The China Virus Didn’t Close Down America, Canada Or The World – Stupid Politicians Did . . . And We Let Them.

This Editorial Is Repetitive . . . But It Needs to be Re-Written, Re-Read, Re-Said & Re-Heard as Many Times as is Possible, since this Isn’t Fiction – What is Happening to us has Sent us all Into the Twilight Zone.

Let Me Make This As Clear As Polished Crystal . . . The Politicians Panicked & Let the likes of Dr Fauci, who has Lived his Entire Career as an Elitist Academic, Feeding off the Public Trough, Rubbing Shoulders with People Identical to Himself – Have Destroyed Everything Our Societies Have Worked For . . . Seemingly Forever.

When I Hear Or Read . . . We Better Open the Country or we’ll Never be Able to get Back On-Track – TOO LATE . . . That Ship Has Already Sailed.


Here’s A Phrase You’ll Never Hear From A Politician . . . “I’m Sorry – I Screwed-Up”.

I’m 70-Years Old . . . And No Matter How Long I Will Live – I Will Never Live Long Enough to Enjoy the Rest of my Life – Which my Parents Gave to Me, which is the Life None of our Children, Especially our Grandchildren will Ever Know Of.

I Don’t Want A New Normal . . . I Just Want Back What Was Already Normal.


Fauci, Birx & Company Are Limousine Liberals . . .

A Pipsqueak Elitist Like Fauci . . . Who to the Best of my Knowledge Fed-Off the Elitist System for his Entire Life Said . . . Shut It Down, who all of a Sudden became the Most Powerful Unelected Person on the Planet.

When Fauci Told Senator Rand Paul Yesterday (May 12, 2020) during the Senate Hearing, that he (Fauci) Doesn’t Make Decisions – Corporate or Political, and is only a Doctor, Scientist & Advisor . . . Is & Was A Bald-Faced Lie. Fauci, with no Credibility Whatsoever as a Businessowner, Entrepreneur, Employee . . . Etc – Etc – Etc has Said During Presidential Press Conferences that it Isn’t Time to Allow Businesses to Open. That Sporting Events shouldn’t Happen, that Schools shouldn’t Restart . . . And On & On.

This Piece Of Work Is Drunk On His Own Unearned Power & Prestige.

Fauci Absorbed His Newfound National & International Importance, where Whatever Fauci Said became National & International Policy, which is and was Insanity, Given the FACT that Fauci was WRONG about Everything he PREDICTED.

Because Of Fauci . . . Incompetent Power-Hungry Politicians Murdered The Greatest Economy On The Planet.

Fauci Opened The Gates . . . & the Political LEFT Scrambled Through the Gates with all the Deceit & Malice they Could Muster. All of a Sudden Governors, Premiers, Bureaucrats, County Managers, Mayors, Councilors & Police Officers Assumed Extreme Powers, which they Didn’t Have . . . Which Were (Are) 100% In Violation Of The Constitution.


John Durham Is Not An Investigator . . . Durham Is Not Charged With Writing A Report On The Nefarious Misdeeds Of Anti-Trump Politicians . . . John Durham Is A Prosecutor.

Durham Was Named By  Attorney General William Barr To Prosecute. So Don’t Wait for a Report from Durham. There has Already been No Shortage of Reports from the House, the Senate & Inspector General Michael Horowitz – Durham Is There To Indict & Prosecute.


The People Can Now See For Themselves . . . What Socialism Looks Like. No Matter what Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Chuck Schumer and all the Propagandized Media try to Peddle . . . The Reality Is There For All To See.

The November 3, 2020 Elections Will Come Down To What Kind Of A Country Do You Want To Pledge Allegiance?

The Kind of Country where the Bureaucrats Lock You Down & Tell You How to Live Your Life . . . Or do You Want to Live in a Country where the National Motto Says – Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Happiness?

Do You Want To Live In A Country . . . Where the Government Tells You that Socialism Controlled by the Bureaucracy is a Better Choice than Capitalism? Or – Where a Meritocracy through Capitalism in a Free Society gives You Free Choice Over Your Life?

Who do You Think between the Biden/Pelosi LEFT & Freedom Loving Trump Conservatives – will give the People Back the Country the LEFT has been Cheating & Stealing For Generations . . . Currently Stolen by Incompetent Politicians, which was Caused by the China Virus?

And Who Do You Believe Will Be Able To Rebuild The Economy?

There is No Question Whatsoever in my Mind, that the Only Way the Democrats will be Able to Win the Presidency, the Senate and/or the House on November 3, 2020 will be through Massive Vote Cheating.

And If That Happens . . . One Way or the Other by the LEFT Through Anti-Trump Supreme Court Legal Decisions (Tax Returns) and Unconstitutional Fixed Electoral College . . . Fraudulent Mail-In Votes, Fraud at the Polls, Fraudulent Computer Voting & Illegal Voters . . .

“Katy Bar The Door” . . . Because The Second Civil War Will Be Upon America.

To End On A Positive Note – The Republicans Went Two for Two on Congressional Challenges Within The Last 24-Hours – Including The 25Th California District Won by Republican Political Rookie Mike Garcia, which is the First Time since 1998 (22-Years) that a Republican Candidate Flipped a California Seat (District) from Blue to Red.

Perhaps This Is The Harbinger Of Things To Come Which Has The LEFT So Spooked.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The left is so spooked with the truth of the polls coming November that they wold prefer civil war re-electing Trump. California already banning fall reopening of Universities and Colleges. Add to that the finger in the eye the increasing provokations of so many other leftist Governors and the strangely anti-constitutional Chiefs of police and Mayors – and it is obvious they are pushing for massive civil unrest and the heat of the summer is their hope to provide it.

