Slaughter Tonight In Ohio


Tomorrow (September 30, 2020) . . . Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I will be on the Road to Kenora Ontario from Thunder Bay Ontario, Headed West to British Columbia Across the Rocky Mountains . . . But Tonight (Tuesday – September 29, 2020), we will be Watching the Debate Between a Man who WALKS THE WALK, and a much Lesser Man who Tries to Talk The Talk.

Watching all the Pontificators on Television over the Past Week, Arguing Amongst themselves how “Trump” will Do compared to how Biden will Do is Simultaneously Sad & Laughable. But I Guess these Television Pundits have to Say Something to Earn their Keep & Justify their Existence . . . It’s Just Too Bad That Much Of What They Say Is Just Socio/Political Gibberish.


President Trump Debates Every Day . . . With all Comers in all Manner of Media (Print, Internet, Radio & Television) – But Mostly with the Angry, Unjust, Biased & Self-Aggrieved Media, which Shows No Quarter & Gives No Mercy to How these Media (Journalist Pretenders) Slam Trump from Any & Every Angle one can Conceive.

And Then There’s Joe Biden . . . Who Struggles to Answer Preselected Media Questions by Preselected Media Questioners, as Biden Struggles & Flubs as he Reads the Preselected Answers.

At First It Seemed Biden Was Doing The “Rope-A-Dope” . . . Now It’s Evident That Biden Is Simply The Dope.

In The Expression (Words) Of Former President Barack Hussein Obama . . . The Democrats are Sending their JV Team-Player, who in Addition Won’t or more Succinctly Can’t Campaign, who is also an Also-Ran of the Democrat Party – To Take-On A World Champion . . . And to Use a Biblical Comparison, but in Reverse . . . Biden Is No David With A Sling Shot . . . And Trump Is Goliath Plus-Plus-Plus On The Good Side With A Howitzer . . . Is Both a Joke and an Insult to the Intelligence of the American People.


I’ve Seen Biden Debate Multiple Times . . . and What I’ve Seen is a Jerk who Flaps his Jaws while Making Faces (Come-On Man) – who is a Grandstander who Rode the Coattails of Obama through Two Obama Presidencies, only Because Obama was a Force to Reckon-With . . . Who to Obama’s Great & Good Fortune Faced Two Really Weak Opponents in McCain and then with Romney.

And In Romney’s Case . . . With More Than A Little Help From The Biased/Dishonest CNN Moderator – Candy Crowley.

But This Is 2020And President Trump Knows Exactly What To Expect From The Media, Including Chris Wallace, who I’m sure will Try to be as Unbiased as Possible, No Matter how much that will Hurt Wallace to do so. But, if Fox News Doesn’t want to Blow its Entire Conservative Viewership, Wallace has No Choice but to Play it Down the Middle.

That Said . . . For President Trump – This will be “Trump’s” Golden Opportunity to Supersede all the Bias & Lies from the Mainstream Media as the President Gets to Speak Beyond the Dishonest Media Filter to Illustrate the Truth of President Donald Trump’s Enormous Successes . . . which will also Illustrate beyond Question the Incompetence of Joe Biden and the Communists who are Pushing Biden’s Agenda.

The Media Suggests there might be as many as 100-Million Americans Watching Tonight. I think there might even be More than 100-Million. But either way, a Massive Number of Voters will be Subjected Perhaps for the First Time to the Accomplishments for the American People Brought About Because of President Trump’s Initiatives.

The Trump-Haters Will Still Hate . . .But Unlike what the Media are Surmising, that only 13% of Voters are Undecided, which in itself is a Big Number, while the Balance of Voters have Already Made their Decision as to which of the Two Candidates, they’ll Vote For . . . I Think They’re All Full Of Beans & This Debate Will Move Political Heaven & Earth.

Hopefully . . . I Will Be Able To Follow-Up With An Editorial Over The Next Day Or Two As We Rest For A While From Our Travels.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I can’t believe they are going to let Biden do this. They are refusing to allow Joementia’s ears to be examined for an earpiece which is how they would cheat and he needs a break every 30 minutes? Really? Even Hillary managed to stand for 90 minutes although they hustled her offstage the second the debates were over while Trump stood there and schmoozed with supporters. Trump debating Biden will be like beating up a blind kid using a club made out of puppies.

  2. Howard, I do not like you calling Biden names, such as dope! Take the high road. He is Simply an old person who should not be takIng on this monumental task of representing the Marxist/Communist Democrats. They have kept him there because they can manipulate him. Trump will eat his lunch, but we all know the media will report a debate win for Biden. Biden should just quit and enjoy his grandchildren, and probably spend his energy trying to keep his son out of jail! Go Trump Go!

  3. President Trump should refuse to debate unless both men are checked for any kind of cheating and drug use. Dems will cheat any possible way they can. They have no shame!

