I’m Not That Smart – They’re That Stupid

According To The LEFT - I'm A Deplorable . . . Always Was & Always Will Be.

You Can Check The Records – (My Editorial Archives) that . . . Prior to Donald Trump’s Massive November 2016 Electoral Victory, I had Predicted that Donald Trump was Going to be the 45th President of the United States of America, while Virtually Everyone Else, Pollsters, Pundits and the Media in General, Predicted a “Blow-out” Victory for Hillary Clinton.

So – What Happened? It wasn’t that I was so Right – and they were so Wrong. It was that WE WERE RIGHT, and they were Wrong.

I Don’t Work For A Media Conglomerate. I wasn’t Educated at the Finest Schools. And I didn’t Attend any Journalism Courses. Ever since I Can Remember I worked at a Myriad of Jobs Growing-Up.

I Graduated from High School by way of Evening Classes. I Paid my own way through some University. And I Did whatever Interested Me. I Played all manner of Sports. I Coached Little League Football and Sat as a Director of the Football League. I Fought in Karate Tournaments (Got Beaten Up A Lot), Learned some Krav Maga (Israeli Martial Arts), Got into some Street Fights, Ride (Rode) Horses, Ride a Motorcycle, Lived in the Big City (Montreal) & Lived on Horse Farms (Still Do) when Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I Are Not Spending The Winter in Texas.

I Lived in Nearly All-Jewish Communities Growing-Up. I’ve Lived in all Christian Communities as an Adult. I attended a Yeshiva (Rabbinical College) part-time as a Young Man. And I was Educated Full-Time in a Protestant School.

I Know More Christmas Carols & Gospel Songs Than Most Christians. But I Am No Less A Fervent Jewish Supporter Of Israel.

I have Close Friends who are Catholics, many more who are Protestants, and many others who are Jewish. I have Friends who Struggle to make a Living, and some who are so Wealthy that they have to Invent other ways to Struggle.

I’ve Never Been Rich . . . But I Have Been Poor – And like my Parents Taught me, “Never Forget From Where You’ve Come”. I’m Not Poor Today . . . but like the Vast Majority of People, I too Worry about Finances and What’s in our Fiscal Future, since Getting By is Something Virtually all People have to Worry About. And Everyone of us is just one Bad Decision away from Disaster.

I’ve Done More Things Than I Can Remember To Write About – Some were Painful, while some were Great – WHICH IS THE POINT . . . Because my Life has been (Still Is) So Fluid, and so Full of Experiences, Successes & Failures – and Tremendous Friendships with all Manner of People . . . Men, Women, Gays, Straights, White, Black, Native, Jews, Christians, Atheists, Rich & Poor – Etc . . . I see The World Through Their Prism.

Because I’ve Lived in the Big City as a Businessman and the Small Countryside as a Horse Farmer, and Because Everything I’ve Thus Far Done has Become the Collective of my Thoughts & Understandings – I’m Long Away from Being just Me, and am the Collection of all the People I’ve known and all the Things I’ve Done . . . I See Life Through The Eyes Of Thousands.

That Said . . . The VAST Majority Of “Journalists” & Pundits Can’t Say The Same. The Great Ones Can, But They’re Few & Far Between.

How Did I Know “Trump” Was Going To Win While The Others Didn’t?

What Makes President Donald J Trump Great and the Man of the People, is that President Trump Sees The Whole Word from the Perspective of the People. And even though President Trump was Born with a Silver Spoon in his Mouth, his Father Made him Work as if he Wasn’t Born Socially Privileged.

Donald Trump Was (Is) One Of The Boys . . . And the Media, the Pundits and the Bureaucrats Aren’t. They think they are . . . But They’re Not – Not Even Close.

