RINOS – The Most Terrified Of The Anti-Trumpers


If You Intend To Kill The King – Don’t Miss . . . The Attack On President Donald Trump Was A Huge Trump Victory.


As This Disgraceful Senate Kangaroo Court Came To An End . . . So Did The Careers Of Many RINOS.

Mitch McConnell . . . the Former Republican (RINO) Senate Leader Came-Out & Publicly Lambasted President Donald Trump after Having to Vote to Acquit the Former President because the Democrats FAILED to Prove Any of their Scurrilous Claims.

What Irks McConnell Most . . . Isn’t the Fact that McConnell Felt Politically Compelled to Vote NOT to Impeach Citizen Donald Trump, but Rather, Because the Future of the Republican Party and the Future of Mitch McConnell now Lies Squarely in the Hands of the Man (“Trump”) McConnell & the American Neo-Communists Couldn’t Purge from their Midst.

Where McConnell and others of McConnel’s Sorry-Ilk Always Felt Empowered, Almost as Infallible American Political Royalty, they are Now No More than Exposed Politicians who at Best are in the Crosshairs of the Conservative American People, who Politicians like McConnell has been Lording Over . . . For Forever.

McConnell Said Far More (Injuriously) About Himself In His Post Acquittal Senate Rant . . . Than He Did About President Trump.

I Just Want To Point Out . . . From Time to Time I Watch Tucker Carlson. And from Time to Time – But Less Frequently I Watch Hannity, because with Hannity it’s Always Pretty-Much the Same Thing & I Really Don’t Want to See the almost Nightly Lindsey Graham Show on the Hannity Show. And Rarely Do I Watch Laura Ingraham, Not Because I Disagree with What Ingraham has to Say, but Mostly because it’s Regurgitation.

I Prefer to Watch some Mindless Series on Television than the Same-Old, Same-Old, Rehashed Over & Over Again, as if it is New & Pertinent. Besides, for up To-Date Accurate News, I Read a Plethora of Independent Reliable News Web-Sites from North America and from Around the World.

BUT . . . I Do Like Watching Mark Levin Every Sunday Night At 8:00PM Eastern Time.

Want To Watch Real News? . . . Switch-Over To Newsmax Until they Sell-Out Too, or Maybe Not for Quite a While, because Fighting for the Good Guys is Doing Very Well for Newsmax in the Ratings.

As for the Rest of the Post Morning Show Line-Up on Fox News, they would do Well to be on CNN or MSNBC for all They’re Worth. It’s a Terrible Pity what the Offspring of the Fox News Founder Rupert Murdoch, did to What was a Great Symbol of Truth in the Media & Conservative Freedom of Expression.


OK – If That’s True According To The Logic Of Chris Wallace Of Fox News . . . The Circumstances of the Word Traitor, Quisling, Sell-Out – Etc . . . Perfectly Applies (In My Judgment) to the Democrat Neo-Communist Senators and the Swamp Dwelling Republicans, who were Machinating a Vicious Anti-Trump (Conservative) Fantasy to Keep the People Under the Thumb of Government.


Democrat Neo-Communist Credo . . . Do Unto Others & Then Pray To Hell They Won’t Do It To You . . . Too Late For That.

If Nothing Else . . . This Unparalleled Senate Impeachment Disgrace to the US Constitution, and to the Direct Intent of the Constitutional Framers & Signers was Anathema to Everything the Senators Had Publicly Sworn & Promised to Support & Defend, as they Took their Oath of Office . . . Which Was In Fact An Unmitigated Violation To Their Oath Of Office & An Equally Unadulterated Insult To The American People.


In The Not So Distant Future . . . The Republican Party will Either Become a Hard Core Originalist Constitutional Party with the RINOS Going Down in Flames, or the Republican Party will Become a Remnant Party where President Donald Trump will Remain the “Titular” or “Practical” Leader of a New Party, which will in Fact be Capable of Removing the Denizens of the Swamp.

If I Was A RINO Or A Democrat Neo-Communist . . . I Too Would be Worried, More Likely Terrified of the Now Certain Trump Resurrection . . . As President Trump and his Patriot Followers . . . Will Indeed Drop Political Hellfire Upon The Real Insurrectionists – And in Accordance to the Words & Writings of Thomas Jefferson, as was Written in Jefferson’s Letter From Paris – Back To The USA Known As The Tree Of Liberty . . .

“The Tree Of Liberty Must Be Refreshed From Time To Time With The Blood Of Patriots & Tyrants”.


Gladhander Lindsey Graham . . . Will be Visiting Donald Trump at President Trump’s Estate at Mar-A-Lago Florida, Purportedly to Discuss where the Republican Party will be Going from Here. I Suspect that Mr Compliant Swamp Creature (Graham) is Venturing to Mar-A-Lago on Behalf of a Group of RINOS to see how Bad the Trump Retribution will Actually Be . . . And To Beg For Political Mercy.

I Have No Idea What President Trump Will Do Next . . . But It Won’t Be Nothing.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. My husband and I feel the same about Fox News, Tucker and nobody else. I pray for The Trump family and all of us deplorables everyday.

