Three Words You Won’t Read From Me Anymore


Yesterday, Just After I Finished Writing, Editing & Publishing the October 29, 2020 Editorial, Anne, Stryker, April The Cat & I Went to the Veterinarian, where we Kissed, Hugged & Held April The Cat . . . While April Took Her Last Breath.

April Was Old. She Had 19-Years Of Love, Care & Attention.

When Anne First Took April in 19-Years Ago, April was a Sick Pregnant Kitten, of about 6-Months, who Wandered onto our Horse Farm in Early April 2002, During a Freak April Snowstorm – Hence – April’s “Official” Name Given To Her By Anne Was “April Storm”.

At the Time, I was in Israel Broadcasting Live Radio Shows During the Intifada, back to the United States of America & Canada, from Jerusalem and the Top of Masada.

When I Got Home, Anne Told me About April Storm, the Cat I Didn’t Really Want, since we Already had a Cat. My Desire was to get April Healthy & Find a Good Home for Her. Anne Had A Different Idea.

Anne Suggested that April Storm Would Live in the Barn, which was More Like a Heated/Vented Fancy House for Horses – to which I Reluctantly Agreed. Because all of our Cats who Found our Home were Supposed to Live in the Barn, but Nonetheless – Somehow Ended-Up in the House

And Then . . . After Just A Few Days, while I was Waking-Up in the Morning, I heard Anne say – ”HELLO APRIL”, to which I said from Bed – “WHAT DO YOU MEAN HELLO APRIL”?

April Lived With Us For 19-Years – And In That 19-Years . . . There Was Not A Nano-Second Of Regret To Having April.

And Once We Decided To Hit The Road . . . The Question Became – What do we do with April, since RV’ing with a Cat Would Be Too Problematic, Worrying what would Happen, if at one Stop, April Accidently Ran out the Open Door?

April Was A Scaredy-Cat.

Anne & I Called All of our Friends Who we Knew Could Take Great Care of April, but to No Success, since No One Really “Needed” a Cat. Not Even April.

And at the Farm where we Lease Land in the Summer and have our Mini-RV Park, Our Getaway RV, Cabins, Covered Outside Kitchen, Covered Dining Patio . . . Where we Keep our Horses Year Round, the Owners Would have Gladly Taken April into their Home, and they’re Really Good People, but the Farm has a Ton of Animals beside Horses – there are Dogs, Cats, a Pot Bellied Pig and Visitors to the Farm who Bring their Own Dogs, to which April Would have Lived in Fear-Of, Which Wasn’t An Option.

Anne Said . . . “What Other Choice Do We Have”? And I Said – “April’s Coming With Us To Texas & Wherever”.

HENCE – As we Departed for our New Retirement Adventure Before we would Have to Settle Down & Live a Conventional Life like just about Everyone Else . . . The Four Of Us – Hit The Road . . . Anne, Stryker, April The Cat & Me.

April The Cat Was A Very Small Creature, Who Filled A Space The Size Of The Planet.

Yesterday Was A Very Sad Day, which Reminded Anne & Myself How Fragile Life is, Not that we Didn’t Already Know, but Every Now & Then, a Real Loss is a Reminder for all of us to Realize that Nothing Lives or Lasts Forever, and Whether we Like it or Not – Life Goes-On For The Living.


Keith Ellison, the Black Moslem American, who Hangs with Anti-Semites, Anti-Whites & Anti-Americans like  the Nation of Islam Leader – Louis Farrakhan . . . who was Voted (Ellison) to be the Number Two Leader in the DNC (Democrat National Committee), who is Currently the Attorney General of Minnesota – has Invoked “Rules” to Limit Freedom of Assembly, which is a Freedom Guaranteed in the First Amendment, to Stymie (Restrict) the Ability of “Trump” Supporters to Gather for a “Trump” Rally.

Ellison Says It Is To Protect The People Against The Spread Of The China Virus – Do You Believe That?

Biden Campaign Ads Are Featuring Videos Of Adolf Hitler . . . Screaming to the German Masses, which in all Honesty, is what Biden Does Every Time Biden Takes to the Microphone, to Deliver his Angry Dark Winter Vitriol.

Would Someone Who Thinks They’re Really Winning Advertise Like That?


