Not Yet Two Months-In


Just Like The American LEFT Couldn’t Wait For Biden To Become President . . . Neither Could FREEDOM’S Enemies.

In Less Than 2-Months . . . Biden Opened the Sluice-Gates to Illegal Immigration, Drugs, Unaccompanied Children, Prostitution, White-Slavery, Human Snuggling, Terrorists & God Only Knows What Diseases from God Only Knows from Where – And From Whom . . . From Around The World.

BUT – Also in Less than Biden’s First Two Months in Office . . . Biden Killed the XL Pipeline, Killed Tens of Thousands of High Paying Skilled Jobs Associated with the Pipeline, Oversaw the Stellar Rises in Gas Prices at the Pumps, and is Personally Bearing Witness to the Killing of, as Many as 800-Great Paying Jobs, which Ford Now Intends to Transfer to Mexico.

And The Preceding Good Paying Job Losses Will Be Just The Beginning.


But It Gets Even Better Than That . . . Or Actually Much Worse Than That – Given the Humiliating Ass-Kicking Biden’s Foreign Affairs Team (Secretary of State) Just Took at a High-Level US/China Meeting in Alaska, where the Chinese, Without Reservation, Unabashedly Pummeled a Feckless American Secretary of State (Antony Blinken) into the Ground – Absolutely Reflects The Reality Of A Biden Presidency.

BUT . . . To Add Insult to Injury, Biden Called the Leader of Russia (Putin) a Killer, Essentially Telling the Entire World that Putin is a Murderer for the Way Putin Allegedly Deals with Putin’s Adversaries, Which Putin Didn’t Care to Hear . . . So Much Not-So – That Putin Recalled his Russian Ambassador from Washington, which is One of the Most Drastic Responses One Nation Can Do to Another Nation before Men & Women Start Dying In The Shadows, as was the Case in the Long Russian/American Cold War, Which Raged From 1946 To 1991.

Biden Is A Legend In His Own Mind . . . Where it Seems that Biden’s Greatest Physical Battle, which Didn’t Happen, was Against a Possibly Mythical Thug Named “Corn-Pop” – Where by Biden’s Own Voice . . . A Punch Was Never Thrown.

Remember How Biden Talked About Taking “Trump” Behind The Gym If They Were Kids – Who Biden Would Beat The Hell Out Of.

Well Putin Isn’t Some Mythical Miscreant (Corn-Pop) In The Sick Mind Of Biden . . . Putin is the Real Thing . . . KGB, Russian Special Forces, Black Belt in Martial Arts & Plenty More where that Came-From . . . So What’s The Slayer Of “Corn-Pop” Going To Do Now – that Putin Effectively & Publicly Dropped the Gauntlet to Biden . . . To Having A One-On-One LIVE Debate For The Whole World To See & Hear?

By The Way . . . In a One-On-One Behind the Gym Between Biden & Trump, Biden Would be Claiming Victory as they Carried Biden (The Legend In His Own Mind) . . . Out on a Stretcher.

And We Can’t Forget North Korea . . . Which Sees Biden, To Be As Much A Threat, As A Fart In A Wet Tent.


I Am Terrified Of The Ignorance & Lack Of Decent American Values.

This Just Happened . . . The First Time – Biden Stumbled to his Knees as he Jogged up the Steps to the Plane’s Cabin, Jogging So as to Look like a Much Younger & More Vibrant Man than Biden is – Was Embarrassing.

Two Steps After . . . Biden Went Down Again – Which Was Even More Embarrassing – But the Third Time . . . Just A Few Steps After The Second Tumble . . . Biden went Down on his Ass, Which was No Longer just Embarrassing – It Was Dreadful & Humiliating . . . That America, the Greatest Nation Ever Conceived, Could Have Possibly Elected Such a Moron to the Highest & Most Powerful Office on Earth.


Everything I Just Wrote About Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg. But There Is A Ray Of Sunshine.


The Saudi’s are so Terrified of – The Runaway Biden-Train-Wreck, that Far Sooner Rather than Later, the Saudi Arabians, Who only Play Nice Behind the Scenes with the Israelis, will Much Sooner Rather than Later Scrap the Pretense of their Hatred for Israel & Jump All-In With “Trump’s” Abraham Accords . . . To Borrow A Phrase From “Trump” – At Warp Speed . . . to Do all the Saudis Can, To Build A Strong & Equitable Gulf-State/Israel Alliance.

Not What The American LEFT, Palestinians, Iranians, Iraqis, Syrians, Moslem Brotherhood & Turks Were Hoping-For.


The Entire Free World Is So Aghast At What It Sees Happening In The USA . . . That There’s A Whole New Rethink Going-On.

As I’ve Written Many Times In The Past . . . Surely Since the 2020 Election, the Left Gives New Meaning to the Old Adage about Having Enough Rope to Hang Oneself.

I Never Thought The Biden Presidency Would Unravel As Fast As It Is. All We Need Now Is To Hang-In Till 2022.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I can’t help but wonder if God has allowed this Biden administration fiasco to occur just to show America and the world how rotten to the core the left really is.

