Two Yahrzeits A Year


A YAHRZEIT . . . In The Jewish Tradition Is A Candle Lit To Commemorate The Passing Of A Loved-One – A Close Family Member.

I Leave It To My Sisters To Light Yahrzeits . . . in Memory of – and Never Forgotten Love for our Wonderful Parents – However, Anne & I Light a Yahrzeit Twice a Year.

The First Yahrzeit . . . has Always been Lit on December 31/January 1st – Every Year at Midnight . . . to Pay Honor to all the People & Animals Anne & I Loved & Lost Over the Years.

The Second Yahrzeit . . . Has Been Lit Every Year by Anne & Myself, Ever Since 9/11 – 2001, Starting just After the Smoke Began to Settle and the Ashes Cooled Somewhat . . . No Matter where Anne & I Are or Were, We Have Lit a Yahrzeit Candle, which Burns for More than 24-Hours, Partly in Honor of the Memory of all Who Died on 9/11 & Partly for us to NEVER FORGET.


That After 19-Years Of The Most Egregious Attack On Mainland America – Un-American Brainwashed Youth, American Brownshirts (Antifa) & Black Lives Matter Ingrates – are Trying to Do to American Freedom what the Islamists Couldn’t Do 19-Years Ago.

It Maddens Me That The Democrats Have Sided With The Un-Americans . . . Choosing Political Victory Over Loyalty.


America has Given so much to the World in More Ways than a Library of Books could Describe, that Gave the World the Freedoms we Have . . . Only Because Of The American Umbrella.


Israel is Not the Country of my Birth . . . But like the United States of America, as a Jew, Israel Offers me the Umbrella to Defend me and all other Jews from the Scourge of Worldwide Jew-Hatred (Anti-Semitism).

When America is Attacked by Foreign or Domestic Enemies . . . We, who Value Freedom are all Attacked. When Israel is Attacked by Foreign or Domestic Enemies, Every Jew in the World is Attacked.

There Is No Honor In Appeasement . . . There Is No Safety In Surrender, There Is No Meaning In Empty Words.


After Crying This Morning . . . At the Sight of the Planes Hitting the Towers, as if it was Happening all over Again, Opposed To 19-Years Ago, it Made my Blood Boil at the Images we’ve all Seen Playing-Out throughout Liberal American Cities, with Propagandized Enemies from Within . . . Stupid Violent School Children, Socialist (Communist) Brownshirt Agitators (Antifa), Black Racists (Black Lives Matter) Destroying Buildings, Businesses & Lives . . . I Would like To See Them Shot Dead In The Streets Where They Riot.


Like Most Balanced Writers . . . I Never Wanted to Go Over the Line, Hoping that after a While, the Street Idiots, Including the LEFTIST Mayors & Assorted LEFTIST Governors would Tire of their Violent Antics . . . But Enough Is Enough.

Whatever It Takes . . . Whomever It Takes – Stop The Insurrection Now – Body Count Irrelevant!

Watching The Video Files This Morning Of 9/11 . . . Had a Tremendous & Unanticipated Effect on Me, Partly Because of the Stress of the China Virus, Partly Because of the Nefarious Politics from the LEFT (Attempted Coup D’état), Partly because of the Ignorance & Antipathy to the American Constitution by the Media, Partly because of the Disrespect of America’s Anthem & Flag by Millionaire Professional Athletes & Their Team Owners . . . And Mostly Because I Remembered Seeing America Knocked To Her Knees 19-Years Ago.

Patriotism Isn’t A Dirty Word . . . If You Can’t Stand For Your Flag & Anthem You Stand For Nothing.

If you Burn-Down Cities, Riot, Rob, Loot, Harm People & Attack the Police, you’re Nothing More & Nothing Less than a Criminal who Deserves to Either be Locked-Up or Planted in the Ground.

Men In Team Costumes Played Football Yesterday . . . Real Men In Real Uniforms Gave-It Their All For These Pretenders To Be Paid Millions Of Dollars To Disparage The Country That Made Them Rich.


