The Next Generation To Surpass The Previous


I’m Writing Hundreds Of Years . . . But it’s More Likely Thousands of Years – But for the Purpose of this Editorial I’ll Stick To Hundreds of Years, since Hundreds of Years are Easier to Quantify than Several Millennia.

For Hundreds Of Years . . . Especially in North America (USA & Canada), the Following Generations Always Emulated their Parents as they Sought Better Ways for their Children.

And for Hundreds of Years, Parents Literally Prayed that their Children would do Better than them . . . Be Better Educated, Make More Money, Live Better & Easier Lives & Start A Family Of Their Own.

For Instance . . . My Father Came-Back to Canada After Fighting During WWII, to be a Presser in a Shmata (Rags) Sweat Factory, Manufacturing Women’s Clothing (Rag Trade), where at the End of Every Day, after Standing on his Feet for Better than 10-Hours for very Little Money, my Dad had Nothing to Look Forward to for the Next Day, other than to Hope for a Better Life for his Children, Myself & My Two Sisters.

There Was No Real Welfare . . . And if there was Something Akin to Welfare, My Parents were Too Proud to Take it. We Were Dirt Poor – But not so Poor that my Parents Didn’t Hammer Values into us Non-Stop, and What we Wanted, We Knew We Had To Work For To Earn . . . No Free Rides.

My Family’s Life & Struggles Weren’t Anecdotal . . . This is the Way it was with Millions of Post-World War Two Canadian & American Families, Regardless of Skin Color, Culture and/or Religion; Life Was Tough, but what Held us Together & Kept us Going, Wasn’t The Dream Of Government Handouts, But Rather, A Parent’s Hope For A Better Tomorrow For The Children Of Today.

Parents Sacrificed Everything . . . To Give Their Children Every Opportunity They Didn’t Have.

And Children Responded by Learning from their Parents, which Included Generations of Family History, Religious & Secular Values . . . And What it Took for the Nation’s Ancestors to Create all the Freedoms & Opportunities we’ve Enjoyed, Including the Progression of Freedoms Leading-Up to the Civil Rights Proclamations of the 1960’s.

We Learned All About Our History – Good & Bad – That Brought Us To Where We Are . . . & We Celebrated What We’ve Become.


They’re Destroying Our Parents’ History (Traditions) Which Created Who We Are & What We Have.

We Ate our Parents’ Traditional Foods, Celebrated Traditional Festivities, Danced to our Parents’ Music Before we Danced to our Own. And even Dressed like our Parents Until the Fashions Changed . . .

In Essence . . . Our Parents Handed Us The Torch & We Ran With It – But Not Any More . . . SO WHAT HAPPENED?


There Are Several Discussions To Be had In The Preceding Headline – In Principle We Created The Perfect Storm For Failure.

The Most Egregious Mistake . . . Was that We Assumed our Constitutional Guarantees were More of a Suggestion and a Living Document, than they were an Iron-Clad Set of Rules & Laws for all People to Follow.

In Fact . . . We allowed our Constitutions (US & Canada) to Become Open Invitations for Debate & Change, to the Point where our Own People (Through Malicious Academia) have Successfully Used our Freedoms to Destroy our Freedoms.


The Ten Commandments Is A Constitution . . . In Just A Few Words (Commandments) It States What Is & What Isn’t Permissible.

It’s Incredible How so Few Words Spells-Out by Definition How to Live a Life of Positive Values. You Can’t Change The Ten Commandments. You Can’t Add Extra Commandments, and you Can’t Take Commandments Away. And Whether You Like It Or Not . . . The Commandments Are What They Are.

In Many Ways . . . The Judeo/Christian Values Upon Which the American Constitution was Written . . . Define the American Constitution in Very Much a Similar Way to the Ten Commandments . . . In The Constitution’s Simplicity.


When We Create Tens Or Even Hundreds Of Thousands Of “Legal” Pages . . . To Define What the Constitution “Really” Means, to Suit the Purpose of Lawyers, Judges & Politicians, the American Constitution Ceases to be the Most Comprehensive Document Ever Created by Man to Govern Mankind in the Simplest of Terms . . .

And Becomes A Weapon In The Hands Of Those Who Will Tear Down America Given A Sliver Of A Chance.


And After All The Dust Settles . . . There is Only One Way Left to Stop the Communization of America and the Rest of the World . . . As was Written by Thomas Jefferson’s 1787 Tree Of Liberty Letter from Paris Back Home to Post Constitutional America, which in all Essence Said . . .

