J Edgar Hoover’s Files


Don’t Be Too Expectant That Comey & Fellow Travelers Will Go To Jail Now Or Later.

When the FBI (Federal Bureau Of Investigations) was first Created (July 26, 1908), and Later Engaged J Edgar Hoover as the Director of the FBI on May 10, 1924, it was the Beginning of the Most Powerful & Corrupt Agency America has Ever Known.

This Is Truly A Cabal Of Enemies Within The State.

Couple A Corrupt FBI . . . with the NSA (National Security Agency), CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and a Bevy of Lesser Known Federal Investigative Organizations, which very Few People ever Heard of . . . And They All Have Damning & Damaging Information On Just About Everyone.


Do You Really Think Much Has Changed From Then Until Now?


J Edgar Hoover Held His Position Unchallenged As The Director Of The FBI Until His Death (May 2, 1972) . . . For 37-Years.

J Edgar Hoover Was Despised By Most Of The Presidents . . . who Hoover Supposedly Served, but in Reality – The Presidents Who Served Hoover, Since J Edgar Hoover had a Massive Collection of Files on all of their Proclivities (Especially Financial & Sexual) . . . Many of which were Indictable, Many of which were Politically Damaging, and Many More of which were Personally & Socially Devastating.

The 4th Amendment Meant Nothing To J Edgar Hoover . . . Which Protects American Citizens (And Non-Citizens In The USA) from Illegal (Unwarranted) Search & Seizure & Unwarranted Wiretaps & Mail Interventions.

Nobody Screwed With Hoover.

Hoover Kept Salacious Files On Everyone, Especially Young Men & Women of No Authority or Position, whom Hoover Suspected Would One Day be Serious Political, Social And/Or Business Players . . . Who – Once they Achieved Some Form of “Greatness” or more Likely Notoriety – Would be Ripe for Hoover’s Blackmail & Extortion.

After Hoover Died In 1972 . . . There Was A Mad Rush To Find The “Private” Files Of J Edgar Hoover.

As Hard as I Tried to Find-Out What Happened to the Hoover Files, I Can’t Find Anything of Consequence . . . And Believe Me I Tried. There is no Shortage of Speculation & Theories . . . But There is No Hard/Cold Fact – Because, I Assume the Files were so Scandalous & Condemning, that even Today, what Hoover Kept to Himself would Rock the Current Swamp.


I Don’t Believe The FBI Has Changed All That Much, which Says to me, that Characters from the Top of the FBI Food Chain, and the People with Whom they Co-Conspire will Never be Touched . . . There will be a Host of Fall-Guys, but the Key Perpetrators of the Swamp will Walk Away Unscathed.


If You’re Hoping For Barr & Durham To Really Lower The Boom – Don’t Hold Your Breath.


Besides The Total Reality That This Coming American Election Will Be Rife With Dishonesty . . . There’s No Challenger.

How Can you Have any Contest, When There Is No Other-Side? You Can’t Have a Championship Game if Only One Team Shows up to Play. So, What Does that Say about the Democrats who are Keeping their Key Player (Joe Biden) in the Locker Room, while the Other Team is on the Playing Field?

This Isn’t An Election Between Honest Rivals . . . This is an Election where One side is Defending the Virtues of America (MAGA) with Facts, Figures & Values that Made America Great over a Span of Some 250-Years, while the Other Side is Using the Tactics of Saul Alinsky (Rules For Radicals) to Destroy the Country from Within.

Because Of The Depth Of Lying & Cheating . . . And Because of the Global Importance to the Purveyors of the One World Socialist Government, and Because of the Way the LEFT have over Many Decades Created the Judiciary in a Manner to Help them in their Conspiracy to Steal Power, No Matter How This Election Turns Out, America will be Consumed in a Situation that Could Very Well . . . Usher-In Thomas Jefferson’s Tree Of Liberty.

I Foresee A Nightmare Of Angst, Anger & Violence . . . When the Election Victory is Declared – If the LEFT Loses (which I Am Convinced They Will), The Socialist LEFT will Call the Results Fixed & Try to Create as much Mayhem Afterwards, as they’ve Done for the Last 4-Years . . . Climaxing with Revolution in the Streets as we’re Witnessing Today.

