The Propaganda Of Proportionality

The LEFT Is Creating New Ways To Suicide

On January 7, 2020 . . . I Finished My Editorial With The Following Paragraphs . . .

“Iran Might Propel A Show Of Force To Keep Some National Stature & False Pride With Its Own Citizens. But If Either Of These 2-Countries Needs To Be Terrified About What Might Come Next – It Ain’t The United States Of America”.

“And if Push Comes To Shove, Which Might Be Developing . . . Think Israel. America Will Not Go It Alone”.


The LEFT Love this Word PROPORTIONALITY, which Means, if Someone was to Hit You, Hit Him or Her Back with Equal . . . BUT NOT GREATER FORCE.

To My Way Of Thinking, if Someone were to Hit You, Especially for No Rational Reason, Knock Him or Her to the Ground & Kick the Living Daylights out of Him or Her, so when they Wake-Up, they will Never try to Hit you Again.

Let Everyone Know How You Responded & No One Will Think About Hitting You Again For No Reason.

On the Night of the Iranian Missile Attacks (January 7, 2020) Against the Iraqi Bases where American Military Men (Women) were Stationed, I Mentioned to Anne on the Way back from Supper, that I Would Be Willing To Bet, that Somehow, the Iranians Pre-Warned the Americans that a Missile Attack would be Coming, Including When & Where, so the Americans can Expect it and Make Proper Arrangements to Stay-Out of Harm’s Way.

FORGET THIS NONSENSE . . . that the Iranians Really Wanted to Cause as Much Damage as Possible to American Equipment and to American Military Men as Possible. Because, if the Iranians Really Wanted to Whack the American Military, the Iranians Could Have Done It.

Or, Are We To Believe . . . that the Iranian Military, which is so Large and so Well Equipped, with one of the Best Missile Armories in the World, is so Incapable of Delivering even One Of 15-Guided Missiles to Hit Just One Target?

As I Said in Not so Many Words in my Last Editorial – January 7, 2020 . . . The Iranian Mullahs Needed Desperately to Save Face with their People by Showing that they Stood-Up to the Americans & Punished Donald Trump’s Military . . . in Revenge for the American Assassination of Soleimani.

What This Tells Me . . . Simply – Is that The Iranians are Quaking in their Boots – Fearful of Poking the American Tiger. It also Tells me, that every other Malfeasant Country looking to do Harm to the American People, at Home or Abroad, Including Russia, China, North Korea – Etc . . . Should Really Think Again.

It Also Tells Me . . . That Iran is not only a Paper Tiger, but such a Fearful Paper Tiger, that in Addition to being Terrified (Justly-So) of President Trump’s America, they’re Probably Thinking Long & Hard these Days of Taking-On the Israelis, who are Armed to the Teeth, and don’t Have to Worry about what the Russians, Syrians, Iraqis, or Anyone Else Might Do – To Come To The Aid Of Iran – If Push Ever Comes-To-Shove Between the Iranians and the Israelis.

MORE TO THE POINT . . . What do you think is Going through the Minds of Hezbollah, Hamas, or even Turkey right now, which (Turkey) has Proven Not to be such a Reliable Part of NATO and No Friend of Israel?

By President Trump’s Action . . . To Publicly & Brazenly Assassinate Soleimani, Then Brag About It . . . who (Soleimani) was Nothing More – Nor Anything Less than an Iranian Nazi & Conveyor of Religious & Cultural Genocide Within & Without Iran, with such a Feeble Non-Response By Iran to America’s Aggression, which has to send a Terrifying Message to all of Iran’s Terrorist Proxies (Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis) and Worldwide Insurgents.

That If Everything Terrorist/Insurgent Groups Do Is Reliant On Support From Iran . . . They Would Do Well To Think Again.


And then there are the Panicked LEFTISTS (Democrats) in America, who Don’t have a Clue as to Whether they are Politically Coming or Going, who Won’t Praise President Trump for Taking-Out a Murdering Bastard like Soleimani, while Showing the Entire Word that Iran is like . . . The Emperor Without Clothes.

I Won’t Go Into The Litany Of Really Bad Decisions . . . Made by the Democrats the Moment they Took Office in 2018, because They’re Too Many to Remember. But I will Say This Again . . . Because of President Trump, and In  Spite of a Colossally Dishonest Media (Television, Print, Internet & Cinemas) . . .