  2. Howard, 2022 is as good as 1 million years away , everyday that Mr.Biden is illegally in the White House. What is more disturbing at this hour,is the lack of outrage by our so called politicians, who seem to be allowing America to crumble day by day with every act of defiance by the moron. Where are the “men” of America who should be fighting to protect and defend our country against these domestic terrorists,. They took an oath to defend our constitution as well as the safety of all Americans?

  3. It seems that the USA is beginning to realize what Canada has succumbed to in the past few years. Devious leadership leads to a very uncertain future. Where are the real leaders? PLEASE Show your hand…………………I’m waiting!

  4. Well, the only one who is even dumber than Biden, is our own Village Idiot, Trudope. What a disaster both of them are. Lord help us! Dumb and Dumbest!

  5. You’re right Howard, all we need to do is hang in till 2022. My concern is that we will not have much left of this country when that day arrives. I am not outraged at the politician, the mere fact that they are politician make them crooked and dishonest, however, I am outraged at the American people, gas prices are up almost a $1 a gallon, food prices are on the rise and now they are talking about raising our taxes and corporate taxes, where is the people’s outrage??? The silence is deafening!!!

  6. Even more disturbing are the people that voted for Joe and Justin !!

  7. Conservatives & perhaps some Dems likely continue to be aghast at the anti-American EOs, as well as the bills Congress is pushing through due to their majority. Fox indicates Harris does all the state phone calls with other national leaders. It is like Nero fiddling while Rome burns. People are waking up & some are fighting back over the 2020 election. But this Congress & Administration are truly destroying the nation and its people. Anybody not believe God has removed His hand of protection?

  8. We could do a sequel to”dumb and dumber” staring Biden and Trudeau.

  9. Notice that not many if any on the left made comment that he referred to Harris as President Harris yesterday.

  10. Biden knows Harris will be President. He played the game so that “Dr. Jill” can emerge as first lady. Our country is on a cliff edge, with so many wishing someone will do something. God may be punishing man for destroying the beautiful world he created with males pretending to be female, rapist, thieves, gay marriage, child porn, and politicians. What is it going to take to shake this country up enough to make people fight for Good, Biblical ways of life? A person at your door taking your guns.

  11. It is my fondest hope, and I believe it will come true, that the whole Biden administration will publicly embarrass itself so many times over and over again that the American public will do its utmost to discard the whole bunch. I hope Trump runs for Congress and then becomes Speaker. Then both Biden and Harris should be impeached for their nefarious deeds and Trump will be back in the Presidency. I pray that Americans will have the good sense to make it happen.

  12. O’Biden IS ILLEGALLY in the White House & it’s no surprise that his administration REVEALED its SOCIALIST AGENDA as quickly as it did! This was THEIR PLAN right along! It will be very interesting to HEAR his SUPPORTERS’ comments when the ILLEGALS ENTER their own states in droves! This administration is a DISGRACE to AMERICA! It’s SODOM & GOMORRHA all over again! Meanwhile, Trump will BENEFIT from the DEMOCRATS’ SCREW-UPS! Yes, “All we need now is to hang-in till 2022”…..and PRAY A LOT! AMEN!

  13. I do not wish to see anyone fall and hurt themselves no one. Well maybe Satan. We all know that that Biden is not going to be President it was a game the Democrat’s all played to get Trump our of office. They were Evil and they won by being just that EVIL. I for one do not chose to be as Evil as they are and say bad things about them. Instead my prayers are asking God to help me be stronger and not to be Evil. Praying that our country will one day have Trump once again as our President. Amen

  14. How is any of us going to survive until 2022? Gas prices are on a tear upwards. Our economy is being destroyed right before our very eyes. Nobody seems to even question the fact that Biden didn’t even know what he was signing and said as much, only to have the “President” push the Executive Order back towards him and say, Sign it anyway. Also, why is nobody questioning these Orders because it looks like he’s signing blank pages? Watch the video where he’s signing them.

  15. The Obama puppet jogged up the stairs trying to prove that he is not a senile old coot. He obviously failed. I pray that this incident is a preview of 2022, when his crooked administration will be judged harshly by the American people.

  16. It’s hard to believe but because Biden is a corrupt, incompetent, senile, buffoon, he may be even worse than Canada’s politically correct, corrupt, childish, brain dead, Marxist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

  17. I don’t Biden is capable of conjuring up any of these idiotic initiatives…he is but a puppet…whom are the real decision makers pulling the strings…they are who the Americans need to fear. Same can be said of idiot PM…who is pulling the strings?

  18. Howard, it won’t be too much longer and President Harris will take over. Lord Biden is on the way out!

  19. I feel very, very strongly that Biden was merely the puppet to get the Left into the White House. He is too compromised mentally and physically to even realize that he is being used by his own party. It’s frightening to me to witness how vile and how far the Dems will go to achieve their goals. I could almost feel sorry for the man – if he wasn’t a worthless do nothing in Washington for his entire career

  20. I don’t understand ‘hang till 2022’. What is going to change, if they cheated at the polls 2020 why won’t they 2022? Just wondering what you had in mind. Thanks

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