Do All Lives Matter?


Question . . . What Would America Look Like Without The Police? Now You Know!


The Day Doesn’t Go By In America . . . When a Black Person Isn’t Robbed, Beaten, Raped, Stabbed, Shot or Murdered . . . By Another Black Person.

Where’s The Outrage?

Just About Every Face (Almost 100%) I See On Television, Who Is Looting, Causing Extreme Property Damage & Beating Someone . . . In The American Riots – Is Black.

SO . . . Do All Lives Matter?


When I Saw Police Officers, Including Senior Police Officers Take a Knee to the Protestors (Rioter Enablers), I thought of Kaepernick Smiling in my Mind’s Eye, in his Knowledge that his Extreme Propaganda Campaign was Bearing Real Fruit.


Make The Lie Bigger Than Life – Never Stop Telling The Lie . . . And Inevitably Make The Lie Political.

So What’s The Big Lie?

The Big Lie Is That America Is A Racist Country, where Whites are Privileged & Black Americans Don’t have a Chance. And Law Enforcement in America is Inherently Anti-Black, which has Turned out to be the Uber-Successful Democrat Political Message of Hate.

SO . . . In Spite of all the Democrat Evidence to the Contrary, America has Become one of the Least Racist Countries in the World, where a Black Socialist (Barak Hussein Obama) Politician with No Personal Socio/Political or Business Achievements to Speak-Of, was Voted to become a Two-Term American President.

If America Is Such A Racist Country . . . How does the LEFT (Democrats) Explain the Number of Successful Black Educators, Black Athletes, Black Media Personalities, Black Actors, Black Singers, Black Professionals, Black Business Owners, Black Governors, Black Mayors, Black Police Chiefs, Black Members of Congress . . . And On & On?


For Years . . . I have been Warning (Writing & Speaking) about a Coming Revolution in America, which will Have Nothing to do with Race, And Everything to do with The LEFT Versus Freedom.

For Years . . . I have been Encouraging People to Read Ayn Rand’s Classic – Atlas Shrugged & George Orwell’s Classic – 1984.

For Years . . . I have been Making People Aware of the Real Threat of Dystopia, and the Vile Philosophies being Taught to our Children by their Teachers in Favor of Socialism (Communism), and the Loss of Freedom of Expression in the Name of the LEFTIST Definition of Freedom of Expression Espoused by our Children’s Malfeasant Educators.


A Hitler Comes to Power when a Lie Becomes so Convincing, so Egregious and the Social Fabric Becomes so Frayed, Tattered & Despairing by Repeating the Lie Ad Infinitum . . . that Eventually – the People Beg for a Leader to Give them Safety & Prosperity . . . At The Cost Of Freedom.

What Terrifies The LEFT . . . Is That Donald Trump Stands For Freedom Against The Big Lie. And “Trump” Won’t Surrender.


At 10:30AM Eastern Time (June 2, 2020), In a Speech of Platitudes to the Democrats by Joe Biden . . . Biden Said “As President It Is My Commitment” . . . Sorry Joe – Did No One Tell You That You Aren’t The President?

If you Think all of this Mayhem in America is Because of the Killing of One Black Man by a White Cop who is a Bad Apple, who has been Charged, Arrested & Sitting in Jail . . . Explain to me why the LEFT and their Accompanying Thugs are Rioting in Europe, and even in Canada, where there is no open Racial Animus?

This Has Nothing To Do With Racism In America . . . And Everything to Do with a Battle Between those (LEFTISTS) who Want to Take Away our Freedoms in the Name of Freedom, which they Don’t Believe-In – From Those Of Us Who Cherish Real Freedom.

And as I See Police in Uniform – Taking a Knee to People who are Threatening Everything we Stand for . . . in the Name of “Their Fake Justice” – Where There Is No Inherent Injustice, we Better Start Rethinking where we Stand & How Far We’re Prepared to Go . . . To Keep The Freedoms We Have.