Anne & I Watched the Tail-End of Tucker Carlson Last Night & Saw his Video of the Netflix Program Called “Cuties”, which Depicted 11-Year Old Girls Dancing for the Cameras like Street Prostitutes . . . The Kind Of Dirt Pedophiles Go To Jail For.

The Obama’s, Susan Rice, Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are in One Way or Another Deeply Invested in Netflix. But Immediately after Seeing the Tucker Carlson Reportage on this Netflix Insult to Humanity . . . Anne & I Immediately Cancelled our Netflix Subscription.

God Bless America . . . God Curse Those Who Take A Knee. And Shoot The Rioters.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Netflix has lost their mind with this “Cuties” garbage. It’s kiddy porn plain and simple. No netflix for me!

  2. I saw the “cuties” also and it make me sick!! What the Hell is going on??? I also think it’s time for someone city state or federal to put an END of what is going on in the Dem states and cities. Planted in the ground is a wonderful idea.

  3. In Complete Agreement I AM NOT AMERICAN . . . BUT I’D FIGHT TO THE DEATH FOR AMERICA: I AM NOT AN ISRAELI . . . BUT I’D FIGHT TO THE DEATH FOR ISRAEL: AMERICA IS AT WAR – AMERICA EITHER FIGHTS OR SURRENDERS: MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT ANY OF THIS . . . THESE ARE NOT PROTESTS: Patriotism Isn’t A Dirty Word . . . If You Can’t Stand For Your Flag & Anthem You Stand For Nothing. God Bless America . . . God Curse Those Who Take A Knee. And Shoot The Rioters.

  4. If you can’t stand up for what is right you will live the rest of your life on your knees. Don’t let the Demorrhoids and their corrupt social and mainstream media enablers steal your freedoms. These lunatics are treasonous trash. Remember that November is take-out-the-garbage month.

  5. Thank you Mr. Galganov. Thank you for your love and interest in the USA. Canadian by birth, USA 🇺🇸 at heart. God bless. Netflix is not my cup of tea. RC&SunA

  6. HG, I consider you & and Anne to be “better Americans” than most of us! You know our Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc., you understand what makes America great and you appreciate the greatness America contributes to the world. Your insight into our strengths and weaknesses is astute. Also appreciated is you ability to cut to the truth quickly and standing for common sense & rule of law. I eagerly open each blog and appreciate your efforts/sacrifices. May God Bless You & Keep You All Safe.

  7. I agree in that NETFLEX has gone over the line. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and the pervs who made the flick should go to jail. To change the subject there are rumor that U.S. former military officers are considering a coup. may want to take a look at that one.

    I Can’t Imagine a Retired Military Officer led Coup D’etat. But you’re Right about Netflix, the Producers, Directors & Parents should all go to Jail for Child Pornography – HG.

  8. Cannot agree with you more, dear Howard, Anne and family (both human and animal). We, here in the USA, are so fortunate to have Canadians like you and your fellow Canadians standing with us at this time of remembering 9/11. We should also be grateful for your intelligence and historical analysis of what is happening in so many of our cities. We also understand that there are Canadians helping with the fires in Oregon and California. God bless you. With sincere thanks as well…..

  9. I am sick and tired of the liberal crap. Now it has infected football, a game I love. As a patriot I always felt proud seeing the national anthem and flag in pre game ceremonies. The NFL has made a bad choice they will regret.

  10. The great philosopher Santana said; “Those who don’t know their history are bound to re-live their mistakes”. It was Neville Chamberlain of Great Britain who sold out to hitler with the insane claim of “peace in our times” only to be bombed by the nazis a few years later. It was one my greatest memories to stand shoulder to shoulder with you and our American cousin bikers commemorating 9/11 and waving the Stars and Stripes and the Maple Leaf AND staring down Obama as he drove by. Bikerly hugs.

  11. Howard, great editorial. Tonight I will be standing with my children for a minute of silence to remember this terrible day, and they will be taught all about it and learn to respect it.

