It Was A Coup D’état


I Make Reference To The “Attempted” Coup D’état Of President Donald Trump – But In Reality, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS.

More Succinctly . . . It wasn’t just an Attempted Coup D’état, it was a Successful Coup D’état, in as Much that the LEFT used Media Propaganda, Judicial Malfeasance, False Claims of Endemic & Systematic Racism, Congressional Treason, Social/Physical Violence (Antifa/Black Lives Matter) and a Rigged Presidential Election to Overthrow the Presidency of Donald J Trump.


The LEFT has an Agenda which it Will Force Upon All of Us . . . As Soon As It CanCome Hell Or High Water, Knowing that if they Can’t Totally Destroy the Freedoms which Made us (America/Canada) Exceptional over the Past Centuries . . . Here & Now – the LEFT will use all Means They Will DEEM Necessary to Achieve their Goals, because the LEFT Knows they will Never Have a Better or Even Another Chance to USURP the Freedoms of The US Constitution . . . Which Is WHY The Biden Government Has Militarized Washington DC.

When There Is A Permanent Preponderance Of Visibly Armed Troops In A Nation’s Capital, It Means Only One Thing.


The LEFT (Democrats) Despise Being Compared to Nazis, Not Because the Comparison is Untrue or Extreme, but Rather – Because The Juxtaposition Is Unmistakable.

The Nazis Used A “Democratic” Election, which the Nazis Didn’t Win, but which Got them Appointed to Power Nonetheless, Along with their Nazi Brownshirt Thugs who Helped Finish the Final Seizure of Power. The Democrats (Neo-Communists) Stole the 2020 Presidential Election by Means of Massive Voter Fraud and by Way of  Antifa & Black Lives Matter Thugs . . . Also To Seemingly Win A “So-Called Democratically” Run Election.


The Nazis Wasted No Time . . . Diminishing the Validity of their Political Opponents, to the Point that Honest Criticism Became a Threat (Insurrection) Against the Nazi Brand of “Democracy” . . . to which the Nazis Equally Wasted No Time Passing Restrictive Laws Against Much of the Population in Favor of Some of the Population . . . In The Guise Of Protecting The Common Good.


Once In Power . . . The Nazis Seized all the Instruments of Power, Starting with the Ability of the People to Freely Communicate, with Which they were Able to Enact a Multitude of “Kangaroo-Laws”, which Guaranteed the Nazis an Opposition-Free Government.

OK . . . I Get It – There are a Whole Lot of People Who are Ignorant of History & Feel Uncomfortable with this Comparison Between America’s Democrats & Germany’s Nazis, which I Understand, since it’s Really Hard to Grasp that Ugly Equivalence . . .


So Let’s Not Talk About Nazis . . . and Instead, let us Reference . . . Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Chavez and a Plethora of Others – all of Whom Started-Out the Same Way, with Seemingly Great Intentions and a Personal Philosophy, which Convinced Each & Every One of Them that they Had the Perfect Socio/Economic Strategy to Heal The World.


And Every Time Socialists/Communists/Fascists Fail Miserably . . . A New Brand of Socialist/Communist/Fascist Comes Forward Believing He or She Could Do It Better . . . Much like Ocasio Cortez, who States without Equivocation, that her Brand . . . IS DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM, which is the One Medicine the Entire World is Waiting For.


HOWEVER . . . There Is No Such Thing As Democratic-Socialism – Where in our Context of Understanding, Democracy Means Freedom, Which Is Already A Faulty Understanding . . . Because, by Socialism’s Simple Nature, Socialism DEMANDS OBEDIENCE from the Masses, in as Much as Socialism CANNOT WORK if People are Free to Decide their Lifestyles for Themselves & Individually Prosper from their Own Achievements.


They (American Neo-Communists) . . . AKA the American LEFT, AKA the American Democrat Party, AKA Republicans in Name Only (RINOS), AKA Big Media (Mainstream & Social Media), AKA Big Business, AKA Globalist Investment Bankers, AKA the UN, AKA the EU & AKA the World of Academia . . . Will Not Be Stopped Until Freedom Is Stopped . . .

They Didn’t Stop the Nazis . . . They Didn’t Stop the Russian Communists. They Didn’t Stop Mao’s Red Army. They Didn’t Stop Fidel Castro. They Didn’t Stop Hugo Chavez. And they Didn’t Stop all the Other Thugs, before the Cost of Freedom Ends (Ended) with the Severe Loss of Treasure, Blood & Life.

So We Better Stop Them Before They Stop Us . . . And If It Takes Social Disobedience Or More . . . So-Be-It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The Dems actions are right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook. They demonized Trump to the point where they actually believed the lie that Trump was evil and that any means to get rid of him is justified, because they are doing the work of the Angels. It’s the perfect brainwash. Tell a lie enough times that it eventually is seen as truth to those who can be sucked in. Apparently, that is almost half of the USA. These people will never question anything. Lenin’s term “Useful Idiots” comes to mind.