Watching Our Law Enforcement Take A Knee To The Mob . . . Is Akin To Watching Patton’s Troops Take A Knee To The Nazis.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It getting really bad when the daughter of the New York mayor bill de blasio is caught and arrested for throwing bricks at a police car. The youth are totally brainwashed zombies doing the bidding of their masters. If we don’t stand up to this it will be our loss. I read an article that in one city some locals stood in protest against the rioters and protected business from getting destroyed. It’s a good start but this needs to happen everywhere.

  2. Unless President Trump can manage to get this under control, by any means necessary, we’re headed for a shooting revolution, and I hope I know who’s going to win that one. It won’t be the people who are afraid of guns.

  3. This may be the beginning of the Civil War that we have long feared.

  4. Stop the train…I want to get off. I’m sickened by this fiasco and the constant media babble. I’ll watch Tucker Carlson for daily updates and that’s it.

  5. In how many videos did we see armed citizens standing alongside the police? Would they even be allowed to do so? The police alone cannot control the mob-minded populace, especially when noodle-spined local government leaders make the LEOs stand down. When all else fails, it’s up to ME to protect what’s mine. We should all be of that mindset.

  6. Amen Howard. It is time for all people of integrity to stand and be counted, no more of the thuggery, slipshod government unaccountability. STOP!!!

  7. Political and religious affiliations aside, the many successful members of the black business community, the entertainment world, and black workers from all walks of life should to get on TV, standing arm in arm, and proclaim in unison that they are not victims of racism, and in fact, and in most cases it is the opposite. Politicians, and MSM are the main purveyors of the racism flash point. Soon they might realize that crying “wolf,” once to often, has destroyed their own social safety net.

  8. Hence the reason for disarming Canadians , we do not want regular folk protecting their hard earned property ! Let the Police do so , if they can , and if their Bosses let them . I do not know how to sing/say Kumbaya , but we obviously think we need more of it as opposed to law and order , self respect and responsibility , jobs and freedom.

  9. Please add a link to Facebook so I can forward your editorials when appropriate!

  10. Gee Howard, maybe Joe Biden thinks he’s President Kennedy !!! Talk about illusions. Let me say this about that !!! Truth be told, ALL LIVES MATTER….no matter what skin colour…no matter what religion….no matter what creed. For the record, people should be permitted to protect their own property !!! It is my duty and my obligation to protect what is mine !!! ps: Julie and I love your Editorials, Howard. Thank you for telling it like it is. – Brucester

  11. At 75, I’m appalled by all this CRAP! I have seen all the protests, on anything you want to mention, I have seen the “Peaceful Protests” of Dr.King,….the degradation of human life erased by Roe v. Wade, the integration of Public Schools,….and on and on, to where we are today. IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) , it is 90% the fault of our educational system!! They don’t teach hard work, ethics, right from wrong , and EVERY LIFE MATTERS! I hope we find the “guts” to say ENOUGH!! of this!!!

  12. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA said that he would REFORM America & he CERTAINLY did—NOT for the BEST, however! People are EASILY being BRAINWASHED with LIES, due to their HATRED of Trump. The LEFT is USING the BLACKS to create HAVOC & it’s working. It’s NAUSEATING to hear the LEFTIST STATES’ PATRONIZING RHETORIC Re: the BLACKS to make them BELIEVE that they SUPPORT them! “Sleepy Joe” LEARNED a lot from his friend, Barack the CONSPIRATOR! It was DISGUSTING to see the Police Officers TAKE A KNEE! AMEN!

  13. Socialism is too enticing because of the human weakness to go for the easy life. It is always easier to do nothing & have no stress trying to earn a living – as the welfare state grows, we are breeding more & more of the ones who prefer socialism. For socialism to thrive, governments have to take on more power & that’s what’s happening in the Western civilization, I’m sorry to say! Groups – especially funded minority groups – are growing that will use violence to get what they want.

