Honk If You Want To Lose Your Freedom


FUNNY THING . . . The Closer We Come To The Election – The Higher Creeps The China Virus Positives.

So What Does Positive Results Represent? Do Positive Numbers, which Seems to Always Number in the Tens or Hundreds of Thousands of Infected People the Closer we Come to Election Day, Mean People will be Really Sick, Hospitalized, Infirmed in an ICU and/or Put-On Ventilators . . . NO!

Positive Results Are A Scare Tactic Used To Slant An Election & “Fix” The Ballots.

With Enough Scare Tactics Launched by the Media, the Democrats, the Unions and all their Forces Aligned with the LEFT . . . They’re Strategizing to Stymie the Trump Rallies, which are the Most Formidable Expressions of Political Will in My Lifetime.

There Is No Question About It, as the Election Date Approaches (November 3, 2020), the Hysterical LEFTIST Media Pours on the COVID-SCARE to Keep “Trump” Supporters from Streaming in Massive Numbers to the Trump Rallies, which Attract Enthusiastic Crowds of Tens of Thousands Each.

I Am All But Certain . . . that if Anyone Could Assess the Total of all the Attendance Nationwide at all the 2020 Election Trump Rallies – the Number Would be in the Millions.

Even Californians are Screaming for Trump Rallies. And in New York City, Caravans of Pro-Trump Car Rallies Numbering in the Thousand (Estimated At 10-Thousand) are Rallying for “Trump”.

While Biden, Harris & Obama Combined Can’t Seem To Attract A Crowd Big Enough To Fill A Clown Car, Which Says Everything.

SO . . . Here was and is Joe Biden, Giving his Patented Angry Speeches, Explaining why America is So Bad & Systemically Racist, that to Fix America, Joe Biden and the LEFT First Have to Destroy America, by Killing the Fossil Fuel Industry, while Simultaneously Raising EVERYONE’S Taxes.

And If You Want To Kill America – Honk For Biden’s Dystopia.


Obama’s Speech Was So Dire, that it Reminded Everyone why they Voted to Have the White House Go to “Trump” the Businessman – Instead of to the Political Losers on the LEFT.

And What A Lying Son Of A Bitch Is Barack Hussein Obama, who Personally Created the Racial Divide Plaguing some Soft-Brained People amongst the LEFT & Angry Ignorant People within the Failed Black Community, Many of Whom Don’t Want to be Failed Anymore.


You & I Don’t Need President Trump To Remind Us . . . that Obama Laughed when Obama Said – “I Guess The Shovel-Ready Jobs Weren’t All That Shovel Ready” – as Obama’s Administration Pissed-Away Almost One Trillion Dollars Pretending to Fix Things while Obama & Company Lined the Pockets of his Already Rich Friends.

Or – “If You Like Your Doctor You Can Keep Your Doctor”. Or If You Like Your Hospital You Can Keep Your Hospital”. Or – “These Manufacturing Jobs Will Never Come Back To The United States”. Or – To Bring Back Lost Jobs, “Trump Will Need A Magic Wand”. Or – “The American GDP Will Never Be Over 2%” – Etc-Etc-Etc.

I Personally Like The Obama Apology Tours The Best, Right After the Time Obama Bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, and the Time Obama Started to Speak at a British Royalty Event with the Queen of England Present, as God Save The Queen Wasn’t Finished Being Performed.


Biden & Obama Spoke About Bringing Civility, Class & Decorum Back To The White House. I Wonder if they Meant How Obama Enjoyed Putting His Feet Up On The Iconic Resolute Desk, as if it was Simply Obama’s Personal Foot Stool? Or When Biden Told Obama, which was Heard by the Media Microphones & Captured by the Cameras about the Signing of Obamacare “This Is A Big-Fucking Deal”.

Or What about President Clinton Shoving his Cigar Where it Should Never Have Been Shoved, While Diddling in the Oval Office with a Young White House Intern?

Is That The Kind Of Civility Biden & Company Want To Bring Back To The White House?

DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT . . . Take the Word of the Monumental Pro-Trump Rallies on the Roads, on the Waterways, and the Nearly 100% Endorsement of the Nation’s Innumerable Police Forces, Unions & Law Enforcement Officers.

Take The Word . . . Of The Middle East Arab Nations, Falling into Line to Sign the “Trump Peace Plan Of the Century” with Israel.


Take the Word of The Millions of Women for Trump. The Millions of Black & Hispanics for Trump. The Millions of Gays & Lesbians for Trump. You Don’t Need to Take my Word for it. Since You Don’t Have Lying Eyes & Ears.

You’ve Probably Noticed that my Editorials are Coming-Out Later in the Day than Normal. That’s Because this 3-Hour Change In Time Zones (Three Hours Behind The East) is Killing Me, since I Have to Get-Up so Much Earlier to Know What’s Happening When it’s Happening . . . And Not Three Hours After The Fact.