  2. Your spot on. The longer this bs goes on…the more I see that it nothing but bs. For the Americans….they consider themselves most fortunate that they have a no nonsense pro American accomplished businessman at the helm….as for Canada….our puppet cupcake shows himself to be more creepy and incompetent each and every day. May Gd have mercy on us.

  3. This can be the new temporary, but I will never accept it as the new normal. Normal is what came before this chinavirus. Those blue state govs are going to regret their heavy handedness when their businesses move to red states. I just hope when they do move the will remember that voting for dems is what got them in this situation.

  4. This editorial should re-released over and over and over again. I know I will! Don’t ever change your writing style. I read it like we’re having a hot conversation. Tragically, an over-run, rundown, bloated government may have to collapse in order to live again…. It won’t be the life I dreamed for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

  5. Here’s a scenario worth thinking about. Come 3 Nov 2020, Creepy Joe Biden wins the election. Prior to that, he chose, say, Warren as his ticket-mate and she ends up as the Veep. Joe isn’t in the best shape to be the POTUS and dies shortly after taking office – or even a year later. That would leave the Veep in charge… Right? Right. Now imagine what President Warren might do to the mighty USA. Canadian Bill, who takes an interest in what happens in the neighbourhood.

  6. Fauci may be doing a bad job but he’s not in the same league as our Canadian leadership : Minister of Health ? a Geologist by Training , influenced by a WHO cohort , Tam , overseen by a Univ. drop out , no Business experience , part time Drama Teacher who has been in hiding since this whole Cluster F#$@ began . The Math is not there to justify any of this. And Horror of it all : NO PRIDE PARADE this year ! now there’s a new Normal I will just have to learn to live with !!

  7. It scares the sh*t out of me when I consider that any of those Democrats being considered for office might actually win, especially as Pres. & Veep.

  8. When I see how much negativity, hurt, suffering, pain and collateral damage is occurring as a result of corona shutdown, and how much more is yet to come, it only makes me think of how out of touch, incompetent and flat out wrong the world’s leaders are.

  9. The comment I am about to make is not racist but the leftist will make it a racist thing. One example of how stupid sheeple vote and for what. If I read this right in many articles the blacks in the U.S.A. have been voting demon rat at over 90% for more than a century. The demon rats created the k.k.k. !!!! Sheeples deserve what they get as they don’t do their homework about the candidate and the party they vote for. They don’t know history so they are doomed at repeating it over and over again!

  10. Not enough characters to write all. In Wal Mart this evening a elderly man came up to my girl and yelled at her U do not have a mask on. She said to him & I am not going to either. Many people did & those who would stand near me I would tell them do U not listen to the Dr’s there telling us they do not help. That little Fauci needs to go back to Italy. Why Trump has let him and not others come in I do not know. There are other good DR’s this scares me to NO END HC But I am going to send it on

  11. Masks do not filter out viruses–But they DO reduce the droplet dispersion from human speech which is now known to hang around for several minutes–and can help spread the virus from person to person inside the close contact ranges in buildings and other places where distancing can’t be maintained. As a famous doctor once said–“couldn’t hurt”!

  12. Read 1984 & Atlas Shrugged & you will understand Why Fauci, Birx, Tedros, Tam & Trudeau are keeping people locked up. It’s the most successful experiment in population & mind control. People, wake up, smell the roses, revolt.We are told Corona could be forever like AIDS, at this point in time how can it be predicted? It’s all designed to scare you into submission. Economy tanking, government controlling you. Are you getting the message? Wake up USA & Canada & spread the word. No more mind games!

  13. We really have nothing compared to someone born in 1900. 1914- WWI -40 million dead, Spanish flu- 1918- 50 million dead, and thru history WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Polio, SARS, MERS,H1N1, AIDS,Drugs and Politicians. All have caused MILLIONS to die and we never had our country shut down like this. Fauci is a Liar, the Virus is going to cause some to die, FLU always does some more than others. I am 68, at 19 I served this country on my own accord. I am ready to do it again with my own power. Live ON.

  14. “Because Of Fauci . . . Incompetent Power-Hungry Politicians Murdered The Greatest Economy On The Planet.” Well said, Howard. “Don’t Wait for a Report from Durham. There has Already been No Shortage of Reports from the House, the Senate & Inspector General Michael Horowitz – Durham Is There To Indict & Prosecute.” Yeah, well; I’m tired of all the talk and bluster. I want to actually SEE some people get indicted before I believe anymore talk about what they’re gonna do.

    A’int That The Truth?- HG.

  15. IF dems win in Nov, there will be no rebuilding of economy since it’s already on way to socialism/communism/OWO. BUT if Trump wins again & GOP takes back House/retains Senate, Trump & people will rebuild economy, maybe even better. We must rid US of COMMUNIST insiders, Drastically DOWNSIZE gov’t, minimize individual & small business income tax & rescind strangling & liberty-restricting laws. GIVE US BACK OUR GOD-GIVEN & CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS & LIBERTIES. No more minority or elitist rule.

  16. Howard, thanks again for a truthful commentary.

  17. Seems to me things began to get real bad when the Democrats went after President Trump in order to impeach him. What a waste of time, energy and money. And for what? Truth be told, these Demmies (play on word for “Dummies) would be better off doing what they do best: Playing Golf. !!! FORE !!!

  18. The Russian Hoax was debunked, the Impeachment was debunked. Trump’s trade deal had China on the ropes. China denied inspection of the Wuhan Lab in 2015. Japanese renown scientist proved this virus is man made. China quarantined Wuhan Province but allowed them to travel all over the world to spread their virus. WHY? We are at war and it is germ warfare.They can’t defeat us militarily. They are pure Communist and will do anything to take us over.

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