Stop Apologizing For Floyd – He Was A Thug


UNDERSTAND THIS . . . Even Though there is a Massive Number of Really Stupid People in America, there are Really Stupid People Everywhere in the World. I Know, I’m A Canadian. But in the United States of America, there are far More Patriots, who have Repeatedly Shown their Willingness to Fight & Even Die for America & Freedom, Than There Are Ignorant Anarchists.


ALSO UNDERSTAND . . . There is an Army of Elitist, Entitled and Far Removed People from the Average Decent Hard-Working Americans, who have Become so Removed from the People they Speak-To, That Their Opinions Are With Little Value.

These People Tell Us – AS FACT . . . What they Believe, which Isn’t Necessarily a Reflection of what we the People Believe, while Many of the Elitists (Media, Pundits, Pollsters) Simply Lie about the Numbers, which Pummel the People Every-Day with Misleading Information in their Campaign to Demoralize the Majority.

Do You Really Believe The Majority Of The People Are So Stupid As To Vote For An Empty Suit Of A Man Facing Dementia?


OK – We can all Begin to Rub our Hands in Guilt over the Murder of George Floyd, as Soon as Black Elitists, Black Lives Matter & Lunatic White Apologists Stop Apologizing for Being White, Stupid, Ignorant & Anti-Freedom . . . And Start to Feel Great Remorse for the Black-On-Black Slaughter in Either Majority Black – Or All-Black Communities.

A Long Time Ago . . . It Became Popular for Some (Many) People to use the Word JAP, Standing for Jewish American Princess, to Illustrate how “Privileged” Some Jewish Women Were, because Jewish Women Appeared to Have all the Glitter.

This Is the Kind Of Jealous Passive/Aggressive Rhetoric, Which Hides & Promotes Anti-Semitism In One Euphemism.

Not Only Did I Find That Euphemism (JAP) To Be Terribly Offensive – I Found it to be Downright Anti-Semitic, since it Demeaned Jewish Girls & Women to be Somewhat Unfairly Advantaged . . . Because many Jewish Women, Especially in Upper Income Communities Dress Really Well, Take Good Care of their Families, Drive Nice Cars, Live in Nice Homes in Great Neighborhoods, have Help around the Home & Garden, with many Having Get-Away Homes in the Country or in Winter-Free Southern States like Florida.

One Day . . . While with a Group of Jewish Friends & Family, I Heard one of the Young Women (Jewish) Refer to Another Woman (Also Jewish) who wasn’t there – As A JAP. I had no Idea who the Woman being Referenced was . . . But In Front Of The Whole Group Of People – Most of Whom I Knew, and Many who I didn’t Know . . .

I Asked The Woman Who Made That Trope . . . If She Was An Anti-Semite?

With Great Personal Offense & Indignation . . . Expressed in Front of the Group which was now Paying Attention to this Discussion – This Woman Replied . . . How Could I Be An Anti-Semite, I’m Jewish? To which I Responded . . .

. . . Then That Makes You The Worst Kind Of Anti-Semite.

Not To Be Stopped From Speaking . . . I Continued & Told her, while Actually Speaking to the Group, More than just to Her, since she wasn’t the Only Jewish Person to use that Slur, that there are Enough People in the Entire World who Love Nothing More than Denigrating Jews, Especially Successful Jews, Without Us Piling-Onto Ourselves.

I Continued . . . I Don’t Know Any Jewish Women Who Are Gangsters & Thieves Who’ve Cheated Their Way to Whatever they Have. But of all the Jewish Women I do Know, very Few of them are so Privileged, all of them Having Earned What they Have & Work Hard Making a Good Life for Themselves & Family.

For A Jew . . . To Demean A Jewish Woman because She Lives Well, Dresses Well, Keeps Herself Looking Good, Drives a Nice Car, Enjoys Eating Out – Etc, Is The Worst Kind Of Anti-Semite Around.

And Then I Asked This Woman . . . My Wife is Very Pretty. Anne Loves to Dress Well, Have her Hair Always Done, and She Makes Herself-Up Just So. Anne Drives a Really Nice Sporty Car, Rides a Really Nice Horse & Loves to Eat out with our Friends.

And Because I Love Buying Really Nice Jewelry For Anne – She’s Bedecked Like The Queen Of Sheba . . . IS ANNE A JAP?

I Went-On . . . You should Also Know that Anne Works 10-Hour Days, 7-Days A Week – while Running our Advertising Agency, of Which Anne is the Principle Owner. In Addition to all Just Said . . . Anne Works on the Farm Every Day, Mucking Horse Stalls, Feeding the Animals & Tending to the Property – Side By Side With Me.

