If We Can’t Own The House – We’ll Burn It Down


I’ve Come to a Conclusion which is Not being Discussed Anywhere in the Media, because the Thought of what I am about to Explain is Far Too Radical & Frightening for Anyone to WANT to Imagine.

Here’s What I Have Determined . . . And I Can’t See Any Other Alternative.

The Democrats Know they Cannot Win the Upcoming Presidential Election. And I think they Know they Could (Will) Probably Lose the House. And Chances are Better than Not that they will Not Win the Senate . . .


Instead of Losing Fair & Square, I Believe the Democrat Strategy is to Create such an Electoral Mess with Mail-In Ballots, Non-ID Voting & Illegal Immigrant Voting, that the Outcome will Put Into Such Question, the Legitimacy of all the Results, Especially If (When) Donald Trump Wins, that the Victory of Donald Trump will be Considered Illegitimate.

If I Wasn’t Convinced of the Malfeasance of the LEFT (Democrats), I Couldn’t Understand Why the Democrats would Create Every Roadblock Imaginable to an Honest & Straightforward Election.

BUT I AM CONVINCED . . . of Democrat Malfeasance, That To Them – Their End Will Justify Their Means, No Matter How Illegal, Dishonest & Contrary their Means will be to the Validity & Integrity of a Fair, Simple, Honest & Accurate Election.


I Don’t Believe . . . The Race Riots Being Carried out in the Name of Black Lives Matter & Antifa are a Coincidence to the Death of the Black Thug George Floyd. If it Wasn’t Floyd, it Would have been Something Else.

Just as I Don’t Believe the Attempted Coup D’état Against President Trump, the Outright Persecution (Not Prosecution) of General Flynn, the Jailing of Roger Stone, the Russia Hoax, The Phony Reason (Ukrainian Telephone Call) for the Impeachment of President Trump and the Hysterical Need by the LEFT to Expose Donald Trump’s Finances . . . Are A Coincidence Either.

I Also Don’t Believe . . . That the Closing of Cities, States & “Some” Businesses are a Coincidence, Any More than I Believe the Closing of Schools & Continued Closing of Schools are a Coincidence.

That Virtually all the Media, Including Half of Fox News Slants Heavily Against President Trump & Republicans . . . Is Also No Coincidence.

That The NRA is Becoming Neutered By The LEFT . . . Is Also No Coincidence.

Maybe LaPierre is a Corporate Creep (I Don’t Know), but Why is the State of New York Now Filing Charges of Fraud & Illegal Expenses, in the Straightaway to a National Election?

By What Statute In The USA & Canada . . . Is it that Gives School Districts, Mayors, Town & City Councils, District Attorneys & State Governors/Provincial Premiers the Right to Independently Invoke Laws at Their Own Pleasure?

Who Gave These Usurpers Of Power . . . The Authority To Suspend Our Civil Rights?

I Don’t Believe that the Defund The Police Movement Across Liberal Run (Democrat) Cities & States is Any More a Coincidence, than the Democrats Trying to Permanently Socialize America – by Running-Up The National Debt in the Many Trillions of Dollars, Creating a Permanent Entitled & Subservient Society.

I Don’t Believe In Coincidences . . . Certainly Not At This Scope & Not All Aimed Simultaneously At Just One Target.

THERE IS NOTHING THE LEFT WON’T DO . . . to Destroy America in their Sick Minds to Rebuild America as a Socialist (Communist) State to Join a Socialist (Communist) One World Government, Which Didn’t Happen Overnight.

The Absolute Destruction of the American Dream was Long In The Planning by the LEFT, even Before World War Two . . . And Because of President Donald Trump, the Wheels of that Planning are Becoming Wobbly at Best & Unconnected at Worst. And if the LEFT have Any Hope of Realizing their Elitist One World One Government Dream . . . It Is Now – Or Perhaps Never & “Trump” Needs To Be Stopped.


Why Google, Facebook, Twitter & Fellow IT Travelers Worry About 4-More Years Of “Trump”.

IN 1904 . . . Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, who was a Man of Personal Means, much like Donald Trump, Showed Far More Comfort & Affinity with the Working Class, than Roosevelt did with the Mega Wealthy & the Industrial Powerful . . . So-Much-So, that in 1904, the Supreme Court of the United States of America Ruled in a 5-4 Decision to Allow the President (Roosevelt) to Break-Up Certain Trusts (Wealthy Monopolies) that Held Too much Power and were Injurious to the Well-Being of the American People.

Believe It Or Not . . . More than 100-Years Ago, the Uber Wealthy at that Time Were as Wealthy by those Financial Standards as are the Wealthiest Men & Women of Today. And Teddy Roosevelt Recognized, that if these “Trusts” (Enormous Conglomerate Monopolies) Weren’t Taken Apart by the Government, they would Destroy America – Hence The Trust Busters.


