe In The Freedoms Of Our Societies Within Canada And/Or The United States Of America?

The Simple Answer Is That We Can’t.

Our North American Justice System(s) have Proven themselves to have Become Frighteningly Unworthy of the People (Taxpayers) who Either Elect (USA) or Appoint (Canada/USA) Men & Women to Sit in Judgment of our Constitutional Rights & Freedoms.


How Much Longer Are We Expected To Put-Up With The Insanity Of The LEFT, Before We Really Start To Fight Back?

What The LEFT Seems Not To Understand . . . Or Perhaps More Shockingly Do Understand, and Either Don’t Care or are Hoping to Use as a Weapon and a Reason (Casus Belli) to Go To War (Revolution) . . . Is that Everything & Everyone has a Breaking Point, and Once that Line is Crossed (Point Is Broken) – There Will Be No Coming Back Anytime Soon.


Black Lives Only Matter As A Cultural Problem.

If the American Black Population is Really No Greater than just 13% of the Entire Population of the United States of America – And Literally, Not Virtually, but Literally . . . Every Murder & Beating that is Caught on Camera Throughout the USA, be they Gang-Bangers, Bad Actors, Men or Women . . . They’re Black.

So How’s That My Fault? . . . Because I’m White?

How’s it my Fault that Young Black Women are Seen Jumping Onto Police Cars, and more Recently Onto an Ambulance where the EMT’s who were Tending-To a Shooting Victim “Were Treated To The Vision Of Black Girls Twerking Like Street Whores”?

What The Hell Is Wrong With These People?


If These Young Women Identified As Jewish . . . I’d Want To Puke & Hold My Head In Shame For My Religious Culture.


Think About This . . . On all the News Broadcasts I’ve Watched, Especially where there were Panelists, Specifically Black Panelists, on all the Networks & Cable Stations, I Have Not Heard ONE Pundit – Not Even One – Hint That Virtually All The Thugs, Cutthroats, Murderers, Gang Bangers & Whorey Young Women Are Black.

How Can The Problem Be Fixed When It Is Ignored?

If Black Americans & Black Canadians – or Americans & Canadians of any Color Other than White, Think They Are Better Than Me, Or are More Deserving than me . . . or think that I Have some Sort of Privilege because I was Born White, and because I Work Exceptionally Hard to be as Good as I Can Be . . . Because I Ascribe to Judeo/Christian Moral Values & Believe in a Meritocracy . . . Well In Two Words F-Them!


If That Is What Black People Think & Want? . . . As Far As I Am Concerned – Black Lives Only Matter As A Cultural Problem.

The Way Black People Want To Live Their Lives Is On Them . . . Not On Me. And if Black People According to the LEFT, as the LEFT Does-All it Can Within its Power to Recreate the American Electoral System, Because Black Americans (According To The Left) are Too Stupid to Vote like White & Asian Americans – Tough Luck.

When It Hits The Fan . . . Coming Soon – Which Culture Do You Think Will Pay The Harshest Price?


It’s All A LEFTIST Globalist Power Grab & Con-Job . . . And The American Blacks Are The LEFTISTS’ Dupes.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • Right as usual Howard!

    Fred Dimmick, Seguin, Ontario, Canada
  • Your on the right track. Black “culture” does not, in fact cannot nor will not allow most of the black community to admit that it is they and that culture that is the root of their problems. With that fact they will never, why should they, ever want or need to be responsible for their own mistakes, crimes, etc. Sorry if this sounds racist but think about it. Why can’t/won’t the black community and liberals play by the rules? Is it possible that the fault lies with them?

    Chester Przygoda, Rochester Hills, Michigan,
  • Black culture? What’s that? Rap music? Drugs? Shootings? Fatherless children? Unwed mothers? That’s not culture it’s a lifestyle.

    Teri Newman, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
  • came to phoenix in 1937 and Mom trained me DO NOT GET IN TROUBLE WE DON”T WANT TO SEE A JEWISH NAME IN THE PAPER, IT WILL MAKE US ALL LOOK BAD. And never hit a girl! girls are precious not to be hit ever .You are as good as anyone else but no better than anyone else LOVE EVERYBODY white or black .If in an argument give the other person the benefit of the doubt You do not know how they were raised. It worked all my life and 88 next month. 4 wives and never hit one. MAYBE i SHOULD HAVE ONCE)

    Aaron Berkowitz, Phoenix, Arizona, United States
  • Until the media, Fox News included, have the courage to tell the truth and blame blacks for crimes clearly displayed on TV, none will ever be respected as journalists.

    William & Vickie McCoy, Leander, Texas,
  • Howard, You have no idea. I was a Revenue Officer, (read tax collector), for IRS for 32 years and dealt with more minorities than whites. I did not choose with whom I dealt. Black mothers with children by three or more fathers, claim 2 be abandoned by husbands who sleep with them and are drug dealers who buy them a new car and drive LUXURY cars themselves, report no income, (if they even file a tax return). I have no documentation to prove it. But just drive through the housing projects a few times and count the luxury cars.

    Van D Kleiner, Corinth, TX, United States
  • The problems of the black community are self inflicted.

    Martin Achilles, Edgecomb, Maine, United States
  • You are right. Thank You. God Bless

    Kathy West, Livonia, Michigan, United States
  • Spot on Howard. Full Stop.

    John Ross, Ancaster ON, ,
  • Unfortunately for our country, you are exactly right about the total, dare I say ‘whitewashing’ of black on black crime, black on Asian crime, black on white crime, in the media in this country. Why don’t the good black people stand up and defend themselves, those who work, take care of their families and contribute to their communities? Perhaps they are afraid to be called Oreo or Uncle Tom, not ‘down’ with the people. The low class blacks are all we ever see, and they are disgusting.

    Alma Womack, JONESVILLE, Louisiana, United States
  • I wonder how people like Robert Woodson and Candace Owens feel about their race when they see such violence and despair. They will most likely tell you that the LEFT has received money for black projects, education, etc., but the black communities never get the help they need. This happens in mostly democratic cities. I grew up in a large family, with very little material things, but we were made to respect people and not to shame our parents. As you point out, blacks make their own lives.

    Marie Quale, Shapleigh, ME, United States
  • I worked for a major corporation for 25 years I saw first hand the changing times in the late 90s. Blacks challenged OSHA rules , were late to work, took extra long lunches and breaks. F you questioned them they went to HR claiming they were being singled out. I was responsible for 2 being fired, I had to go to Corp. Office to explain m actions and was sued, which I won. This was a small group they just don’t get it. They were not held down just expected to give honest work for God pay. Sham

    Azevedo, Star, ID, United States
  • The Black community has been taught to play the VICTIM by the Democrats. An independent, successful population cannot be controlled. LBJ bragged that with his Geat Society that he had brought the Blacks (I am sure he used another word in private) under the Democrat umbrella and guaranteed the Democrats the Black vote forever. This is the legacy of LBJ and the Democrat Party.

    Jeffrey Zucker, Bellingham, WA,
  • Howard, you can find the answer to your question on Black people and culture, and why they are like they are can be found in the old testament in the book of Noah, when one of his sons mocked Noah and God punished him for mocking his father’s nakedness. Other books of the old testament prove the prophecy, Abraham is one , which also proves the ownership of Israel.

    Paul E Costello, Hannacroix, NY, United States
  • And the beat goes on…….~Sonny & Cher

    George Myers, Millsboro, Delaware,

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