To The LEFT – America Is A Dark & Nasty Place


BEFORE ANOTHER WORD . . . Anne & I Voted Yesterday (Mail-In Ballot) for DEREK SLOAN to Lead the Federal (Canadian) Conservative Party. Our Second Choice of Four Candidates was Leslyn Lewis, who I Don’t Support with Enthusiasm, but She’s Miles Above & Beyond the Two Sell-Out Conservatives (Professional Politicians – MacKay & O’Toole), who are Canada’s Answer to RINOS Both of Whom I Wouldn’t & Didn’t Vote For On The Ballot.

When you Receive your Ballot, that is, Only if You’re a Paid-Up Member of the Conservative Party of Canada, you can Reject all the Candidates, Vote for all Four in the Marked Order of your Preference, or Just One, Two or Three. Anne & I Chose To Vote For Two.

If You’ve Received Your Voting Card In The Mail . . . Now’s A Good Time To Vote For Canada . . . BY VOTING FOR DEREK SLOAN.


The Only Systemic Racism In The USA or Canada, Which Really Is Severe & Prominent – is what’s Engineered by Self-Loathing Ignorant White Liberals & Black Racists . . . Promoting the Unforgiveable LIE that Black Lives Matter – Opposed To All Lives Matter, as an Egregious Reason to Destroy What has Taken Hundreds of Years for Good People to Create . . . Being The United States Of America & Canada.

It Dawned On Me Last Night . . . that Every Time a LEFTIST Opens His or Her Mouth, Especially in the United States of America – It’s Always Doom & Gloom.

I Remember when Obama Went on his First Premier Apology Tour – to Tell the World that America Was Not An Exceptional Country . . . And The Stupid American Liberals Cheered.

Remember This Oldie But Goodie By Obama In Strasbourg France – April 3, 2009 . . .

“There Have Been Times Where America Has Shown Arrogance & Been Dismissive, Even Derisive”.

I Wonder if Obama Meant Between 1917 & 1918 in Europe? Or Between 1941 & 1945 Also in Europe? Or from the Beginning of the Cold War in 1945 with the Soviet Union, to the Collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991?

I Wonder if Obama had Taken into Account – the More than 100,000 Members Of The American Military . . . Army, Navy, Marines, Airforce, Spies, Nurses – Etc . . . Who are Buried on European Soil, Who Gave It Their All For European Freedom?

I Seriously Doubt It.

Perhaps, if the Jerks who are Demonstrating Today throughout America and in a more Limited Way in some Canadian Cities – Rioting, Smashing, Hurting People, Burning & Looting – Knew some of their History, they Might Think Twice About the Extraordinarily Negative Language Used Against The United States of America (Their Own Exceptional Country) by LEFTIST American Politicians, Academia, Hollywood, the Music Industry, Television, Social Media & the Mainstream Media?


To Hear It From The LEFT . . . America Stands For Nothing Commendable. America – Using the Words of Michele Obama, America’s First (Black) Lady – Saw Two Elements in the United States of America, which in Spite of Allowing Michelle Obama to Get an Incredible Education in Order to Attain an Extremely High Profile & Lucrative (Pseudo) Government Job, Long Before her Husband Barack Obama Became President . . . that in her Words were – Not Until Her Husband Became the Nominee for the Democrat Leadership Said . . .  “For The First Time In My Adult Life I Am Really Proud Of My Country”.

Why Wasn’t Michelle Obama Proud Before Of A Country That Gave Her So Much?

Michelle Obama also Characterized America as . . . “America Is Just A Mean Country”. Really? How so, Given how much Money, Services & Sacrifice America has Made for Generations to Improve & Uplift as Many People in the United States of America & Around the World as Possible?

And Then There Was the Infamous “When They Go Low, We Go High” Canard from Michelle Obama. When Is The LEFT Going To Start Going High?

How Many Buildings do the LEFT have to Torch, Statues Topple, Graffiti Painted, Businesses Looted, People Beaten-Up, Police Defamed . . . Before They Figure It’s Time To Go High?

(President) Barack Obama Famously Said About Middle America (Conservative America) . . . That They Cling To Their Guns & Bibles (Religion) – Instead of Supporting Obama’s Concept of what America Should Be in Obama’s Opinion.

But Interestingly . . . It Isn’t the Gun Toting Religious Middle Americans, who are Causing Mayhem, Fear & Destruction Throughout the Bowels of America – Indeed – It’s The People Obama Lauded For Offering Their Support To Obama . . . Who Are Tearing America Apart From The Inside-Out.