  2. Troops in the Capital is an unbalanced overwhelming response. That is what the nobama regime and their miscreants were yammering when Israel responded to the terroist arab thugs. Now they have 10s of thousands of soldiers in respnse to the handful of thugs. YEAH, cry me a river joe…and tell us why you need to negotiate with Iran and shut down the pipeline from Canada?? While on the topic…thank you for not moving the embassy form Jerusalem on your first day.

  3. Symbolically or not, the continuing troop presence in Washington is to keep Donald Trump OUT.

  4. Do you have any suggestions on what to do? I am banned from Facebook (thanks to sending your blog to them). I am proud of that. Am going to stop buying on Amazon, will join Parler am checking out GAB, Netflix can do without me, and I can certainly do without them. Google will be replaced by DuckDuckGo and am checking on Walmart. If enough of us would stop using them, it is at least worth a try. Twitter I never did.

  5. If any blindly innocent Canadians are feeling blessed by the transfer of power in the USA, think again and while at it look at our boy PM in Ottawa and his action(s) since gaining power, thanks to the NDP.

  6. Quote “Or more… so-be-it”. I know you mean civil war and I hope it does come. Now for social platforms. For uncensored videos, you have LBRY and BitChute, for social media you have, Parler(pronounced Parlé in French or Parley from Pirates of the Caribbeans), GAB, MeWe, Canund Social Network, IDW, ThinkSpot(Jordan Peterson social media). Lots to choose from. Parler should do like GAB and start their own servers. facebook and twitter will eventually die from a thousand cuts by cancelling us all!

  7. Recommend you reada up on 1688 in the American colonies. Check out what happened to James II,s Dominion of New England, his stooges Nichols and Nicholson. Suddenly the militia and the colonist turned on British authority. Many parallels to events today in the US. No wonder the Nazi elites in DC surrounded themselves with razor wire and turned the FBI on the Guardsmen. Uneasy lies the crown, me thinks. They truly do fear an insurrection. They are not only fools, they’re cowards.

  8. “Writ of Quo Warranto” needs to be filed by President Trump to regain the White House and finally expose the voter fraud and kick out Beijing Biden, the fraudulent senile political who needs to go to a seniors residence. Look up “Writ of Quo Warranto” and send to all patriots and Trump’s team. Make this go viral!

  9. I hardly know what to say anymore. I am so sick and tired of the other side and it is just beginning. Keep us informed Howard and thank you for all you do for us. Blessings to you and Anne and all your furriers. I do not know if you still have horses or not that why I always say furriers. I know you have your doggie lucky you to have it. Ours passed away this last year of cancer she was just 14 yrs old. But she went to heaven in doggie world with her sisters and brothers. Take care be safe.

  10. I just learned the derivation of the term to GASLIGHT. I thought that I would share it with all. Gaslight was a play from back in the 1920s, I think. It was about a husband who wanted to drive his wife crazy by slowly modifying their environment. In the pre-electric days houses were lit with gas. He would slowly every day reduce the gas going to the wall lamps causing the rooms to be ever darker. She would complain but he would say there were no changes. A pre 1984 story about propaganda.

  11. nailed it!! And, thus the specter of a bloody civil war awakens.

  12. The Left is about controlling everyone which is narcissistic and uses gas lighting to make us doubt ourselves so we can be controlled effectively and easily. Not only is the environment changed but so is history. Sound familiar? All of tgis is a form of abuse of its victims.. Appreciate so much this editorial, Howard.

  13. True and has not changed since the Hussein troupers organized it on his behalf likely even before the 2016 elections. Antifa’s orchestrated shows in place today are a pre planned smoke screen, not “resistance” but convergence. China’s made virus was tailor made to do what it did… And the so called elections were also tailored to that end. What the ultimate outcome will be is not clear. I wish the people in the US the best always.

  14. Yes, this is exactly what is happening. America is sliding quickly into socialism.

  15. The Libs are smart, they are 80% of our teachers, that have controlled the education of our kids for many years. Now they have our kids telling us we are OLD and Senile in our thinking, then they put a joke of a man in the White House. We are on the verge of many things that Sheeple see as good, Free education, food and money all you have to do is obey. We all talk a good game, but are afraid to do anything. I am ready for what ever action I need to take when they attempt to gain control of me.

  16. The word Howard is Commiecrat, these people are Armand Hammer’s left over loosers. They will not be around long, they just destroyed the economy. Blabbering Joe is on brink mentally of a total collapse. I believe he is far enough along w/ dementia that he will start loosing kidney control, an article 25 is in order right now, the man is sick.

  17. HG, your 7 descriptions of the “AMERICAN NEO-COMMUNISTS” are right on target! The most disappointing one is the RINOS (Traitors) who CHOSE to UNDERMINE their own party by JOINING and SUPPORTING the LEFT. They BETRAYED their own party, MAINLY due to their HATRED & JEALOUSY of Trump. WHAT were they PROMISED by the LEFT—??? more MONEY & POWER? Year 2022 will definitely be a very intriguing ELECTION year! TRUMP will soon RETURN to HELP his SUPPORTERS to “Make America Great Again!” GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

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