  12. Another of many great editorials, Howard! I WANT A HAT! I live in Ohio but have a cottage in Tobermory, Ontario where the hat can be sent. Please advise the particulars and I will promptly respond. I can pay with either PayPal or Royal Bank Interac eTransfer. Thanks for considering this request. I WANT A HAT! I WANT A HAT! I WANT A HAT! PLEASE!

  13. Dear Howard, once again you’ve hit OH, SO MANY nails smack dab on the head. Thank you for being you! May God bless and keep you commenting for many years.

  14. Last night was trash on Tucker’s show,. As for 911 my family will never forget that day and many there after . Seeing it each year only makes my heart cry out oh Lord why did this have to happen. Thank you Howard and Anne for your love of our country as we so many of us love beautiful Canada with the kind people in it. The people who are rioting all over will one day be punished one way or another. Fighting for both our countries yout bet I would even at my age. I send my best to you & family

  15. Hey Howard. I’ll take a knee in remembrance of 9/11 but not for the BLM racist riots. Just found out that Soros donated $220 million for BLM style initiatives. He’s working to bring America down. Go Trump.

  16. I like you are appalled by all that is happening in this country. Started to watch the nfl game but turned it off ass soon as I saw these mental midgets trying to do the blm thing, etc. I am sick of it. I now conceal carry when I venture out for dinner or shopping. I will not be intimidated by these thugs and will defend my wife and myself,or anyone I see being attacked by these thugs. Stand up America and wipe this out

  17. We too Howard ( husband and I) are America patriots fly the American flag and even both got American patriots tattoo. America is the core of freedom If we loose free America the rest of the world stand no chance.

  18. Kudos to you and Anne for walking the walk, the lastest example of which is cancelling Netflix!

  19. the people on the street are rioters. they are the brainwashedees we need to go for the brainwashers starting from the top down removing the source and command structure its not complicated its just war royce!!!!

  20. Wonderfully put Howard ; Joni & I , support ” Galganov ” 100 % and echo Paul Edwards & Van D. Kleiner . We add kindling to the fire where ever we can ; Cheers to You & Yours ! Kent & Joni Wyles , Vananda , B.C.

  21. I really appreciated your comments on Netflix. Obviously the scum management within is roiling to the top, and making inroads into the process destroying the moral values of youth across the globe. Obviously we are heading for a massive correction, because after are all options are considered we are quickly running out of viable solutions.

  22. My Country of Birth, the USA, at one time as a Nation, Believed, Honored, and Worshiped GOD. His Laws were interwoven throughout our Constitution and Declaration Of Independence. We as a Nation have abdicated our Heritage, and Responsibilities to pass on what was pass on to us. We (as a Nation) have rejected God, our (not all) politicians are a reflection of that. Good is now called EVIL, & EVIL GOOD. When you thought it couldn’t degrade any lower, Along comes “CUTIES”! God, Forgive America.

  23. 9/11 sent chills down my spine. I wanted to rejoin the Army but was told that I was too old and too many previous injuries. Now at 68 having had 4 strokes I can only wish the Anti Americans come calling to my neighborhood boy will they be surprised. A life sentence does not seem that long now. We must start in Washington with the corruption at the top. All who have been in office more than 10 years need to be removed, with force if necessary. FBI, CIA leaders are a good start, they are corrupt.

  24. The Bible says, in the last days, good becomes evil and evil becomes good. HERE WE ARE!

  25. Did not and have not so far seen an MFL game that paid tribute of 9-11.What other country can these -so call athletes- make their kind of money.

  26. I, too agree with your closing sentence in addition to the entire editorial. “Planted in the ground” guarantees that they won’t be “repeat offenders”! God bless you, Anne & your animals! God bless Donald Trump, his family, his administration & supporters! God bless America (& the entire up-side down world)…keep us all safe & able to fight to stop the evil! Netflix is VILE, so naturally it’s supported by vile liberals! Thank you Howard!!

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