I Love Pelosi . . . Let Me Count The Ways


I Wrote This Editorial Yesterday . . . But With All That’s Going-On I Decided To Wait Until Today To Publish It.

When It Seems Impossible For It To Get Much Worse For The LEFT . . . Here Comes Nancy Pelosi on International Media – Including . . . International Television, Global Newspapers, World Magazines, the World Wide Internet, Chat Lines, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo – Etc, and at the Office Water Coolers Everywhere . . . Pelosi Showed The World Her Opprobrium (Disdain) For The Dignity Of The American People Represented By The Congress.

In Other-Words . . . Pelosi Stepped On It With Both Feet.


American LEFTIST Media Are Looking For Equivocation To Pelosi’s Disgraceful Tearing Of The President’s Speech.

It Simply Stuns Me . . . That Politicians Elected by the People – who Should Be Of the People, By the People & For the People . . . Could Be Such Ass-Holes – To be so Insulting to the 63-Million . . . And The Millions More to Come – Of Americans who Voted For – And Will Re-Vote For President Trump to Win a Second Term.

What Pelosi Did In A Moment Of Stupid Childish Rage . . . Sealed The Deal for the Reelection of President Trump in 2020, Guaranteed a Conservative Senate in 2020, a Conservative House in 2020 . . .

And Set-In Motion The Demise Of The Democrat Party In The House.

I Heard Chris Stirewalt Of Fox News (February 5, 2020) . . . who I find to be a Self-Centered Pundit, who Likes to Play the Role of Pundit-Curmudgeon, who in Reality (In My Opinion), is Nothing More than a Useless Contrarian . . . Who Said – In effect . . . A Curse On Both Houses (Pelosi & President Trump), just Before Stirewalt Declared that President Trump’s Speech was one of the Best he ever Heard at a State of the Union Address, or Perhaps even the Best Ever . . . So What Was Stirewalt’s Point?

If This State Of The Union Address Was One Of The Best Ever . . . According to Chris Stirewalt, whether it was just President Trump’s Best Ever over the President’s 4-State Of The Union Addresses, or the Best State of the Union Address Ever Delivered by any President to Stirewalt’s Memory, Why Did Stirewalt Demean & Besmirch a Speech Stirewalt thought was in One Way or the Other the Best Ever, by Comparing it to Abhorrent Behavior of the Speaker (Pelosi) of the House?


Chris Stirewalt . . . Comes-Off (Dishonestly) as a Pundit who is an Equal-Hater, who Doesn’t Have a Dog in the Fight. But That’s Not True. Like Judith Miller & Chris Wallace, who also “Pretend” to be Fair & Balanced – Who Are Anything But . . . Stirewalt, like Miller & Wallace . . . Is A Journalistic Coward, who Waits Under a Protected Rock for Every Opportunity he Gets to Swipe at President Trump.

So Why Is It Important To “OUT” People Like Stirewalt, Miller & Wallace Who Are On Fox News?

It’s Important For Various Reasons:

1 – These People are Built-Up by their Respective Media, in this Case by Fox News, as being Special & Above Reproach Journalists.

2 – Because these People are so “Respected” as Journalists (According To Their Media Hype), That No One at Fox News (Except Once By Carlson Against Smith) ever Stands-Up to their Biased and very Often Slanted Opinions they Project as Irrefutable Unbiased Facts.

3 – In the Specific Case of Chris Wallace . . . When Wallace Interviews a Conservative, that Conservative can Expect No Less than an Inquisition. Whereas, in the Case of a Democrat, the Democrat can always Depend on a Free Ride without Cross-Examination from Chris Wallace.

Wallace’s Father . . . Mike Wallace – used to be Very Upset, because Conservatives In the Jewish Community Likened Mike Wallace to a Self-Hating Jew, which I Believed he was. But More So – Mike Wallace Was A One-Sided Liberal Who Pretended to be Fair & Balanced like his Son Does – Like Daddy Like Son . . . Neither Were or Are Honest Journalists.

4 – What Makes these Characters, Amongst Far Too Many Others on Fox News “Deplorable” . . . is that they’ve Achieved an Unearned Level Of Trust, which Too Many People Accept as Fact, Whereby They Are Really Partisan To The Left.

For The Openly LEFT Fox News Pundits Like Juan Williams, as much as I don’t like their Lies & Distortions, I have More Respect for these Fox LEFTISTS . . . And Pundits Of Other LEFTIST Media (MSNBC, CNN – ETC) Who Don’t Pretend To Be Something They’re Not.


Months Ago – Tucker Carlson Made some Honest Disparaging Remarks about Judge Andrew Napolitano, who I Personally think is (Napolitano) a Self-Centered Elitist Blowhard, who is Dazzled by his Owen Self-Perceived Brilliance, when Shepard Smith Rushed to Napolitano’s Defense.

Not To Lie Down And Take it From Shepard Smith . . . Carlson Doubled-Down and Took on Smith to Boot. With that, Shepard Smith, whose Ratings Stunk while Carlson’s was going through the Roof, Couldn’t Take The Heat & Ran From The Kitchen.

The Shepard Smith Mid-Day Show Now Belongs To Bill Hemmer.


I Waited Until Today To Publish . . . Because I Wanted to Hear What the President was Going to Say at the Prayer Breakfast, and then What President Trump was Going to Say at his White House Victory-Speech . . .  I Wasn’t Disappointed In Either.

If I was Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Tom Perez (Chairman of the DNC) and the Others in the “Trump” Crosshairs . . . I Would Be Far More Worried Than Just Somewhat.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Great article, as usual. I did enjoy the President’s State of the Union address, and tried not to be distracted by Nancy Pelosi”s antics in the background!!