I Apologize For That . . . But Under The Circumstances – I’m Doing The Best That I Can.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Reporting raw numbers is a way to instill fear in the electorate. Having spent more than forty years analyzing data rule one is to present the data in a format for accurate comparison. In dealing with populations the data must be by percent/per capita. I need to up World Total COVID-19 Cases Total COVID-19 Deaths World Population 38341158 1059279 78817005475 0.05% Likelihood of catching COVID-19 2.76% Likelihood of death when positive for COVID-19 7,717,633 214,367 United States 2.78% 97.22% 6879423 147639 India 2.15% 97.85% 5055888 149639 Brazil 2.96% 97.04% 1278245 22331 Russia 1.75% 98.25% 902747 27662 Columbia 3.06% 96.94% 883882 23581 Argentina 2.67% 97.33% 861112 32929 Spain 3.82% 96.18% 846088 33223 Peru 3.93% 96.07% 814328 83642 Mexico 10.27% 89.73% 732434 32601 France 4.45% 95.55% 690896 17673 South Africa 2.56% 97.44% 593565 42850 United Kingdom 7.22% 92.78% 496253 28293 Iran 5.70% 94.30% 479595 13272 Chile 2.77% 97.23% date my data but here is an example.

  2. Yes–and GOD is still in charge of what I see! I would vote for the Republicans if it meant my death!–I don’t say that lightly!

  3. Gov Whitmer of Michigan says “lockdowns and COVID restrictions can end, if Americans just vote for Joe Biden.” Whitmers Hard left voter extortion is at it’s most evil. If you stay ion Alberta you only have to get up 2 hours ealier 😉

  4. H you’re safer away from East Ontario, Covid is running rampant through SDG and more restrictions are being imposed, it’s madness. Total cases since the beginning 522, total active 200, hospitalized 7, in ICU 2, deceased 14. Everyone, except me, masked, it’s like Halloween. If this is what it’s like here for an election south of the border, Canadians will be wearing Hazmat suits when we vote to get rid of Trudeau. To Jeff above, I haven’t a clue what you are presenting & I’m o.k on data and math

  5. How screwed up is the world? Greta will probably get the Nobel Peace Prize. Vote for The Donald like your lives depend on it, because they do.

  6. Obama is the only ex President to interfere in an election. He is somehow still trying to be relevant. History books in the future, if accurately written, well correctly describe Obama as the worst President ever. He is a lying, anti American, globalist. He is Marxist, and a danger to the Republic of the United States. Biden is nothing but a Trojan Horse for the Marxist, Globalists. Dear God, please for the good of the World, make sure Trump is elected.

  7. Just GREAT, Howard! God bless you, God bless America and God bless President Trump and all those who support him.

  8. Howard—you said it ALL, and I completely agree with you, so I don’t have to repeat things. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  9. The “left” will try to blame the China Virus on President Trump. When they do that they’ve got it completely “Wong” (pardon the pun). Truth be told, Donald Trump is doing a terrific job and the American Economy was booming prior to this “pandemic”. Biden claims he’s gonna fix everything. What I don’t understand is: If Something Isn’t Broken, Why Is There A Need To Fix It” ??? On November 3rd, President Trump will be re-elected. God Bless The United States of America. – Brucester

  10. When have we ever tested for a virus, before we got sick with it! I don’t wear my mask only if I have to, then I pull it down under my chin! This is so much B.S.!! I will protest peacefully when ever I can, thank you Howard for your diligence and time consuming effort to give us truth and perception , may GOD show you favor for all you and Ann do for the cause of our FREEDOM!!!!

  11. Very few masks being worn would be approved for plaster dust for contractors.As I understand it a virus is much smaller then that,besides that if your mask was working you wouldn’t be able to smell my farts.

  12. It is amazing that as the data shows higher numbers, I know of no one with the virus. Data can be analyzed in many different ways. You notice the root word for analyzed is ANAL, as in pulling numbers out of your arse. I have 2 friends that tested positive for the virus, neither has been in the hospital nor shown any signs of the virus. Scare tactics is what the Dems are doing, if Biden wins, we all lose. Life will never be the same, for those who worked hard all their life, no change for lazy

  13. Norm, you’re a REAL “fart smeller”. Do you think Trump should have followed Sweden’s lead after he shut down the China flights?

  14. Our family friends all tested positive for the COVID-19 virus a few days ago. The only symptom that any of them had was a fever and loss of smell. they all recovered with no problem. The numbers are being manipulated. I have read that if anyone testing positive for the virus dies, then their death is attributed to the virus, regardless of what actually caused the death. Take the total deaths and subtract 2018 deaths at this time to see reality in numbers

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