I Don’t Know – Who Will Be Declared the President of the United States of America After Tuesday (November 3, 2020). But what I Do Know, is that the LEFT (Democrats) Employed every Filthy Political Shenanigan, Including an Attempted Coup D’état against President Donald J Trump.

In A Normal World This Is Called Treason, Punishable By Death.

I Know . . . We All Know – That the Polls were Jiggered in 2016, to Massively Favor Crooked Hillary. And I STRONGLY Suspect the Same Thing for Biden in 2020.

I Know That Virtually – All the Mainstream Media, Including much of Fox News, Almost all Social Media – and just about the Entire American Entertainment Spectrum Went After Donald Trump with a Venom Never Seen Before.

And I Also Know – That the News & Social Media SUPPRESSED as many of the Stupendous National & Global Successes of President Donald Trump . . . and have Utilized the China Virus as an Out & Out Propaganda Tool to Destroy Conservative Support.

And In Spite Of All Of This . . . I Truly Believe That “Trump” Will See Four More Years. The Alternative Is Unthinkable.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. My beloved Siamese was 19 years old when the Chinese tainted pet food took her life. It was like losing a child. I still can’t talk about it 15 years later. I had no idea that the expensive food I bought for her came from China. I’ve never forgiven myself. Sapphire’s pawprints are all over my heart–just like April’s are on yours. Condolences. I know how you feel.

  2. Dear Howard and Anne: my condolences to you on the passing of April the Cat, who will be in your hearts forever. Animals are God’s gift to us. Grief: the flip side of love.

  3. Awww, I’m so sorry you lost April the cat. As a cat lover I know how much it hurts to lose a beloved pet especially a cat. I’ve been through it several times and even now one of our cats, Jasmine, is poorly and may not live much longer. God bless you, Anne and Stryker at this time.

  4. Sorry to hear about April. My wife got a Goldendoodle that I DID NOT want. But, I have to admit, after almost two years of picking up his crap, fighting him for the leash and hopping up into bed with us, Cooper is the BEST DOG IN THE WORLD!! (Brought a tear to my eye).

  5. Howard, my heart goes out to you. We animal lovers share a love that others could never understand. My beloved pets – Skippy, Duke, Patton and Tiger – possessed more grace and dignity than all the fake, phony Demonrats in the country.

  6. “In HONOR AND MEMORY of April the Cat… My sincerest sentiments to you and Anne for her loss. I too have pets who are growing old. The day is approaching when my grief will be as yours. They have a loving and comforting place in our lives. So yes, Biden’s speeches are very ANGRY. I can’t tolerate him for more than a couple of minutes, but surely if I could, his entire speech would be the same. Befuddled and angry. How many Americans are attracted to this?? Sanity must prevail Nov. 3rd.

  7. So very sorry for your loss. I have no doubt that April was a valued and loved family member, and I hope that you will remember fondly all the wonderful incidents with which April filled your lives over the last 19 years, and that you will minimize the profound sense of loss. I know that April was “only a cat”, but also I know how much she lived in and blessed your hearts.

  8. HG, you and your wife are much like my wife and I. She/we have adopted many cats over the years, usually finding homes for them after spay and neuter. We currently have five that have a run of the property, we are presented with thank you from them by the dead critters they deliver. It is a always a sad day when one of them dies, but that is the circle of life. We have been listening to a podcast about how our constitution is being hijacked by the Gov and Mayors with lock downs, it is a sad day

  9. We know too well what you are going through, Pepper, then Ben. The emptiness will fill up with beautiful memories, which you will keep forever. You will forget everything else in life, but NEVER your pets. That, is the one saving grace of having them. Be thankful you have had these moments.

  10. I know how you feel. We currently have 3 in the house & 20 outside but no snakes or mice. Are you aware of the FBI having proof of the Biden family receiving money from a China company owned by the government? The FBI is investigating Hunter for money laundering of over 10 million dollars which includes Joe and his brother, Jim Biden. Only Fox News is carrying the story.

  11. The pawprints left on your heart will never be forgotten! Your sadness is shared!

  12. I thoroughly empathize with you and Anne over the great loss of a great friend. I’ve had four wonderful cats, all of which I’ve had to say goodbye to. Three of them had to be euthanized. One of them just found a place to die in the house. It’s hard to have such close and irreplaceable friends and to then feel badly about having presided over their deaths. I’m truly sorry for your loss.