And as I am Busy Fighting for Freedom of Expression Against Serious Foes, we Lived with Death Threats Against Me & Mine . . . Anne Never Once Flinched – even when Anne was Rushed-Out of our House by the Police for her Own Safety. So I Asked Again – IS ANNE A JAP?

And Before Anyone Could Say Anything About My Rant . . . I Finished by Saying – None of You Better Call Anyone a JAP in my Presence . . . Ever Again. And we Left the Group.


I Cringe when I Hear People Use Racially Defamatory Language to Describe Other Human Beings, Whether the Reference is to Skin Color, Culture, Religion, Gender or Whatever . . . Especially When The Victim Of The Smear Is The Perpetrator.

If You Can’t Have Pride & Civility In Who You Are . . . Then Why Should Anyone Else?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I heard that term often in the Bronx in the 50’s, BUT it pertained to the Japanese. Then towards the end I heard the same term being as you have said used.Learning of the History of the Jews, from Abraham, Moses and on, they were a mighty people, Warriors. Things transpired which lead to slavery.Then the Holocaust, Hell on Earth!Those that came to America had to,like all, work and work hard, some succeeded some didn’t. Jealousy is like poison, it clouds Any & ALL Reason! Then & Today!

  2. Wow! I couldn’t agree more with your comments. The old saying “Calling the kettle, black”, has never been more in play than it is is some circumstances today. Thank you!

  3. My best friend (in a drunken state), cost himself a marriage! Someone at a party recorded him telling jokes about Jewish Women, and his wife got to hear them (Wife is Devout Jewish, him – a Church of Christ). Seemed like all the guys at that party were making fun of ALL Races that were NOT White…! (I think I was the only one sober, and decided to leave early – I Hate “Trash-Talk” about any Race…!).

  4. Hey Howard. Getting tired of the crap. BLM had their protest that segued into more protests and rioting and looting and many deaths across America that culminated in the Seattle anarchy, all to celebrate the death of a thug who’s last act was trying to cheat someone with a counterfeit bill. The Dems love it and Pelosi et al are doing what they can to try to keep it happening but it’s going to rebound on them soon. I can hardly wait.

  5. Floyd was a career criminal, plain and simple. Now he has become a martyr. Doesn’t take much to get the lefties going, does it! This is no longer about Floyd. This is about anarchists trying to take over the USA, helped by the Demoncrats and George Soros!! Nobody will convince me otherwise!!

  6. your comments are SUPER…. I’m 86 and had never heard the JAP term except during WW11 your post should be on a full page add then just maybe people will wake up…………..

  7. Howard, you are right on many counts. IDK how much network TV you watch but NBC has become the National Black’s Network. I watched sporadically for about a hour this morning.The entire hour was devoted to blacks, including all the commercials. IMHO, BLM and other pro-black organizations have become anti white, (or anti all non-black) organizations. I am not a racist but am being shoved in that direction by the media.

  8. Yes, BIDEN is An Empty Suit Of A Man Facing Dementia.However, he is just a PLOY being used by the RADICAL LEFT.Everything LIES with WHOM THEY will SELECT as BIDEN’S VP which will have an EFFECT on people’s votes, especially if MICHELLE runs.I wouldn’t DISCOUNT her too quickly! The OBAMAS would love to CONTROL the White House again! He didn’t wait ’till the LAST MINUTE to support BIDEN for nothing! Agree–If You Can’t Have Pride & Civility In Who You Are . . . Then Why Should Anyone Else? AMEN!

  9. My black friends are shaking their heads at all the whites involved with BLM. They think when blacks sneeze whites catch pneumonia! Just will not say no or disagree. Afraid of the PC thing. Stand by and watch them destroy, loot, and tear down history with nothing being done.This is not the United States I fought for!

  10. You’re on-target again today. However, I have heard an interesting prediction about “Biden’s dementia”. A friend reminded me that Hillary own the DNC; and Biden does have any dementia. He stated that if you heard him only a few months prior to hearing about this medical condition, he was really in excellent health. His prediction? That Biden will choose Hillary as his VP; and he will abdicate his position soon after the election making her the first female POTUS. It’s possible and very scary!

  11. Well Sir Having grown up in Greenfield Park I am familiar with term JAP as you use it . However I viewed “them” as people I wanted to meet and hang with. They were however in short supply in my neighborhood. As to Floyd and BLM and the Media , perhaps one unexpected , unplanned , unpredictable side effect is Polarizing regularly un-biased, non-bigots into people who are now anti many things “black and anti-white”.

  12. I must live under a rock most of my life Howard. I have never heard anyone being called a Jap .Why wold anyone want to call a Jewish person that? I could understand a Japense person being called a Jap since they fought and killed our Amreicans in a warbut did not hear of that much either when growing up. I am sorry people said bad words towards Jewish people. As for G.Floyd that young man should not have died he did but he was not a good person he did wrong things but did not deserve to died.

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