Hollywood’s Past Fiction . . . Today’s Reality


In 2002 . . . Hollywood Released a Movie Starring Tom Cruise, Titled MINORITY REPORT – About a Future American Society, where People were Arrested, “Tried” & Convicted BEFORE they Committed a Crime.

Let’s Fast Forward 19-Years To 2021 . . . Where Democrat Congressman (Md) Jamie Raskin Wants to do Just That . . . Convict President Trump in a Sham Senate Trial (Impeachment) for “FUTURE CRIMES”, which Raskin is Fearful-Of, If President Trump Wishes To Run Again In 2024 . . .

Or Maybe . . . If “President Trump” Decides Not To Run Again, But Decides Rather, to Become an even More Formidable Opponent in Private Life, to the Neo-Communists & RINOS, as the Leader & Inspiration for a Freedom Movement, Within the Republican Party, Which Is A VERY Likely Scenario.

On Monday Night January (25, 2021), Democrat Congressman Jamie Raskin of Maryland Repeated his Desire, this Time on MSNBC, to Impeach President Trump . . . “Not So Much Nearly About The Past – As It Is About The Future”.

If The Preceding Doesn’t Send Chills Running Up & Down Your Spine What Will?

What Makes The Thought Process Of Jamie Raskin Most Terrifying . . . Is that Raskin wasn’t just Musing for Himself, but Rather Demonstrated an Extremely Sick Mindset Permeating throughout LEFTIST America, and Amongst the Republicans In Name Only (RINOS), who are Petrified that the People (At A Minimum 74-Million) ,who Voted for “Trump” in Historical Numbers, In-Spite of the Lies, Propaganda, Smear Jobs (Stormy Daniels) Witch-Hunt Investigations (Mueller Report) & Kangaroo Impeachment over a Simple Congratulatory Call to the Ukrainian President, Will Rise-Up & Take Back Their Freedoms.

The RINOS & Neo-Communists aren’t Afraid of the Resurgence of “Trump” . . . Nearly as Much as they’re Crap-Scared of the American People . . . Who Have Had More Than Enough Of Their Political Mendacity & Corruption.

The RINOS & Neo-Communists Are Also More Worried Than Just Somewhat . . . of Men & Women in the Republican Party who can Raise, Hold-High & Carry the Patriot Flag of Freedom for Conservative Republicans & Freedom-Loving Democrats To Follow.

They’re Equally Worried About Conservative Governors . . . Who Have Already Staked their Strong No-Holds-Barred Opposition to the NEW LEFT (Neo-Communists) Government in Washington DC.


The Parallel Is Mind-Numbing.

Take This Exact Lesson From The Nazis . . . First they Set One Sector of Society Against Another – The Democrats Set Black Americans Against White Americans, the Nazis Set Christians Against Jews, then they Rigged an Election, After-Which the Nazis Burnt-Down their Reichstag (Parliament), while in America,  THUGS Assaulted the Capitol Building, then they Came for Freedom of Expression, then they Came for their Political Opponents, then they Came for the Guns . . . And The Rest Is History.

It’s Hard To Beat Them In The Courts . . . When they’ve Fixed the Judiciary. They Can’t be Beaten in the House or the Senate, since they’ve Bought & Paid for Both, Unless there are Still Enough Democrats with a Conscience and a Love for Freedom.

And then there’s Enough Sham Conservatives (Men & Women) in the Senate who Seem to Have More Love for the Swamp than they Have for the Constitution.

BUT . . . As I Keep Writing – We Can Beat Them With Our Pocket Books & Our Resolve Not To Succumb.

Please Understand This . . . As Long As We The People Do Not Surrender, We Can’t Be Beaten. And as long as the LEFT Continues Along their Path To The Sedition Of America, and the Canadian Path to a Communist One World Government – More & More Americans & Canadians who were Asleep for Decades, while the Neo-Communists were Lulling Everyone to Apathy, will Start to Awaken to the New Reality of What they’ve Done to their Own Freedoms . . . By Voting For A Pig In A Poke.


For People Who Think . . . This Insurrection Against The Individual Freedoms Of The People Just Began, they’ve Not been Paying Attention to a Century of LEFTISM that has Slowly Crept Into our Lives Starting with Academia.

This Assault On Our Independent Freedoms Goes Way Back To President Woodrow Wilson, who was a Democrat Racist (Anti-Black) and White Supremacist, who Believed in a Controlled Society, who was Rebuked by Wilson’s own Democrat Party & Republicans for Wilson’s Passionate Support for the League of Nations, which Was the Precursor to the United Nations . . . which Is the Precursor to Today’s Targeted Goal of a One World Government.

What Took the American Neo-Communists – Allied with a Globalized One World Government Movement Almost a Century of Planning & Scheming – to Come Close to Achieving their Nefarious Goal through all Manner of Skullduggery, Hastened by Big Tech (Internet) . . . Is Not Invulnerable To Defeat.

When The Case Against Christ Was Brought Before Pontius Pilate – Pilate Purportedly Reacted in this Manner Without Passing Judgment . . . If This Christ Is Indeed Just One Man – He Can Be Defeated. But If Christ Is Part Of A Movement, Nothing Will Defeat Him.

