The Purveyors Of The Global Socio/Political Nightmare


Maybe It’s Just My Imagination . . . But it Seems to Me, that Dr Fauci – The Presidential Task-Force Coronavirus Guru, is Reveling in all the On-Camera Press Coverage He’s Getting & Enjoying Too Much.

I Don’t Know Much About (Happy Face) Dr Deborah Birx . . . But I’m Getting Sick & Tired Of Her Too – They’re Both Bureaucrats.


Why Should The Leader Of The WHO (World Health Organization) NOT Be A Medical Doctor . . . but Rather, be a Politician with the Political Academic Title of Doctor, who is Not even Remotely Associated with the Actual Practice of Public Medicine.

To Add A Cherry Atop Fauci’s Media Sundae, is Knowing how Generously Fauci Endorsed the Leader of the WHO . . . (Dr) Tedros (Adhanom Ghebreyesus), who Fauci Described as his Friend and a Wonderful Man, who, as it Turns Out, Is A Rampant Marxist-Leninist From The Uber-Failed State Of Ethiopia . . . Who Isn’t Even A Medical Doctor, Passing Judgement Upon the World’s Health.

And Even More-So . . . Tedros – was the Ethiopian Health Minister & then the Foreign Minister when Ethiopia Ran-Up a Huge Debt of Well Over $10-Billion Dollars Between 2012 & 2016 To China.

And Guess Which Nation Was The Most Prolific Promoter Of Tedros To Head The WHO?

You Don’t Get A Prize For Guessing China, since China is Without Question the Most Obvious Answer. But Knowing what I Now Know about this Former Minister of a Horrific Vicious Communist Country (Ethiopia), I Understand Why this Tin Pot Showed his True Colors by Threatening President Trump, when President Trump Suggested the Possibility of Defunding the WHO because ofTedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

That Said About Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – What Does That Say About Fauci?

THE GLOBAL FORCES AGAINST DECENCY & HONESTY . . . And the Price We The People Pay in the PHONY Belief that we are Being Well Served by the People we Either Elect Or Appoint To Serve-Us . . . Is Nothing Short Of Criminal.


Give It To The Government & Academia. The Bigger The Government & Academia – The Bigger The Screw-Up.

As I’ve Written Often . . . At this Point in the Horrific Virus Pandemic – Who’s to Blame for The Pandemic is Secondary to Ending this Nightmare. But What is Not Secondary, is that all the Political Groups like the WHO and the CDC who have So Screwed this up, Should Take a Step Back and Let the Cream, which is Coming to the Top, which are the Real Doctors & Health Providers, Private Industries who are Inventing & Making the Necessary Medical Equipment, Retailers like Costco, Walmart & Food Retailers Everywhere . . . And All The Heroes I’ve Written About Previously – Do What has to be Done without the Usual Bureaucratic Obstructions.


I Think We’ve Had More Than Enough Of The Likes Of Doctors Fauci & Birx.

It Is Remarkable . . . How is it Every Time I Look at Fauci & Birx – Two Unelected Medical Bureaucrats, I see Two People who are Responsible for Making Laws, which are Impacting all of our Freedoms?

As For Canada . . . “The Great White North” – Prime Minister Trudeau and his Deficient Cabinet, Where it’s Far More Important to be a FEMALE Cabinet Minister Than it is to be a Competent Cabinet Minister – Trudeau and his Liberal Party were So Far-Up The Ass Of The WHO & China, that Right up to Just a Few Weeks Ago, Trudeau and his Liberal Government were still the Premier Apologists for the WHO, which Made a Bad Situation into a Nightmare by Incompetence & Global Dishonesty.

And Even Today . . . We Canadians Do Not Hear A Peep Of Criticism Or Condemnation Of The Who By Trudeau.


This Pandemic Won’t Last . . . But, if the People Want to Have a Peek Into the Future of Socialism, we Need Look No Further than Today, Here & Now, as Governments Large & Small Have Made all of Humanity Obeisant & Fully Dependent Upon “Big Brother” for Life or Death.


It Can’t Be Lost On The People . . . That What is Keeping Civilization from Going Over the Brink with this Pandemic Isn’t the Government, since I see the Government as a Substantial Part of the Problem. It is the Front-Line Workers, Independent Entrepreneurs, Factories & Distributors in Private Business, Who’ve Answered the Call & Rallied to the Need . . . IN SPITE OF THE DAMNED GOVERNMENT.

What The Government Offers . . . Are Cliché’s Reports, Statistics & Lectures.

And if the People are Smart Enough to See how Quickly the Government will Seize-Upon a Crisis, such as this Pandemic – to Wrestle Away the People’s Freedoms with the Lure of Socialism, where the Government Will Decide who Gets What (Money), How Much & When . . . On November 3, 2020There Shouldn’t Be One Democrat Left Standing.

While President Trump Wheels & Deals For The American People – Pelosi, Schumer & Schiff Wheel & Deal For Themselves.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The best piece of advice I ever received in regards to the approach of management was that analysis breeds paralysis. And this is exactly what the political bureaucracy can be accused of. You’re right Howard, the heroes of this pandemic, much like any other emergency affecting society, are always the front line people. It’s sickening to see the politicians always attempt to stay relevant by their daily limelight approaches to stay relevant. How many more Trudeau speeches do we need to hear?

  2. A disclaimer. I, Ted Ross am in no way related to that self appointed miscreant (Tedros) who is masquerading as a Doctor

  3. I know you don’t like stuff like this Howard but there is only one thing left here to do in Canada and that’s a revolution and remove trudeau and the liberals from power. In the U.S.A. they still have President Donald Trump at the helm and hope he wakes up soon and fires these 2 so-called expert doctors that keep spewing rubbish. What’s going on with the 98% Success Rate with Hydroxychloroquine-Azithromycin Regimen, people should be cured by now, we should be hearing more about this, strange.