  13. So sorry for your loss. I have been in animal rescue for the last 25 yrs. I have held so many in my arms as they leave me for the Rainbow Bridge. It never gets easy, but it is our final act of love for them & they feel it. Take good care of Stryker as he is also grieving her. God Bless you & Anne for your love of God’s creatures. Stay safe in your new winter haven. Mary Bemis

  14. Watching Fox. Disgusted with mainstream media and their lack of objectivity regarding Biden’s cash for access payouts.Carlson keeps saying that there will be an accounting for the media but I don’t see it unless Trump is elected and then how can Trump force the media to honestly report the news. Soros is actively trying to buy Fox now and if that happens there won’t be any legitimately journalistic news organization around-Not that Fox is perfect but it’s the best one easily accessible

  15. Sincerest sympathy to you and your lady, Anne regarding your loss of April the Cat…she had a grand life. Your lives were richer for having her in it as was hers in reverse. RIP April the Cat!!

  16. Howard and Anne, my deepest condolences for the loss of April the cat. My son had two cats pass away and remember how sad and we stood together and cried. They say you can’t teach cats, but you can…My son taught Mystry when he let her out to roam, he taught her when she wanted to come in to go to kitchen window and tap on it! I would have never believed it, but saw with with own eyes when I went to visit him. She was a doll! My deepest sympathy.

  17. Talking about cats, we have a tom or was a tom for 8 or 9 years. He was born in our house as his mother was a stray that came along and starting having kittens, all of them dying just as soon as they were born except the last one, the old cat we have now. At about the same time he was born my grand-daughter found a baby wild rabbit out in the yard. She asked what will we do with it and I said take it into the house and let ole puss have it, she will either eat it or raise it, she raised it.

  18. Our pets will be meeting us, for sure, when we “step across the river” Bless April and your family!

  19. So sorry for your loss…I’ve held three of my pups and understand just how very hard it is. RIP April Storm.

  20. So sorry for your loss of dear April. Ours is Sweetie Pie & she’s 12 years old way too soon! Thumbs up for Trump to repeat his “unexpected” VICTORY!!!!!

  21. So sorry you have lost April Storm. My doggie is 15 yrs. old and 2 weeks ago she had a stroke in which she loss the use of her back legs. A visit to the vet was to put her down, but the vet told me Maggie would come out of it in 3 or 4 days. The decision was up to me. After some thought, I wanted to keep her if she could manage to recover. Well, she did. Still stumbles, but almost back to normal. I know the sad day will come and I dread it. Thanks for your commonsense editorials.

  22. Words cannot express the sadness in our hearts for you, Anne, and Stryker over the loss of April. One thing for sure, you took good care of her and we are sure April was at peace and knew that. We know how you must feel as we have been through that many times with our pets who all have a special place in our hearts. Wish you, Anne, and Stryker and lastly April the best. Tom and Melanie Risk

  23. Howard, I’m sorry for your loss. I know what it is to lose as we’ve lost 2 dogs. I believe “all dogs go to heaven”. so rest assured, April is having the time of her life!

  24. My condolences on your loss. As an animal lover I’ve been through it too many times when a furry, feathered or scaly member of the family passes. Continue to have good memories of her. There are others in need of a loving home you can provide.

  25. I grieve for you loss….We animal lovers every so often lose a life that is precious to us. Thank you for sharing this with us..I believe our pets have preceded us to heaven .There will be grand reunions there…..

  26. So very sorry for the loss of your April, our pets are our family and it hurts when we lose them. I am sure April had the best life any kitty could have and the memory of her will always be with both of you

  27. First To You and Anne, so sorry for your loss as our furry friends become part of the Family. Next Last night I was so mad that Martha what ever on 7 to 8 PM was intervieuing Dems and then showing the Biden rally. But on CTV NewsNet, and B.B.C. News all they were talking about were Dems….. So I turned off the TV until Tucker then Hanity on Fox News.