I Am One Of The Boys . . . I’m Comfortable with whomever I’m with, Wherever it is, unless it’s with the LEFT. Nothing Ever Came Easy For Me – and the People I Disliked more in the World than any others, were the People who think the World Owes them Something, because they think they’re Smarter than Everyone Else, and are Jealous of the People who Have a Better & Richer Life through their own Merit, or by the Merit of their Predecessors.

I Really Dislike The Talking Heads . . . Who Contribute Nothing But Their Own Self-Perceived Brilliance.

So Why Was I So Smart As To Be Able To Call The Massive Trump 2016 Victory, When The Elitists Couldn’t?

Only an Elitist Fool Couldn’t See Tens of Thousands of EVERYDAY PEOPLE, Standing in Line for Hours to see & Hear Donald Trump Wherever He Spoke – Up Close & Personal, while Crooked Hillary could only Attract Hundreds of Hangers-On, and the Elitists Couldn’t Come to the Conclusion that Donald J Trump would be President Donald J Trump.

According To The LEFT – I’m A Deplorable . . . Always Was & Always Will Be.

Call Me Whatever You Want . . . A Deplorable, Redneck, Conservative, It Doesn’t Matter, ‘Cause I Don’t Care. In the Words of Abraham Lincoln . . . “I am Of The People, By the People & For the People”. The People who Actually Contribute. Who Create Real Jobs & People who Work at those Real Jobs. People who have Decent Values, who have a Love for the Secular Rule of Law, for Country, Flag & Family.

I Believe In A Meritocracy & I Believe In Nature As It Really Is . . . And Not In Nature As The LEFT Want To Perceive It To Be.

So – I’m Not So Smart . . . The LEFT are that Dumb, because in their Myopic Little Circles, they Really Believe they know something, when in all Reality, they only Know what they Think they Know, which isn’t a Whole Hell of a Lot . . .

And That’s Why I Can Say With Conviction . . . that not Only Will President Trump Win Again “Big League” in 2020, but Pelosi – Come November 2020 . . . can Kiss her Gavel Goodbye, as Kevin McCarthy (Republican) Assumes the Mantle of Speaker of the House.

Even This Past Week . . . If you’ve been Reading what I’ve been Writing, you would know that I Predicted A Large Conservative Brexit Victory in England. AGAIN – Not because I’m so Smart, but Rather, because the Political Elite are so Disconnected from the Real People, that they Can’t see Through Their Own Perceived Self-Brilliance to See the Truth.

And If The LEFT Doesn’t Entirely Explode . . . The Best Is Still Yet To Come.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The Left are people who force gender changes on children as young as 3, support murderous Arab terrorists, proclaim the greatness of an ISIS leader, vilify children who support their president, work to undermine the very social, economic, and political fabric and systems that support them, celebrate and promote the destruction of their own country and leaders, using their valuable time and efforts to achieve this, and so much more. How in earth can anyone respect anything they do or say?

  2. The Eternally Pro Liberal media in Alberta have gone against the voters for ever. It defies explanation as to why. The unseen powers controlling these media outlets must have the patience of Job while awaiting the arrival of our brainwashed children to their narrative.

  3. right on Howard,I was in the same boat,my prize was winning 600 bucks from my ‘lefty’ friends,who just KNEW the Donald wouldn’t win….WRONG.

  4. Weren’t the British babbling heads saying the election was too close to call

  5. The LEFT is so ‘full of itself’ they really don’t know Truth from Fiction. And these Lawyer/Liars are so sanctimonious and smug they are UNINFORMED, just as some VOTERS. I made it a point to WATCH the proceedings & The Left looks & sounds exactly what they are…UNCONTROLLABLE, High Paid by the American Taxpayers, Self Righteous, Lying SNOTS. A Bully by any other name I can not perceive. You spoke the Truth Mr. G. Thank You GO TRUMP GO!!!!!