  4. I liked this comment I read about the two men debating tonight, one of which will be the President of the United States for the next four years. “It’s hard to compare the two men, Trump is wondering how to achieve peace, in the Middle East, Biden is wondering why purple crayons don’t taste like grapes.“

  5. Biden will perform very well. Just ask the pusher who administers his drugs.

  6. Biden will be fed the answers from the outside via his hearing aid microphone in his ear. Watch him pull on his ear lobe as the indicator. It can’t be otherwise. I am much more worried by the rigged mail in ballot harvesting. Trump needs both the senate and the house. I think (twice).

  7. The Trump campaign said Democrat Joseph R. Biden refused their request to have a third party inspect his ears for electronic devices prior to Tuesday night’s first presidential debate. “Joe Biden’s handlers several days ago agreed to a pre-debate inspection for electronic earpieces but today abruptly reversed themselves and declined,” said Trump campaign communications director Tim in

  8. Outstanding comments, as usual and expected. I am not a betting woman, but anyone doubt Biden isn’t having a blood transfusion today??? Wonder what the results would look like for a urine test after the debate……..a JOKE is the nicest adjective I can find to describe Biden and the rest of the left loons. Actions have consequences and the truth is ALWAYS the high road.

  9. The general conundrum is just too evident to ignore. The old weed stump is chemically sustained and his erratic utterances are electronically provided to him. President Trump is well aware of all details needed and should carefully maintain control. Today there are long range focussed microphones that could be used to pick and amplify ear speakers sounds.

  10. I recall how much the debates are shaped by the moderators… only favorable/unfavorable questions and cutting off/interrupting the responses based on who the target is. I wish I had your optimism about Chris Wallace. We shall see tonight. Safe travels, Howard!

  11. “’I’ve Seen Biden Debate Multiple Times . . . and What I’ve Seen is a Jerk who Flaps his Jaws while Making Faces” I’ve been watching Biden off and on since the 1980s. He always was an arrogant a**. Now he’s a senile, arrogant a**. I hope he falls to pieces on stage tonight and Trump mops the floor with him. Then maybe some of these “moderates” who still think Biden – Harris is a great ticket will see the light and vote for Trump. MAGA 2020

  12. I have heard rumors that Fox is being bought out by Soros…say it ain’t so!!! What station will be left that can give unbiased news without blasting Trump? The debate should be interesting and tomorrow’s reviews should be even better!!

  13. I have been a fox fan since it was established, of course Chris Wallace was not with them in the beginning, but from day one, he should never been hired by FOX. If anyone despises Trump it’s Chris Wallace and I believe the feeling is mutual. He is a true product of the 60’s socialist society.

  14. Go Trump, GO! I hope & pray his aim tonight & other debates is to be more respectful of his opponent’s known mental condition & simply allow Biden to bury himself. It would blow media minds, draw undecideds to his camp & likely even pull some more registered Dems to vote for him as well.

  15. Howard, drive carefully. Tonight, President Trump will TRUMP a 78 year old man who needs to be calling Visiting Angels.

  16. Howard, safe travels to your destination. Will especially be watching the body language of Biden, as it will tell everything about him. Wallace was never a fan of Trump and can’t imagine him being any different tonite. Go Trump Go, America needs you.

  17. I have seen Biden plagiarize others in his speeches, since the mid-sixties. How he even got this far says a lot for the Democrat party!

  18. Safe travels, Howard. My wife and I will be interested to hear what Bill O’Reilly has to say about the debate. We listen to his nightly broadcast Mon-Thurs.

  19. Simple solution, determine the frequency of the device and then transmit at high volume a screeching sound blocking out the signal and forcing him to remove his device.

  20. I feel the same way about Chris Wallace as Jim Pope. Can’t watch anything with him or Brett Baer! Praying for safety as you travel. God bless!

  21. Wishing you and the family a safe journey. I guess many of millions will be glued to the T.V. this evening to see what all happens. My toes & fingers are all crossed for President Trump. Wishing you once again and family have a safe trip and a lovely vacation sorry it could not have been in good ole x. Hopefully next year for sure. God Speed :))

  22. Why do people still believe that on the worse case that Biden was voted in that he would actually be the President for any amount of time. They will have him removed sighting the 25th amendment. There is a reason Harris was placed as his VP.

  23. I saw the debate and Chris Wallace ask the questions that Biden wanted ask and it was all against Trump. Trump did not deserve Chris Wallace it was two against one! Biden is a joke and the American people know it and he let everyone know he is for the AOC green deal but he changed to Biden’s green deal. God has a plan and We the people will win with President Trump. God is in control not the media or any of the dems and they will pay big!

  24. Trump embraced the Proud Boys, a neo-Nazi, racist and anti-Semitic hate group. And every Trump supporter owns his behavior.

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