  2. Pelosi’s actions told us all we need to know about the liberal left. The once respected democrat party has devolved to nothing more than a disgrace and embarrassment to real Americans! Keep up the good work, Howard.

  3. JFK is spinning in his grave. If this is the Demorrhoids’ last hurrah, the USA and the world will be better for it.

  4. dead on I agree with every word you said,keep up the good work.

  5. This editorial is ON POINT that you read it all, not once, but again & again. I LOVE Pres. Trump’s SOTU Address!!! He was totally presidential in his words, actions & demeanor. He has finally arrived to that level of goodness & greatness, that he will be remembered for, far into the future!!! All of this coming from me, who believed in the beginning that Trump was nothing more than a blowhard to the max. I did vote for him because he did really seem to care about the people. MAGA GO TRUMP 2020!!

  6. I’m just shaking my head in disbelief over Pelosi’s very childish behavour for the whole world to see!!! Unbelievable!!!!!

  7. I fail to understand how anyone with ears and eyes can be a democrat today. I thought when there was a wide angle view at SOTU speech it looked like a forth of those in attendance were KKK. What is very obvious is the fear in the Democrat party. They see the signs and know what is coming if they cannot destroy President Trump.

  8. When the generation of, well after the 60’s maybe 70’s start Voting,they will VOTE for anyone, anybody who will”promise” FREE!They have no clue what Socialism is, they may well may think, “feel or believe” it’s being “Sociable”! Regarding Chris Wallace, Chris Stirewalt and Judith Miller, I take what each says with 1/2 a grain of salt, maybe. I sat to watch President Trump, before I knew it1 &1/2 hours went by. It was Great along with Him honoring so many!O I remember Mike Wallace too.TRUMP 2020

  9. Pelosi has juggled papers & made verbal comments toward Pence (who ignores it) every SOTU Pres Trump has given. The other disrespect was the attempted chant interruption by about 10 women near back on Dem side; not to mention someone from Pelosi’s balcony area, her far right – did you see her finger-pointing/shaking at someone up there when they yelled out something? Dems can’t agree or be glad about any US benefit during this Administration, simply because Trump upset their applecart. Boo hoo

  10. Yes, Howard, you forgot to mention Brett Baer. Was it not he and Smith who had Judge Jeanine suspended from Fox for a few weeks? So impressed with the State of the Union Address. President Trump was at his best. Nancy Pelosi was the clown show through the whole thing. Someone should have given her a bath and put her to bed! So childish! Canada needs a Donald Trump! Sharon Hlantz

  11. Right on as always……. Watched the President at both events. I was concerned at how the media was going to portray it but he was with FRIENDS…. people he could actually relate to. Imagine what he’s been through for three long years, day and night and he had every right to say what he felt. His is the loneliest job in the world. I will vote for him again and I pray this coup stops here and now. Enough is enough!

  12. I won’t say anything I haven’t said before. It is very simple. Good vs. Evil. Have you ever seen anything in today’s times more evil than the Democrats? They are truly of the devil!

  13. The best people on Fox are Lou Dobbs and Varney. I turn it over every time Juan Williams, Wallace, Napolitano, Stiirewalt, getting tired of Brain come on the air.

  14. After watching the State of The Union speech by Trump and seeing the antics of Nancy Pelosi it is becoming more obvious the democratic party is breaking up and need a new leadership. The State of the Union speech was one of the best I have seen in my years in this country. Any remarks by the democrats trying to defend Pelosi was equally a disgrace. It is high time we stand together and help Trump getting re-elected. Go Trump!!!

  15. I noticed on Fox while they were covering the SOTUS that Martha MC Cullom (sp?) are a white suit as all the Democratic women in the audience did. So was she neutral or not? I include he with the Democrats. If not, why couldn’t she dress differently? I don’t watch her show and now won’t for sure. Am I alone in noticing this?

  16. Howard Great piece again. I agree with in regards to Wallace. I had not heard anyone comment about him, but my humble perception was like you stated. Praying for The USA. Thx for all your comments.

  17. I have been likening Nancy Pelosi to a petulant toddler for years. Her behavior Tuesday night merely clinched it for me. You can nip petulance in a toddler if you address it early on. Unfortunately, if you let it go unchecked you’ll reap this kind of “adult.” I use that term loosely. Great article, as always.

  18. I’ll keep saying it when it comes to FOX News, only listen to Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Judge Jeanine Pirro and Laura Ingraham. The rest are all leftist demon rat worshippers like the rest of the socialist-communist politically correct leftist lamestream media. I think I might know one reason why pelosi did what she did. Maybe she won’t run again and wanted to finish with a blast so sheeples would really hate her and her legacy. Trump is now assured to be re-elected. KAGA TRUMP!

  19. Nice piece. But until there are balls enough to get rid of Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer , Romney, and Nadler along with a host of other political HACKS this country will be in continual unrest. The Swamp is deep with old, crooked, rich politicians. They become that way after they reach office. Their only goal is Power and Control. If the DEMORATS win the 2020 at any level we are screwed. We must win back control of both houses and hold them responsible to work with a GREAT President not against.

  20. Thanks to both CRAZY NANCY & the IOWA CAUCUS for ASSURING Pres. Trump’s RE-ELECTION in NOV. 2020! The reason the LEFT HATES Trump so much is because they FEAR him and KNOW that he is SLOWLY draining the SWAMP! By the way, when heterosexuals appear at their their party’s activities, they often have their spouses along with them. Why do we never see Mayor Pete’s spouse when he’s campaigning? It IS a legitimate question, since the LGBTQ claims to have all sorts of RIGHTS, isn’t it? GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  21. Chris Wallace is lucky that his dad was Mike Wallace he is really a jerk and the only time I enjoy the program is when someone else is in his place. He acts like he is a cross examination attorney and the other person is in the witness box.

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