Why Social Media Giants Can Suck-Air


I’ve Written Along These Lines Before . . . But It’s Important For Everyone To Be Reminded.

We Hear An Enormous Amount Of Media Hype . . . about the One Sided Coverage Which is that Pro-Donald Trump Information is Being Suppressed by Social Media Giants like Facebook, Google (YouTube), Twitter & Others, which is True.

We also Know that the Mainstream TV Networks, Specifically the Cable News Networks like CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and even Fox News During their Daytime Programming and Sunday Shows like Chris Wallace, who can Barely Contain his Antipathy for Conservatives & Donald Trump . . . are One Sided, Restrictive in Reporting any Pro-Trump Successes & Very Often Simply Dishonest.

But Believe It Or Not . . . Those Are All Small Potatoes.

The Real Numbers of Viewers of these News Networks are Miniscule Compared to the Overall Population of the United States of America, and Each of these Media Already have a Viewership with a Politically Predetermined Bent, which Means, for a Consistent Politician like Donald Trump . . . Trump Can Only Increase His Positive Standing.

But – For A Politician Like Joe Biden . . . Who is all Over-The-Board, Suspect of Mental Deterioration, has at Best a Negative Government Track Record to Hide & Refuses to Come-Out To Stand Center Ring Mano-A-Mano With President Trump . . . Biden Can Only Pray To Keep Whatever He Has In Terms of Support, which by all Honest Metric Isn’t very Much.

Don’t Believe The Polls . . . Just Like 2016 – They’re Distorted, Inaccurate & Manipulated.

While it is True that the Internet (Social Media) has Enormous “Numbers”, which Includes a Vast Population of Children, Liberals & Conservatives . . . It is also True that Most People Skip the Ads, and Most People Use the Internet for Gaming & Social Contact. Politics Isn’t high On The List.

While it is True that Twitter, Facebook & YouTube Provide a Tremendous Means of General Information, Some of it Political, but Not as Much as You Might Think, it is Equally True that as Many Liberals who Spew their Opinions Online are Matched by Conservatives who also Express their Opinions Online.

And Here’s Where It’s Real Risky For The LEFT.

You Can Only Go So Far On Lies, which is the Hallmark of the LEFT (Democrats), because even Stupid People Eventually Figure It Out – that they are Affected by Bad Decisions & Unexplainable Promises which are Never Kept by their Politicians.


Where’s the Enthusiasm for an Old White Guy who Can’t Make a Complete Sentence Without Screwing-Up, even if he is Reading it off a Teleprompter? Worse, Biden’s Virtual Townhall Meetings Attract Dozens to Hundreds of Viewers, while President Trump Attracts Thousands of People Wearing MAGA Hats Lining the Roads just to Get a Glimpse of the President.

We Know From Statistics . . . that as Many & More than 40% of the American Population Doesn’t Vote. In 2016 – Only 53.5% Of All Eligible American Voters Cast A Ballot. Hence the Mass Mail-In Ballots, because the Democrats are Terrified that their Lazy Uninspired Base Will Not Make the Effort to Vote . . . But Conservatives Will.

And Make No Mistake About This . . . This Mail-In Balloting Works Both Ways.

But Back To The Media . . . I’M THE MEDIA. I Don’t Have the Type of “Numbers” that will Help Dictate the Outcome of a National Election. But when you Begin to Add-Up all the Bloggers out there Just Like & Including Me, Many of Whom Write, Some of Whom Podcast & Some of Whom use Visual Media . . . The Numbers Are Staggering & Dwarf The Mainstream Media, while Adding a Far More Serious Dimension to the Chatter on Facebook, YouTube & Twitter.


There Is No Debate . . . LEFTIST Talk-Radio has an Extremely Limited Audience and an Even More Limited Advertising Base, while Conservative Talk-Radio has Listeners from Coast To Coast . . . by the Many-Many Tens of Millions of Americans who Donate Money, Pound Doors, Put-Up Lawn Signs, Wear MAGA Swag & Stand Proud for America and the American Dream.

We Know About the “Big-Name-Talkers” like Hannity, Limbaugh & Levin. But Compared to the Myriad of More Localized Conservative Radio Talk-Show Hosts By The Thousands, TheseBig-Talkers Are A Small Number.


Finding the Right Vice-Presidential Running Mate for Biden Isn’t Tough because there’s a Cornucopia of Great Choices in LEFTIST-LAND. It is Because Whomever in the Democrat Party will Make the Choice Who becomes the Vice-Presidential Pick, has to Choose from the Worst-Bad of a Really Bad Lot.

And Knowing That Biden Will Never Really Serve As The President . . . Even if he should Win on November 3, 2020 . . . the Biden Vice President will be the President In All But Name . . . And Sooner Rather than Later in Title as Well.

So Think About The Enormous Mental Strain On Democrat Voters, Having to Vote for the Vice President, Knowing that She will be President of the United States of America Sooner Rather than Later? How Exciting & Inspiring Will That Be?

