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An Honest Writer Will Tell It Like It Is – The Dishonest Writer Will Tell It Like He Or She Wants You To Believe It Is.


The Entire World Is Dealing With The China Virus . . . Where People are Getting Sick & Dying – But According to the North American Media & the US Democrats . . . the Plague Affecting the United States of America is Totally Trump’s Fault.

Why & How Is That . . . If The Rest Of The Planet Is Just As – If Not More-So Infected Than The USA?

The Following Quotation has been Accredited to Benjamin Franklin. Whether Benjamin Franklin Actually did Say this or Not, is Irrelevant to the Factualness of the Meaning.

“When The People Find That They Can Vote Themselves Money . . . That Will Herald The End Of The Republic.”

The Way That I Always Understood This . . . the True & Simple Meaning of the Preceding was . . . When the Politicians Discover they can Buy the People’s Votes with the People’s Own Money – It Will Be The Beginning Of The End For Decent & Honest Government.

In Reality . . . That Train Has Already Long Left The Station – The Proof Of Which Is In The Incompetence Of Our Governments.

As A Canadian . . . Whose Government (Canada) has Been on a Wild Spending Spree for Many Generations, Since the 1968 Election Of Liberal (Socialist) Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Canada is so Broke, that our Taxes are through the Roof and we have to Pay for Much of our Supposedly Free Healthcare, while we are Denied the RIGHT to Purchase Private Healthcare where the Government Can’t Provide it.

Canada Is So Broke . . . That our Air Force Fighter Pilots are Flying Ancient War Planes (CF-18’s), which are More than 30-Years Old, and from an Original Fleet of 138-Fighter Jets, of which many are Cannibalized just to Keep an Estimated 75-F-18’s still Somewhat Flight-Worthy.

Our Navy’s a Joke – And Our Soldiers Are Precariously Undermanned.

And Then There’s NATO . . . Canada Promised in Writing to Contribute 2% Of Our GDP to Pay our Canadian Share to Support NATO. But . . . If We’re Contributing as Much As Just 1% of our GDP to Live Up To Our Agreement, I would be Shocked. And every time I Hear Smug Canadian Socialists Demean the US & US Military, I have to Wonder if the Canadian Socialists ever Question who is Guarding the Canadian Gates from the Rush of the Barbarians?

Even Our Legendary Canadian International Charity . . . which our Socialist Canadians love to Showcase & Laud for our Spending Worldwide . . . is Financed with Borrowed Money. It’s Fascinating that very Few Canadians even Want to Care who Canada is Borrowing the Money From, how Much do we Really Owe . . . And What Happens When The Lenders Want Their Money Back?

In Essence . . . Canada Is Broke & Our Financial Well-Being Is Smoke & Mirrors Hanging By A Tenuous Thread.


More Than 2000-Years Ago . . . Roman Emperor Marcus Tullius Cicero Warned us of this Coming Day – But if we Don’t Know History, How Can we Know What To Expect?

Rome Was In The Throes Of Total Collapse. The Government was Divided, The Barbarians were Truly at the Gate & Ready to Breach . . . The Coffers were Low, the Debt was High & Revolt was in the Air.

Cicero Warned That A People Bought & Paid For With The People’s Own Money Will Never Be Satisfied. And Eventually, the Money will come to an End, where the Government will Resort to Choosing Winners & Losers.


“A Nation Can Survive Its Fools, Even The Ambitious. But It Cannot Survive Treason From Within . . . For The Traitor Appears Not To Be A Traitor . . .  He Rots The Soul Of A Nation . . . He Infects The Body Politic So That It Can No Longer Resist”.


I Have Never Been A Fan Of Rand Paul . . . But Rand Paul Gets-It. Stop Running-Up The Debt.

America has Already Crossed the Rubicon of Debt, and thus, like Ancient Rome, the Enemies from Within, who for Generations have been Plotting their Socialist Agenda, their Time has Come to Seize what they Believe is Theirs, since they Created the Entitlements which Demand More Entitlements, which the Government Can Neither Afford Nor Abandon Without Civil War.

Thomas Jefferson Warned The Nation That This Day Would Come . . . It’s Here.

And like Rahm Emanuel so Succinctly Phrased It During The Obama Presidency . . . “Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste” to Match the Words of Barack Hussein Obama who Promised . . . “To Fundamentally Transform America”.

Now’s The Time For The American People To Defend What Is Theirs – Or Surrender It To The Mob.