  28. I’m so sorry to hear about April, Howard. I have cried more over dogs we’ve lost over the years than most humans. Our pets love us and ask for so little, with no guile at all. As I write this, our pet dog lies at my feet, loving and loyal. We are blessed by the good Lord to have them. I share in your loss, and understand completely. The about-to-be losers are getting desperate and will stop at nothing to save their asses, which are already in deep schiff.

  29. Howard, my heart is saddened by your loss of your beloved April The Cat. As a pet owner myself, I’ve had to face many heartbreaking “Goodbyes” to my pets through the years, I understand the mourning that you & Anne are going through. Still, despite your heavy heart, you still write the truth about the corruption & treachery that our nation is going through, & has been for a long time. The level of corruption & the Deep State is unbelievable, I pray that our President Trump is victorious!

  30. I’m sorry about your kitty … I know that’s not an easy decision. And, just as you said, there are several so called “journalists” on FOX who are definitely not conservative. For one ,,,,, I can’t stand the sight of Chris Wallace …. he doesn’t even seem to attempt his “lefty” leanings. I hope you’re right Howard, about Trump winning again. I can’t see how people with half a brain could possibly vote for a person who can’t complete a whole sentence. What a mess that would put us in.

  31. My deepest and sincerest sympathy to you, Anne and Stryker. We have lost a few pets as well. As one of your above followers said……. “It’s like losing a child!” AMEN!

  32. Like it or Not – Life Goes-On For The Living. (I quote) How well we know your feelings! In our marriage we have had to decide to put down quite a few of our pets. What was really sad, was when our oldest son passed away at only 54, after a bout with cancer. Keep the faith!

  33. My condolence for Anne and you about the loss of April. May she rest in peace.

  34. Being the owner of 4 cats, 2 18 year old Ragdolls who were supposed to have passed away by now and and 2 new Siberian Forest cats, with which we have RV’d for years (2 with the new ones), we have had unlimited entertainment from all of them, and suggest that you should get a replacement kitten or cat. I would suggest the name Novy for short as I would guess, due to it being the end of October, to get a kitten named Octavius or Octo would be difficult. Best for getting a new cat for the heart.

  35. Dear Anne and Howard, Antonio and I are so sad for your loss and know how you feel. We have lost Kesef, our cat 15 years ago and still feel his presence in the house and reminisce of all the happiness and comedy he gave us. Hope you will have comfort in the good memories April gave you and that you made her life wonderful by loving her. Sincerely, Judith

  36. HG, my heartfelt condolences on youe loss of April. I can empathize, because our late cat, Alfie, provided 21 years if joy for my family. Prior, I grew up with a cat, Stripy, but Alfie was special with his higher IQ.

  37. Howard, and Anne, my heart, thoughts, and tonight, prayers go out for you. Through you, April the cat found a way into our hearts. Thank our for sharing her with us. In our way we share the loss with you. MAY God bless you both.

  38. Sorry for your loss, Howard. April was a very special cat and will be greatly missed by you and Anne. I’m sure Stryker will miss herr too!

  39. I’m sorry for your loss of April Storm. I’m sorry that there are still people in the US that think Biden is the beat hope. Thoughts and prayers to you, Annie and stryker

  40. Our pets are an extension of our family. It is tough to lose one that has been this close for 19 years. The very last sentence is exactly correct: “The Alternative is Unthinkable.”

  41. My sincerest sympathy for your loss. It strikes home because my wife and I are facing the same decision in the near future. We are in agreement, keep her happy and when the time comes let her go with dignity. It will hurt like hell, but worse would be if she outlived us! She was a rescue dog and we were her only home.

  42. So sorry to hear about April. Life will be different for sure. Our pets are our children too.

  43. Howard and Anne I want to say I am truly sorry for the loss of your precious “April Storm (April The Cat). Been there so I know it’s not easy. God Bless You. You are so right about the Democrat Party. It definitely is TREASON. I hope they all get their just due. Thank you for loving America. God Bless…. Gerry Ann Quinlan

  44. Condolences for your loss of April the cat. In1935 a cat followed my parents walking home from Cisco TX one night. She had kittens in 1936. I took one to my GM in Graham, TX, in a shoebox, on the bus, by myself. I have no memory of what happened to her, but the kitten lived there for many years. He stayed in the house days and roamed the town nights. He fathered many kittens as he was the only blue-gray cat in town. When he was ready to die, he just disappeared never to be seen again.

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