If You Want To Keep Your American Freedom . . . You Better Be Willing To Fight For It, Because The Day Will Come.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The number of people who want to destroy are few in numbers compared to the good people of America. We have the guns and they want to take them (just like Hitler did before WW2) I’ve go news for those who want to take our guns, it’s not going to happen. It’s the same as when the Japs would not come onto America’s land because behind every blade of grass was a gun. The left can push only so far and they have almost reached that point. Civil War could happen at any time from now on. So lock& load.

  2. My parents of blessed memory would be sorely disappointed if I did not add, “I’m ready to take the battle to the fascist bastard Demonrats.”

  3. When that time comes Howard even though I have a major leg problem, can’t stay up too long without feeling lots of pain, I will fight the best I can. I will be turning 59 soon and my body is already that of a 100-year-old. Wish I was back in my 20’s again and fit the way I was when I was in the Canadian Air Force in the 80’s fighting against communism. In 1991 the soviet union fell but that was not enough to squash communism with factions in china, cuba, vietnam, venezuela and now how many more?

  4. re: “If You Want To Keep Your American Freedom . . . You Better Be Willing To Fight For It, Because The Day Will Come.” Well we better be ready because after Trump is re-elected . . . IMHO, this WILL NOT GO SMOOTHLY!!!

  5. Decorating their damn political xmas tree bill with every little bauble that lobbiyists’ paid good money for their particular politician is swamp dealing. Trump said “Never again” would he pass another pork barrel bill, loaded with other than the needs of the American people. Hopefully, he stays the course tomorrow!! Hopefully, a way will be found to resolve this past election fiasco!! Belated birthday wishes Anne! Enjoy your Western experience, Ford did it to us again!!!

  6. I can’t agree more, our own governments have become or most dangerous and worst enemies, enabled by our media, academia and big business. We are ruled by deception and have ever been since the fall of man. However they do not take in account Jehovah the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who is ultimately in control and He wins. PTL

  7. this is so well said…..sadly the socialists/communists have corrupted our education system and legal system…Our politicians have become what Joe McCarthy fought against and was run out of office…. He was right….

  8. Howard, very well said—a Perfect Storm For Failure has been CREATED by our OWN people in America [the enemy within] via using our FREEDOMS to DESTROY our FREEDOMS. Also, the PEOPLE have completely DISREGARDED the TEN COMMANDMENT because they no longer have a CONSCIENCE—as proven by our present ANYTHING-GOES society! AMERICA is similar to Sodom & Gomorrha which God DESTROYED—very SCARY! We also have a David & Goliath SITUATION! WHO is DAVID and WHO is GOLIATH? We’ll soon find out! AMEN!

  9. Well Said Howard…The Generation that Raise Me and Others of that Era, Voiced EXACTLY What You Stated. They Wanted Better For Us! Semper-Fi OoooooooRha

  10. Absolutely agree with all you said, Howard. Bring the fight on because ultimately they are doomed. You never break the 10 Commandments, you only break yourself against them.

  11. One fact that was brought out in the auto industry many years ago when competition between brand names was a daily headline, the struggle to get to be number one was always present on our minds. Once reaching this coveted goal, the position is soon lost by complacency. “WE ARE NUMBER ONE! NOW WE CAN RELAX!” Then the fall!

  12. This is the result of never having to work for anything and having your parents do everything for you, and crappy parents who have never grown up themselves not having taught them true values. In the end, the oppression and destruction the youth and Left are bringing on will oppress and destroy them as much as it does anyone else. Their ‘free ride,’ so to speak, will be over. They too, will hang from the rope that they made.

  13. It has all been said. Now for the people with backbone to act. God bless America and Donald Trump. (my President)

  14. Just like Alexis de Tocqueville is credited with saying, “Democracy fails when the citizenry realizes they can vote themselves benefit from the treasury.”

  15. Hunter Biden followed parents guidance living off corruption (swamp dealings). My prediction, son will be arraigned and indicted so that “papa” can fully pardon of all I’ll dealings, all within the first 100 days. Providing his dementia has not rendered him incoherent and Harris hasn’t taken charge. Happy new year one and all and live by the Ten Commandments, time is coming.

  16. Wow, Howard, this is a superb analysis that mirrors my life. My grandparents and my parents had it very hard. They saved every scrap of anything that could be reclaimed or used. They saved pennies and all of us wore patched clothing, much of which they made and they worked from before dawn until after dark, often by oil-Lantern light, all to give me a better life which I appreciate hugely. I was the 1.stof our family to finish college & most never got to finish high school, but they were smart.

  17. God bless you, dear Howard! Please continue your fight into the new year of 2021! Your wisdom and common sense is need now more than ever! A blessed and happy New Year to you and your family! Let’s all pray for Pres. Trump, our leader of the free world! It’s an uphill battle with all the corruption and depravity of the Left.

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