“The More That Changes – The More That Stays The Same” . . . So 100-Years Later, What’s Changed?

What Do Google, Facebook, Twitter & Like-Minded Wealthy Corporations Have to Fear with 4-More Years Of Trump? . . . Read some History & Find an Almost Parallel Situation Between the Late 1800’s through the Early 1900’s between what President Theodore Roosevelt Did to the Trusts, and what President Donald Trump will Probably Do as Well . . . If Donald Trump Has 4-More Years.

The Writing’s On The Wall . . . And The New Trusts & Socialists Know It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are absolutely right on every point. It drives me absolutely crazy that every right-thinking American cannot see this. “My grandparents were Democrats, my parents were Democrats, so I gotta be a Democrat.” Drives me nuts! Wake up, America!

  2. You are one of the few folks around whose knowledge of hi8story demonstrates itself with each of your offerings. The comparison between Trump and Teddy is right on mark both from a political view point and an economic one as well. To believe that “liberals” are any different today than they were back then is plain nuts. The current situation is about power and its control to continue to expand the holdings of those who hold much already. Continue the good work.

  3. I read about a poll this morning concerning the defund the police issue. It was an across the board poll of 36,000 Americans. The vast majority of whom don’t want to defund the police including 80% of blacks who were polled. The biggest support for defunding the police was among white Democrats. What does that tell you? A majority of people could see some restructuring of police departments but not to dismantle as many of the radical left desire. The Dems will go down big in November.

  4. Everything going on today plays into totalitarian govt. This is the gov’t the Democrats prefer. All their talk about justice for minorities etc is just meaningless lies to sway voters. They have no more concern for their causes and voters than I have for crumbs of bread on my floor. By attacking conservatives, values and normalcy, they are using a good offense as a defense. We need to fight the same way and stop cowering to their ridiculous accusations and tactics.

  5. HG, your Editorial is “right on TARGET”! The RADICAL Dems want to close everything down to HURT the economy and to ASSURE that Trump is BLAMED for its downfall afterwards. Their GOAL, and ONLY GOAL, is for him to NOT be RE-ELECTED. They only CARE about POWER! Don’t be surprised if EVERYTHING OPENS UP AFTER THE ELECTION! WAKE UP people, unless you want AMERICA to become another VENEZUELA! GO TRUMP GO! Pray for our Country! AMEN!

  6. You don’t need to read the Bible to understand that the love of money (power) is the root of all evil. To identify the perp, follow the money (power) trail. In their crazed thirst for power, the Demorrhoids, Big Tech and the lunatic left-wing media are a malignant tumor on the body politic. It’s time for the silent majority to get off their butts and excise it. November is Take-Out-the-Garbage Month.

  7. It’s simple, if the democrats win by cheating like I know they will, it will be civil war !!!!

  8. AMEN!!! I read you every day and I haven’t found anything of significance that I disagree with!

  9. All that’s necessary for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing! I can’t believe that GOD will allow this country to fall from our own internal divisions!

  10. The writing IS on the wall and I have read it!!!!! SUPPORT TRUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I worry the lib demand for mail-in-ballots is so chaos will reign to delay the inauguration of the duly elected President Trump. If it can be stopped until noon on Jan 20th per the Constitution when the new newly elected president is supposed to take office I believe the libs will demand President Trump vacate the Whitehouse. I think the idiotic left will try to make some sort of legal case about 20th Amendment to the US Constitution. If you can shop you can vote.

  12. Atlas Shrugged all over again. Ann wrote this in the 50s. I convinced my wife to watch Shindler’s List, a true story about one man’s plight during WWII. As you know, he was only able to save a small handful of people from the German War Machine. What do the two topics have in common, they both draw parallels to our world today. If we do not reelect Donald J Trump a real war will begin. The NRA like all large Non Profits, have corrupt people in them and poor handling of money. It is the greed.

  13. Very good and well written trump win in Nov. will stop need media there will be a slow. I hope things will get back to normal a house and senate really I have never seen anything since the movie Dr Shivago

  14. Pandemic & Fauci arrived very conveniently to help Dems try to eliminate Trump. Same tactics here by Trudeau & Tam. Too much to be coincidence, it’s a conspiracy to make USA & Canada socialist that leads to communism. I hope you are right Howard predicting Trump will win, he has been impaired so much throughout his tenure to date, it’s 50/50. Trudeau brought 1000’a of Muslims to Canada, guaranteed votes to possibly secure Liberal wins forever. Trump is doing the right things and it’s bouncing.

  15. I am almost 90 and have seen a lot of water go under the proverbial bridge. Mega-Corporations are gobbling up the competition because our anti-trust laws have not been enforced for many years. Ultra-rich corporations are allowed to buy out their competition which enables them to get richer and unduly influence politics. (Money buys votes.) If enormous conglomerate monopolies) aren’t taken apart by the government, they will destroy America because they overpower the voters with media saturation

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