The Framers of the Constitution of the United States of America could Never have Foreseen this 21st Century Assault on their Dream for their Constitutional Republic, However, the Framers were More than Smart Enough to Embed Within the People of the New-Found Free Republic of America, the Resolute Belief that Freedom Trump’s All Else, and that America Cannot Be Defeated, Because America Is More Than Just A Geographical Location On The Map.

That America Is A Movement . . . Beyond the Evils of Man, because like the Christianity Preached by Christ . . . America is an Undefeatable Belief in Good & Freedom, which Cannot be Usurped by the Avarice of Man.

I Have A Plaque That Reads . . . “When They Come For The Guns & Ammunition – Give Them The Ammunition First”.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Wth you 100%. Any politician (R or D) who doesn’t denounce the Orwellian “impeachment” scam is part of the problem. He needs to be primaried next year.

  2. Mr. Galganov, as I hunker down, isolated in masked CA (while walking outside), I consider you a friend. You are a voice of reason, common sense. I eagerly await each missive and commend you for your courage. Here, I would get “cancelled” were I to out myself (politically). Hopefully enough of us can get Newsom recalled. please listen to Harvey Schlanger explain why Russia/China not our enemy! and explains fascistic takeover via green new deal.

  3. Trump had no idea how immense the swamp is. He knows now, and is probably strategizing it’s draining complete to the last tentacle. Hopefully, he will deploy measures so devastating to the dems that we might even feel sorry for them.

  4. I was asked by one of our local policemen if I would give up my guns if they came for them. I said NO. He said that there would be both federal and local Law Enforcement present. I said that was OK as long as I got two before I went down. He then asked me who I would shoot first. I said the local guys. Why? he asked. Because they should know better was my answer.

  5. I want my state to secede from the United States of America. The vote with the machines will continue to be manipulated. Nor do I want to pay for New York & California etc states especially New York & California

  6. You are sooooo right about Wilson and the last 100 years! We Constitutional Patriots must fight this on the LOCAL level. You express exactly as more than 74 + million REAL U.S. Americans feel. Would you believe the day after the election I got TWO requests for $ from the Rep. Party. I wrote them that I could NOT support a party that did not back their own President.. And I sent it with their business reply envelope… free postage for me…. LOL. I am an Independent. Thanks!

  7. No comments tonight Howard, for one I don’t own a gun and all my kitchen knifes need to be sharpened . Keep up your wonderful editorials love them always. Take care you & Anne be safe & well. Along with your furry babies. God bless to you all.

  8. Howard, you noted Pontius Pilate’s comments about Christ. Jesus, by my understanding, was/is God in the form of a man who came among mankind to alert us of coming changes. The political situation in North America could be the beginning of eternal changes that have been foretold in the Bible. No one knows just when or how these changes will occur. I will just be continuing in prayer for many people to better understand what may be going on. Thanks so much for your continuing observations!

  9. “Puppet” Biden is just doing what he is told to do and say by the Left. Really promoting healing and unity by shutting down the pipeline and eliminating 10s of thousands of jobs. And as Pontius Pilate acquiescing to the illegal, unconstitutional impeachment of a President no longer in office.

  10. I do not like hearing of folks wanting their state to secede from the Union. Only together will we be strong enough to defeat the Lib Beast that walks among us. We all have opinions, If you are not willing to step into the ring get behind someone who will. I did that with Donald Trump, he gave up an Empire to fight for us and now so many do not back him. Washington will always be a Swamp until we Induce Fear in their hearts as a united front with true teeth and willingness to shed our blood

  11. Howard the old saying is “divide and conquer” , the thing is Howard, the Dems are so disgusting no one w/ any common sense want ‘s to have anything to do w/them. So, divided we must stand and fight like hell for God and country. Make no mistake about it, if this keeps up there will be a civil war in this country, gun and ammo sales are going through the roof .

  12. I’m 69, I sincerely believe we are the last generation than knows of Our History. I also know that I had many friends taught the same History as me AND have Chosen to renounce it! We The People o the United States, in order to form a more perfect union establish justice insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare & secure the blessing of Liberty to ourselves & our posterity, do establish this Constitution. I’m trying to share on facebook, unable to.

  13. HG, as you know, there are always many different chemicals being produced to get rid of various germs, etc… Thus far, NONE have been SUCCESSFUL enough to completely EMPTY the POLITICAL SWAMP. HOWEVER, be PREPARED because TRUMP is NOW very much AWARE of which CULPRITS reside in the POLITICAL SWAMP, so he, et al, will find SOLUTIONS to ELIMINATE them in the NEXT couple of years. It will NEED a WHOLE NEW NATURAL SCIENCE and CREATIVE process, but if anyone CAN do it, he CAN! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  14. As Donald Azevedo says, washington will always be a swamp. There is a remedy for that, term limits for all politicians of 8 years and rotation for top bureaucrat positions. This should happen in every democratic country around the world. As Frank Canzone says that they must be the last generation to know their history, well I don’t know when a generation starts and finishes but I am 59 and I remember my history and it was well taught up to at least 1979. After that it started going downhill !!!!

  15. I like your comment about giving them the ammunition first, lol

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