The Other Day – A Friend Of Mine Criticized President Trump For Being Too Cavalier With The China Virus.

My Response To Him Was This . . . What Do You Want President Trump To Say Or Do? He’s Not a Scientist Nor is President Trump a Medical Doctor. President Trump Can Only Do as Much as the Science Allows Him To. And under President Trump’s Leadership, President Trump has Fulfilled Way Above & Beyond what the Cities & States Needed & Demanded Vis A Vis Equipment, Facilities, Protective Wear (PPE) & Medicine.

Do You Want The President To Be Dour Like The Democrats & Drive The Mentality Of The People Further Into The Ground?

America Needs A President To Take Charge – President Trump Has Certainly Done That, as much as the States have Allowed the President To Do So. But America Also Needs A Cheer Leader . . . To Boost Hope & Confidence For All The People Traveling Through These Extremely Unchartered Waters.

And That’s The Difference . . . The LEFT Sees America Drowning – Conservatives See America Riding The Wave.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I don’t know what happened but I was allowed to put this on Facebook They had blocked me for awhile Let’s hope it stays on.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more! Being 75 years old, it’s depressing to see the way my country has deteriorated and become just another third world place. When I saw the statue of Christopher Columbus being tossed into the Inner Harbor in Baltimore it made me sick. This is one time, I’m glad for my age and won’t have to continue watching what comes next in this sad, sad, saga.

  3. as a Korean vet (enlisted for 3) I view these young people with the utmost disdain for they have no idea how truly wonderful this country is lets have at the 6th grade a history lesson about how we got started and in High school patriotism bout the capilist system and how to make your own fortune starting out poor . My mom and dad only went to grade school Me only high school I had over 200 employees at one time. Am now 87 years old and had a wonderful life, Thank you America!!

  4. Like you, I voted for Derek Sloan and chose Leslyn Lewis as runner-up. The other two did not merit a mention. Canada has NEVER had a (small-c) CONSERVATIVE prime minister. Derek Sloan will be the first. Finally, the voters are being given a genuine alternative to the fascist Liberals.

  5. I voted Sloan for number one and left the rest blank. I would support anyone of them EXCEPT Peter MacKay.

  6. It’s getting to me! I’m so tired of all the HATE & EVIL from the left. Things need to turn around and soon! I can’t imagine the citizens of those cities being destroyed. It must be horrible for them! What have we become? Time to shut all this lunacy down and soon! God Bless America and Canada…. We need a miracle to bring these countries back to God first! Praying daily for a mighty revival….

  7. I am glad you both got to vote. Does not sound like you were happy who was all running. But same here in America as well.If Trump does not win it is kiss this country good bye. I am 79 yrs old and this is the frist time my heart is so sadden for our country due to people who are so evil trying to make it a communtis country. Makes my stomach turn over.I keep praying to God for help for all people. To come to their comon sense again. Take care Howard and Anne along with your loving furries of all

  8. Prayer Definition: how to do nothing and still think you’re helping. Thoughts and Prayers are simply a cover for doing nothing.

  9. Excellent post. We who are in our 80’s can’t believe what is going on. We are thankful for. President Trump.

  10. Well Said Howard.I haven’t seen my country so divided since the 60’s!Yet even then,the foundation of our Country was still solid.I came across this 40 + years ago, it’s in Psalm 11:3 “If the Foundations are destroyed, What will the Righteous do? Then on Jan 9th 1966, the NYT posted GOD IS DEAD” not much of an uproar then! AT one time God was the underlining of our Faith, Laws, Civility. I don’t think that can be Proclaimed today as A Nation! The Foundations & Constitution have been chipped away.

  11. I’m thoughtfully considering your statement “Self-Loathing Ignorant White Liberals & Black Racists”. I don’t think they hate themselves; I honestly think it is the opposite. They are totally self-absorbed in a ’cause’ they feel can make them look great to others. They want to be center of attention (usually behavior of spoiled selfish individuals). Those spoiled revert to tantrums=adult rioters, destroyers to promote a cause as well as self-aggrandizement & superiority. That’s what they are.

  12. I see the Left as being dark and nasty. America, with all its ails, is still a damn great place, better than anywhere else, and produces far more great things than sour things. There’s a reason everyone wants to run there, even the hypocrite, wacked out lefties stay in America and don’t leave for the likes of elsewhere. What shocks me is the person who stays only to pull it down. That’s like putting a sledgehammer to your own walls. Fools.

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