THANK YOU – THANK YOU ALL . . . For Your Warm Birthday Greetings. Now All I Have To Do Is Make It To Eighty.


It Seems To Me . . . That we should all be Sick & Tired of Writing, Reading, Speaking & Listening to People like me . . . who Rant-On about the Threats we are Facing from People who are Either Too Evil, Too Ignorant or Too Stupid to Understand that we are all Heading to Perdition if the LEFT ever Takes-Over.

I’ll Get Back To What’s Happening To America In A Moment . . . But We Should All Understand that Socialism, just to the North of the 49th Parallel is Killing America’s Neighbor (Canada) in an Expedited Death, Rather than a Slow-Walk to the National Graveyard.

A Band Of Natives (Indians) have Decided they Don’t want a Gas Pipeline Running through their Reserve(s), even though this Pipeline has been Environmentally Studied-To-Death, Approved, and has Cost Canada (Tax Dollars) Tens of Billions of Dollars, not to Mention the Crippling Financial & Job Related Effect – That Not Having This Pipeline has on Alberta & Saskatchewan.

So . . . To Demonstrate Their Disdain For The Pipeline . . . the Natives have Decided to Block Canada’s National Railways, to the point that Nothing In Canada (People & Products) is Moving from East to West & Vice Versa by Rail.

According to Liberal (Socialist) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau . . . The Natives are Legally Expressing their Right to Freedom of Expression and the Right to Assemble & Protest.

But in all Actuality, what the Natives are Doing . . . is Criminal Obstruction. And I Can Assure You With 100% Certainty . . . that if a Conservative would do Anything Resembling what the Natives are Getting Away with . . . there would be Immediate Arrests, Indictments & Criminal Charges.

The Rail-Lines are a Major Life-Line for Canada, which Carries Everything from Construction & Manufacturing Equipment, Food, Farm Produce, Cars, Trucks, Parts & Everything else you can Conceive.

And Here’s A Real Impending Problem In Addition To All Of This . . . If The Native Blockade is Not Brought to an Immediate Halt – The Eastern Part of Canada will Run-Out of many things Needed to keep our Industries Churning, Including Petroleum (Gasoline, Diesel, Natural Gas, Propane Etc).

So Who’s Funding These Natives?

Canadian Taxpayers Kick-In About $12-BILLION per year to Support what is Probably one of the Most Wasteful & Corrupt Cultural Social “Services” Imaginable. And to Add Insult Upon Injury, the Fingerprints of George Soros’ Many Anti-Freedom Foundations are Everywhere to be Found.

Here’s My Last Word On This Subject Today . . . It’s No Slam-Dunk That Canada Will Survive As A United Nation.


Of the Many Problem(s) with the “Trump” Presidency – Is that President Trump Really is the President of the United States of America, and Won’t Succumb to a Gaggle of Presidential Wannabes, who want to see Themselves to be Men or Women of Great Importance, Influence & Power.

Donald Trump Is Not An Insider . . . And He’s Not A Swamp Creature.

Far Too Many Americans – Almost Half (And For What it’s Worth Canadians-Too) the Population, think that Donald Trump should Not be the President of the United States of America, because they Don’t Like Him.

It’s Hard For LEFTIST Traditionalists To Wrap It Around Their Heads . . . that there is a Man in Control of the Greatest Nation that has ever Been – who Knows what He’s Doing & Recognizes that the Government of the United States of America, and that the Government Apparatus has over the Last Few Decades ABANDONED all the Values that has Made America Great.

Imagine Being Insulted Because Your National Leader Wants His Country To Be First Amongst Nations & Exceptional?

President Donald Trump Rightfully Recognizes that the Government of the United States of America is Far too Gargantuan, Incompetent, Corrupt, Self-Serving, Expensive & Contrary to the Real Needs of the American Republic . . . And President Donald Trump Will Not Play The Insiders’ Game.

As I’ve Written More Times Than I Can Recall – Academia Has All But Destroyed the American Educational System. And the Media has All But Destroyed the Virtue of Journalism. And as a Result, America (No Different Than Canada) has Embraced what can only Be Described as an All-Out Socialist (Communist) One World One Government Agenda, where the “Little People” . . . That Would Be You & Me, will be Governed (Ruled) by Politicians, Bureaucrats, Powerful Corporations, Labor Unions and the Like.


If I Was “Black” . . . I Would Have Legitimate Reason To Despise (Hate) The Democrats.

As A Matter of Fact . . . if I was of any Specific Social Description – Man, Woman, Straight, Gay, White, Black, Brown, English Speaking, Spanish Speaking – Etc . . . I Would Despise The LEFT for Pigeonholing me as Someone who is Either Too Stupid, Unintelligent, Uninformed, Fragile, Privileged . . . You Name It – That I Would Need Special Attention & Assistance From The LEFT.

For the LEFT to Continually Beat the Drum that they Literally Own the Black Vote (Hispanics & Women Too), has Got to be Demeaning to Black People. How Can It Not Be? Does the LEFT Really think that Black People are all Socialists and are too Stupid to be Able to Understand the Difference Between Democrats & Republicans.