  6. Well Howard, I’m A Deplorable too! 😉 I really enjoyed this article a lot! You have a way with words that makes reading it fun! Thanks for your time and effort! in this time of talking heads spouting their “self-perceived brilliance” (mostly leftist crap) it’s nice to hear from someone that seems like a real guy that’s been on many of the same roads I’ve been down. I really look forward to Trump and the conservatives) taking back this country from the communist elitists that think they rule over America.! Keep up the great work! B

  7. Harbingers of great news to come. The crushing defeat of the UK extremist Labor leadership. Crushing of the Obama lead first coup attempt. (Mueller leading it). And the assured defeat of the second attempt. I believe that the setting is one that will bring the utter defeat of the former democrat party led by the obama “legacy”

  8. Howard, I do hope you are right. I have real concerns about the millennials’ & post-millennials’ infatuation with socialism, and the left are really laying it on. If the Ms turn out in force at the polls, we could be looking at a 1932 reprise. God help us!

  9. You said it Howard and I’m totally with you. J. Toobin of CNN said ‘…Trump has won’…and that is what he will be saying the rest of this and the next FOUR years! I love your comments – keep-em coming.

  10. Thanks you again, Howard. You are a voice amidst chaos and you are the only one who makes sense and speaks for me.

  11. Love your commentary about the talking heads. A little story, I was listening to the radio in Monterey, CA. when the talking head said there would be a “whale watching trip this weekend” with Patrick Stewart leading the trip. The talking head then said, ” he has a lot of experience with whales because he starred in the movie Moby Dick” I thought I was going to to laugh myself silly when I heard it. Oh well, she probably was reading a script written by someone else.

  12. With so many Republicans in the House planning NOT to run for reelection in 2020, it would be a miracle if they retake the House. But God is able for sure. Evidently seniority doesn’t determine the Speaker spot because Kevin McCarthy has only been in there since 2007 I believe & there are some who are near retirement & have been there since 1980s. But he is minority leader so …..

  13. Thanks for your comments. I’m so glad there are people in our country who talk and write common sense. I prayed that Trump would be president and he did! I will pray the same in 2020. I’m sick of the Left thinking they know what is best for us. I came from a hard working family and they taught all of us the work ethic. Trump hasn’t divided the country, but the Dems sure have with their hate, racist and deplorable comments. Keep it going Howard.

  14. Your blog this day is informative and honest ( which seems rare these days). Just keep on rolling, and somthing positive will be born

  15. Par EXCELLENCE, Howard!!! You have spoken to all of your readers & we hear you. You are simply telling all of our own stories & we sure do LOVE IT!!! It is so nice, to hear someone who truly speaks our language. Keep up the good work, Howard. Happy Hanukkah to you, Anne, Stryker & April the cat. Enjoy the weather in Texas, up in Canada it’s not looking so good.

  16. One of your best Howard. Boris also won because he too is of the people, for the people and spoke their language. One day Canada might get lucky and have such a person for PM. Best prospect so far is Maxime Bernier. All things considered it’s been quite a good week politically speaking

  17. When i read your emails its dead on from my mind. You put on paper whats in my thoughts

  18. Again Howard your commentary is right on. If only some of your intelligence could rub off on our childish, brainless, socialist Canadian PM as well as the people who support him. Even a little extra would go along way for them. Please everyone pray that his reign along with his controlled bought off media are not around much longer to do any more damage.

  19. It is beyond me how anybody could vote against Trump, only brain dead may consider. I grew up in mining town and street fighting was just part of it. Trump is a street fighter and is not going to nice you if you p him off. I love that about him and I think most do.

  20. This one was a home run as usual. I think you are reading my mind and adding to it, and you can put it on paper. Very grateful for all you do. Thank You

  21. Your editorial is right on the money again but as much as you tell the truth and the Conservatives tell the truth, the socialist, communist leftist lamestream media still brainwashed too many sheeples and the worst is that some of them still believe in the demon rats. Also, all of the brainwashing happening in academia by leftist professors in the last 40 years as affected the minds of far too many young people and what the future holds for us once these millennials take over is very scary !!!!

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