. . . Conservative Republicans will Expand Their Numbers In The Senate. RINOS like Romney will Probably Keep Their Collective Mouths Shut and be Content to Finish-Out their Privileged Term, Staying Under The Radar.

The House Will Fall To Conservative Republicans In A Substantial Way . . . Not just with the Democrats Failing to Re-Elect Many if not Most of the Phony 30-Or-So Blue Dog Democrats who Promised, that if Elected, they Would Work with the President for the Benefit of America . . . But Didn’t – And Virtually all the House Democrats, save Perhaps Tlaib, Omar (And Several Others in Idiotic Districts), who Will Maintain their Moslem Constituents, Have To Be Shaking In Their Lattes.

And . . . Even a Piece of Walking/Talking Human Excrement like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Might not be Re-Elected Back to Congress for a Second Term, to be in Congress Long Enough to “Earn” her Pension, because other than Having a Big Ignorant Mouth, what has Ocasio-Cortez Done for America or for her Constituents?

I Don’t Think The Average American Even Realizes . . . How Great This Week Has Been For President Donald Trump, Conservative Republicans, the Free Thinking World and the American People.

As Far As I See It . . . Unless there is some kind of Unbelievable Upheaval Against President Trump, which is Wholly Unlikely . . . November 2020 Is Going To Be The Worst Month In History – For The Democrats. Then 2020 To 2025 (January Date Of Transition) Might Become The Absolute Undoing Of The Washington Swamp.

‘Cause I Don’t Think “Trump” . . . Has Yet Begun To Fight.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I keep falling over myself laughing at the line of self-righteous liberals like Michael Moore, Ilhan Omar, etc, who bend over backwards to praise Iran, apologize to them, plead for their mercy and prostrate themselves at their feet. I’m amazed at the spinelessness and dimwittedness of the media that also quivers like a bowl of jello. These people are not mentally well. They’re all friggin’ cracked. They have a serious bug in their brain that needs top psychologists to help work out.

  2. You make my day- every day. You are my “feel-good” pill. Zei Gezundt! Arnold Charitan Los Angeles, Ca.

  3. OMG! Great editorial Mr. G. Everytime I see that idiot Ocazio-Cortez I want to give her a resounding kick on the rump with my frozen boot! I keep wondering if she wears earplugs under all that stuff she has wrapped around her head so that she doesn’t have to listen to anyone else. And anyone who would marry her own brother – for any reason – has a few loose marbles rolling around between her ears! And, GO TRUMP GO!!!!

  4. The only thing that I can think of that AOC has accomplished thus far was to deny her constituents of a lot of high paying jobs, when, in true socialist style, AOC blew away Amazon.

  5. Well said Mr. Galganov. Perhaps all the Dems who mourn Soleimani have a financial stake in Iranian oil & fear loss if it escalates. Please Barr & Durham, start cleaning the swamp soon.

  6. Howard, now that it looks like Iran shot down the Ukraine 737 (with many Canadians sadly on), how you will respond to Treadeau’s feeble response.

  7. A reply comment to Joe Eliot, you said, “These people are not mentally well. They’re all friggin’ cracked. They have a serious bug in their brain that needs top psychologists to help work out.” Joe for them to have a bug in their brain, they need to have a brain, to begin with. Sorry, but these days, demon rats, fiberals, dippers and greens have no brains to begin with. One must have a brain to have a bug in it, LOL !!!! Great editorial like usual Howard. Keep them coming.

  8. Please Howard get back into politics and save my children in Canada. I know you could get elected. Canada has to have a Trump too and you are that man! You could make Canada great again. God bless America and Canada.

  9. Howard, it astounds me how much we think alike. This post expresses exactly how I have interpreted the recent FACTS, the assassination, the retaliation, and all the rest. The only difference is that you seem to be far more optimistic about the change in power come the 2020 election. I doubt that many Democrats will awaken from their self-induced comas. Blessings be upon you and yours.

  10. CLUK CLUK Nancy is sweating it out for the upcoming senate meeting she could use heip from the 3 stooges in her Congress. No one ever mentions 2 to 3 days in Iraq burning Embassy before the Drone attack, all the mentions of obamas mention 1.5 billion $ which went also to Gaza and hezbolla in Lebanon of thats when israel may get involved.

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