Where’s The Media Hysterics?


I Shouldn’t Understand Why The Media Isn’t Going Bonkers . . . over the Freedom Riots in Hong Kong, the Social Riots in Lebanon, the Fuel Riots in Iran, which are Actually Anti-Islamic State Riots, the Anti-Iranian/Shia Riots in Iraq, or the Outbreak of Anti-Corruption Riots in South & Central America? . . . BUT I DO UNDERSTAND.

I UNDERSTAND . . . That Global LEFTISTS throughout the World, which Includes Governments & Elements of America, Canada, Britain, the EU – ETC . . . Do Not want you to Realize that there’s a Global “War” against the LEFT and their One World Philosophy, Everywhere On The Planet, Including Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Poland, Hungary – Etc), where Political Corruption, Big Government, and Open Borders Have Become Something to be Shunned & Disparaged.

Whatever Happened to the News Reports on the War against Islamists? Do you Really Believe that the Mostly American Military is no longer Fighting & Killing Jihadists (Moslem Nazi-Like Murderers) throughout the Middle East, Afghanistan & Pakistan?

It’s Telling that the North American (Canadian & American) Media are Ignoring the Fact, that Except for the United States of America & Donald Trump’s Economy, the Rest of the World, Including China is all but Bankrupt, and Shielded by the Phony Printing of Non-Existing Money . . . Not Based by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) on a Global Standard, As The Gold Standard Used To Be. But Rather, Based Upon what the Big Players Decide is Value.

Do you Remember when Greece was going Under Financially & Didn’t have a Pot-To-Piss-In. What Happened to Stabilize Greece? And for that Matter Spain, Portugal & Italy who were also on the Brink? Or are they Stabilized? And if Magically they Somehow Are . . . How did that Happen since all of their Economies Never Recovered and Still are Failing, as is the Whole of the EU?

And What About A Real War On Women . . . Where Millions & Millions of Moslem Women are Forced into Sex-Slavery, Anti-Female Violence, Disenfranchisement & Absolute Inequality of Rights? Where’s the Media?

And Are Christian Men, Women & Children Being Slaughtered By Islamists Throughout the Middle East & Africa Not a Story Worth Reporting?


SO . . . Given the Level of Global Upheaval, which According to the LEFTIST News Is Seemingly Not All That News-Worthy – Why is the Negative News all about President Donald Trump & Israel, with a Splash of Negative News for Brexit, which to my Way of Thinking is Thus Far the Story of the Century, since Brexit Destroys a Globalist Strategy to Control a Socialized (Communist) World Divided-Up between the Europeans (EU), Russians, Chinese (Asia), Islamists & the Western Hemisphere . . . South, Central & North America – with Africa to be Decided at a Future Date?

With all these Disasters Roiling Worldwide, Why are the Media, United Nations & EU so Focused on President Trump & Israel?


MY ANSWER . . . Donald Trump is the Single Greatest Barrier to the Communist One World Order. And Israel is Hated, Because Israel is a Jewish Country, and the Jew-Haters of Today are No Different than the Jew-Haters of Yesterday. And Israel is a Conservative Nation Not about to Comply to the Rules of a One World Communist (Anti-Semitic) Order.

Besides . . . Surprisingly – Judaism’s Most Fervent Haters have in the Last Century been LEFTISTS, Including the Nazis, whose Acronym (Nazi) . . . Stood for “The National Socialist German Workers’ Party” (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei).

The Soviets (Communists) were also Serious Jew-Haters, who sent Whole Jewish Families to Live, Work, Suffer & Die in the Gulag (Russian Concentration Camps), Generally on Fraudulent Charges and or for Wanting to Emigrate (Refusniks).

So Why Do The Media At Best – Give The Preceding Not Much More Than Lip-Service?


This Is About The LEFTIST World . . . Versus Trump & American Exceptionalism, Who (Trump) is Thus Far Standing Mostly Alone, Backed by Family and a Small Army of Patriots Against the Might of a Globalized Socialist Enemy, Determined to Destroy Individual Freedoms in all Aspects of our Societies (Canada, America, Australia, Israel & A Few Others), in the Globalist Philosophy of Rule by Elitists and the Uber Wealthy, who Believe in Group Government Control . . . Above & Beyond The Rule Of The Individual.

The Forces Allied Against President Donald Trump seem to be Democrat Americans, But Not Really True . . . Since The Forces Against President Trump Are Global.

Make No Mistake About It . . . This Isn’t just a War on the Current President of the United States of America (Donald J Trump). This is a War on the Exceptionalism of America, the American Constitution and the Freedoms of the Individual Worldwide.


I Have No Idea . . . What the Findings are Going to be of the Horowitz & Durham Investigations, which will be Presented by Attorney General Barr – But I Do Suspect, that if they are Honest & Even just Relatively Thorough, they will not Play-Out Well for the Democrats at the Highest Level, even as High as to the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama & the People most Closely Related to him.

And This Is Why The Democrats & Globalists – are Doing Everything they Can to Destroy the Presidency of Donald J Trump . . . Before The Truth Buries Them Under.

And As I Have Repeatedly Stated . . . I Do Not Believe This Impeachment Inquisition Will Ever Be Brought To A House Vote.