If The LEFT Wins . . . It Will Be A Victory Of Lying & Cheating, which will be No Victory at All, which will Stir the Passions & Response of Real Patriots, the Likes of Whom America has Not Seen Since the Mid-1800’s  . . . Who Will Not Succumb To The Tyranny Of The LEFT,

There Are No Protests Happening In America – There Are Only Anti-Freedom & Anti-American Riots & Revolution.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Your last statement says it all. The barrage from the left has not abated since the election in Nov four years ago. It will only get worse after this election if Trump wins again. War of one kind or another will only increase until We The People of this Republic rise up to defend our freedom. Only God knows the outcome of any of it.

  2. Hold the election. Trump wins. Then Christopher can be fired just as Comey was.

  3. re: “There Are No Protests Happening In America – There Are Only Anti-Freedom & Anti-American Riots & Revolution.” CORRECT!!!

  4. Conservatives are forced to take measures to radically embed themselves because of the turmoil deliberately foisted on the American public. Democrats have been campaigning since the last presidential election for their opportunity to permanently embed themselves.

  5. HG, your analogy of…”How Can you Have any Contest, When There Is No Other-Side? You Can’t Have a Championship Game if Only One Team Shows up to Play. So, What Does that Say about the Democrats who are Keeping their Key Player (Joe Biden) in the Locker Room, while the Other Team is on the Playing Field?”…says it BEST! What the SWAMP PEOPLE are trying to do to AMERICA is DESPICABLE! The SILENT MAJORITY must START soon to EXPRESS themselves OPENLY; otherwise, GOD help us all! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  6. Anyone who can’t tell the difference between a riot and a protest is a dumbed-down idiot whose brain has been turned to mush by the irredeemably corrupt Demorhhoids-aligned mainstream media. Howard, you’ve nailed it again. There MUST be at least ONE debate, preferably three, in order for the silent majority to recognize the threat to their very way of life posed by the traitorous Demorrhoids.

  7. I got evolved in writing my Senators and Congressmen back in the 70’s when the “Oil Embargo” occurred. In my many years of “Correspondence” I all I had to show for it, were multiple folders of format replies!!! To say get involved with politics, would mean I’d align myself next to a trade of Gigolo’s, Whores, Prostitutes, Pimps, even some lawyers too; you know, those who pay or get payed the most to get the best/better service! I quickly learned that. That said, Howard I could not agree more.

  8. BEANS N’ BULLETS, BEANS N’ BULLETS!! Be prepared, if not be assured you will be a victim. Howard, TRUE on all accounts, especially about J Edgar Hoover

  9. The Left is clearly in panic mode and is expending its ammunition early in the game. Based on what I have heard and read they are expecting heavy return fire in September, which well may turn out to be a very interesting month indeed!

  10. The FBI has been corrupt since the beginning due to J Egar Hoover. I can’t say that it is much better with the NSA or the CIA or any government agency. The Dimwits have truly been bad since FDR. Today is the showing of that corruption within the Dimwit Party. I can’t say that the GOP is much better, but in the end, it is our only choice, since they are not as corrupt. Howard you are spot on, these are not protests, but out and out riots!!!

  11. I am 79 yrs old almost lost my life on this pass Tues. I have not seen much News which is fine. But to read what is going on in our beautiful America breaks my heart. I was born on the 4th of July I love my country but so very sadden to see now what is going on . God bless you and Anne and furr babies you have. Pray Howard Pray for your country and our planet.

  12. Howard – Once again you’ve hit the nail right on the head, except possibly in one area. Nobody messed with Hoover except for the Mob. The Mafia held something huge over his head which forced him to deny their very existence until (I believe) his dying day.

  13. Let me say this about that…..”Life” is becoming more like a box of rotten tomatoes……’JESUS SAVES’

  14. I take your point, Howard. However, if Trump or anyone at all in the GOP were to suggest delaying the election, the Left would scream bloody murder and the activist judges on the bench would immediately strike that down. I say hold the election. Doing so will drag the incompetency of Biden and the evil agenda and absolute corruption of the Democrat Party out into the sunlight all the more.

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