The November 3rd Presidential, House & Partial Senate Election will Not be a Fair or Honest Election. The Wheels for Deception & Corruption through Mail-In Ballots & Non-Existent Voter ID – have Already been Instituted Under the Guise . . . in the Over-Hyped Name of Democracy, to all but Guarantee the Forthcoming Election to be the Greatest Voter Fraud in American History.

By However Much Donald Trump Will Win . . . His Victory Will Be Far Greater Than The Numbers Will Show. And However, the Numbers of Districts The Democrats Will Win to the House, the Real Numbers will be far Less than the Outcome. And the Senate to be Held by Conservatives is at Equal Risk for the Same Reason.

Remember The Words Of Cicero . . . “A Nation Cannot Survive Treason From Within”.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Liberal nutcases in Canada and Demorrhoid lunatics in the US have a greater allegiance to Communist China than to the foundational precepts upon which their own countries were built. Pampered NBA millionaires plan to wear “woke” messages on their jerseys to signal their support for Black Lies Murder and other media-hyped social justice causes. If they were honest, the message on the back of all their jerseys would read CHINA INC. LeBron James and his ilk are beneath contempt.

  2. Who is Canada borrowing from ? China of course . The Engineers of the Virus and shortly to be the Sellers of the Vaccine . Trump threatened their control of the US economy , they retaliated by destroying the World economies with the Virus . Laughed off by most as Tinfoil Hat Logic but let’s see what happens .

  3. The USA (and probably Canada) have so many traitors from within that they are fighting each other to see who will get credit for the final collapse of our countries. I’m glad I’m old and don’t have a whole lot of time left…

  4. Since Hunter Biden got 1-1/2 Billion from the China Bank w/o any banking experience, do you think the Liberals are in bed with China? John Boehner is a lobbyist for China. How many others are under their control? These are the kind of politicians that will sell their Mother for money. We are corrupting from within. Trump won’t play their games. That’s why they hate him.

  5. Right to the point as usual, Howard. I don’t worry so much about the crooks and liars in the media who publish crap like “it is Trump’s fault.” The real threat is the half wits who believe them! God help us!

  6. Canada’s total debt right now is $2.4 Trillion, Canada’s GDP is $2.4 Trillion, the ratio debt to GDP is 100%. The U.S.A total debt right now is $60 Trillion, the U.S.A. GDP $20 Trillion, the ratio debt to GDP is 300%. Canada also bought older used F-18 from Australia and are trying to put them back together like Humpty Dumpty. Any money borrowed from china is now null and void, they started WW 3 by unleashing the virus on the world. hellary had 40 points lead in 2016, look who became President.

  7. I doubt there is any “printing” of money anymore – it’s just number shifting in a bank database. Next step is do away with paper money altogether – it’s not worth the paper & ink it’s printed on anyway. Then the gov’t (via Fed Reserve-not federal BTW), can/will have means to cease bank accounts to pay debt. People who want socialism should take a 1-week trip to Havana, Cuba & see what socialism/communism is really like, up close & personal. It’s not like the beautiful pics in brochures at all.

  8. We are in a time frame referred to in the Book Of Revelations. The government will come out with a vaccine that they will claim will stop the virus but only if everyone takes it and has the “marker” added so that they are sure everyone is covered. Hell is upon us in the name of BLM, Antifa and others who want control. There is a segment of Politicians that back them, and wish to defund the Police. Have your personal protection ready and available for you will need.

  9. As I have said before, make sure you have plenty of beans n’ bullets. If not, pity the fool. Howard, KEEP SOUNDING THE ALARM!!

  10. Trudeau has bought and owns Canadians thanks to the Pandemic opportunity. Cicero describes him perfectly. Latest purchase $6.8million to the Chinese to provide surveillance equipment in our Embassies, ever heard anything so asinine? Chickens in the Embassy and the fox will be watching over them and reporting to China. The whole of North America is in trouble. It’s Trump or bust in November.

  11. When our traitor in chief Justin Trudeau was elected and then re-elected, I totally gave up on Canada. The biggest voting block in Canada is from the third world all of whom have no connection with our history, heritage, culture, and religions. They are only concerned about free stuff and getting all their friends and relatives in for the same. All three parties will pander to them but especially the Liberals. The biggest danger to Canada and the U.S. is the dumbed-down electorate.

    I Wish You Weren’t Right – HG

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