The Same Applies For Hispanics, Women & Other Social Groups . . . Are Their Votes Really All Bought & Paid For?

And If Trump Goes Down . . . The LEFT Cannot Conceive That Their World Goes Down With Him.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Trump must not, cannot go down. We cannot allow that to happen. Every registered Republican MUST get out and vote!

  2. There are still many Canadians who wish we had a Trump leading our country right now. Pray to God that Trudeau will be removed from power as soon as possible so that sanity can be returned to our land.

  3. Maybe five years from now, Trump could run for Prime Minister of the great country of Canada ? ? Blessings to you Howard.

  4. I hope and pray we have the largest (esp Trump voters) ever in November. AND I hope and pray Trump gets twice as many votes as the Dem candidate. I’m still wondering how an Independent can run on another party’s ticket? Sanders should run as an Independent since that’s what he’s registered as. Even after Trump finishes his 2nd term, we MUST get another strong candidate as patriotic as Trump, and perhaps another outsider, to run & hopefully win.

  5. It is frustrating Howard. I think that if we ‘grew a pair’ we should say to the so called first nations that if you blockade our NATIONS ability to conduct commerce, and whatever the loss of commerce in terms of dollars is, then all first nations along the blockade corridor will have their payments from Canada reduced by the same number of dollars lost AND all protestors on an illegal blockade should be arrested immediately. There has to be consequences! Colin Victoria BC

  6. President Trump reminds me of General George Patton. Trump has an objective of making America GREAT again and has been very successful carrying out his mission. President Trump definitely has 2020 vision!

  7. How do. You really feel? Lol Seriously, I so appreciate your venting because you so capably express what the rest of us suppress. Keep fighting the good fight!

  8. Howard, you NAILED it! The Democrats have been INFECTED with the TRUMP VIRUS which affects the BRAIN, and there is NO CURE for it! The Democrats’ HATRED for Trump has been so INGRAINED in their followers that they are completely USELESS to their party! Meanwhile, Trump must continue to RID his administration of all OBAMA’S LEFTOVERS, prior to the November election! “In time we hate that which we often fear.” – William Shakespeare AMEN!

  9. Trump can show his disdain for, to use Howard’s word, the “gargantuan” federal government by not signing on to any budget that (1) includes humongous deficits, like the trillion+ one he last signed; and (2) continues to increase in size (it is now about $4.6 trillion a year).

  10. Hey Howard. The Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs are standing alone against the elected clans who have signed agreements along the pipeline route. The hereditary chiefs are a registered non profit supported by the American anti Alberta oil bloc. As long as they protest they will get paid. Nothing altruistic about their protest. Trudeau, our Pride Parade political leader just cozied up to Senegal for a Security Council vote. Senegal jails gays. Mr. Hypocritical eh

  11. Although he may not be as polished a speaker as one may like, President Trump appears to say what he means and means what he says, without doublespeak. I very much appreciate that he is NOT an insider or professional politician – he is a true OUTSIDER. And thank you very much Howard for your insight and perspectives.

  12. I sent you an email with the information you can and might use. President Lincoln who created the Republican party to be a slave abolitionist party freed the black slaves from slavery with a civil war that caused the most deaths in American history except for world war 2. After the civil war the demon rats in secret created the KKK so I don’t understand the love the blacks have for the demon rat party, if you can explain it to me, I would be grateful.

  13. What’s going on in both countries is a civil war to end electoral democracy and the will or the people. The difference is that in the US a President Trump still represents the People and the majority know a deep state dictatorship is trying to take over. In Canada a Dictator is in power representing his deceased fathers Fascist/Leftist legacy. Canadians don’t get it because they have never lived under a dictator.

  14. Most of us Canadians with even half a brain, know that Trudope and his cohorts are a bunch of Socialist Commies. Until we Canadians vote them out, we are screwed. It is very sad. But we are now a Socialist Country, moving closer to Communism, and it is very scary. I pray for my kids and Grandchildren daily. How did this ever happen? Indoctrination in schools, the CBC, I could go on and on. I am advising all of my Children and Grandchildren to move to the US, because I think the US will actua

  15. Blackbeard Trudeau has solution to Pipeline objectors n blockaders. On his abortive trip to get votes for UN seat, he told 3rd world Islamic countries, “CANADA IS A NATION OF LAWS”, dialogue is the solution. Begs the Qu: why does the RCMP need permission to act according to existing law, what are they afraid of ? You are correct in all you say Howard and North America is in trouble if anything happens to President Trump. BTW did you see Trudeau warmly shaking the hand of Irans foreign Minister

  16. Howard, I believe God put Trump in office for a reason. I pray for him everyday and for him to be protected. Now, I am going to pray for Canada and hopefully God will get rid of Trudeau and put His man in charge! We all need to keep praying.

  17. President Trump will be re elected and the House returned to the Republicans. My concern is that violence may well be used against that. The FBI / DoJ must be cleaned to thwart that danger. AG Barr has a heavy responsibility in that objective. To do justice and undo injustice.

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