  2. These Rhinos will be took out in their next primary election. As everyone knows who they are only to be reminded that they were the Rhinos wanting Trump gone. Most are just playing Politics thinking they might be better off on the other side. It’s far past time that we don’t need people like them making our laws.

  3. You are right Howard, I can’t wait to see what will be released on the neo communists and Rinos.

  4. Hopefully we will now finally see the cleansing of our almost pathetically corrupt government. With the leadership of President Trump our voters might finally awaken and get rid of the garbage infesting the Democrat party and the Republicans can quit their internal squabbling long enough to show the Rinos the door. We can get back to a properly functioning Congress and continue down the road to drain the swamp and MAGA!

  5. Mitch and his ties (via his father-in-law) to China are seriously threatened right now so please forgive him . . . ha ha. I read that former GOP officials are meeting purportedly to discuss building a new “Conservative Anti-Trump” party. I’m pretty sure the Rinos already have that established and have for years. That’s how we arrived at today – riding their two-sided swords!

  6. It’s not over till it’s over. Watch them squirm, but watch them closely.!!

  7. if talk is cheap, why are so many politicians so rich? and they weren’t so rich when they entered politics, were they?

  8. Time for Trump to sue the brains out of the Democrat regime for legal fees and every lie they used to defame him.

  9. The Republicans and Donald Trump will win nothing in 2022 or 2024 until the election rigging & cheating done by the demon rats are completely stopped. All the next elections in the U.S.A. must be done like the Canadian federal election. No more machines, just paper ballots counted by witnesses of all parties. Mail-in ballots only to those that ask for them and have to supply evidence of their identity with their vote. I had to do it for the election of the new CPC leader. Use the same system.

  10. Watch a video by Mike Lindell, MyPillow, called Absolute Proof. You will see & understand the fight to get rid of President Trump will be ongoing as long as voting machines like the Dominion exist. The information revealed in the video is beyond dispute. With luck a reopening of the judicial system to examine & adjudicate might just be feasible. Adjudication, is also term to determine who gets the vote on a doubtful ballot when counting machine rejects a ballot. BTW I read Canada used Dominion

  11. This whole thing was like a movie being played out. I firmly believe that everything that happened was supposed to happen. This farce of an impeachment was the scene in the movie just before the climax. Everything had a purpose, including the rigged election. If anybody thinks Trump did not know that the elections were going to be rigged need to wake up. It’s not over yet, and as the song by Phil Collins says. .”I can feel it coming in the air tonight”. The Dems & Rinos are in for a bumpy ride.

  12. Been turning to One America News more and more. Especially Dan Ball

  13. Our Government is So corrupt, that the only way an honest person can survive in it is to sell his/her sole to the devils. Otherwise they will be blocked at every junction. Why in the world are they so above the law.? They do inside trading, commit thousands of minor crimes and real ones too, only to walk away from them with a minor slap on the hand. Drunk driving, drug use, bed hopping are all the norm in DC. Lobbist buy the power for their interests, time to stop them all. dead in their tracks.

  14. Donald Trump had a brilliant legal team. I hope he keeps them close. We know he will need them along with his hundred million or more supporters out here.

  15. President Trump unveiled the corruption that has permeated every level of our government, & that’s why all the rats are fighting so viciously to destroy him, and all of us as well. We must eliminate all voting machines; paper ballots & voter ID only, otherwise the cheating will continue for every election. RINOS MUST be kicked out, recalled, voted out, they are simply Dems dressed in Red. Monopolies, i.e., FB, Twitter, Google, Amazon, etc., must be broken up. Donald Trump is still my President!

  16. Trump’s silence has been deafening these past few weeks, but I suspect that his brain is working overtime in “preparation” for this country’s future!! He’s not finished yet & the left knows it! He exposed their evil deeds & future goals so they’re terrified of him & his MANY loyal (cult) supporters! I doubt that Trump is “fooled” by Lindsey Graham’s blather…”keep your enemies (RINO’s) close”! Thanks for another excellent editorial, Howard & to your readers for their “interesting comments”!!

  17. I record Tucker every day and go through it in about 20 minutes. He is the only honest commentator, and has tremendous courage as I’m sure he faces continuous threats. Wish every thinking person would pay attention to him.

  18. Totally agree with your Editorial—especially regarding FOX! The LEFT has REVEALED a lot more than they could EVER IMAGINE via their ATTEMPT to IMPEACH Trump. More of the HIDDEN SWAMP CREATURES and RINOS have been EXPOSED ! Trump is RETURNING, so we should ALL be PREPARED for many PROVOCATIVE political activities, and to HEAR the TRUTH again! Yes, VOTER FRAUD MUST BE ADDRESSED ASAP! Congratulations, Pres. Trump and Good Luck in your future ENDEAVORS! We continue to PRAY for you and yours! AMEN!

  19. I’m thinking that those RINOs who voted to impeach Trump are actually Democrats who’ve infiltrated the GOP (like they did in the rallies for the Tea Party). All voting machines need to be gotten rid of; back to counting by hand with 1 ea party member for every group of ballots counted. If/when Trump is in next term, needs to remove heads & 3 levels below in all depts, FBI & CIA as well as Pentagon. Find/vet every replacement (like interrogate them) whether they support prez no matter who it is.

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