  4. Government is a necessary evil, at best it is incompetent, at worst it is corrupt.

  5. After the first few days of the WH virus press conference- I quit watching. I thought then that one about every three days would be plenty. The U.S. needs to reevaluate the funding of most of these organizations. WHO needs to be sent packing. Great article. Have a great Easter weekend.

  6. Neither Birx nor Fauci are licensed to practice medicine. They are both Deep State scum and huge Hillary supporters. Fauci totally botched the AIDS crisis in the 80s. They are hosing Trump and America. The ONLY chance they have to prevent Trump’s re-election is to crash the economy and that’s what they are doing in addition to the Alinsky tactic of skyrocketing debt to destabilize the economy further. We have to reopen America ASAP or we are finished.

  7. Preident trump is very smart and he has t realize what those two are trying to do when even me as old as i am could see it after watching 2 times They are working with bill Gates, Kissinger ,Soros and lord knows who else.We have 2 communist or at the least socialist in that group .I want to see the broadcast where trump gets so fed up Ihe tells them they are fired on National TV Just really fed up.

  8. So TRUE! Thanks for always being honest and telling the TRUTH!

  9. In 2009, when the US “tea party” was founded, I immediately joined and still regularly contribute to this group. I mention the tea party because one of their basic beliefs is “Constitutionally Limited Government”. Presently, the USA (and nearly all governments) are saddled with layers of overlapping bureaucracies, surviving and expanding exponentially. We are seeing some of that over-expansion now.

  10. I am most concerned that President Trump has surrounded himself with these two, Fauci and Brix. Fauci is usurping him as President on make decisions for the Nation. There are active duty Doctors that are in complete disagreement with these two modelers. Trump should engage them. AMERICA WAKE UP and stand for the first ammendment. Do not become a Gates, Fauci card carrying covid-9 holder. Open the country app.

  11. The Democrats tried to take Trump down in every which way they could think of, and failed. Now came the virus and presented them with another opportunity, destroying the American economy which is Trump’s pride & Joy. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Nadler are set to do whatever it takes in order to take Trump down. I hope and pray that the American people can see through that and give Trump, not just a victory, but a landslide victory in November.

  12. Much of the time your gut just tells you! Several weeks ago my gut was telling me I didn’t like these manipulative people I was listening to on the Trump briefings. ie. Fauci and Brit.

  13. To go along with what you wrote, what do you think of Bill Gates, and his soup Rt of WHO and world Big Gov? I understand his foundation is into their own big Pharma with its own ? Cure! I guess he wants to make $$$$$$ from the CV! As usual you hit the nail square and hard!

  14. Biden has already disclosed that He will ignore competency of a running mate in favor of selecting a female, (no matter how incompetent), in an effort to garner votes from his Democrat Party who i the past supported his opponents.

  15. HOORAY! You’ve put into words exactly what I’ve been stewing about for weeks! If they’d have their way, we’d all be stuck in our homes for a year or more. I’m so sick of hearing “leveling out, peaking, coming down the other side” usually to just go back to the leveling out phase again! I am totally disgusted with this whole thing.

  16. “Experts” are wrong consistently due to skewed mind-control teaching in colleges. Fauci & Brix are puppets likely of Gates. WHO head is not Med Dr but an Epidemiologist-infectious disease trained. Doesn’t mean he can’t be bought off. Pelosi, Schumer & Schiff are working on getting more Dem votes by extending $600/wk to those on worker’s comp (or increasing it), which gives them more than when working. WELFARE ON STEROIDS; won’t be looking for work anytime soon. They use tax $$ to buy votes.

  17. SPOT ON!!! I personally think we need to stop all of this staying at home, vegging & start living!!! Don’t EVEN talk to me about AIDS!!! The CDC LIED to the world about it being in the blood supply. The US Government tied ALL of the Medical Field in not being able to test patients, so that staff could have precautions available. The US Government wanted to protect the gay community. I don’t care if you are gay or not, I wanted protection when I was in surgery with an AIDS patient.

  18. People will stand for “just so much” and for “just so long”! They are becoming RESTLESS and “the sh** is about to hit the fan”! It’s assuring to read that my thoughts have been the same as yours, especially after reading about Fauci’s & Birx’s BACKGROUNDS in your Editorial. I’m even more convinced now that I was on the “right tract”. The VIRUS is claimed to be a NEW & INCOMPREHENSIBLE one where only MIND GAMES can be played. Trump is a WINNER, so let’s hope he can WIN this game. Go Trump! AMEN!

  19. Hi Howard. There is a very good news report on this guy (WHO) done by Keean Bexte from The Rebel news. You should check it out.

  20. As usual, you are right on the money with this one. And speaking of money, I’ve been reading various other articles that bring up the links between Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation providing “donations”/funding of tens and hundreds of millions of dollars to the CDC and the NIH. And who works at CDC and NIH, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx. And the Gates Foundation is now researching/funding a vaccine for the current virus. How convenient.

  21. Good Read. I have been looking at numbers for the US and different states. It seems that every year for the past 10 we have had a “FLU” season that has killed people. If you look closely, the numbers of dead people during this time have not increased that much year to year. So why the Urgency? You take Libs plus a bad flu season add Lib Medical folks bakes up to be Make Our President look bad and hurt the economy. I don’t know anyone with the virus or have talked to anyone that knows someone

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