If The Global LEFT Beats “Trump” . . . The Free-World Loses. That’s You, Me, All The People We Love & Our Freedoms.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Just watched some of the Schiff Show. Can there be a more unlikeable person than Schiff? Every time he opens his mouth, I am forced to change the channel or I will loose my lunch. Just imagine you are a Democrat (scary thought) and you have Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, and lastly Schiff as the best and brightest, your party has to offer. I don’t know what else to say!!!

  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself but most sheeples are still asleep and still thinks that life is honky dory. Boy is it going to hurt when they finally hit that wall of truth and they wake-up suddenly, they won’t know what hit them. Keep the truth coming Howard. Just wish more sheeples would heed your words of wisdom.

  3. Iam in total agreement with your very negative attitude to the leftists in the USA but in most other countries-they remind me of the pathology within the self hating jew,who,because of his own personal turmoil and negativism is focused on DESTROYING RATHER THAN CURING,in acting out rather than thinking out,filled with HATE and NO LOVE OR CARING AT ALL.thank you HOWARD for your words of wisdom-rather a rare commodity nowadays!

  4. How I hope & pray that you are correct i.e. that the Lefties are desperate!! We don’t listen to the left-wing channels – too depressing. Fox News may not please you some times but they are the only news channel that even tries to give us the other point of view. I know the whole world is on fire – just a matter of when it’s going to all go up in flames. So we just sit & wait, hope & pray that we will survive the coming holocaust. So many problems within Canada itself that we cannot solve!!

  5. Sir, I am so sick of all of this mess the Democrats have made and the money that has been spent on it breaks my heart. If our country, Israel, and your’s as well go down the drain only God himself can save us all. We have Chips & Gorillas smarter than the people who have been doing this since her high and mighty lost the election. Thank you as always for your great editorials. The best to you Anne and kitties. Hope you made it to Tx without any troubles.

  6. Thanks Howard, for another great insightful article. I feel/hope/pray history will be very unkind to the world of Lefties. As always “the sheeple” won’t realize what they have lost until its gone and out of sight.

  7. Just look at what’s happening in the UK vs the EU… they voted to get out… and politicians (on both side of the channel) are always trying to delay/stop them.

  8. To speak to the non-existent war on women – I just watch a video on YouTube yesterday. These “feminists” called Slut-something, were marching in next to nothing for clothing and calling N. America a rape culture. I was embarrassed for them and to be a woman myself. With everything that’s going on in the world today they could have found 100’s of things to better protest. What a waste of time(including my own). At least for me it’s a one of, BUT 100’s of thousands invest much of their time in it.

  9. I learn incredible things like the impeachment rules, the defense not allowed to question witnesses and more. then things like Martha Stewart sent to jail for using inside info to do share dealings but congress people are allowed, Mr. Stone is guilty of lying under oath in congress, he could get up to 40 years, but congressmen are allowed to lie in congress and cannot be convicted. Hilary, Comey on the streets smiling. It is more like Africa where I came from. ObamaCare for all but not Congress.

  10. I understand from several sources that 95% of the American public do NOT tune in to watch or hear the “impeachment inquiry” (read: “grand sham”). Most of those who do watch it tune in to Fox News so the comments heard will NOT be filtered through the lamestream media. The DemoRats will be in for a backlash-fueled drubbing in 2020. That’s beginning to look like a sure thing, and most of the blame will be at Schiff, Pelosi, and Schumer’s feet. GO TRUMP!

  11. Greetings: This impeachment inquiry is akin to watching the DYSTOPIAN!!! Schiff and the Democrats were SO SURE they had this one in the bag! Turns out, from what I’ve seen, that NONE of the “witnesses” could allege Quid pro quo, BRIBERY or EXTORTION, yet morons like Shifty Schiff and Nervous Nancy keep using these terms to describe Trump’s phone call!!! Joseph GOEBBELS WAS RIGHT… keep repeating the SAME LIES and they’ll (Democratten) BELIEVE IT! What a shameful WASTE of time & money!

  12. The Democrats “ain’t seen nothing yet” because ‘The Truth Will Bury Them Under.’ The IMPEACHMENT CIRCUS has already begun to Dig Their Graves! The Findings of the Horowitz & Durham Investigations are to be presented by Attorney General Barr before Thanksgiving! It will give us CONSERVATIVES a great reason to be THANKFUL that the TRUTH has been REVEALED! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  13. I, at one time believed that the “Truth” will/would Prevail; When Bill Clinton (Slick Willy) basically said that “Oral Sex” isn’t sex it painted to me anyway, that truth was dumbed down to “perspective”! What one perceives “there Truth” to be! NOT ABSOLUTES. I have to drag myself to watch these Impeachment “Hearings” Which lasts for about 30 minutes. When Tricky Dicky (Nixon) got impeached I was for it, when Slick Willy got Impeached I was for it. This time “It’s a Kangaroo Court”

  14. So agree that President Trump is single stumbling block to wealthiest & elites’ plan to take over the planet & depopulize “for it’s own good”. Global warming & it’s resulting food shortages is present instrument to justify their agenda. That’s why a lot of folks believe Trump becoming president was God’s doing to delay globalists’ march on steroids. It’s temporary as most believe unless God brings forth another to follow Trump. It truly is a war in the spirit world for the souls of mankind.

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