  14. Biden is anatomically challenged: no spine, no balls. He is also a pathological liar. God help us if the fascist Demorrhoids seize power in November. Weekday evenings I look forward to Tucker, Sean and Laura. Weekends I enjoy Jeanine, Jessie, Steve, Mark and Greg. Among the alphabetic networks the truth is found nowhere else.

  15. “Make The Lie Bigger Than Life – Never Stop Telling The Lie . . . And Inevitably Make The Lie Political.” This has been DEMOCRATS modus operandi for a very long time. As Communist Manifesto writings indicate, Communists continued to infiltrate all levels of society (esp academia) to reprogram thinking of generations. NOW it’s coming to fruition. I also see a strong Satanic push in spiritual realm – evidently because his time is short & he’s bent on taking as many humans with him as possible.

  16. Greg Gutfeld and Tucker Carlson tell it exactly like it is; and in a way that anyone can understand.

  17. 7/23/1967 when the Detroit RIOT started or town was SHUT DOWN. But the National Guard came in, we had TANKS coming & going on our streets, when I went to work DOWNTOWN there were ‘sharpshooters’ on roof tops all along the way to protect US. Now we have them in Detroit and Grand Rapids. We have lost businesses, employees lost jobs & some businesses have chosen NOT TO RE-OPEN. No one should bow to these PAID Street Thugs. And they did NOT do this for Mr. Floyd. His son is calling for PEACE.

  18. Most all cities in the U.S. that are still having riots are Democratic. These people will never get the job done! Trump said he would send the military if they do not take some kind of action! These organized riots need an investigation. It always has amazed me that over 80 per cent of black deaths in the U S are caused by other blacks! Guess that is OK.

  19. Howard, people are easily brainwashed and led. Use a few catchy words with a feel-good cause and you can bring down mountains. Better yet, you can get people to support and act towards their own demise. Liberals and the media are no fools. They are creating this social disaster. Liberals by building a crappy situation for people, the media by creating a false narrative and exploiting it.

  20. Breaking News: De Blasio told Police Chief, police were not to arrest anyone. Time for President Trumps Military to move in. Why would a Bishop object to a President holding up a bible, no doubt a dem Bishop. Black rioter asked how long this would go on, said until the election. Several cops shot, one killed, barely makes news. I’ve read both books, 1984 is here and working well under direction from Trudeau and Tam. I make 1984 a topic of conversation while waiting in those infuriating line-ups

  21. I am going to take a knee this morning, at the shooting range, one of the best positions for accurate shooting. My wife and I are ready, our home is ready, plenty of food, ammo and guns. No one is going to burn us out, take our guns or freedom. I pray this will not happen but Lucifer has raised his head and is gaining ground, he has people in power saying you can not go to church, you can not go outside, you can not shake hands, no fellowship. Get ready for the battle of our lives. He is coming

  22. Howard, I’m happy to be in your choir. These clowns will NEVER WAKE UP! How far are we from the Gospel being preached to all the world? And the second coming of Christ?

  23. Howard, you have once again spoken the truth. May people are staring with you, so keep it going. Mickey in Ireland, where they still believe the Democratic Party was like it was 70+ years ago.

  24. I’d bet 90% of the kids – black or white or otherwise – carrying these BLM signs could tell you one name of one person killed in black-on-black crime in Chicago or anywhere else. Those kids don’t know how thoroughly they’re being played in all of this. And when the rioters kill a 77-year-old black man like that poor retired-St Louis police Captain Dorn, you know the riots aren’t about cops OR race.

  25. There were no noticeable racial problems in North Texas where I have lived since 1959, until Barack Obama was elected. I worked directly with the public (Hundreds, perhaps thousands of whom were black), and i worked with black co-workers. I also had several black friends, most of whom I have outlived, some were promoted to other cities and after I retired I lost contact with them. I never heard ay racist problems voiced any of them in 32 years. Those I worked with would certainly voiced problems

  26. Thank you Howard it was wonderful as always,. Keep up the great work you are doing.. Now Please, please Scottie Beam Me Up they have all gone crazy here on this planet BEAM ME UP !!

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