Not To Mention That The Democrat VP Will Be Chosen Under Sexist/Racist Circumstances.


THERE WILL NOT BE A PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE. By any Means Possible, the Democrats will Create a Story to Keep Biden from Getting Chewed-Up by President Trump & Exposed as a Mentally-Challenged Old Man, which he is, with a Disgraceful Record of Almost a Half Century of Feeding Off The Public Purse with Nothing Positive for the People to Show for It.

All Freedom Loving People Worldwide Need To Be Concerned By The Election Outcome . . . But President Trump and the Republicans are Doing Much Better than the LEFT Will Want Us and their own to Know.

Conservatives Have The BIG-MO . . . The Results Will Be The Presidency, The Senate & The House.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You said it all. It doesn’t matter who Biden chooses as his VP. Neither of them will have any power at all should they win the election which is a horrifying thought! The fools who vote the Dem/Communist ticket have no idea who will be pulling the strings. It could be The Chinese Communists for all we know.

  2. I hate to rain on your parade, but the Demorrhoids need turn only four GOP seats to take control of the Senate and they’re spending a fortune of dirty money to do it. If the American people are stupid enough to elect a traitorous pathological liar like Obama twice, they’re certainly stupid enough to elect a doofus clown like Joke Biden once. If the Demorrhoids control both the House and the Senate, a victorious President Trump will not be able to survive a second impeachment attempt. VOTE!!!

  3. The answer to befuddled Biden is TRUMP. The answer to know-nothing Nancy is TRUMP. The answer to chilling Chuckie is TRUMP. The answer to nattering Nadler is TRUMP. The answer to pencil-neck Schiff (did I spell his name right?) is TRUMP. The answer to unchecked city riots is TRUMP. The answer to uncontrolled alien influx is TRUMP. The answer to a sagging economy is TRUMP (once more). The answer to Russia, China and North Korea is TRUMP. In short, let’s dump EVERY democrat in Nov.! VOTE!

  4. The problem I think is with the youth. They are impressionable, ignorant to real life, and almost always Liberal. They are being manipulated from day 1 straight through university. They also suffer the most from peer pressure to be liberal. The Left are a lost cause so they ensure continuity of their ridiculousness by brainwashing youth. These young empty-heads, at least here in Canada, never vote or think conservative.

  5. And there was that part yesterday where Biden threw all the blacks under his own bus, followed by today where “Jim Crow Joe” won’t take anything back or apologize… More and more it looks like the Dems actually do not want to win. It’ not rocket science that “if you deliberately hurt your voter base like in NY and Calif, they wont vote for your party or for you. The blue states are doing it to their voters in an election year and can’t walk it back – it can’t be an accident.

  6. So our President is a Racist, huh? Biden is saying he will only pick a black female for his VP, instead of looking at someone who could actually do a good job as President, whom ever that is. I listened to some of his most recent dialog with several people, he sounds like an Old Man telling Stories to his great grand kids, so what if he makes missteps. I do hope you are correct in your predictions on the voter turn out, some are saying that their wont be an election due to riots.

  7. I look back to 1996 when Bob Dole ran against Clinton. Republicans knew that Dole couldn’t win and really had no one else in the wings at the time. Dole was a sacrifice. He was chosen based on his military record along with his political record. I think it was decided by the GOP to let Dole lose and groom a candidate to run four years later. Same with Biden. Shove him out there and wait for 2024. Go Trump!!!

  8. An interesting stat to share. In the recent Gallup Poll concerning the police and funding, 80% of BLACKS want either the same number of police or more in their neighborhoods. The Democrats have to lie in order to try and convince their base that they know what the real people want and it isn’t what WHITE LIBERALS want.

  9. With Blaze TV and hosts like Mark Levin, Steven Crowder, Candace Owens (young black female) & Glen Beck, we also have InfoWars with Alex Jones, Ben Shapiro, Rush Limbaugh, on the Conservative side information is well served. Candace Owens would make a terrific Presidential candidate for 2024 for the Republicans after Trump’s second term. The polls are always rigged always favoring the liberal side. I do have Enthusiasm that Trump will win and that the house and senate will be Republican.

  10. Thanks Howard, and to the Canadians well wishers for my country. God bless you all.

  11. Its my belief that after they lose again, they should blow up the party and start all over. Turf the radicals, communists, muslims like Omar and Talib who openly espouse the overthrow of America. The Sanders, AOCS, EVEN RINOS, should form a third party based on radical thought. The Dems could purge their party of old deadwood like Pelosi, Biden, Clinton , Schumer et aland return to traditional values at the left of centre and give aAmerican voters a choice of candidates on both sides of centre b

  12. I have to wonder why would the Democrats HAND PICK Joe Biden? They knew/know he is losing it better then anyone else! They are not shelling out hundreds of millions planning on losing. I wonder if it surprises them that Joe went farther left and did not move to the right. Or is that planned also.

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